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Chapter 314: Wolf Head Returns

Chapter 314: Wolf Head Returns

People are always selfish and they also have their own desires. Though they may have distinguished status, many of them would also choose to receive commissions should additional benefits appear.

A smile outlined on the corner of Mo Āwen’s mouth as he said, “This Blayne Dunn is a very greedy man, wishing to stuff all the wealth in the world into his pockets. He ‘accidentally’ took our order and got 20 million in sales commission from us. Plus the deduction percentage he gets, he made 50 million at least; he also got some shares in Sacred Paramita Aviation Tech. Albeit a small one, that should be rather a handsome income too.”

“It seems arms production and sale is really profitable,” Tang Xiu laughed.

“Boss, if you want to engage in the arms business, we can designate a plan to get rid of some arms traders and replace them.”

“Nah.” Tang Xiu shook his head and said, “Forget it! I’m not interested in it. What interests me the most is opening a bank. Later on, when we have money, we can open our own bank and play in the business.”

Mo Āwen nodded with a smile.

He would support Tang Xiu unconditionally regardless of whatever decisions he made because, in his eyes, Tang Xiu was someone of superior and aloof status, as though a deity in the eyes of people. Ever since he learned that cultivation practice, his overall strength had rapidly soared several folds within a short period of time.

At this time, he was confident that he could easily beat the other experts in the Everlasting Feast Hall who were his match in strength before.

The next day.

Blayne Dunn left Saipan with his bodyguards. When he came back to the headquarter of Sacred Paramita Aviation Tech, he received a report from the Treasury Department that a 450 million down payment had been transferred to the company’s account.

As for Tang Xiu, he was eager to return back to Nine Dragons Island to cultivate. Hence, he and Mo Āwen went back to Nine Dragons Island after sending Blayne Dunn off.

In the next days, nearly every day he spent cultivating in Nine Dragons Island. His cultivation base, which was in the initial stage of the Flesh Strengthening Stage, had broken through to the middle stage and had only a step left before he broke through to the late stage.

Gradually, time passed by and in an instant, September 1st was only a week away.

Standing above the castle, Tang Xiu used binoculars to observe a large number of workers on the distant coastline, watching the bustling scenes of them building the apron and runways. He then secretly sighed inside, ‘Being rich really helps get things done.’

Along with the large sums of funds to fund the project, the construction of the apron and airport runways had started and the progress was rather fast. With means unknown, Long Zhengyu had dug up several medium-sized construction teams consisting of more than a thousand people from the mainland, whereas Tom Reggie also took more than a few hundreds of people of the best construction company in Saipan. Coupled with a large number of newly bought construction machinery, the initial work had been successfully completed.

‘At this rate, the construction of the apron and runways will be completely finished two months later at the most.’

As he put down the binoculars, Tang Xiu heard someone shouting underneath as his vision suddenly shifted toward Yi Lianyan on the square in front of the castle. He came down easily and after circling around, he then went in front of her and asked, “Is there something?”

With a bit of reluctance in her eyes, Yi Lianyan said, “I’m going back to the mainland. The new term is getting closer; I won’t be able to catch up with the University’s military training if I don’t go back.”

Nodding slightly in response, Tang Xiu then said after thinking deeply for a moment, “I’m also going back home. If you can wait, we’ll go back together three days later and I can look after you on the way there.”

Yi Lianyan nodded repeatedly with a happy expression on her face.

She stayed in Nine Dragons Island for a month and established a good relationship with Tang Xiu’s men. Furthermore, this place had a beautiful environment and, aside from doing the cooking and laundry, she had a leisure and carefree life here. She oftentimes even visited the construction sites, though it was rather far, because most of those people were Chinese.

She liked to be here. Were it not for fear that her education would be affected, making her parents angry, she really wanted to stay here forever, living a carefree life.

“Big Brother Tang, can I come here again later?” Looking up toward Tang Xiu who was half a head higher than her, Yi Lianyan asked.

“No, you can’t!” Tang Xiu shook his head and then said, “This is the last time in your life you can get on this island. After the reconstruction of the Nine Dragons Island is finished, no outsiders will be allowed to come here. Unless…”

“Unless what?” asked Yi Lianyan quickly.

“Unless you sign a lifetime contract with stating that you will work for me forever. Otherwise, you can never come back here,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.

‘A slave contract?’ Yi Lianyan’s mouth twitched a few times and replied with an unwilling expression, “Bah, you’re a slaver eh; but I want my human rights.”

“I have the right to do that in this place,” said Tang Xiu.

Frowning resentfully, Yi Lianyan snorted and walked toward the castle. She then shouted toward Tang Xiu’s back, “Hey, I won’t do any breakfast. I’m very upset now!”

A slight smile appeared on the corner of Tang Xiu’s mouth. He had a rather good impression toward Yi Lianyan. The girl grew up in modern society, yet she was very kind and diligent. After getting along for more than a month, Tang Xiu could see clearly the temper and character of this girl.

