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Chapter 352: The Mantis Stalking the Cicada

Chapter 352: The Mantis Stalking the Cicada

Who was the hunter? Who was the prey?

The two men and woman from the Sun Family were originally confident that they were hunters who had captured their prey. But never did they expect that their roles would turn into prey even before they could squeeze out any information.

The change in the situation chilled their hearts.

“Who the hell are you?” The Sun Family’s middle-aged man growled.

“Are you still asking in this situation?” Tang Xiu glanced at him with a cold and detached expression and then said lightly, “You’re about to be a dead man, why the hell are you still so muddleheaded?”

Having said that, Tang Xiu went toward the bound man. He looked at his surprised face and asked lightly, “Are you Wan He’en?”

“Yes, it’s me!” The tied man excitedly said, “I’m the deputy director of the Starlight Group’s Finance Department—Wan He’en! You… are you here to save me?”

Tang Xiu suddenly revealed a sharp Mitsubishi army knife, causing Wan He’en’s complexion to change. While cutting off the ropes tying him, Tang Xiu asked, “Tell me something. What have you told them?”

Wan He’en shook his head and said, “I haven’t said anything.”

Tang Xiu nodded and then said in a cold and detached voice, “Kill them all!”

Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu!

The eight bodyguards didn’t hesitate and killed the four people right away. They had already been ordered to obey Tang Xiu’s commands, so they followed Tang Xiu’s order.

With a dazed look, Tang Wei stared at the four dead bodies forming a pool of blood. He swallowed back the words he was about to speak, disbelief filling his eyes. He had never thought that Tang Xiu would actually order their deaths.

It had to be known that he had always thought that Tang Xiu was only an ordinary person. How would an ordinary person dare to kill people?

However, when they were outside the room just now, Tang Xiu used his terrifying skills to kill the two guards by himself, and now he ordered the killing of the four people of the Sun Family. Right at this moment, he suddenly realized that what he knew about Tang Xiu was close to zero.

Jiang Xiaohu was also shocked and dumbfounded. Never had he imagined that Tang Xiu would be so ruthless and merciless. Within this just a short time, six people had died in his hands; directly or indirectly.

This god of killing… what was his background?

While patting Wan He’en’s shoulder, Tang Xiu turned his head and said, “Let’s go! The rescue mission was a success, but there are still some people we have to exterminate. Since the enemy wants to set a trap for us, then we’ll thwart their plans. I’d like to see what kind of tricks they can devise.”

Tang Wei quickly followed him and rapidly asked, “Brother, you mean… we’ll continue to Earth Cabinet Factory?”

“Yeah. They have provided such a good opportunity for us, why should we miss it?” said Tang Xiu.

“But we don’t know anything about the situation over there?” Tang Wei hesitated.

“We indeed know nothing, so we have to get there first. In the case that the enemy is too strong, we’ll immediately leave. But if the enemy is weak, why not give them a ticket to hell? I believe that the enemy has set a trap in that place, and I can tell that they have definitely assigned a lot of manpower there. If we can decimate them, maybe we can cut down one of the enemy’s arms.”

"True that!" Tang Wei nodded.

Tang Xiu turned his head to Jiang Xiaohu, who was closely following him, and said, “Those six dead bodies are for you to deal with! I believe you should be able to deal with them!”

“No problem.” Jiang Xiaohu quickly said, “I guarantee that these six dead bodies will quietly disappear. It will definitely cause no trouble.”

“You’re good! I’ll help you and speak something good about you to your Boss,” Tang Xiu laughed.

Upon hearing it, Jiang Xiaohu was ecstatic. He gratefully looked at Tang Xiu and said, “Thank you, Mr. Tang.”

Tang Xiu waved his hand, hinting for Jiang Xiaohu to stay behind, while Tang Xiu, Wan He’en, and the eight bodyguards quickly left the Flat-Out Skating Rink. As they returned to the car, Xue Jie, who was full of worry, strode over to greet them. She quickly relaxed after seeing Wan He’en.

“Auntie Xue, we have rescued him and also have killed six men of the Sun Family. Shall we continue to Earth Cabinet Factory?”

With a strange expression, Xue Jie said, “Tang Xiu, you’ve done very well. But we’ve already rescued him, so we don’t have to go there, right? A lot of our people are being transferred now, so the earlier we leave Guangyang, the less danger our people will be in.”

Tang Xiu’s brows raised as he asked, “Are we not going to get back some interest before we leave?”

“But there should be a trap there. If we don’t get the interest and suffer massive losses instead, the losses will outweigh the gains.” Xue Jie frowned as she replied.

Tang Xiu was silent. He realized that Xue Jie didn’t want to go to the Earth Cabinet Factory. But he could understand her thought since she was not good at killing after all.

Tang Wei looked at Tang Xiu and quickly said, “Auntie Xue, why don’t you bring the deputy director and go back first while Tang Xiu and I go over there to see the situation? If there are a lot of enemies there, we won’t act recklessly. But if there are only a few of them, then we’ll wipe them out!”

“… But, your big uncle over there…” Xue Jie hesitated.

