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Chapter 308: Heavenly Blessed Land

Chapter 308: Heavenly Blessed Land

Tang Xiu didn’t explain to Wolf Head his plan to make Nine Dragon Island into a Heavenly Blessed Land—the world’s most suitable land for cultivation. Even if he told Wolf Head, the man wouldn’t be able to comprehend it.

After having landed on Nine Dragon Island, Tang Xiu keenly perceived that the concentration of heaven and earth's spiritual qi here was at least five times richer than in other places. When one take a deep breath, their body would feel comfortable. Were the Nine Dragon Spitting Pearl’s secret area build completely here, the concentration of spiritual qi in the island would be a dozen times richer than the outside, even possible reaching 100 times.

However, he didn’t dare do it, for common people would perhaps choke to death were the concentration of spiritual qi in this place reach hundreds of times than that of the outside world.

“Don’t ask so many questions. You’ll understand it after this place has been rebuilt.”

Waving his hand and hinting at him to busy himself with other things, Tang Xiu then turned and headed toward the edge of the square. Looking down to the land below, his eyes finally landed on a hundred of meters wide prominent area bordering the woodland and the beach.

The sun was rising.

The moment the red glowing sun rose, Tang Xiu could clearly see a mass stream of purple qi descending from the sky to the earth as it stretched out to reach the highest point of the land.

‘Purple Qi of Supreme Emperor? How is it possible for a Supreme Emperor Purple Qi to appear on Earth?’

Tang Xiu’s body greatly shook as a shocked expression burst out from his eyes. One must know that the Purple Qi of Supreme Emperor was the most distinct characteristic of the Purple Yang Star domain in the Immortal World. The domain only had nine regions, with each having a stream of Purple Qi descending every year, and every stream of Purple Qi would bring enormous benefits for the Immortals.

When Tang Xiu was in the Immortal World, he had once obtained two streams of Supreme Emperor Purple Qi after paying a great price. But he never imagined that it would also exist in this place.

‘If I can fuse this Purple Qi of Supreme Emperor into my body, it will definitely bring me enormous benefits. Perhaps I’d be able to break through to the Flesh Strengthening stage.’

Excitement! Ecstasy!

It was rather hard to express Tang Xiu’s mood at this moment. He had returned from the Immortal World for a short time and his cultivation was still progressing slowly, hence, he had to find a shortcut if he wanted to get stronger.

A few minutes later, Tang Xiu appeared at the spot where the Purple Qi of Supreme Emperor dissipated. He didn’t give special attention to this place when he disembarked from the ship. At this time, he released his spiritual sense and had his star force surge in his meridians. He immediately sensed that the spiritual qi in this spot was very thin, yet he could feel a strong fluctuation of spiritual force under his foot.

“Huh?” Tang Xiu was dumbfounded and astounded, “There’s a… Spirit Spring underneath?”

This discovery astounded him to the point that it was hard for him to recover. He had speculated that the entire Nine Dragon Island must have a Spiritual Vein, yet he never imagined that not only did this place possess a spiritual vein, even a Spirit Spring existed here.

A land featuring spiritual force would have an impact on a Spirit Spring, making the land accumulate a huge spiritual force. Were a cultivator to practice in such a place, not only would he be able to absorb the spiritual qi between heaven and earth, he could also draw the spiritual force within the Spirit Spring, resulting in double the result with half the effort. [1]

‘Could there be other Spirit Springs?’

Recalling the other eight roads that extended to the seaport, Tang Xiu immediately flashed toward the nearest road to the seaport. Ten minutes later, he stood there, releasing his spiritual sense as his star force inside revolved crazily. Immediately after, a look of ecstasy covered his face.

It was there! He could clearly feel the Spirit Spring!

‘Could it be that all the end-point of the nine roads to the seaport have a Spirit Spring?’

To confirm this marvelous thought, Tang Xiu began to survey around the entire Nine Dragons Island without stopping. The excitement on his face turned slightly thicker every time he arrived at another road. When he had completely verified all the nine roads to the seaport, his excited face couldn’t be brighter.

Each endpoint of the nine roads to the seaport had a Spirit Spring.

Nine Spirit Springs!

With the existence of these Spirit Springs, Tang Xiu could foresee his training of a large number of experts in the future with ease. Even after the Nine Dragons Spitting Pearl’s secret area had been built, cultivating a large number of people into Immortal Realm experts would also not be a problem.

‘It’s a must to make the best of the time for the reconstruction of this place.’

After pondering for a moment, Tang Xiu suddenly decided not to use overseas construction companies. He quickly took a satellite phone and dialed Long Zhengyu’s cell number.

“Hello, Long Zhengyu speaking. Who am I speaking with?” a deep voice belonging to Long Zhengyu was transmitted from the phone.

“It’s me, Tang Xiu!” said Tang Xiu.

Star City. At the Director’s Office of the Long Group.

For a moment Long Zhengyu dazed, as a smile then immediately appeared on his face, saying, “Tang Xiu, I’ve been calling you these days but was unable to get through you. Where are you now?”

“Is there something you’re calling me for?” asked Tang Xiu.

