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Chapter 346: Magical Medical Skill

Chapter 346: Magical Medical Skill

“His breath is weak, his complexion is pale-white and his pupils have indication of disorganized movements. I’m afraid he can’t wait to be sent to the operating room. Please step aside, I have to treat him first.” Said Tang Xiu in a deep voice.

The doctor growled angrily, “Who are you? Why do you want to treat him? Who’ll take responsibility if an accident were to happen?”

“I’ll take responsibility.”

Tang Xiu growled coldly as he pushed the two nurses aside and quickly examined the victim’s injuries.

“It’s bad! The broken bones have pierced the lungs, causing massive internal hemorrhage. The excess blood must be taken out and the broken bones that pierced his lungs have to be cleared.”

Suddenly, Tang Xiu turned his head and looked at one of the doctors and shouted, “Two minutes! If you can’t give me a set of silver needles within two minutes, then this man will have been killed by you! Go quickly, find me silver needles!”

"What’s happening here?"

The previous doctor who roared at Tang Xiu because of his initiative to help out with the treatments realized that that the two trolleys had stopped. He then immediately ran over and shouted.

The doctor who had just been chided by Tang Xiu quickly said, “Director Hu, this bastard is obstructing us. He even spit out nonsensical things.”

The man called Director Hu saw the victim’s condition and was shocked inwardly. When his eyes landed on Tang Xiu, who was checking the victim’s pulse, he asked in a heavy voice, “Who are you? Why are you obstructing our treatment? Don’t you know that treating patients is like fighting with fire?”

“I’m also a doctor. I just heard you saying that the hospital don’t have enough doctors and operating rooms, so I come to help.” Tang Xiu replied in a deep voice, “I don’t care if you’re a director, let’s cut the crap here. I already examined him; he only has two minutes left. If you can’t find me a set of silver needles, he’ll die!”

Upon hearing it, Director Hu was stunned. He immediately told the doctor who just reported to him, “Find silver needles. Quickly!”


Although he was reluctant, the doctor ran in large strides.

Shifting his vision to Tang Xiu again, Director Hu asked, “You aren't a doctor from our hospital, right? Where do you work? I just saw you checking the victim’s pulse. Are you a TCM doctor?”

“I’m Tang Xiu. I work at Star City Chinese Medical Hospital!” said Tang Xiu in a deep voice.

Star City Chinese Medical Hospital?

Isn’t this hospital the one that gained fame recently? The one that’s rumored to have a young Divine Doctor? And this name; doesn’t it sound familiar?

Director Hu raised his head and suddenly asked, "Are you that rumored young Divine Doctor from Star City Chinese Medical Hospital?”

Tang Xiu quickly glanced at him and lightly said, “It’s not the time to talk. Send all patients with serious injuries here immediately. Moreover, make everyone around spread out to ensure that the air can circulate. Also, help me prepare a few basins of water and clean towels. Order the other doctors to bring surgery tools and work with me.”

Director Hu hesitated.

He didn’t know whether he should believe in Tang Xiu. After all, Tang Xiu looked too young. He himself was a senior doctor, yet he really didn’t know how to deal with this unexpected emergency.

“I need to report to President Zhuge immediately!”

Tang Xiu didn’t reply to him. Instead, he quickly treated the victim’s trauma, stopping the bleeding.

Inside the Emergency Room, the hospital’s president—Zhuge Wenfeng led several hospital’s leaders as they strode toward the outside. He had just received a call from the Fire Department and immediately issued a preparation order to receive the victims. Dozens of workers were seriously injured due to the collapse of the construction site floor. For such big accident, he—as the hospital president—must rescue as many victims as possible. Even though he hadn’t entered the operating room for the last six months, he was preparing to do the surgery personally.

“What happened? Why did you stop?”

After he arrived at the Emergency Room and saw the present scene, he immediately shouted aloud.

Hu Qiubo’s eyes brightened up. He strode forward and reported everything Tang Xiu had said from the beginning. Following that, he finally said, “President. I think he’s very likely to be a TCM doctor. So…”

“So what? Do you want to make fun of this kind of matter? Take him…”

“Heaven! The wounds of this man are no longer bleeding! What did that man just do?” A nurse near the trolley suddenly called out loudly. Her voice directly interrupted Zhuge Wenfeng’s words.

Zhuge Wenfeng’s expression changed and he strode over. He then asked in a deep voice, “What happened?”

Seeing the president himself coming over, the nurse’s nervousness looked obvious as she stutteringly replied, “P-President…. President, he just treated the victim… a-and his wounds are no longer bleeding.”

Suddenly, Zhuge Wenfeng turned his head to Tang Xiu and loudly asked, “Did you say you’re a doctor in Star City Chinese Medical Hospital and your name is Tang Xiu?”

"Yes!" Tang Xiu, who was in front of the patient and stopped his bleeding, gave a simple reply.

Zhuge Wenfeng quickly took his mobile and dialed a cell phone number. After his call connected, he quickly asked, “President Li Hongji? I’m the Shanghai First Public Hospital’s President—Zhuge Wenfeng. We’ve met before in the Medical Exchange Conference in Beijing.”

“Hahaha… it’s President Zhuge! What kind of wind brought your voice to me today? Anyhow, is there something you need from me?” Li Hongji’s voice came out of the mobile.

