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Chapter 322: Bikini Girls

Chapter 322: Bikini Girls

Having an absolute trust in Tang Xiu, Kang Xia laughed upon hearing it and said, Rest assured! As long as Su Quan works diligently, I’ll naturally put him in an important position. But you, who is going to study in Shanghai, should better not be corrupted and contaminated by Shanghai’s big materialistic, pleasure-seeking and debauched society.”

Hearing it, Tang Xiu involuntarily laughed as he shook his head and said, “There’s no place in this world that can really corrupt me, you can count me on that! Anyhow, I’ll be leaving for the airport, so I can’t stay here for long. Gimme a call if there’s anything!”

Kang Xia was dismayed since she had yet to dine together after seeing Tang Xiu. However, recalling that she would be going to Shanghai five or six days later, the feeling of loss instantly disappeared.

She and Tang Xiu already were in an intimate relationship. Though Tang Xiu didn’t confirm what was their status, she already regarded herself as Tang Xiu’s woman even if they were not official lovers.

While standing before the office window, Kang Xia watched as Tang Xiu walked out of the edifice’s front door carrying his travel bag and boarded the taxi. The corner of her mouth gently rose and formed an enchanting smile.

“Low-key as always. A dignified big boss yet he often takes taxi; he even doesn’t want to look for a driver!”

10 PM.

Taking the private plane he borrowed from Ouyang Lulu, Tang Xiu went straight to Shanghai Airport. There was also a branch of the Everlasting Feast Hall in Shanghai and its manager, but he didn’t want anyone to notice him and took a cab to a villa complex near Shanghai University.

Bluestar Villa Complex.

Hongpu District was the most upscale villa complex and was only five kilometers away from Shanghai University, with bustling commercial streets nearby, hospital, hotels, entertainment areas, snack bars and other places that were jam-packed with people.

Getting off the taxi, Tang Xiu took his travel bag and went straight toward the southern gate entrance.

“Hello, Sir. Please show your pass.”

Several security guards stopped Tang Xiu’s path.

Tang Xiu took out his villa’s door card as he then shook his head and said, “I have no pass, but I have this door card here.”

When one of the security guards took over the door card from Tang Xiu, his gaze fell on the ‘9’ number on it. His expression suddenly changed and asked respectfully, “Sir, is it your first time here?”

“That’s right, today’s my first time here. And I should be staying here often in the future,” said Tang Xiu.

The security guard took out his phone to access the internal system. After looking through some information, he quickly smiled, “Are you Mr. Tang who’s living in Vila No. 9? By the way, our Villa Complex’ Property Management Office has recommended several housekeepers for you. The person who bought the villa has told us that you are free to pick the housekeeper as per your liking to take care of your daily life.”

Tang Xiu was silent for a moment before he slowly shook his head, “No need for a housekeeper. I’ll hire one myself if I need it. Anyways, can I go in now?”

The security guard nodded, “Please come in, Mr. Tang. Ah, right, it’s a little bit far from here to Villa No.9, would you like us to drive you there?”

“Yes, I’ll have to trouble you!” After hesitating, Tang Xiu nodded and replied.

A few minutes later, taking a ride in the security guards’ patrol car, Tang Xiu arrived in front of Villa No. 9. To his surprise, from the dozens of villas he passed by, only this No. 9 villa was the most luxurious and located in the innermost place. There were also more security patrols here than anywhere else.

"Thank you!"

"You're welcome, Sir. It’s our job.”

Watching as the security patrol car left, Tang Xiu then turned around to open the gate to the villa’s courtyard. He went inside and swiped the card to enter the villa. As he turned on the villa’s lamp, he found that this villa was slightly worse than the one he had in South Gate Town. However, such a luxurious villa in Shanghai probably had a higher value.

Immediately after, Tang Xiu wandered around in the villa and found that this three-storied villa not only had six bedrooms, but also a study room, a gym, a chess room, a conference room and even a private cinema. Looking at its cleanness, the place was evidently cleaned every day.

At the second floor, Tang Xiu chose the most luxurious master bedroom. He then took a comfortable bath, took out the new pajamas of the cabinet and put it on, preparing to rest.

Tang Min had prepared things sufficiently. There were at least a dozen sets of various types of clothes. Each suit was also rather expensive and even provided underwear and socks as well as various types of shoes.

“I gotta sleep!”

Tang Xiu didn’t cultivate and went directly to sleep.

The next morning.

Tang Xiu washed his teeth and face as he went downstairs to the first floor and opened the garage door. His expression paused when he saw the four cars parked inside.

An Audi A8; a BMW 7 Series; a Ferrari Supercar; and a Bentley Bentayga.

Finally, when Tang Xiu came to himself again, he forced out a wry smile. He felt that his Land Rover Range Rover series whose worth was over a million was a little shabby compared to these.

“Ah, forget it. I’ll just take the bus!”

Looking too high profile was something Tang Xiu was reluctant to do, so he closed the garage door and left the villa courtyard.

