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Chapter 313: Purchasing Airplanes

Chapter 313: Purchasing Airplanes

Tang Xiu was silent for a moment before he slowly said, “Don’t ask him yet, first contact and tell him to come to Saipan. It would be more convenient for us and save a lot of time if we can buy a few cargo planes before we begin the project.”

After nodding in response, Mo Āwen distanced himself and dialed a cell number.

A few minutes later, he returned to Tang Xiu’s side and reported respectfully, “I have called the vice-president of the Sacred Paramita Aviation Tech Company—Blayne Dunn. He’s happy to do business with us. He said he must handle an imminent important matter shortly, but he’ll try his best to catch up with us and should arrive in Saipan within a week.”

Tang Xiu nodded, “In that case, you’ll be keeping in touch with him. Zhengyu, since it’s decided that we’ll build the apron and the runway first, I’ll have to trouble you to find the engineers in this field for the construction design! Once it’s been finished, you can start immediately…”

“Sure! I’ll find someone to get it done and send it to you afterward ASAP,” said Long Zhengyu and then asked,”Anyways, I gotta ask you in advance, how big is the apron and how many runways do you wanna build?”

Tang Xiu was silent for a moment and then slowly said, “It should be able to serve four landing planes and about a dozen helicopters. As for the runways, three would suffice!”

“Copy that!” Long Zhengyu nodded.

The next day, Long Zhengyu and Tom Reggie left the island with their assistants after fully surveying the Nine Dragons Island, whereas Tang Xiu completely immersed himself and wholeheartedly cultivated.

Along with his daily cultivation, his cultivation base steadily improved; especially when he was sitting atop a Spirit Spring to absorb the Supreme Emperor Purple Qi when the sun was rising. In just a short five to six days of cultivation, his cultivation speed rapidly increased by more than ten times compared to before.

He estimated that it would only take up to three to five days to reach the middle stage of the Flesh Strengthening Stage. It might even possible to breakthrough to the later stage or even the peak stage of the Flesh Strengthening Stage by the end of August.

Originally, he had planned to cultivate well during his summer vacation and break through the Flesh Strengthening Stage before September 1st when school started. Even reaching the initial stage of the Flesh Strengthening Stage would already be ideal. Yet, with the discovery of the Spirit Spring and the assistance of the Supreme Emperor Purple Qi, it made his cultivation progress by leaps and bounds.

Early in the morning.

Tang Xiu was sitting cross-legged above the Spirit Spring while refining the Supreme Emperor Purple Qi which he had just absorbed into his body. While at the same time drawing the support of spiritual force from the land, he absorbed the unending stream of star force and solar energy from the cosmic stream.

‘It can no longer be refined?’

Furrowing his brows, Tang Xiu opened his eyes and secretly smiled wryly inside. He had absorbed Supreme Emperor Purple Qi to the limit of what his body could contain, and he would need some time to refine it slowly before he continued further. Hence, he could only absorb the Supreme Emperor Purple Qi and seal it in his Dantian.

‘My cultivation is still too weak! Were my cultivation twice as powerful as of now, I would have been able to completely absorb the Supreme Emperor Purple Qi today.’

Sighing inwardly, Tang Xiu looked up to the sky.

On the hill road.

Mo Āwen approached in fast strides as he then came before Tang Xiu and respectfully said, “Boss, the vice-president of the Sacred Paramita Aviation Tech Company—Blayne Dunn is currently on the way to Saipan. When are we going to leave?”

Tang Xiu’s brows raised and then replied, “Go back and prepare things, we’ll leave immediately! The earlier we can get the cargo planes ahead of schedule, the more relieved I’ll be after leaving. Also, I’m prepared to order a number of helicopters, and it’s best to get the advanced military ones. Can the Sacred Paramita Aviation Tech Company provide it?”

“The organization I was part of had once ordered two military helicopters from that company, and those choppers were of advanced tech. Back then, I was also the one who contacted Blayne Dunn,” said Mo Āwen with a nod.

“Do you think we need a few military choppers?” asked Tang Xiu.

After hesitating for a moment, Mo Āwen forced a smile and said, “Boss, I don’t know the answer to such a question.”

Thinking for a moment, Tang Xiu then smiled, “Well, since you don’t know, you don’t know. Alright, I’ll decide it then. I’ll first order four cargo planes from the Sacred Paramita Aviation Tech, along with four military choppers! We have limited funds, so we must save money whenever we can. When we are not lacking in funds we’ll order again if the planes are not enough.”

“That’s also good!” Mo Āwen nodded.

Two days later.

Tang Xiu and Mo Āwen arrived in Saipan. According to the address Mo Āwen got from Blayne Dunn, the duo then headed to see him in Lao Bay Resort. The man was tall and burly, slightly fat middle-aged man with long curly blonde hair, wearing a western suit and tie, along with four cold-looking bodyguards around him.

“We meet again, dear Mr. Mo.”

Blayne Dunn and Mo Awen hugged and exchanged warm smiles.

