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Chapter 301: I’m Not Into It

Chapter 301: I’m Not Into It

The door to the bathroom was in the side corner as Tang Xiu walked there. His travel to Saipan had rather worn him out, so he really needed a relaxing bath.

However, the moment he entered the bathroom, he got slightly surprised as a weird appeared in his eyes. Inside the bathroom were two beautiful girls wearing maid attire and possessing nearly identical facial features; evidently twins.

“What are you doing here?” Tang Xiu was surprised.

“Hello, Sir. We’re going bath you,” The beautiful twin sisters smiled and said in unison.

Awkward and embarrassed, Tang Xiu waved his hand, “No need. I’ll bath myself! I don’t need your service, so you two can go out!”

One of the girls smiled faintly, “Sir, we are here to bath and dress you. If you refuse our service, our Manager will think that we aren’t doing our job well and will punish us, since he’ll think the guests are not satisfied.”

“Don’t worry! I’ll call your manager. Please go out!” said Tang Xiu.

The twin sisters glanced at each other. Then, both of them nodded and turned around to leave the bathroom.

Watching them leave, only then did Tang Xiu feel relieved. Though he didn’t mind having a threesome in foreign places, he didn’t have such a though at the moment. The Seven Goddesses Dance piqued his interest, and he was eager to know what exactly it was.

After taking off his clothes, he relaxed in the bath. After that, he then put on the already prepped nightgown and went to the hall outside. But then he came to a halt and fell into a daze.

Inside the hall were seven girls standing there in thin décolleté muslin. Each one of them was a la crème de la crème belle, with feminine charms exuding from each and every one of their gestures. Right at this moment, they stood there by the wall, quietly waiting. What made Tang Xiu crumble was that he could clearly see that these seven girls only wore a thin layer of muslin with different colors: scarlet, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet—seven colors. However, there was no other cover behind their thin muslins.

With his sharp and keen eyes, Tang Xiu could clearly see the ‘mysterious and profound’ areas of these seven girls.

“Hello, sir!”

Words in fluent English came out from the mouths of the seven girls.

Shortly after, a fragrant breeze arrived as the seven girls came to Tang Xiu’s side. They were like orioles, swallows, and butterflies—as some of this bevy of enchanting young girls grasped Tang Xiu’s arm while others gently pushed his back toward the sofa.

“Would you like to rest first and watch us dance, or go straight to the point?” a girl in white muslin with a lovely oriental look, asked Tang Xiu cheerfully.

“Cough, cough…” after dryly coughing a few times Tang Xiu said, “Let’s get started.”

The girl in white muslin smiled faintly as she walked to the side, picking up a remote control and pressing a button on it. Immediately after, the sofa Tang Xiu was sitting on automatically separated as the wall split open into a few openings with muslin curtains and silk-like steel ropes. The sofa itself constantly changed and soon formed a bed large enough to accommodate ten people.


Shocked by the sight and despite the fact that he was experienced and knowledgeable, still, Tang Xiu didn’t expect such a scene just now, completely changing the appearance of the room within just half a minute.

Except for the re-assembled bed, even the bedsheet and bedding had been automatically changed and neatly placed in bed. The thin muslin curtains had the seven colors of the rainbow, which all had been tied up with Tang Xiu’s sitting position at the end of the bed.

Across from him, was also a large bed covered with white gauze curtains, all of which were being laid down at the moment with the seven girls all in the big bed.

On both sides of the hall, a metal sink raised as a stream of water then sprayed out from it. As the lighting in the room dimmed and was replaced with kaleidoscopic lights, the room was then decorated with dreamlike scenes.

“That is…”

Tang Xiu’s vision fixated on the floating multi-colored lights and shadows all over the place. Those lights projection were all the ‘fighting’ postures between men and women on the bed in action.


A jingle was heard, followed by an echo of melodious music. The covering thin curtains at the opposite side to the seven girls began to move as their soft and tender bodies constantly changed postures and formed extremely alluring images.

“Mr. Tang, I’m the First Goddess Scarlet Baby in need of your love.”

Just as the melodious music ended, the girl in red muslin came out barefoot from the opposite thin curtain as she walked forward step by step. Her slender white fingers gently untied the thin string on her chest. Immediately, her fair white chest with its proud twin peaks and alluring clavicle were all presented in front of Tang Xiu… even the lower part…

Deeply furrowing his brows, the more Tang Xiu looked, the queerer he felt. As the girl’s topless breasts appeared, he sighed inside, for he finally understood what exactly the Seven Goddesses Dance was.


His figure flashed and instantly appeared in front of the girl, taking the untied red string on the thin red muslin and re-tying it again. He then shook his head and said, “Let’s stop here today! I suddenly remembered that I still have things left to do, so I gotta leave now.”

