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Chapter 303: Capture the Thieves by Capturing its Leader First

Chapter 303: Capture the Thieves by Capturing its Leader First

“You heard they kidnapped a group of civilians?” asked Tang Xiu.

“Yes, I squeezed it out from a pirate’s mouth. Because their operations recently are very bad, they secretly infiltrated Wake Island to get some fortune there as well as kidnapping over a hundred civilians; and most are women.”

A cold light flashed in Tang Xiu’s eyes. He knew perfectly well what kind of treatment and suffering the women who had been kidnapped would receive. Rarely did he have urge to kill, yet he would be merciless toward these pirates who committed many imaginable evils.

“These pirates must all be decimated.”

Wolf Head said solemnly, “Boss, we have no weapons. And if we do fight them we’ll suffer some losses even if they are completely decimated. I think we need to devise a plan and then act accordingly.”

“You’ve been here for so many days, what plan do you have in mind?” asked Tang Xiu.

“We scouted the situation here. All members of the Bloodfish Pirate group are in the palace and its surrounding and some pirates are guarding several places. I think we must remove these guards at maximum speed once we act, seizing guns from their hands, and then quietly sneak into the palace. It is best to find the ringleader—Duffsky first. As long as we can capture him, it will be easier for us,” said Wolf Head.

“Catching a bunch of thieves by capturing their leader first- it’s not a bad plan. But after seizing this Duffsky, kill as pirates as you can without being exposed. The more they die, the less danger we’ll have to face later. Awu, you and Wolf Head form a team with Duffsky as your target. As for the others, wait for action according to the plan,” said Tang Xiu coldly.


Tang Xiu then glanced at Mo Awu and said, “Go and call Awen here. Not even one of these pirates can leave here.”

"I'll go now!" said Mo Awu heavily.

Soon, a plan had been devised and after repeated simulation to ensure there were no flaws in it, Tang Xiu ordered the attack after Mo Awu and Mo Awen arrived.

Instead of joining Wolf Head, Mo Awen, and the other 12 men, Tang Xiu quietly approached the castle as though a ghost. Due to his spiritual sense ability that covered a 200 meters’ radius and coupled with his keen eyesight, he soon came to the castle walls.

‘It looks like these pirates are ready to settle down in Nine Dragon Island! They have installed surveillance cameras in many places of the castle.’

The coldness inside Tang Xiu’s eyes was getting thicker and concentrated. He quickly hid in the groves after silently entering the wall. Right at this time, a drunk pirate carrying a gun came out of the building and walked towards his hiding spot.

‘You’re courting your own death!’

Tang Xiu coldly snorted inside. As the other party drew near six or seven meters away from him, took off his pants and was about to pee, a sharp dagger ripped his throat, blood splattering as his heart was stabbed.

Quickly, Tang Xiu deftly moved and pulled the body into the grove.

Near the palace.

Two pirates armed with guns were chatting and yawning. One of them took out a cigarette and lit it. After deeply inhaling and puffing it out, he muttered downcastly, “Fuck! It’s so good a night, yet we brothers can only stay here on night watch while everyone else can fuck those women inside. I gotta look for Second Chief and tell him that I wanna change our shift to daytime.”

Another pirate grinned, “Be content with your lot! Those chicks have been terribly tossed about by us in the daytime. Even if you don’t have night duties, will your stuff still be able to charge and strike?”

“Who says I can’t? Even if I already scored twice, I still can…”

He had yet to finish his words when a pair of big hands covered his mouth along with a sharp Mitsubishi army knife behind him that straightly cut his throat. As he saw his pirate brother dying, he also similarly had his mouth covered and his throat cut by the same knife, which then stabbed his heart, his consciousness then blurring.

Wang Ming sent an ‘OK’ signal to his comrade as they then immediately took the two rifles from the dead bodies and quickly lurked to the inside.

At the same time, six other pirates who were on the night watch in three other places were also mercilessly slain. Their dead bodies were placed in a standing position on trees or on the wall, while all their firearms were taken away.

In the grove behind the palace. Tang Xiu arrived here after circling around. With his spiritual sense, he could only cover one-fifth of the area of this magnificent palace. However, maybe due to his good luck, he had found Duffsky’s location along with a stark naked woman beside him.

