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Chapter 305: Constant Harassing

Chapter 305: Constant Harassing

Dozens of pirates returned to the castle and began packing up all the weapons and ammo as well as preparing enough food for the trip. Desperate criminals they might be, but dying was never something they wanted. They were pirates. They committed the most heinous crimes and were wanted by the Interpol. Yet, looting and plundering were what they felt to be in line with their work style.

If someone could live, who the hell would want to die? For dying meant that there would be nothing left for them.

A burly man came to Ingelund and croaked, “Second Chief, what should we do with all the captives? Kill them?”

Knitting his brows, Ingelund asked in a deep voice, “How many of them are left?”

“Except for the seven you just killed, there are still 126 left. Our brothers have them locked up. We can kill them all at once as long as you issue the order,” said the burly man.

“How much food is left in the castle exactly?” asked Ingelund once again.

“It should be enough for two months’ provisions for our brothers,” said the burly man.

A brilliant spark glinted in Ingelund’s eyes as he said in a deep voice, “Take ten people and keep the rest here. And do remember to take all the food in the castle. Humph… those people said that this place is theirs. I wanna fucking see how they deal with the rest of the captives.”

“Huh?” the burly man was puzzled. “Second Chief, why are we leaving them here? Almost all the remaining captives are women, even our brothers have yet to farm dozens of them! Leaving them to the enemies is way too cheap, no?”

“You know nothing, idiot,” Ingelund smiled grimly. “We’re taking all the food and leaving the captives here, but they too have to eat. If those people don’t care about the life and death of these captives, they will not give their food to these women and thus will starve them to death. But if they do give some of their provisions to these women, humph… would their provisions be able to support that?”

“You mean…” the burly was astonished, “You want to drag down the enemies with the women?”

“Exactly!” said Ingelund proudly.

The burly man hesitated for a moment and then said, “Then why don’t we leave all the women behind instead of taking only ten of them?”

Ingelund slapped the burly man’s head and cursed angrily, “Are you a fucking idiot? Nobody can say if we can escape safely! For now, we can only expect that they won’t ignore the captives. If they do, we can use those ten as hostages to get away scot-free!”

“I see!” the burly man scratched his head as his rough face grinned hideously.

The Bloodfish pirates moved very fast, which was something they rarely did. Within a short half an hour, all the weapons and foodstuffs in the castle had been packed up. Each and every one of them now carried a large bag as they quietly left the castle from the back under the protection of 20-30 armed pirates.

As for the civilian they held captive, all of them were locked up in the hall, as even all the windows were tightly nailed with planks.

Halfway up the hillside behind the castle, Wang Ming and his comrade were hiding amid the thick patches of grass with mini binoculars in their hands, watching all the movements in the castle’s surroundings.

“Someone’s coming!” Wang Ming suddenly whispered.

The other man observed for several seconds and then whispered back, “It’s the pirates in the castle. They are seemingly about to flee.”

Wang Ming nodded, took out a satellite phone and dialed a number.

“Wolf Head, the pirates are about to flee. They’re carrying a large number of arms and foodstuff and are also holding ten civilians. They are heading up toward the back hill.”

“Copy that! Be careful and take cover!”

Wolf Head’s voice came from the satellite phone.

In another direction.

Taking back the satellite phone, Wolf Head looked at Tang Xiu and said, “Boss, those pirates are about to run away and heading toward Wang Ming’s position. They should be taking down the trails there. And I suspect that their ships are also hidden there.”

“Let’s catch up and find the right time to strike and kill them. Tell the rest to prioritize their safety first,” said Tang Xiu with a sneer.

"Roger that!"

Wolf Head immediately used the satellite phone and typed a message to the group.

Ten minutes later, Tang Xiu led Wolf Head and the others to Wang Ming’s location. Watching the leaving pirates on the curving hill road below through mini binoculars, Tang Xiu coldly smiled and said in a deep voice, “Awen, Awu. How many people can you kill without injuring the civilians if you were to ambush them?”

“At least ten,” said Mo Awen after pondering for a moment.

“Then go! Also, throw them into confusion and make some trouble for them to slow down their escape.” Tang Xiu approved with a nod.

“Roger that!”

Mo Awen and Mo Awu replied and soon disappeared into the nearby woods.

Turning to look at Wolf Head, Tang Xiu then said, “Take your men and cross to the side. Try to set some traps in front of them within 20 minutes, and then kill as many pirates as you can.”