“Yeah. I want to ask you about someone.” Said Zhuge Wenfeng, “Does your Star City Chinese Medical Hospital have a young doctor called Tang Xiu?”

Li Hongji was surprised and asked back, “What are you asking about Tang Xiu for? He’s really a doctor in my hospital, though.”

“There was an accident at a construction site in Shanghai, resulting in a lot of seriously injured victims. He stopped the doctors in my hospital in doing their duty and dealt with the victims himself.” Said Zhuge Wenfeng.

“Let him do it!” replied Li Hongji without hesitation.

“Is his medical skill that good?” Zhuge Wenfeng asked in astonishment, “President Li, you must know that the victims’ conditions are very serious. If we don’t perform the surgery promptly, I’m afraid…”

“President Zhuge, if my memory serves me right, you contacted me more than a month ago wanting to see the young Divine Doctor from my hospital, right?” said Li Hongji in a deep voice, “Tang Xiu is that young Divine Doctor. You should be happy with your luck since he’s able to help treat the victims in your hospital.”

“What? He’s that young Divine Doctor?”

"That's right!"

Shocked and astonishment covered Zhuge Wenfeng’s face. After hanging up the phone, he turned his head to look at the victims around and suddenly shouted, “Get all the victims inside for examination. Also, the doctor who will treat them is Dr. Tang. I’ll take responsibility should any problems arise later.”


Hu Qiubo and the other hospital leaders, as well as nurses, carried out his order conscientiously, despite being unable to understand why the President assigned the duty to Tang Xiu.

Following that, Zhuge Wenfeng turned to look at Tang Xiu and exclaimed, “I had never thought that the young Divine Doctor from Star City Chinese Medical Hospital would be you. What Li Hongji has said was true. Seeing you here is really fortunate.”

Tang Xiu didn’t say anything and only looked at him with a dull expression.

He never liked any troublesome matters. And he feared that this Zhuge Wenfeng would be someone like Li Hongji who always annoyed him!

He came to Shanghai to study. He didn’t want to be invited to work at Shanghai First Public Hospital.

“The silver needles are here!”

The doctor in white coat returned quickly.

After receiving the silver needles, Tang Xiu said in a deep voice, “Tell the others to disperse as far as possible. Moreover, order the doctors in the hospital to be prepared and leave the victims with the most severe injuries to me. As for the other victims, bring them to the operating rooms to be treated by your hospital’s doctors.”

Zhuge Wenfeng nodded immediately and conveyed Tang Xiu’s orders down.

Using the silver needles to seal off the blood vessels and stop the victim’s internal bleeding, Tang Xiu transferred his star force and then carefully guided the extravasated blood into the throat.

Cough, cough!

Two minutes later, the victim coughed and simultaneously spat out large mouthfuls of black blood.

After the victim coughed the black blood out for the sixth time, Tang Xiu held him up to a sitting posture and used his palm to hold the victim’s back.

"Scalpel!" Tang Xiu said in a deep voice.

At this time, the hospital had prepared a set of clean surgical tools. After a doctor opened the toolbox, Tang Xiu glanced at it and took a very sharp-looking scalpel. Without hesitation, he used it to cut the man’s chest right at his lungs.


Shocked, Zhuge Wenfeng was dumbstruck. So were the First Public Hospital’s leaders, doctors, and nurses in the surrounding. Never had they imagined that someone would perform a surgery under public eyes. Even the act looked so crude and brutal.

Putting away the scalpel, Tang Xiu than took the tweezer and directly inserted it into the wound.

Two seconds! That's right! It was definitely only two seconds!

Zhuge Wenfeng and the others witnessed it with their own eyes. After Tang Xiu inserted the tweezer into the victim’s wound, he took it out quickly along with a piece of a rice-like sized bone clamped by the tweezer.

“Heaven, how did he know that there was a bone inside?”

At the side, Hu Qiubo stared wide-eyed as he exclaimed out in disbelief.

His shock and disbelief was also felt by the others.

As for Tang Xiu, he ignored Hu Qiubo and continued inserting the tweezer into the victim’s wound to remove the broken bones inside ceaselessly. Finally, he took a deep breath to focus his energy before inserting the tweezer into the wound yet again. Under the observation of his spiritual sense, he took the broken pieces of bones with extreme caution.

“Your hospital should have cardiotonic, yes? You must inject it into the man’s body within five minutes. Also, tell one of your doctors to suture the man’s wound.”

Leaving a trace of star power inside the victim’s lungs, Tang Xiu turned his head and spoke.

Zhuge Wenfeng immediately ordered someone to bring cardiotonic. After that, he asked with a confused expression, “Is it done?”

“Yeah. I have removed all the pieces of broken bones that pierced his lungs.” Tang Xiu nodded and said, “It won’t be a problem, you only need to suture the wound. However, his heartbeat is slowing down very fast. Even though I have done all I can, I only alleviated it a bit. He will probably be in a comatose state for a long time after you inject the cardiotonic, but his life is no longer in danger.”

Zhuge Wenfeng’s eyes blazed as though a torch as he stared deeply at Tang Xiu and asked, “How did you do it?”

“Well, every doctor has his own talents and abilities, and these are mine. Anyway, let’s not waste any more time. Take me to the other severely injured victims.”

“Alright!” Zhuge Wenfeng no longer asked.

Suddenly, a nurse spoke in undertone voice, “Did you noticed that the victim’s wound wasn’t bleeding when Dr. Tang was treating him?”