At the front entrance of the Shanghai University campus.

When Tang Xiu arrived there, only then did he realize how mistaken he was. He found a lot of students driving luxurious cars. The most unbridled scene was on the eastern side of the campus gate as seven or eight expensive sports cars parked side by side, along with seven or eight young men in gaudy clothes. They were smoking cigarettes while pointing and commenting on the female students who came to register.

‘Those should be the silk pants of Shanghai, right?’

Tang Xiu disliked these silk pants young masters the most. But he directly ignored them since they did not provoke him and directly entered the campus gate.

The campus was very lively and jam-packed with the aura of youth. Walking in twos or threes, everyone was wearing joyful smiles on their faces. Yet there were also many students who were accompanied by their guardians.

Quickly, after asking around, Tang Xiu came to the freshman registrar office.

Department of History’s Registrar Office.

Looking somewhat bored, Wen Haijie watched the lively scene at the other registration booths. Apart from feeling bitter inside, he also forced out a wry smile. It was because the enrollment to the Shanghai University’s Department of History was very small, with only a little more than 40 people altogether. Hence, she was the only one responsible for receiving freshmen and so far, there were only four freshmen registered for the Department of History.

“Hello, is this the new student registrar for the Department of History?”

Tang Xiu went in front of Wen Haijie and asked aloud.

Wen Haijie was startled from her reverie as she quickly smiled and said, “That’s right, this is the Department of History’s New Student Registration. Are you this year’s new student?”

"Yes!" Tang Xiu took out his admission notice and handed it over.

Taking it with a smile, Wen Haijie then opened it, looking a bit surprised a moment after. Shen then looked up and carefully observed Tang Xiu for a while and curiously asked, “You’re Tang Xiu?”

Tang Xiu was surprised for a moment, as he then asked in puzzlement, “You know me?”

“No, I don’t know you,” laughed Wen Haijie. “But your name is already like thunder in the ears. The top scorer in the CET science subject of Shuangqing province; the most dazzling genius CET scorer who almost got the full score of all subjects out of the exam. And most importantly, you didn’t choose Beijing University, but chose our Shanghai University. Yet, what made people puzzled was that you chose the Department of History as your major, for which only a few people register to. And…”

Seeing her pause, Tang Xiu laughed, “And what?”

“And our Department of History’s vice-president has reminded many times in the recent days to immediately inform him once you came to register,” said Wen Haijie.

Pondering for a moment, Tang Xiu then slowly asked, “Are you talking about Le Baiyi?”

“What Le Baiyi, you should call him Vice-President Le, or Professor Le,” laughed Wen Haijie.

“Alright, I’ll have to trouble you for assisting me with the admission procedures then,” said Tang Xiu with a nod.

“No problem. Give me your ID card. Anyway, our campus’ registration date will be held from 1st to the 7th of this month, whereas the campus military drill will begin on the 8th and will last two weeks. After the drill ends, the new term will formally begin. Also, you’re exempted from your tuition fee and other miscellaneous fees. Vice President Le has helped you over this,” said Wen Haijie.

“Huh?” Tang Xiu was surprised and said, “Vice President Le helped me pay it? Why?”

“You ask me, but to whom should I ask?” Wen Haijie shook her head and said, “Don’t you know him?”

“I do!” said Tang Xiu.

“Since you know him, then it doesn’t matter, no?” said Wen Haijie.

A few minutes later.

Having finished the enrollment procedures for Tang Xiu, Wen Haijie then gave Tang Xiu a copy of the receipt and a key, saying, “This is the key to your dormitory. But your dorm mates haven’t arrived yet.”

Tang Xiu took the key and inquired, “Are you a teacher in the Department of History?”

“Yes,” said Wen Haijie with a smile, “You can call me Teacher Wen, or you can also call me Big Sister Wen. I’ve been teaching here for two years now.”

“Then I’ll call you Big Sis Wen!” replied Tang Xiu with a smile.

“No problem,” Wen Haijie laughed and said, “You can put your things in the dorm first, and then report to your class’ teacher in charge. The classroom for the Department of History is the Block B on the fourth floor.”

“Alright, see you later!”

Carrying his travel bag, Tang Xiu then left the registrar office and went to the campus dorm. Though he had a villa outside, he didn’t know whether he can live outside the campus, so he planned to first stay in the campus dormitory and then look for the class’ teacher in charge to ask about it.

At the dormitory room.

Tang Xiu used the key to open the door. He went in and found that the environment inside was good. There were four beds all in the upper, with a bookcase underneath each. Obviously, the janitors had cleaned them in advance since there were not much dust and dirt. However, he was at a loss whether he had to be amused or cry since all the posters left on the wall, including several large posters, were all portraits of exposed bikini girls.

Looking at the beds’ numbers, Tang Xiu then found his name written on the bed on the left side. He then put his travel bag into the cabinet. After looking and asking around, he then got the bedding, washbasin bucket and mats from the logistics office.


As he carried the things back to his dorm, he found that the room’s lock and the door had been opened.