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Chapter 323: Jaw-Dropping Surprise

Chapter 323: Jaw-Dropping Surprise

As he entered the dorm, Tang Xiu saw a beautiful-looking… youth wearing earrings and a shawl hairdo, as well as a middle-aged couple.

“Hello, how do you do!”

Tang Xiu greeted them with a smile.

The young man jumped up from the chair as he darted before Tang Xiu, smiling, “Are you my dorm mate? By the way, I’m Yue Kai.”

“I’m Tang Xiu,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.

Yue Kai said with a smile, “Nice to meet you. We’ll be fellow students as well as good friends later. Mom, Dad, do you see? This fellow student of mine looks handsome and very honest. Surely he wouldn’t give me any bad influence, no? You can go now, right?”

The middle-aged couple exchanged glances as the middle-aged man then said with a smile, “Little Tang, right? My son—Yue Kai used to be naughty. Since you’re going to be his fellow student for a few years, I hope you can take good care of him. And, do call me directly if he makes trouble on the campus.”

Having said that, he took a name card from his pocket and handed it to Tang Xiu.

Reading the name card, Tang Xiu saw that there was nothing else but the man’s name and his cell number on the card. He immediately put the man’s name card into his pocket and said with a smile, “Rest assured, Sir! Looking at his good facial features, Yue Kai is not crafty and evil. I’m sure we can help each other.”

Astounded, Yue Changqing asked, “Little Tang also knows physiognomy?”

Tang Xiu only smiled, staying quiet.

The middle-aged woman pulled Yue Changqing’s hand as she smiled and said, “Little Kai, we’re sending you to school, so you must study hard. Don’t hang out with bad friends. If I learn you’re skipping classes or playing on the campus, be careful, or else I’ll block all your bank cards.”

“I know, I know, Mom.”

Yue Kai glanced at Tang Xiu, looking a bit embarrassed and angry.

Shortly after, the Yue Changqing couple left.

The smile originally written on Yue Kai’s face instantly vanished, replaced by a bored expression. He then sat back on the chair, raised his leg atop the other and then looked at Tang Xiu as he groaned, “What’s your name again? Tang… umm, Tang Xiu. Worry not, buddy! We’ll be often together, so we gotta keep our relationship. I’ll cover up for you in school.”

While making the bed, Tang Xiu smiled and said, “Have you reported yet? You gotta seize the time and go to the logistics office to take your things. There are many people there, so you better be fast as to avoid that all the good stuff be taken by others.”

Waving his hand, Yue Kai said, “No, I won’t use them, the things sent by the school are garbage. Anyways, do you have time after we see the class’ teacher in charge? Care to accompany me outside to buy something? I’ll treat you at the restaurant for lunch.”

Hesitating for a moment, Tang Xiu replied with a smile, “OK! I also have to buy something.”

Yue Kai stood up and went to the bathroom. After coming out, he saw that Tang Xiu had properly packed up and immediately asked, “Shall we go? I don’t know when our other two roommates will arrive, so we won’t wait for them. Alright, I’ll leave a note for them so they can directly go to the restaurant to find us.”

“Do you know them?” asked Tang Xiu, surprised.

“Nope!” replied Yue Kai as he shook his head.

“If you don’t know them, will they even catch up with us if we leave a note here?” said Tang Xiu with a forced smile.

Yue Kai shrugged his shoulders and replied lightly, “It’s up to them whether they wanna go or not. Come on, don’t be like a chattering chick, will you? Let’s go to the classroom first.”

Tang Xiu couldn’t help but chuckle to himself. He realized that Yue Kai was just a spoiled little boy. Before his parents just now, he showed himself to be close buddies with him on purpose. Apparently, it was just an act he showed to his parents.

At the Department of History’s classroom on the fourth floor of Block B.

When Tang Xiu and Yue Kai arrived there, they found that there were only four or five students in the classroom chatting. As they saw the duo, one of them—a tall and gentle-looking male student immediately smiled and said, “Ah, there’s another two new classmates. Hi, I’m Zhao Liang from Jingmen Island.”

"Tang Xiu!" "Yue Kai!"

The duo spoke out their names.

Zhao Liang laughed mischievously and said, “Two brothers, you don’t know yet, do you? Our teacher in charge turns out to be a great beauty; a young and stunning beauty. I’ve seen lots of belles, yet the ones who are prettier than her are very few. Anyways, she’s currently out, but she’ll be back soon.”

As far as beauty was concerned, Tang Xiu himself possessed a strong immunity toward the it. In a stark contrast, Yue Kai looked like his spirit was startled upon hearing it. He approached Zhao Liang and sat directly on the desk and curiously inquired, “Is she really beautiful? Is she very young? You got any photos of her?”

Zhao Liang’s eyes turned bright, as if he found a soulmate. He put his hand on Yue Kai’s shoulder and deftly took out his mobile, opening several photos, and then said, “Of course I got her photos. Take a look at these candid photos which I strongly asked Teacher Han for the group. How is it? Isn’t she beautiful?”

After looking at it, Yue Kai nodded and said with a smile, “Beautiful, so damn beautiful. This teacher is many times more beautiful than all the belles I’ve ever seen. She shouldn’t be much inferior compared to those super beautiful women. It’s decided then! My first target in the university is our Teacher Han!”

Zhao Liang dazed for a moment. He then raised his thumb and immediately exclaimed in praise, “You’re so amazing, Brother. I myself am already satisfied with being able to find a campus flower as a girlfriend. I didn’t expect that your ideal is much bigger than mine. We gotta have some drinks this noon, buddy!”