The girl in red muslin was stunned as her limpid eyes looked at Tang Xiu without blinking, clueless as to why he was in such a hurry to leave.

From the thin curtain, the other six girls also appeared one after another, looking at Tang Xiu with puzzled expressions, also clueless as to why Tang Xiu must leave in a hurry as the program had just started.

Could he… suddenly have felt that he wasn’t good in that ‘aspect’?

However, they had been trained to satisfy all the guests’ requests as much as possible and to treat the guests as Gods. Hence, they untied their front clothes’ strings and stood stark naked before Tang Xiu.

Tang Xiu deeply frowned and growled, “All of you go back to bed.”

Puzzled, the girl in white muslin asked, “Sir, could it be that our services didn’t meet your satisfaction, or is it because you’re not content with our appearances?”

Tang Xiu shook his head, “It has nothing to do with you. I didn’t know what the program was before I came here to enjoy this Seven Goddesses Dance. Only after I saw your appearances did I finally figure it out. I don’t need such a service.”

After having said that, Tang Xiu strode into the bathroom and put on his clothes back, leaving the hall under the the seven girls’ weird gazes.

In the corridor outside, Reval’s graceful posture moved away from the wall as her slender fingers clamped a cigarette. Her expression was somewhat hard to make out distinctly as it was slightly lax. However, when the door on the opposite room was opened and Tang Xiu came out from the inside, her expression looked dull as she quickly put out the cigarette and watched Tang Xiu with a puzzled expression.

Normally, she was not supposed to smoke here, because some guests didn’t like the smell of cigarette smoke. But she relaxed because she thought Tang Xiu wouldn’t come out and was in the middle of enjoying the Seven Goddesses Dance at this moment.

“Mr. Tang, you…”

Tang Xiu waved his hand to interrupt her and said, “Can you tell me what nature this Seven Goddesses Dance program is?”

The nature of this program?

Reval thought for a moment and then replied, “We provide you with the best service and the best girls to satisfy any of your needs. However, any guests who dare to pick the Seven Goddesses Dance also must be very powerful in bed. Not only can he satisfy himself, he must also be able to satisfy these seven girls. We also have special rules here. If the guest can satisfy all seven girls, we will only charge for the already set fee. But if the guest is only able to satisfy one girl, he must pay six times the cost; five times for two satisfied girls; and so on… But if the guest is unable to satisfy even one girl, he must pay seven times the cost.”

While looking at Reval with a tongue-tied and dumbfounded expression, Tang Xiu finally understood why did Fatty Old Li showed that weird expression upon hearing that he picked the Seven Goddesses Dance program. He also finally understood the meaning of what he said about the particular requirement of being ‘strong’.

‘That goddamn bastard!’

Secretly cursing inside, Tang Xiu then looked at Reval and said lightly, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know that the Seven Goddesses Dance was this sort of program before. I picked it because I thought it was just an ordinary dance. But now, I won’t continue it. Call Jasmine and tell her that I’m not a casual man that will go for any kind of woman.”

"This…" Reval was dumbfounded. Even in her dreams, never did she thought that Tang Xiu would actually speak such to her. Looking at Tang Xiu’s departing back, she opened her mouth but didn’t know what to say.

If he was only an ordinary guest, she would have never let him leave so easily. He had picked the program, and even though he didn’t play, he was supposed to pay seven times the cost due to failing to satisfy the seven girls. But Tang Xiu was not an ordinary guest. He was exempted from paying.

Reval’s expression changed a few times before she hurriedly took her mobile and dialed Jasmine’s cell number.

“Vice President Jasmine, Mr. Tang said that he didn’t know the content of the Seven Goddesses Dance before, so he picked the program to find out what it is. But now he left after learning about it.”

“He didn’t play?”

“Yes. He just left.”

“I see!”

As Tang Xiu came to the first floor, he suddenly frowned when his sight fell onto a foreign man who was hugging two alluring girls and entering through the front door. He was not the sort of man who visited a woman and then walked away without doing nothing, nor did he like women who had been used by others. Therefore, he just glanced at the foreign man with indifference and walked to the door.

"Mr. Tang!"

Outside the front door, driving a roadster, Jasmine stopped in front of Tang Xiu, opened the car’s door and blocked Tang Xiu’s path.

“You just received a call from someone inside, didn’t you? I don’t like the Seven Goddesses Dance program, so I’m going back.”

Jasmine lightly laughed, “You’re our VIP, Mr. Tang. So we will respect any of your decisions and will do our utmost to satisfy you. Since you don’t want to play, please let me escort you back!”