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Chapter 311: Enjoying Familial Affection

Chapter 311: Enjoying Familial Affection

“He’s more than crazy, he’s practically beyond that. His Li family is a very affluent and powerful family in the Northeast, and Li Laoshan is a fierce character among the fiercest characters. He has a very crazy character yet does things in a very low profile. If he recognizes someone he will treat them with sincerity, but if not, he will definitely hold them in contempt,” forcing out a smile, Long Zhengyu explained.

Tang Xiu understood in a flash and said with a smile, “I’ll call him to join us.”

Ten minutes later, Tang Xiu and Long Zhengyu met Old Fatty Li in the Thai Massage hall. This time he was wearing an unlined long gown with big pants, flip-flop sandals and a big cigar in his mouth, resting one of his legs atop the other inside the resting area of the massage hall, looking carefree and content.

“Old Fatty Li!”

Tang Xiu called out to him as he approached.

Old Fatty Li waved and grinned immediately as he lazily stood.

“Yo, Long’s kiddo! Never thought you’d actually know my Brother Tang! I saw your old man when I dueled Chen Zhizhong in Star City back then. How’s Long Hanwen? Has he been good?” Fatty Li immediately said with a smile the moment he saw Long Zhengyu.

With a bit of respect on his face, Long Zhengyu faced Fatty Li and said, “Hi, Uncle Li. My father is good.”

Fatty Li stared blankly and hummed, “Why the hell did you address me like that, huh? Do you think I’m that old already? You gotta learn more from Tang Xiu! You… bah… don’t take it after your old man and take everything seriously, will you? You’re Tang Xiu’s buddy so you can call me Old Fatty Li later, got it!”

“This…” Long Zhengyu hesitated.

“Well, respect his wish! He’s a straightforward Northeasterner, and not a man who will stick to the formalities and trivia,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.

Hearing it, Fatty Li immediately patted Tang Xiu’s shoulder and heartily laughed, “Did you hear that? Did you hear that? O, my mother and father who have given birth to me, let it be known to you that he’s my Brother Tang! Goddamnit! Sadly this place is Saipan, the Gods in our country don’t seem to appear here, or else I’d drag you—kiddo to burn yellow papers and sacrifice chicken and sheep, for us to kowtow and become sworn brothers.”

Tang Xiu couldn’t help laughing.

Looking at Old Fatty Li and Tang Xiu, Long Zhengyu eventually spoke, “If so, then I’ll address you as such. But Old Fatty Li, you gotta help me if my father beat me up because of this later.”

“Relax! If your old man still dares to fix you up after you tell him that it was me who made you do it, I’ll go to Star City to beat him up. Hehe, anyways, if you see Chen Zhizhong training, tell him that I’ll beat him so much next time that he won’t be able to tell what hit him,” said Fatty Geezer Li with a smile.

A strange expression flashed on Long Zhengyu’s face as he replied, “Fatty Li, if you beat Chen Zhizhong so much, Tang Xiu would act and pack you up himself.”

"Zhengyu!" Tang Xiu growled.

With a confused look, Fatty Li asked, “What do you mean? Why would Brother Tang pack me up if I beat up Chen Zhizhong? He and Chen Zhizhong…”

Sighing inwardly, Tang Xiu knew that he had no more excuses to conceal it this time. With a wry smile, he said slowly, “Fatty Li, if you can beat up Chen Zhizhong, I’ll keep out of it, though he’s actually my disciple.”

“What did you say?”

Fatty Li was stupefied as his eyes stared at Tang Xiu without blinking as though he was seeing the most inconceivable thing in the world. He even began to wonder whether he was having hearing problems.

While pointing at Tang Xiu, Long Zhengyu said, “Fatty Li, you didn’t hear it wrong. Tang Xiu is really the big boss of Endless Virtue Pharmaceutical—Chen Zhizhong’s master.”

Staggering backward and looking at Tang Xiu with disbelief, Fatty Li asked, “Are you really Chen Zhizhong’s master? Are you both not kidding me?”

"Nope!" said Tang Xiu firmly.

Fatty Li’s lips shivered a few times, after which he quickly asked, “How could this be possible? Chen Zhizhong’s Kung fu has always been powerful since he was young; I’ve been competing with him since young and never defeated him even once. Tang Xiu, you were not even a grown man when Chen Zhizhong was still young, right?”

Tang Xiu let out a pale smile, “I didn’t teach the basic skills he possesses, but real kung fu cultivation! Hence, like I told you before, if you were to look for him now, I’m afraid you will be badly beaten by him.”

Fatty Li stayed silent for a while, trying to digest this stirring news. He then looked at Tang Xiu, raise his thumb up and sighed in praise, “Brother Tang, I’m getting more and more curious about you. You just casually strolled in the casino and got 1 billion, and you even know the big boss of this place. Especially with that kiddo—Wang Rui, your man even bullied him until he cried. Brother Tang, you gotta tell me, from which Daoist immortal lineage are you exactly?”

“I’m just me! How did immortals get into this? Anyways, let’s stop talking about boring things and go have a Thai massage,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.