With a smile hanging on his face, Yue Kai heartily said, “No prob. Well, do you have time after Tang Xiu and I report to Teacher Han? We’re going out to buy something, so let’s go to a restaurant and have a drink there. Today is my treat.”

“Count me in!” Zhao Liang nodded and said, “I just arrived in Shanghai this morning, and I haven’t gone out to experience the style and vibe of Shanghai! That’s right, if you got time, accompany me to buy a car! Having no car is kinda depressing and rather inconvenient.”

At the side, Tang Xiu secretly smiled wryly inside upon hearing Zhao Liang’s words. He just didn’t expect that he would meet such rich young masters the moment he arrived at university. It seemed like university life would be lively.

As he shifted his vision, he suddenly sensed that someone was approaching. When he looked up and saw the person, his expression slightly froze as he instantly exclaimed, “You… how can you be here?”

Holding a stack of documents in hands, Han Qingwu said with a dazzling smile on her face, “Why can’t I?”

“The Big Beauty Han,” Tang Xiu forced a smile and said, “Would you pinch me to see whether or not I’m dreaming?”


Han Qingwu couldn’t help chuckle as she then said with a smile, “Tang Xiu, you didn’t expect that I would come work as a teacher at Shanghai University, did you? You never imagined that I’d also become your class’ teacher in charge for the next four years, right?”

“Y-you… You ran to Shanghai University to teach?” Tang Xiu stared blankly as his eyes instantly turned turned saucer and exclaimed in alarm, “And also become my class’ teacher in charge in the university for the next four years? Are you kidding me?”

“Nope, I’m not kidding you…” said Han Qingwu as she continued, “Do you remember that I went to Shanghai on summer vacation, and I asked your help to entertain that good sister of mine? I went to Shanghai that time for a job transfer. But teaching in the Department of History was the the school’s arrangement, though.”

Yue Kai, Zhao Liang, and the other four students had weird expressions on their faces as they watched Tang Xiu and Han Qingwu. They didn’t imagine that the two people would actually know each other.

Zhao Liang gently touched Tang Xiu and curiously asked, “You know her? You seem quite familiar with her.”

Tang Xiu forced out a smile and said, “It’s not just being familiar. She was my teacher in charge in high school.”


Everyone in the classroom was immediately dumbstruck.

Han Qingwu laughed, “Yes, Tang Xiu was my student in high school, and will become my student yet again in university. This explains that we’re fated, no? Anyways, relax. You will feel very fortunate of having me as your class’s teacher in charge for the next four years. Besides, you’re my student and the top scorer for the CET science subjects in Shuangqing Province. Having an outstanding student is evidence that I’m also an amazing teacher, no?!”

The CET top scorer of Shuangqing Province?

As though having a new understanding about Tang Xiu, Yue Kai raised his thumb up and exclaimed in admiration, “The Student King, bravo! Ah heck, I gotta pull myself back.”

“Huh?” Zhao Liang was puzzled and said, “What pullback?”

“What else can it be?” Yue Kai humorlessly said, “Did you hear her words? Don't you see a deep fate between these two? Even if I do everything I can, I’m afraid I can never win her over. Besides, I’ll become Tang Xiu’s dorm mate, a fellow classmate for four years. No way in hell will I cheat my brother’s wife!”

“You got it an instant!”

Zhao Liang burst into laughter.

Listening to their conversation, Tang Xiu immediately forced a smile and said, “Yue Kai, no rubbish talk, will you? The relationship between me and Teacher Han is purely between a teacher and a student. If you got the ability, you can freely pursue her.”

As for Han Qingwu, she was at a loss whether she had to be amused or cry seeing them. She gave white eyes and snappily said, “Hey, no rubbish talk. I’m your teacher, were I to find any of you blindly making trouble, I can make your life difficult!”


Despite having big courage, Yue Kai couldn’t help but shrink his neck at this moment.

A few minutes later, Tang Xiu and Yue Kai signed their names in the name register.

“Teacher Han, we need to buy some things. We’ll go first if there’s nothing else!” said Yue Kai as he gave the pen back to Han Qingwu.

“You can go!” Han Qingwu nodded and said, “And Tang Xiu, you didn’t change your cell number, did you? I’ll call you in the afternoon, we’ll have a meal together at night.”


Tang Xiu nodded and then left the classroom followed by Yue Kai.

At the corridor.

Zhao Liang said with a deadpan expression, “Yue Kai, I dare bet that Teacher Han absolutely has a crush on Tang Xiu; to think that she even applied to transfer from high school to our Shanghai University. Damn, this brother Tang’s charm really almost makes me kneel to him.”

Yue Kai nodded, “True that. Otherwise, how could a high school teacher transfer thousands of miles away to Shanghai University to teach? And I dare say that Teacher Han’s family must have a great personal network and contacts. They must also have spent great efforts for this, or else, she wouldn’t have been able to be promoted to Shanghai University.”

“Have you finished spitting out your rubbish? Teacher Han and I are only have a pure teacher-student relationship,” said Tang Xiu with a forced smile.

“Only ghosts will believe you!”

The duo simultaneously shouted in response.

Immediately, Yue Kai said, “Tang Xiu, you’re the eldest brother later, our eldest. As long as you give us tips about flirting with chicks, we’re willing to serve you tea and attending you as our master.”

"Get lost…"