He was sure that this man was Duffsky because Wolf Head had secretly taken a photo of him; the appearance in the photo was the same with the man.


As though an agile Spirit Ape, Tang Xiu silently climbed up to the second-floor window and then quietly entered the palace. The room was a gym with a lot of fitness equipment inside. Evidently, it was left behind by the previous owner. Inside the gym was a pirate with a body full of scars hugging a sleeping woman with tears on her face.


The pirate’s throat was easily ripped open by a dagger as Tang Xiu then quietly opened the door and walked out without disturbing the woman.

Soon, Tang Xiu killed the two passing pirates at the corridor and then smoothly snuck into Duffsky’s room.

“Who is it?”

Vigilant as he was, the weak sound of the door opening awakened Duffsky from his sleep as his hands moved under the pillow in a flash.


Tang Xiu threw the dagger in his hand and precisely hit Duffsky’s hand as his figure dashed and appeared in front of him, punching his head fiercely and covering his mouth at the same time.


Suddenly, Tang Xiu felt a punch hitting his back, causing him to let out a muffled hum due to the immense force. He instantly jumped out of the bed and saw that the stark naked woman had also jumped from the bed and made a fighting pose.

She was also an enemy!

Chilling light gleamed inside Tang Xiu’s eyes as he dashed toward the woman. He wouldn’t act and kill her if she was an ordinary woman who was taken captive, but never would he show mercy to the pirate because she was female. He shot without using his hand and knocked her down lightning fast, killing her easily.

He then looked back toward the stunned Duffsky and secretly let out a forced and wry smile. He had just neglected the woman, abruptly coming to a realization. It was not only the man who was a threat to him, even the woman was also very dangerous. It was fortunate that the woman had no weapon, otherwise, he would have been shot by now. Perhaps he wouldn’t die, but being caught off guard and getting shot in such a close quarters would make him injured.

Furthermore, although getting injured was a trivial matter since bullets couldn’t pierce his body easily, but as soon as the gunshot was heard, it would be very loud in the silent night and all the pirates in the entire palace would have been alerted.

After looking for a rope, Tang Xiu then tied up the fainted Duffsky and directly left the room. By now, he could sneakily attack those pirates independently. The more he killed them the less dangerous for them later.

Ten minutes later. Dozens of pirates were killed in their sleep. There were also dozens of pirates in the palace who were mercilessly killed during their farming work on women. As for these captured women who were almost all in a pitiful state, Tang Xiu and his men didn’t kill them and directly knocked them out.


The silent, quiet night was finally broke by a gunshot.

Immediately after, undressed pirates roared and rushed out one by one, grasping their guns and shouted loudly, asking what exactly had happened and who had shot.

During the confusion, Tang Xiu and the other 14 people struck and killed more than 20 pirates by surprise.

“Strike back!”

After Tang Xiu appeared beside Wolf Head and Mo Awu, he issued an order without hesitation.

Fierce gunfight commenced inside the castle. The coordination between Tang Xiu and his men made these pirates vulnerable, collapsing at the first blow. After they took their shots, over a hundred pirates had been killed since the beginning.

Right at this moment, Mo Awu learned from Tang Xiu about Duffsky’s room and brought him over as he then woke Duffsky up.

“Who the fuck are you?”

Duffsky immediately shouted after he woke up and found himself tied up with a Mitsubishi army knife pressed on his neck.

“I’m the owner of this island. Tell your henchmen to put their guns down and go the square outside the castle. Otherwise, I’ll kill you first.” Tang Xiu sneered.

A glittering light suffused in Duffsky’s eyes. He had been risking his life and had gone through numerous hopeless situation, but never was he in a more dangerous situation such as now. After staying silent for a moment, he then roared at the dozens of pirates who had been in the corridor, “All of you go to the square outside and drop your guns!”

The pirates looked each other in dismay. They hesitated, because they knew that they would probably be killed once they dropped their guns.

"Bang, bang ..."

A bearded pirate paced two steps forward and fired his guns twice toward Tang Xiu’s direction. The target was neither Tang Xiu and the others, but the hostage Duffsky. His marksmanship was very accurate as one shot hit Duffsky’s heart and another one hit his forehead, killing him instantly.


Tang Xiu’s body flashed into the nearby room as the rest quickly hid in other nearby rooms, quickly opening the windows without hesitation and wenting out through the windows fast.