A strange light glinted from Fatty Li’s eyes. Tang Xiu being unwilling to say it, he was also not in the mood to insist. However, he had secretly decided inside that he would send some people to investigate Tang Xiu’s identity and background after he returned to the mainland.

While looking at Tang Xiu who was in front, Long Zhengyu then walked closer to Fatty Li and whispered, “Fatty Li, I advise you not to investigate Tang Xiu’s identity secretly. To be honest, you will naturally know about it if he’s willing to tell you. But if he’s not and you rashly investigate him, it will not be helpful, instead it will be harmful to you.”

Would it bring more harm than good?

Fatty Li was astounded, “Could he be, the son of the country’s leader?”

For a moment Long Zhengyu was surprised as he looked at Fatty Li. He didn’t expect that Fatty Li’s guess would be this close.

“Don’t ask. No external issues are required in making friends,” said Long Zhengyu spoke what he had thought well before.

Eventually, Old Fatty Li rather approved and gave up his idea to send some people to investigate Tang Xiu’s identity and background. He then followed Tang Xiu inside.

Two hours later the trio came out, looking relaxed and comfortable. After having the Thai massage, Fatty Li and Long Zhengyu had turned into merry friends they and neglected Tang Xiu, only occasionally speaking a few words to him. Tang Xiu himself naturally felt happy regarding this situation.

While feeling the light sensation within their bodies, Tang Xiu, Long Zhengyu, as well as Fatty Li, who was invited by Long Zhengyu, went to the villa Long Zhengyu was staying.

“You two can chat, I’ll have some rest.”

Having said that, Tang Xiu then went to the second floor. He casually picked a room, took off his clothes and sat on the bed. He had been diligently cultivating these days, and even though his cultivation was improving every day, he hadn’t had a good sleep.

“Tang Min is looking for me?”

While sitting on the bedhead and falling into silent, Tang Xiu then took out a satellite phone and dialed Ouyang Lulu’s number, of whom he got Tang Min’s cell number. He had spent little time in the Tang family and had yet to speak with anyone there. Hence, he didn’t have their cell numbers; including Tang Min’s.

However, he was caught by Ouyang Lulu and spent a long time chatting with her when he asked the cell phone number.

“Tang Min speaking. Who’s this?”

After dialing Tang Min’s cell number, Tang Xiu heard a cold and dignified voice from the phone.

“It’s Tang Xiu. Are you looking for me?” asked Tang Xiu.

At this moment, in an important office building in the capital, Tang Min revealed a slightly happy expression and said with a smile, “Ah, it’s you, Tang Xiu! Yea, I’m looking for you. I even asked several people. But nobody knew how to contact you. Anyway, where are you now? When will you return to the mainland?”

“I’m in Saipan now,” Tang Xiu said, “I’m afraid that it will have to wait until I return since I have yet to deal with matters here.”

“Dear nephew, what are you handling exactly?” asked Tang Min curiously. “Little Yi did tell many things about your matters, and this paternal aunt of yours truly admires you for that.”

After a moment of silent, Tang Xiu said, “I have bought a private island in the Pacific Ocean two months ago and recently have been occupied in its reconstruction. Anyway, you haven’t told me why you’re looking for me, auntie.”

“You bought an island in the Pacific Ocean? Why did you buy an island for?” Tang Min was astounded. “Anyway, you’re going to study in Shanghai this September, are you not? That’s why I’m looking for you since I just bought a villa for you there. It’s very close to Shanghai University campus, and I’ve sent the key to Star City—to Second Brother and second sister-in-law.”

A villa?

Tang Xiu’s lips twitched a few times as he instinctively wanted to refuse it. But after a moment’s hesitation, he felt that refusing it wouldn’t be good, for he could clearly sense the kindness the Tang family had shown to him when they got along. If he had to be honest with himself, he didn’t feel like repealing the Tang family now, and even somewhat enjoyed having this kind of familial affection.

Furthermore, Tang Min was also Chu Yi’s mother; she had even delivered the key to Star City. Were he to refuse it, it would probably be too unreasonable and hurtful to her.

“Thanks, Auntie!”

After a few seconds of silence, Tang Xiu finally accepted it.

In her office, a bright smile blossomed on Tang Min’s face. It was her first time listening to Tang Xiu calling her Aunt. The feeling of happiness and satisfaction immediately made her eyes moistened.

“I’m your paternal aunt, Tang Xiu. I never had the chance to love and dote on you when you were young. But now that we finally found you, Auntie naturally must compensate you for those years. Hence, gifting you this villa is what Auntie should do! In short, no matter what you need later, you can freely speak about it to me. As long as Auntie can do it, even if I have to pick the moon for you, I’ll definitely do it.”

Warmness filled Tang Xiu’s heart as he finally produced a happy smile and said, “I got it, Auntie!”

Out of her contentment, Tang Min smiled and said, “Having heard you address me as aunt today made me happy, so very happy. Ah, right. I think you’re still lacking many things… House, cars, clothes… right, that’s right. Shanghai has a lot of cars and clothes to buy, so I’ll arrange someone to put more clothes in your villa, and the car is rather poor too. Just wait, Auntie will help you order a car now.”

Having said that, Tang Min directly hang up the phone.