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Chapter 355: The Good Fortune of the Tang Family

Chapter 355: The Good Fortune of the Tang Family

While Tang Yunpeng was lost in contemplation, a phone call came from Xue Jie. However, shock and astonishment immediately covered his square face right after hearing her report.

“Did you verify it? You have really decimated a group of the Yao Family’s manpower?”

“It’s true!” Xue Jie said, “Tang Xiu personally investigated and led the raids. They killed 30 people of the enemy altogether and seized six pistols. Anyhow, we’re now on the way back and will arrive at Red Maple Villa Complex in an hour at most.”

“Got it!” Having said that, Tang Yunpeng directly hung up the phone.

A moment after, shock and ecstasy emerged on his usually dignified facial expression. He then said in a deep voice, “Inform the others that we’re not going to Changbu Town anymore. We’re returning to Red Maple Villa Complex.”

“Understood!” a middle-aged man on the front seat nodded and said.

Tang Yunpeng turned his head to look out of the window. If by chance someone was paying attention to him, they’d see that he was slightly trembling and had his fists clenched tightly.


One raid and thirty enemy men were unexpectedly killed. Our family has been under the Yao Family’s suppression at every step, and many of our people have been attacked by their men. Yet, it didn’t surpass twenty casualties, while Tang Xiu’s first attack on them had killed thirty of their men!

No, not thirty. He also seemed to have killed six enemy men when he rescued the deputy director. Which means this time, though the enemy seized one of our people and prepared a trap for us, not only did they not get any information from the deputy director, they instead suffered a double loss after trying to trick us!

Good, it’s really great!

Tang Xiu! Tang Xiu! You’re the good fortune of the Tang Family! Our fortune bringer!

After a long period of time, Tang Yunpeng took a deep breath, as a smile couldn’t help appearing on his face. However, he didn’t make a phone call to report immediately and put away his mobile after hesitating for a moment.

Reporting to Father will have to wait after having thoroughly learned about the matter.

Guangyang’s New Age Group.

Lazily sitting on a soft sofa, Yao Xinhua quietly read a pile of information. The information was about the distribution of manpower the Tang Family had in Guangyang and Fukang. At present, the Bai Family’s head, who was the appendage of the Tang Family in Guangyang, had been designed by him and was temporarily seized, while the Starlight Group also had been burnt down. It could be said that the two fingers of the Tang Family in Guangyang had been severed.

After learning the financial situation of the Starlight Group, we might as well seize the money source of the Tang Family and completely destroy the Starlight Group as well. Thus, another finger of the Tang Family will be cut off yet again.

A smile emerged on Yao Xinhua’s face.

Ring, ring, ring...

The mobile phone’s ringtone rang.

Taking out the phone, as he looked at the caller’s ID on the screen, the smile on his face immediately turned thicker, “Topherson, got any good news to report?”

“Old Wolf, something went wrong.” Topherson’s voice, filled with murderous intent, came out of the phone.

The smile on Yao Xinhua froze as his body sat up straight in an instant. He asked in a heavy tone, “What happened?”

In the same heavy tone, Topherson replied, “The traps we’ve arranged at the Earth Cabinet Factory have been broken by the enemy. They used a deceptive tactic by sending out a group of people outside the cabinet factory while the rest of the group stealthily sneaked into the Earth Cabinet Factory. Thirty of my people in the three groups were all killed soundlessly. Additionally…”

Yao Xinhua abruptly stood as killing intent burst out from his eyes. He asked in a deep growl, “What else?”

“I had just contacted Yao Xinyu, who was responsible for Wan He’en’s custody, but nobody answered. I’m afraid that he also met with mishap.”


Yao Xinhua roared furiously. He hung up the phone and immediately called Yao Xinyu’s number. Nobody answered him. He even called the other numbers of the Yao Family but got the same result.

After a long period of time, wearing an indignant expression, Yao Xinhua dialed Topherson’s number back and said in a heavy voice, “Bring your men to Flat Out Skating Rink immediately to have a look on the situation there.”

“I already did. We should be receiving the news shortly!”

Yao Xinhua punched the table and growled, “Since we failed at the Earth Cabinet Factory, take our men and withdraw immediately as to prevent any accidents from emerging. I’ll be waiting for you in Guan City.”

An hour later.

Guan City, Red Maple Villa Complex.

Tang Yunpeng had already returned. His body was akin to a spear as he stood at the villa’s front gate. Four strong men surrounded him looking grim as they looked around.

“They’re here!” A middle-aged man at his side whispered.

At this moment, Tang Yunpeng saw eight cars driving fast toward the villa complex entrance. The eight cars then parked in front of him and its doors opened.

“Elder Brother Yunpeng!” Xue Jie was the first to come before Tang Yunpeng, saying smilingly.

"Big Uncle!"

"Big Uncle!"

Tang Wei and Tang Xiu also came out from the car and called out.

A bright smile appeared on Tang Yunpeng’s face as he said, “Xue Jie, you’ve done well this time!”

Having said that, he looked at Tang Wei and Tang Xiu as he slowly nodded and smiled, “Brothers working as one got advantages. You two brothers have done a very good job! Tang Xiu, I knew that you were skillful, but I didn't think you were this fierce.”

