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Chapter 354: Cleansing Autumn Wind

Chapter 354: Cleansing Autumn Wind

While handing Tang Xiu a pistol, Tang Wei whispered, “Brother, I know your Kung Fu is amazing, but no matter how powerful it is, you can’t avoid bullets. Take this gun. We can’t afford to lose, neither can we let you have any accidents.”

Tang Xiu took the pistol. After inserting it to his waist, he then nodded and said, “All of you, remember. We’re carrying out a sneak raid, so don’t open fire as far as possible. The guns do have silencers, but many experts are still able to hear it.”

“Understood!” Everyone accented and grabbed the machetes on the floor.

Seven or eight minutes afterward, they appeared in another factory and successfully killed the ten men inside.

On the roof of the office building.

Topherson was frowning deeply. He put away the binoculars and gave it to the big man beside him, hinting him to observe the surroundings. He then sat, taking out a cigarette.

Unbeknownst to him, he was feeling somewhat restless. It was as if something bad would happen. He had felt this kind of feeling twice in the past. Each time, due to his vigilance that alerted him in advance, he eventually survived.

“Contact the others and tell them to maintain their vigilance! Once the enemy strikes, we’ll face a life-and-death battle!” Topherson said in a low voice.

“Copy that!”

The big man took his mobile and dialed a number.

Outside the workshop.

Between a two meters high pile of boards, a mobile phone in a big man’s hand vibrated. He then narrowed his eyes and looked at the caller ID on the screen. As he accepted the call, he said, “What’s up?”

“Keep your vigilance. The enemy didn’t attack during the day, so they will probably attack at night. If we can’t stay alert, I’m afraid that will be our death.”

“Roger that!”

The big man nodded and replied while looking at the door through the holes on the board.

"OK! That’s it!”

As the caller hung up, the big man spoke in a low voice, “Brothers, keep your vigilance up. As long as we can kill the enemies this time, the Young Master will give us a handsome reward after we get back. When the time comes, we can have a big party with plenty of hot chicks!”


The other nine men happily smiled. They began fantasizing how happy they would be after succeeding in killing the enemy.


A sharp Mitsubishi army knife stabbed the big man’s back that had answered the phone. As he turned his head, he could only see splashing blood in front as his brother standing next to him had his head exploded. The blood and white fluids of the brain splashed onto his face.

Holding a machete in hand, Tang Wei fiercely hacked a big man’s neck. The latter screamed out miserably, as another man then stabbed him in the stomach.

Suddenly, one of the besieged enemies noticed that his comrade was being attacked and was about to roar loudly, “The ene…”


His voice had yet to get out as Tang Xiu’s knife sliced his throat, followed by a fist blow to finish him.

“Discard all the machetes and take their guns. We’ll use guns in the next battle.” Tang Xiu solemnly commanded.

“Copy that!”

At this time, the nine men, including Tang Wei, had already been completely convinced by Tang Xiu. They had seen Tang Xiu’s methods in killing people as well as experienced success due to Tang Xiu’s leadership.

Twenty-nine people! All of them armed with guns and blades! And they had been killed within just twenty minutes. One of them was knocked unconscious and was now lying at their feet. Nobody in the team was even injured.

It was smooth, extremely smooth!

They used to be soldiers in the past. Several of them were trained by the Tang Family since childhood, while the rest were retired soldiers who pledged loyalty to the Tang Family after being bought by them. Nearly all of them had killed people before, but never once had they experienced such easy killing raid nor had obtained such overwhelming results.

“Brother, what should we do next? Should we inform our men outside to enter and join the raid?” asked Tang Wei.

“No, not yet.” Tang Xiu shook his head and said, “We’ll proceed to the workshop on the right side. You set up an ambush there while I sneak into the office building and kill them stealthily…”

“No!” Tang Wei shook his head and said, “Absolutely not. Even if you are very strong, I cannot let you take the risk alone. It’s difficulty for two fists to fight against four hands. There are dozens of enemies over there, and many of them must have guns. If by chance you suffer an accident, I… Shortly put, I’ll have to follow you everywhere since we’re already at this point.”


Tang Xiu was about to speak when Tang Wei waved his hand to interrupt him and said with a staunch and stern expression, “Brother, I don’t want Big Grandpa and my Grandpa to break my legs because you got into an accident. I don’t want to feel guilty for the rest of my life. So, please don’t say anything anymore.”

Tang Xiu forced a smile as he helplessly shook his head and said, “Alright, forget it then. We’ll quietly turn around… Ah, no. Dammit. Those people in the office building must have found out.”

“How did they find out?” Asked Tang Wei quickly.

Tang Xiu knitted his brows and said, “Just as we killed these people before, didn’t one of them get a call? If my guess is correct, someone phoned the people in the workshops on both sides. Pity that nobody answered him. Hence, it wouldn’t be hard to infer that the people inside these workshops had already come across an accident.”