“Copy that!”

Licking his lips, Wolf Head replied and immediately left with the other eleven men.

Tang Xiu stepped on the boulder and quickly chased downwards. He moved fast and as smooth as usual. Within just two minutes, he had caught up hundreds of meters behind the fleeing opposite party. Without being discovered by them, he then went into hiding.

“Bang, bang, bang…”

A series of gunshots were heard as several pirates in the forefront fell to the ground one after another. Two submachine guns’ licking flames were as though harvesters that claimed the lives of the pirates in the forefront as though they were wheat. As for Ingelund who was in the forefront, were it not because of his fast reaction to instantly grab a pirate near him to block the line of bullets, he would have also been shot dead.


Ingelund pushed the pirate’s sieved dead body and retreated into the bushes nearby like a cheetah. After rolling for several times and positioning himself there, he aimed the muzzle of his submachine gun at the direction of the shots.

“Bang, bang…”

As the dark muzzled aimed to the front and the trigger was pulled, bullets sprayed as though a torrential downpouring. Branches were sent flying and rocks were scattered around. Yet, the sound of gunshots had stopped and the two enemy men had already left that position.

Right at this moment, the other pirates who were carrying guns also began to counterattack toward the direction where the gunshots started. After half a minute of shooting, some people even had changed to their second magazine.


Immediately, the pirates no longer fired, but they still hid in the surrounding thicket, looking for the enemies through the slit of branches and leaves. Unfortunately, no matter how they looked for them, they couldn’t any of their traces.

This waiting game was exceptionally terrible!

Intense fear engulfed the heart of every pirate, for they couldn’t even see a shadow of the enemies who had ruthlessly shot dozens of their brothers. Looking through the branches and leaves at those who had fallen in a pool of blood, their hearts fell into the abyss.

“S-second Chief, what should we do?”

Armed with a sniper rifle, Hutu had been observing for quite a long time through his sniper scope, yet he couldn’t find even a trace of the enemies. He carefully turned back and asked Ingelund who was a few meters away from him.

With coldness suffused in his eyes, Ingelund shook his head and looked at the back. He then spoke in a heavy voice, “Tell someone to use those civilians to block the guns, making them our human shields. If those bastards hiding in the dark were to open fire, let them kill those civilians first!”

Quickly, seven or eight pirates crawled up from the thicket and quickly came in front of the ten civilians who were lying on the ground. After beating them for a while, they picked them up from the ground and pushed their backs.

“Take the lead!”

The ten civilians, six of whom were men and four were rather pretty women were forced to help the pirates to carry the food and medicines.

At this moment, they looked deathly pale with frightened expressions. Two quite timid women even had their legs trembling.

“P-please, I beg you. Don’t kill us.”

A tall and big man suddenly wept like a little girl out of fright. His legs were trembling, lips shivering, and there even was a watermark in his crotch.

“You fucking asshole. You got scared and peed yourself?”

The pirate behind him who just smelt his pee smashed the tall man’s head fiercely, causing the badly beaten man to straightly fall to the ground.

After that, he then grabbed the man again, pushing his gun against him to make the man lead the way in front.


A stone suddenly came shooting from the distant thicket and accurately hit that pirate’s temple. A bloody was hole created, directly killing him.

Quickly, the leaves and branches of that thicket swayed as a man’s silhouette flashed.

Down the middle of the pirates, Ingelund, who found that another man was killed, wasn’t startled as he shouted loudly, “All you lot be alerted! Be careful not to be caught in a sneak attack by the enemy again. If those bastards dare to attack again and kill one of our brothers, just kill one civilian.”


A gunshot sounded as the badly beaten man’s head was shot in the head by Ingelund and died on the spot.

Hopelessness and despair filled the hearts of the other nine civilians upon hearing Ingelund’s words. They knew they were as good as dead. This place was a battlefield and not under the rule and law of the society. In this hellish place, a human could die at anytime.

Hiding amid the thicket, Tang Xiu’s eyelids slanted after hearing it, the murderous intent inside him getting thicker. He just identified Ingelund. It was the man who shot and killed the Bloodfish Pirates’ leader—Duffsky, the second leader of the Bloodfish Pirates… Ingelund.

‘This bastard is ruthless and merciless; he must be the first one to be killed. The other pirate members will collapse at once without their leaders. However, the problem is the remaining nine civilians over there.’

Tang Xiu thought for a moment and faintly felt that the situation was somewhat tricky.