Letting out a pale smile, Tang Xiu replied, “It’s nothing, just a minor thing!”

Tang Yunpeng laughed involuntarily, “What a mind! It’s a great matter for me, but it’s just a trivial thing in your eyes. Good, good. With a talent with such outstanding abilities in our Tang Family, I’m sure that my Tang Family will be able to return to the peak in the future.”

“We’ll achieve that!” said Tang Xiu.

“Hahaha…” Tang Yunpeng laughed heartily and then said loudly, “Well, you’ve worked hard. I’ve ordered good food and wine to be prepared while waiting for you to come back. Alright, let’s go inside and have a talk.”

As they entered the villa’s courtyard, the bodyguards took the initiative to leave. Tang Yunpeng, Xue Jie, Tang Xiu, and Tang Wei walked to the lounge on the second floor of the villa.

“Xue Jie, tell me about the situation in detail.”

After everyone took a seat, Tang Yunpeng asked impatiently.

“Well, Tang Xiu was the one who supervised the operation. He was also responsible for the intelligence and leading of the operation. Let him answer it!” Xue Jie laughed.

Tang Yunpeng shifted his vision to Tang Xiu.

“The man I assigned to investigate found the place where the deputy director of the Starlight Group’s Finance Department was secretly being detained. It was in the Flat Out Skating Rink in Changbu Town. Therefore, we first rescued the deputy director, then we rushed to the Earth Cabinet Factory to strike at the enemy. After I’ve clearly scouted the situation inside, we jumped through the rear wall, ambushing and killing the enemies. We could’ve gotten rid of all the enemies there, but it’s a pity that we got into an unforeseen situation that alarmed the rest. Hence, we could only decisively withdraw, joining with the rest of our men and directly evacuate.”

“That’s it?” Tang Yunpeng was astounded.

“Yeah, that’s it,” Tang Xiu nodded.

Tang Yunpeng nodded heavily. Though Tang Xiu spoke about it lightly, he was able to feel the danger contained inside. In particular, they didn’t lose a single man while killing 30 enemies under such circumstances. He had also observed just now that even not even one of them got injured.

This success was far beyond his imagination!

However, a question still lingered inside Tang Yunpeng’s mind. Gazing back at Tang Xiu, he slowly asked, “Tang Xiu, can you tell me who was the person you asked to investigate the whereabouts of the captured deputy director?”

“He’s not someone from Guangyang, but from Fukang.” Said Tang Xiu.

“Who is he?”

Tang Yunpeng was startled. Someone from another provinces could conduct intelligence in Guangyang Province… He could tell that the identity of the other party was extraordinary.

“He’s the head of the Huang Family in Fukang Province, Huang Fu.” Said Tang Xiu.

Tang Yunpeng abruptly stood with a shocked expression and asked rapidly, “You say that the one who helped us with the intelligence is Huang Jinfu? How did you know him?”

“I myself am not acquainted with Huang Jinfu, but my subordinate knows him and has a very deep connection with the Huang family,” said Tang Xiu.

Tang Yunpeng’s lips wriggled a few times as the shock inside his heart intensified.

The Huang Family! One of the top-ranked big families in Fukang. Although the Huang Family’s head—Huang Fu was not politically active, more than a dozen of the Huang Family’s members were important political officials in the Fukang Province. Among them was Huang Jinfu’s younger brother, Huang Jingmin, who was the number two figure in Fukang Province.

Suddenly realizing the situation, Tang Yunpeng then asked in a deep tone, “Tang Xiu, suppose that our Tang Family fights with the Yao Family in Fukang Province, the Huang…”

“The Huang Family will stand on our side. Unconditionally,” said Tang Xiu.

Overjoyed, Tang Yunpeng quickly asked, “Are you really sure?”

“Absolutely. Though I’m not familiar with them, the Huang Family owes a great favor to my subordinate. Even if they can’t take out every ounce of strength to help us, they should be able to support us with a lot of manpower.” Said Tang Xiu.

Tang Yunpeng took a deep breath and suddenly said, “Well, if we ask for help from Huang Fu, will he refuse us? I mean, Huang Jinfu has the ability to influence the politicians in Guangyang.”

“Big Uncle, please speak it out more clearly!” said Tang Xiu.

“Part of the reason our Tang Family could develop in Guangyang was because the Bai Family is our family’s appendage. The Bai Family’s head—Bai Yang is Father’s favorite apprentice. With our Tang Family’s help, his family has already climbed to the top four families in Guangyang. Only, the Yao Family aimed at Bai Yang when we began our clash some time ago. Thus, he’s now detained and under investigation. I was wondering whether we could ask Huang Jinfu to help us rescue Bai Yang.”

Tang Xiu knitted his brows and said, “But the Huang Family only has influence in Fukang, they shouldn’t have any influence in Guangyang, right?”

“Wrong!” Tang Yunpeng shook his head and said, “As far as I know, Huang Jinfu and the number one leader of Guangyang Province, Zhou Guanfeng, are old classmates. Furthermore, they have a deep relationship, since Zhou Guanfeng married Huang Jinfu’s younger cousin. Hence, if Huang Jinfu were to come forward, Zhou Guanfeng wouldn’t refuse it.”