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Chapter 296: A Ridiculous Request

Chapter 296: A Ridiculous Request

A gentle, cool breeze was blowing on the coastline. Tang Xiu folded his arms, standing there as though a sculpture. He looked at Viviani, who had taken off her shoes and was running barefoot on the beach. Viviani’s exotic beauty gave him a kind of pleasant and wonderful feeling, just like the exotic beauty of a fairy maiden he once saw in the Immortal World.

“Mr. Tang, do you like the sea?”

In her fluttering white dress, Viviani’s arms were moving as though in a dance, as its owner then suddenly turned and shouted loudly.

Tang Xiu shook his head and calmly replied, “People have seven emotions and six sensory pleasures, whereas the sea is a representation of the capricious state of mind. I myself am not someone who is fond of things that are beyond my control.”

Viviani came floating as her gem-like eyes gazed at Tang Xiu, asking curiously, “You can’t control the sea?”

“The current me is indeed unable to do so,” said Tang Xiu.

“Then, what can you control now?” asked Viviani with a laugh.

“What I can control at present, is perhaps my own destiny,” said Tang Xiu.

“You—Chinese people, do you not think that all the things regarding life are a subject that has been foreordained by the Heaven? Why would you say that you can control your own destiny? To my knowledge thus far, there has never been one who can really control their own destinies. After all, the distinction between the standings of life; the social hierarchy and the situation and policy of a country; each and every one of them pose their own strong restrictions,” said Viviani.

Tang Xiu shook his head, “Your argument is quite justified, but it’s not entirely correct either. For example, yourself. You can go anywhere in the world whenever you wish to, and you can survive wherever you are. The very thing that binds you is your own state of mind. Nothing else.”

“Why would you say so?” asked Viviani, surprised.

“Because you’re strong enough! Powerful people are and will always be placed above all else,” said Tang Xiu.

Viviani was silent. Tang Xiu’s words stirred up her emotions. She thought Tang Xiu’s argument was reasonable since ever since she was born, her body appeared to have different changes and transformations compared to ordinary people. She couldn’t tell whether these changes were good or bad, but she was aware that she possessed stronger strength, spirit, health, learning speed, and survival abilities far more than that of an ordinary person’s.

Hence, she was recruited by a transcendental organization, from whereupon she was trained. Thereafter, she had long since become a special existence; the only god-like existence in the entirety of Holy See. She was thereupon canonized as a saintess who was thought as unlikely to become the next Pope, yet she possessed equal standing and privileges just like the Pope.

It was because she possessed strength!

Yet, even though she directly left the Vatican when she was 14 years old and had been wandering around like a rootless duckweed ever since, still despite this, she didn’t dare say that she was in control of her own destiny.

“You’re an arrogant person!”

After dazing for a long period of time, Viviani looked at Tang Xiu and spoke. However, her eyes shot out an indescribable splendor in the dark night.

Tang Xiu replied with a smile, “It is not that I’m arrogant. It’s because I’m strong enough. Though I can tell your body contains a force stronger than mine, but if we really fight each other, you are not my match. If I really have to use everything I got, I have at least a dozen means to kill you.”

Viviani smiled brilliantly, “Why would I fight you? It’s been hard for me to find an interesting person, to begin with. So it’s a given that I will get along with you well. Anyways, I heard you won 1 billion in the casino?”

“It was just an accident, and perhaps it was due to my good luck. But you yourself seemed to have lost a lot,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.

Spreading out her hands, Viviani replied, “Actually, for people like us, money is something that should be easy to get, no? One of my abilities grants me the ability to cheat in gambling. But I detest cheating since I will easily lose interest.”

Tang Xiu raised his thumbs up and praised with a sigh, “You’re far better than me. As for me, the speed I spend money is way faster than the the speed I use in making it. Hence, I’m a poor man.”

“Tee… hee… You—Chinese like modesty huh? You just said that both of us are very powerful, how about we have a casual fight? Ever since I turned 16, never once have I ever met anyone stronger than me. Even those who are very powerful in the eyes of ordinary people cannot withstand a slap from me.”

Tang Xiu himself indeed wanted to compare notes with Viviani. But when he heard that she hadn’t encountered any experts ever since she turned 16, the thought disappeared. He shook his head and said, “You have a little combat experience. Fighting you won’t have any significance at all. Forget it!”

Viviani’s brows turned crisscrossed as she said resentfully, “Tang Xiu, do you think I can’t hit you?”

For a second, Tang Xiu blankly stared, before he burst into laughter, “Well, I gotta admit that you can indeed beat me. Is this alright with you, though? Let’s just go back and eat something inside.”

Viviani didn’t say anything. She instantly moved and appeared at Tang Xiu’s side as her pair of white slender hands slapped toward Tang Xiu.

Her speed was fast, even faster than Tang Xiu’s best speed. Just as her palm was about to slap Tang Xiu’s shoulder, Tang Xiu quickly dodged and evaded it.


Shouting delicately, Viviani’s body suddenly shot up high for about seven to eight meters’ mid-air. Her body rotated while flapping her arms down.

Tang Xiu knitted his brows. He found that Viviani was simply clueless about how to fight. Though she was extremely fast, she revealed many flaws he could exploit at any time.