“It’s not a big deal. I just wanna ask whether you are in need of medicinal herbs. It’s also related to the list of herbs you gave Chu Yi. My dad met with his old buddy a couple days ago, and his buddy has a medicinal herbs business in Haiqing Province. That time, I was accompanying my dad and spoke to him about it, but I never thought he’d have so many good stuff there,” Long Zhengyu laughed.

“I’ll take it, as many as possible,” said Tang Xiu immediately.

“OK. Then I’ll contact him later. I promise to get you a number of good quality medicinal herbs. Ah, right. Something’s up?” said Long Zhengyu with a smile.

“Yup, and it’s very important. I really want to talk to you in person, though. But I’m abroad now, so I can only speak about it on the phone,” said Tang Xiu in a deep voice.

“Tell me!” replied Long Zhengyu with a serious tone.

“I have bought an island overseas and want to develop it, but I need a trusted and reliable construction company for it,” said Tang Xiu.

A hard to describe expression appeared on Long Zhengyu’s face as he wryly smiled and said, “Brother Tang, it’s not an matter to handle! We don’t have a construction company abroad, and we know nothing about the specific situation overseas.”

“Can you register a company here? It’s better to bring all the construction team from the mainland. It’s fine even if I have to spend more money,” said Tang Xiu.

Forcing out a smile, Long Zhengyu said, “This is not a problem that spending more money will solve. It’s rather very troublesome to register a construction company overseas if the project is small.”

“Zhengyu, you’re mistaken. The island development I’m talking about is definitely not a small project. The sum I’m going to invest in it is at least 20 billion,” said Tang Xiu in a deep voice.

“How much?” Long Zhengyu jumped from his chair and shouted.

“20 billion. And that’s the minimal estimation.”

Long Zhengyu breathed faster. A big project with over 20 billion funds was something he hadn’t heard many times in the country. If his Long family could undertake such a huge project, they could still make a lot of money even though they wouldn’t be able to take other projects for two or three years.

“I’ll take it!” Long Zhengyu shouted with slightly red eyes.

“No problem. Since you wanna do it, you’d better come to my place tomorrow. I’ll send someone to Saipan to pick you up there,” said Tang Xiu.

“There’s a slight concern from me, though. If we can solve it, I can even begin to make arrangements for the construction team and equipment and get ready to go to your island,” said Long Zhengyu quickly.

“What concern do you have?” asked Tang Xiu.

“It’s about the situation in Saipan. I’m not familiar with that place as well as things related to the government, so it will be troublesome. You, on the other hand, have broad contacts. Do you have someone reliable who can help me over there?” said Long Zhengyu.

Tang Xiu was silent for a moment before slowly said, “There should be one.”

“Who’s the person?” asked Long Zhengyu quickly with a slightly happy expression revealed on his face.

“He’s a friend of my man and seems to be someone with a quite powerful influence in Saipan. I can ask him for help if you have anything you can’t handle on your end,” said Tang Xiu.

“No probs. Well, I’ll be going tomorrow… No, I’ll rush to Saipan today. Tell me where to meet your men there,” said Long Zhengyu in a deep voice.

“Lao Bay Resort,” said Tang Xiu.

After hanging up the phone, Tang Xiu pondered for a moment. With that done he must leave for Saipan to have a good chat with Tom Reggie. If the man wanted to join them in this venture, then he would give him some benefits.

Not to mention that if the reconstruction in Nine Dragons Island had been completed and this place becomes his supreme headquarters, the frequency of his travels to Saipan would increase, thus it’d be necessary to have a good relationship with the man.

“Big Brother Tang!”

A hundred of meters away on the coastline, Yi Lianyan, who had removed the makeup on her face, turned into her former beautiful appearance.

Tang Xiu put the satellite phone away as he looked at Yi Lianyan in front of him. Astounded, he said, “Your face…”

Yi Lianyan laughed, “It’s just a trivial means to make myself look ugly so that those pirates shut me out.”

Tang Xiu suddenly realized as he secretly admired this girl’s astuteness inside.

“Anyways, is there something you need from me? Didn’t I tell my men to escort all of you back?”

“The others have been sent off, but I don’t want to go. I think this place is good and it’s rather safe to be here with you! So I want to stay here for some time,” said Yi Lianyan quickly.

“It’s not good for you to follow us. We’re a bunch of men,” said Tang Xiu with a wry smile.

“It’s fine! You’re a bunch of ‘good’ men, so I can stay here. Besides, you also need to eat, don’t you? I can cook for you! My cooking is rather good as well! I can also do the laundry as well as do the cleaning. In short, you won’t lose out in having me stay here,” said Yi Lianyan.

Tang Xiu couldn’t help laughing, “Fine. Since you wanna stay, then stay! But I’ll leave Nine Dragons Island today to Saipan to take care of something. I’m afraid I’ll only be back a few days later.”

“What are you gonna do in Saipan?” Puzzled, Yi Lianyan asked.

“Work stuff,” said Tang Xiu.

After hesitating for a moment, she asked, “Can I go with you?”

Tang Xiu shook his head, “Nope. If you wanna go with me to Saipan, then you can no longer follow me back. After I bring my friend here, then you can leave with him.”

Hesitating for a moment, she then said, “Then I’ll stay! I just realized that this island has a great environment. Not to mention that I can stay in that luxurious castle. To be honest, I’ve never seen such a luxurious palace in my life! Big Brother Tang, you’re really filthy rich.”