She was cheerful, bold, mobile and could act.

He too genuinely hoped inside that she could stay in Nine Dragons Island, helping him take care of things here. After Mu Qingping comes, she could also help share some of Mu Qingping’s work.

Coming back to the castle, Tang Xiu found that Yi Lianyan had actually made breakfast. However, because the Mo brothers and the other eleven men were supervising tasks, only he and Yi Lianyan were having a breakfast.

“How about we discuss a deal?”

After finishing the food, Tang Xiu looked up and asked.

“Whatever for?” snapped Yi Lianyan, sulking.

“Well, you can work for me and become one of my people after you graduate from University if you want to. The salary will definitely be better than the outside too,” said Tang Xiu.

Yi Lianyan rolled her eyes and snorted, “Humph... This young lady doesn’t lack money. Unless you give me annual salary, wanting me to stay here is useless.”

“Alright. I’ll give you an annual salary of 300 thousand yuan with a probationary period of three years. Should you show a good performance in those three years, I’ll double it. Likewise, your salary in later years will have to see the level of economic consumption in the outside world. Plus, if you can work here for over five years and eventually agree to work for me forever, I’ll also gift you something.”

300 thousand? And then it would be doubled… to 600 thousand?

Though Yi Lianyan knew that Tang Xiu was rich, she had never thought that he would give her such a high treatment. One must know that even those major companies’ white-collars in the country didn’t have such a high income.

“What gift?”

“You are not entitled to know about it for now,” said Tang Xiu as he shook his head.

Yi Lianyan frowned, “The salary you offered is really good, but I still need to study for four years in University. Who knows what will happen in the future? Anyways, forget it. Let’s talk about this later.”

“There’s no hurry. Think about it well and tell me after you have considered it,” said Tang Xiu with a nod.

Yi Lianyan chuckled, “If I agree now, can you pay me a year of salary in advance?”

“Nope,” Tang Xiu shook head and said, “If you don’t pay, never will you be able to make a return. If you want it, you gotta have decided that you’ll work for me for a lifetime and, after that, you can come here on vacation too. The salary will be 10 thousand a month.”

“Boss Tang-- nope, Big Boss Tang, you’re really like Zhou the exploiter eh? [1] Alright, I’m full. I’ll leave these plates and bowls for you to clean.”

Tang Xiu smiled and shook his head. After washing the plates and all the tableware, someone’s figure quickly appeared beside him. It was Mo Āwen, who whispered to him, “Boss, Wolf Head is back. And he brought a lot of men.”

“How many?” asked Tang Xiu in amazement and slanted brows.

“Almost thirty,” said Mo Awen.

After wiping and cleaning his hands, Tang Xiu then replied, “Alright, let’s go and see.”

A few minutes later, Tang Xiu saw Wolf Head in the square outside the castle. Standing behind him, three rows of big strong men stood in line. They were all shaved flat, wearing military vests and looking grim and cold.


Wolf Head respectfully shouted.

Nodding to him in response, Tang Xiu said, “They are the veterans you’ve found after more than a month?”

“That’s right. I spent quite a lot of effort finding them, and some of them I can’t even beat. Also, boss, if you want to take them in, you gotta show your own ability,” said Wolf Head.

The corner of Tang Xiu’s lips tightened while sending off a sort of provocation look in his eyes. He then waved to Wolf Head, hinting at him to come to his side.

Afterward, he stood in front of all the thirty men, chuckled and said, “You think I’m not qualified to be your boss after you met me, eh?”


Orderly and loud voices replied to him.

Tang Xiu clapped and applauded as he exclaimed in praise, “Your voices are loud, clear, and full of spirit. Also, your footsteps are steady. You’re all evidently not some average layman. Were you all to be trained well, you’ll be able to be good subordinates. Yet, why did you come over with Wolf Head if you’re not satisfied and refuse to accept me?”


A slender, grim-looking big man shouted loudly.

“It’s not the army here, nor are you a soldier at the moment, so you don’t have keep this up. If you want to say something, then say it!” said Tang Xiu.

The grim big guy replied loudly, “We came here because we’re curious as to why this unruly wild wolf—Wolf Head accepted to become someone else’s pawn? Hence, it piqued our curiosity. We want to see what sort of powerful person you are. If you can’t satisfy us, we’ll leave.”

While looking at the other men, Tang Xiu then asked in a deep tone, “Are all of you also of the same mind?”


The other 29 men shouted in unison.

Raising his thumb up, Tang Xiu exclaimed and praised, “What good men! In that case, I’ll play with you. Come! All 30 of you.”

The big man sneered, “You’re arrogant, way too arrogant. No need to take all the thirty of us, for I myself am enough to knock you down.”

Having said that, he walked out of the crowd.