“He doesn’t have to worry about anything. I’ll take the responsibility for any accidents. Since the Yao Family and us have lost all decorum in Guangyang and Fukang, I’m afraid they’ll be pressing us if we retreated. In the end, we’ll completely lose every inch of ground in these two provinces.” Said Tang Xiu.

Pondering for a moment, Xue Jie then nodded and said, “Then I’ll go with you. But I’ll have to report this matter to your big uncle and listen to his opinion first.”

“Then report to him on the way there!” said Tang Xiu.

Red Maple Villa Complex.

Dozens of big men with cold expressions were resting in the villa’s courtyard while many others were standing guard in the vicinity of the villa. Inside the villa, Tang Yunpeng was sitting inside the room on the second floor as he quietly read the information report in his hands. However, he kept raising looking at the time on his watch from time to time.

Ring, ring, ring…

As his mobile’s ringtone rang, it caused Tang Yunpeng’s expression to change. As he grabbed the mobile and saw the caller ID, he immediately pressed the answer button and asked in a deep voice, “What is it? Has he been rescued?”

“We have rescued him, but Wan He’en wasn’t detained in the Earth Cabinet Factory, but in another place in Changbu Town. Tang Xiu asked his friend to help investigate about the situation here. The Sun Family’s men who detained Wan He’en have been killed by Tang Xiu and Tang Wei. A total of six men.” Xue Jie’s voice was heard on the phone.

Overjoyed, Tang Yunpeng exclaimed, “Well done! Quickly withdraw now. Most of our people in Guangyang Province have been transferred. You, as the general manager of the Starlight Group, must also evacuate immediately.”

“But, Tang Xiu and Tang Wei intend… to go to the Earth Cabinet Factory.” Said Xue Jie.

“Our men are not there. What do you wanna do there?”

Tang Yunpeng’s expression slightly changed as he asked in a heavy voice.

“Their intention is that, since we know that the opposite party has arranged a trap there, they might as well beat them in their own game and get some interest back. If they can make the Yao and the Sun Families suffer massive losses, it can be considered that we’ve recovered some of the interests.” Said Xue Jie.

“That’s simply making trouble!” Tang Yunpeng angrily said, “Our forces here are simply not on par with them. The enemy has set up a trap and they highly likely have assigned a lot of manpower there. We know perfectly well that it’s very dangerous, yet they want to deliver themselves to their door? This is simply courting death! Tell them to immediately retreat!”


On the car, Xue Jie turned her head to look at Tang Xiu and Tang Wei. She then forced a smile and said, “Your big uncle wants you to go back at once!”

Tang Xiu reached out his hand and said, “Give me the phone!”

Hesitating for a moment, Xue Jie then handed him her mobile.

“Uncle, it’s Tang Xiu here.” Said Tang Xiu.

“Tang Xiu, I know you’ve just rendered a meritorious job, but you must never be bloated with pride.” Tang Yunpeng replied with a wry tone, “The Yao Family started their scheme in Guangyang several years ago. That little bastard from the Yao Family has brought back a few experts from abroad, causing our Tang Family to get caught unprepared. We’re simply not their opponents. So you have to come back now. Come over and meet me here, we’ll leave Guangyang temporarily.”

“Big Uncle, I wouldn’t say it if I couldn’t do it. Since I have the confidence to give them a blow, I only ask you for support. I have the ability to ask someone to investigate the real place where Wan He’en was being detained. This indicates that I can also accomplish the following matter. Of course, we won’t act rashly nor blindly, since I too know that knowing our enemy and knowing ourselves is the way to victory. Hence, we’ll be sure to find out about the strength of the enemy before we act. If the investigation is unclear or our strength is inferior to them, we won’t act rashly and we’ll return back immediately.”

Never did Tang Yunpeng thought that Tang Xiu would say such words. He didn’t know much about Tang Xiu. He only knew that this once lost nephew of his did have some abilities. Yet, nevertheless, he was still a bit worried about him joining the family’s dangerous actions.

Tang Xiu said once again, “Big Uncle, let’s get it done. We’ll give them a head-on blow if there’s a chance. And if not, we’ll immediately withdraw.”

Having said that, Tang Xiu directly hung up the phone.

Listening to the mute sound from the mobile, Tang Yunpeng’s mouth gaped as he finally shook his head and helplessly forced a smile. He quickly strode out of the villa and then looked at the dozens of big men in the courtyard, shouting in a deep voice, “We’re going to Changbu Town!”


The dozens of big men immediately stood up and mobilized.

At Changbu Town.

Nearby the Earth Cabinet Factory, Ai Murui motionlessly stood before the window on the third floor of the three-storied building, while holding a binocular to observe the four SUVs. Behind him, two bleach-haired youths wearing casual clothes were playing with the daggers in their hands.

“Ah Li, go down and inform the others to circle around quietly and cut off their retreating path without alarming them. Regardless of who they may be, we must never let them leave today.” Ai Murui turned his head and spoke in a deep voice.

A hungering look flashed in the eyes of the youth called Ah Li as he got up and walked out.