Ring, ring, ring…

Just as Tang Xiu finished speaking, the mobile phone in the hand of the big man who was first killed by Tang Xiu rang.

Tang Xiu and Tang Wei exchanged looks.

“Sure enough!” Tang Wei forced a smile.

Pondering for a moment, Tang Xiu then said, “From the looks of it, I’m afraid it’s now impossible for us to sneak attack the enemy in the office building! Anyway, we gotta retreat at once. Let’s join with our men outside and retreat as fast as possible. If anyone dare to stop us, kill them.”

“We’ve killed so many of them; it’s enough already.” Tang Wei nodded and said, “But what should we do with this chap?”

Tang Xiu glanced at the unconscious man. After a moment’s silence, he said, “It’s already useless to keep him. Kill him!”

“Alright!” Tang Wei slashed his machete and straightly killed the unconscious big guy.

Immediately after, the group quickly left. They left through the backyard wall back to the cars.

“How was it?”

Xue Jie, who had been waiting outside, quickly asked upon seeing Tang Xiu and Tang Wei coming back.

Wiping the blood on his face, Tang Wei chuckled and smiled, “Auntie Xue, we did great due to my brother’s lead! But we didn’t completely decimate them, though. We only killed thirty of them before they discovered us, so we had to draw back!”

Shocked and terrified, Xue Jie said, “But weren’t you in there for just half an hour? You’ve actually killed thirty of them? You… how did you do that?”

“Ask him!” Tang Wei pointed at Tang Xiu and laughed.

“It was a sneak attack. I had them scouted, so I knew where they were hiding. Thus, we acted together and without alarming the rest and then decimated three groups of enemies in hiding. Anyhow, let’s get out of here and join the men in the front entrance.” Said Tang Xiu.

“OK!” With a shocked expression still hung on her face, Xue Jie nodded in response.

A moment after, Xue Jie phoned Li Xiaojie, telling them to be ready to leave. As the four cars drove fast toward the Earth Cabinet Factory’s vicinity, Li Xiaojie saw them and immediately commanded the rest to leave, joining the four cars.

The eight cars then left extremely fast!

Between the pile of boards inside the cabinet factory, Topherson looked hideous and savage. A thick murderous intent was exuding from him, causing dozens of big men around to turn a bit scared.

Shameful! He felt a hellish deep shame, since the manpower he had assigned to this place had been stealthily killed by the enemy. And that happened without him discovering it in the slightest.

“Report! The two other groups have also been killed!”

A big man rushed in big strides. There was a bit of fear on his face.


Topherson fiercely punched the top of the boards. Suddenly, as if realizing something, he then dialed a cell number and growled, “Ai Murui, what’s the situation outside?”

“There’s still no movements. The enemies are still inside the cars… Ah, that’s not right. Four cars are coming.” Ai Murui’s voice came out from the phone.

With a change on his expression, Topherson immediately said, “Don’t stop them! If they attempt to rush into the Earth Cabinet Factory, let them in, and then follow them inside. But if they’re leaving, let them be.”

“Why? It’s not according to the plan!” Ai Murui questioned.

Topherson gritted his teeth and said, “The enemy just sneaked into the cabinet factory, and the three groups I had arranged inside have all been decimated. We lost thirty people!”

“WHAT?” Ai Murui exclaimed out involuntarily.


On the highway about more than ten kilometers away from Changbu Town, a dozen cars were passing fast. Inside the Audi in the middle, Tang Yunpeng looked gloomy as he recalled the words from his old father:

“Regardless of how big the price we must pay, you must ensure Xiu’er and Wei’er’s safety. If the worst comes to the worst, we’ll just back out from both Guangyang and Fukang Provinces. If the Yao Family still dares to contend with our Tang Family in other provinces, we’ll fight them out regardless of the outcome!”

Tang Yunpeng rubbed his temples and suddenly regretted his decision to agree with Tang Xiu’s proposal.

He knew that Tang Xiu was a child full of abilities. A capable man who had worked hard and undertook impressive enterprises at a young age without anyone’s help. That, in itself, was already amazing and extraordinary!

In the case that Tang Xiu was given several years of time or even a decade to develop himself, Tang Xiu’s strength would turn even greater. If it was added with the Tang Family’s assistance, he could hardly imagine how high Tang Xiu would go.

He had even already imagined to the extent that if Tang Xiu really regarded himself as one of the Tangs in the future, the family’s forces would also progress by leaps and bounds. Maybe it would only take a few years for the Tang Family to return to the power of its heyday.

When that time comes, which family in the country would still dare to rashly oppose them?

In the entirety of Beijing and even in the whole country, there’s no other young man more outstanding than Tang Xiu. For the sake of the Tang Family’s future, but also to make up for all the bitterness and hardships this child has gone through, I must ensure his safety even if I have to sacrifice this short remaining life of mine.

Tang Yunpeng narrowed his eyes and silently thought inwardly.