“Move back!”

Tang Xiu’s toe forcefully tossed the ground and evaded Viviani’s whipping palms in an instant. His body appeared at her side as his hands moved lightning fast, grabbing her supple and slender waist in an instant. As his wrist raised and moved, he instantly caught her in his arms.


Losing her balance, Viviani could feel warmness coming from Tang Xiu’s hands as well as felt his thick, strong chest as Tang Xiu pulled her into his embrace.

“Do you get it now? Your speed and strength are better than mine. But you know nothing about combat skills. I can easily defeat you if I wish to. Hence, comparing notes between us is useless. If you wanna see what a combat scene looks like, you can see it later since there will be a fight tonight,” said Tang Xiu whilst smiling.

Viviani’s hands were hooked on the back of Tang Xiu’s neck. Her fair white face blushed as the brilliant splendor of her eyes turned more intense. Just as Tang Xiu finished talking, her arms, which were hooked on the back of Tang Xiu’s neck, suddenly exerted a pulling force, causing her sensual red lips to be pasted directly on Tang Xiu’s mouth.


Tang Xiu’s eyes turned saucer and dazed for a short while. He had calculated everything, but he hadn’t predicted that Viviani would unexpectedly take the initiative to kiss him; her speed didn’t allow him to avoid it.


He directly put her down and broke out from her arms while being at a loss whether he had to feel amused or embarrassed.

Viviani pursed up her lips and then stretched out her pink-colored tongue to lick them as if tasting the aftertaste of the kiss just now. She then giggled and said, “Our kiss was just so-so. It’s like those ordinary lovers’ acts on TV. Had it been real lovers, the kiss would have been a French kiss, no? Anyways, I feel good toward very few men since I was small until I grew up, so I never knew what a French kiss felt like. How about you let me try it?”

What a ridiculous request!

Never once had Tang Xiu ever heard such an absurd, ridiculous request. Viviani was still a woman regardless. From her behavior, it was evident that she was definitely a woman who had few experiences in human affairs.

“Viviane, you may have not experienced it, but it doesn’t mean you have never seen people do it, no? Those shown on TV series are all closely related to reality. Thus, you should realize that only people who are mutually in love can kiss each other. Otherwise, it means that you’re behaving indecently. Do you want to be an immoral woman and become an object of mockery by others?” In order to stop her ridiculousness, Tang Xiu spoke quickly.

Viviani was stunned and in a daze. Immediately after, she laughed back and forth, even finally clutching her stomach. She pointed at Tang Xiu as she said with a smile, “Pfft… I never thought… I really have never thought that you—Mr. Tang would actually be this interesting. Do you really think I’m just a child who knows nothing? Pfft… Hahaha… to be frank, I was just teasing you!”

Feeling secretly relieved, Tang Xiu laughed, “I’m relieved since you were just teasing me. Anyways, let’s go eat something and drink a good wine inside."

Viviani ran to the side to grab her high heels and carried it by hand. She then followed Tang Xiu walking back to the villa. However, her mouth didn’t stay idle, “May I ask something, Mr. Tang?”

“What do you wanna ask?”

“Do you have a girlfriend? Or… are you married?”

Tang Xiu was silent for a moment before he replied, “It seems like it’s a no and yes. Alas, feelings and sentiments are complicated. It’s kinda unclear to speak it out in a short sentence, though.”

Surprised and astonished, Viviani replied, “So to say, you can be counted as having been taken and yet you’re also a free man, right? Then let’s employ a more practical action here. You got problems with your girlfriend, no? You’re lucky I chose to eat some losses to try to be your girlfriend. After all, you are one of the extremely few men I don’t dislike.”

Tang Xiu waved his hand, “No need, thanks. Maybe I’ll have one immediately anyway.”

Viviani snapped humorlessly, “Don’t tell me that I’m not as good a woman as her? Why do I feel you seem to be excluding me?”

“It’s not like I’m repeling you. It’s merely because I don’t plant to be burdened with affections. Got it?” said Tang Xiu

“No, I don’t get it!” replied Viviani.

After pondering for a moment, Tang Xiu said, “Let me say it this way! The affections between a man and a woman are precisely a burden, and I hate to have this kind of burden. This is the reason why I’m unlikely to find a girlfriend. In the case that I feel like having descendants to carry on my ancestral line, then I’ll just casually try to find a woman to marry. I only need her to bear my child. There’s no need to think and talk about affections whatsoever.”

Marveling with a sigh, Viviani exclaimed, "It’s a very peculiar way of thinking you have there. You’re really strange. I just said those words to tease you because it’s also impossible for me to fall for you in our first meeting. It’s just that, I felt the necessity to entangle you; hence, I spoke about sentiments. Only, I now find you to be more and more interesting.”

Forcing out a wry smile, Tang Xiu said, “Hey, I’m not a toy. To think that you regard me as interesting, I don’t know whether I have to cry or laugh. Well, put on your shoes quickly. Let’s go eat something.”

Complying, Viviani then suddenly said, “By the way, do you wanna know why one of the bosses here—Tom Reggie knows and respects me so much?”