“Mr. Dunn, this is my Boss. He also comes from China like me. You can call him Boss Tang,” said Mo Āwen with a smile.

Blayne Dunn raised his brows and gently hugged Tang Xiu. He then smiled and said, “Boss Tang, you’re really an amazing man, you can even make Mr. Mo be your staff. It’s simply more fortunate than picking up a mountain of gold. Anyway, Mr. Mo said to me on the phone that you want to order a cargo plane from our Sacred Paramita Company?”

“Yes, I need to order cargo planes. But if your price is higher than the other aviation companies, I can only order it elsewhere,” said Tang Xiu.

“Don’t worry!” replied Blayne Dunn and then continued with a smile, “It’s not the first time Mr. Mo and I are doing business, so the price will definitely be very reasonable. May I ask how many cargo planes are you going to order?”

“Four cargo planes and four military helicopters. Also, I need the most advanced and best models you have,” said Tang Xiu.

Blayne Dunn was astounded, “You also need military helicopters?”

“Yes, the four military helicopters are only the first batch. After some matters are resolved I’ll also purchase more military helicopters. If the funding allows it, I’ll also buy fighters should you have them,” said Tang Xiu.

Blayne Dunn was shocked inside. The way he looked Tang Xiu instantly changed from just a moment ago. As the vice-president of the Sacred Paramita Aviation Tech, he didn’t need to give services by himself. But he knew perfectly well how unordinary Mo Āwen’s identity once was, thus he came here personally.

Furthermore, who wouldn’t want to obtain such a huge business deal?

After a moment of silence, Blayne Dunn pulled out a piece of paper from his suitcase and handed it over to Tang Xiu, saying, “Mr. Tang, this is the list of our Sacred Paramita Aviation Tech Company’s plane types as well as the specific information for each. After having your pick, I can give you 10% discount on the price indicated.”

Tang Xiu took the paper. After reading it, he then slowly said, “The prices are really not low. To my knowledge, there are several airplane manufacturers who can give more preferential benefits than yours.”

Squinting his eyes, Blayne Dunn smiled and said, “Mr. Tang apparently doesn’t know that our Sacred Paramita company’s cargo planes and military helicopters are among the best in the world, thus have high manufacturing cost. I hope Mr. Tang respects our technology as well as our company’s strength.”

Tang Xiu shook his head, “I do respect you but the price you’re giving me is rather too high. So be it. You and Āwen can discuss the negotiation and bargain the specific price.”

Blayne Dunn shifted his vision toward the silent and reticent Mo Awen at Tang Xiu’s side as he shrugged his shoulders and said, “Not a problem.”

“Alright, you both discuss it! I’ll be seeing a friend of mine first. Also, I invite vice-president Dunn to dine and have several cups with me tonight,” said Tang Xiu.

“Alright!” Blayne Dunn replied with a smile.

Quickly, Tang Xiu met Tom Reggie in a large warehouse in Saipan who was currently in command of the workers, transporting cargoes. Looking at the busy scene, Tang Xiu found that the goods transported by those workers, aside from wooden boxes, almost all of the rest were reinforced concrete and some building materials.

“The preparation started?”

Tang Xiu himself could affirm Tom Reggie’s ability.

“After you transferred ten billion yuan to Long Zhengyu, he directly sent me two billion to buy the construction materials here, whereas he’s currently negotiating a batch of construction machinery. At most half a month later we’ll be able to stockpile a large number of construction materials and purchase a large number of construction machinery. After that, we’ll start to arrange people to send the first batch of the goods to Nine Dragons Island,” said Tom Reggie with a smile.

Tang Xiu raised his thumb up and exclaimed in praise, “My choice in choosing you to join the project was correct. Anyways, let’s have dinner tonight after you’re done with your work.”

“I have men to supervise here, so I can leave at any time. It will be no problem,” said Tom Reggie with a smile.

“Show me those building materials then,” said Tang Xiu.

“Follow me!”

Two hours later, Tang Xiu and Tom Reggie left the large warehouse. After returning to Lao Bay Resort, they then took a shower and changed to clean and suitable clothes as they then rushed to the banquet hall of the resort.

The evening banquet had been prepared sumptuously.

After Tom Reggie learned Blayne Dunn’s identity, he also took two bottles of wine from his wine collection. In short, the evening banquet was merrily carried out as all the guests and Blayne Dunn himself also felt relaxed like at their homes.

After everything had been concluded, Tang Xiu and Mo Āwen came to the villa they were staying. The latter then reported the negotiation from the beginning to the end, “Boss, I did my best and secured a 18% discount from the catalog’s prices, and I have also picked the best specifications and types for the cargo planes and the military helicopters. After the discount, we need to pay them 1.45 billion, but we need to pay an extra 20 million to Blayne Dunn.”

“He took a commission?” Tang Xiu frowned.

He had previously heard about businessmen who took “commissions”. But he didn’t expect that a well-known character such as Blayne Dunn would also unexpectedly care about sales commission.