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Chapter 363: Private Talk

Chapter 363: Private Talk

Both sharing the same good and satisfied mood, Tang Xiu and Huang Jinfu sat on the sofa in the study room. Tang Xiu then put away the Inferno Stone and began speaking about the important matter, “Family Head Huang, you already know that I’m the boss of the Everlasting Feast Hall. I believe you have also guessed my other identity as well.”

A peculiar color flashed in Huang Jinfu’s eyes as he said, “You and the Tang Family of Beijing…”

“That’s right. I’m also a member of the Tang Family.” Said Tang Xiu.

“When you asked my help to investigate the whereabouts of the deputy director of Starlight Group’s Finance Department, I had already somewhat guessed. The Tang Family and the Yao Family are having a battle for Guangyang and Fukang at present, and the Starlight Group HQ was burnt down by some people. According to the results of the investigation done by our intelligence, it was done by the Sun Family.” Said Huang Jinfu.

“Yes, it was the Sun Family. Moreover, the battle between the Tang and Yao Families put my family in disadvantage as of now, so I personally came to Guangyang and Fukang to personally deal with the issues here.”

“Mr. Tang, please freely tell me your thoughts! I had guessed that you were a member of the Tang Family, so I already ordered an assemble of the Huang Family’s forces. We’ve also prepared our major group companies, so you only need to say a word for our Huang Family to fight side by side with the Tang Family.”

Tang Xiu stood up and seriously said, “Thank you, Family Head Huang. I won’t say more. Our coming days will be long, but I won’t let the Huang Family pay everything in vain.”

“This is what we should do.” Huang Jinfu also stood up and smilingly said.

As the two men sat down again, Huang Jinfu continued, “So, what are your instructions for us, Mr. Tang?”

“I need detailed information about the Yao and Sun Families in Guangyang and the Yang Family in Fukang. Additionally, since we are stationed in Guangyang, I hope the Huang Family’s intelligence network there would provide all the information I need and keep in touch with me at all times.” Said Tang Xiu.

“I’ll send the command down.” Huang Jinfu nodded and said, “I’ll give you the contact details of the person in charge of the Huang Family’s intelligence in Guangyang.”

“For the time being, I only need assistance from the Huang Family’s intelligence.” Said Tang Xiu.

“How about the armed forces, Mr. Tang?” Huang Jinfu promptly said, “According to the information I have, Fukang’s Yang Family has trained a lot of martial arts experts; they have established several dojos for this purpose. Aside from the person in charge of each dojo, they also have a lot of martial arts trainees who are important components of the Yang Family’s forces.”

“The Yang Family did not send many manpower to Guangyang according to the information I’ve received thus far.” Tang Xiu said, “The leading person from the Yao Family has probably planned to remove all of the Tang Family’s forces in Guangyang by using the Yang Family’s power as well, following which they want to eliminate the Tang Family’s power in Fukang Province. However, as of now, the Sun Family is the target of utmost priority that must be dealt with in advance.”

“I understand.” Huang Jinfu nodded and said, “In short, you’ll notice our Huang Family when you need us to strike!”

“There’s also another thing that I must trouble Family Head Huang with.” Tang Xiu nodded and said.

“Please do tell!” Said Family Head Huang.

“As far as I know, Family Head Huang and the number one figure in Guangyang Province should be old classmates, yes? Likewise, I heard that your relationship with him is also good?”

“That’s right!” Said Huang Jinfu.

“The close partner of my Tang Family, the Bai Family’s head in Guangyang, is currently arrested for investigation by government officials under the Yao and Sun Families. I hope Family Head Huang can contact your old classmate to help me save him. At present, the investigation results on him haven’t come out yet. I hope that he can be reinstated to his former position.”

Huang Jinfu frowned as he forced out a smile and said, “This matter is very difficult to deal with. Unless…”

“Unless what?” Asked Tang Xiu.

“Unless I promise him to give his family a quota of people to the Everlasting Feast Hall every three years.” Huang Jinfu said, “In the recent years, he has been intensely asking me about the forces the Huang Family’s experts have been trained under. I didn’t dare disclose anything about the Everlasting Feast Hall, so I never answered him.”

“Promise him!” Tang Xiu touched his chin and said.

Huang Jinfu’s expression straightened as he nodded and said, “I dare guarantee that with this promise, he and his family will exert all of their power to preserve the Bai Family’s head. Despite having very strong power and influence in Guangyang Province, his family lacks genuine experts. Else, his family would have surpassed my Huang Family.”

“Then, I’ll be waiting for your good news, Family Head Huang.” Tang Xiu stood up and said.

Seeing Tang Xiu preparing to leave, Huang Jinfu promptly said, “Mr. Tang, I’ve already instructed the servants to prepare lunch. How about you…”

“I have to decline your goodwill.” Tang Xiu shook his head and said, “Time is very critical now, so I have to go back to Guangyang earlier.”

Seeing that Tang Xiu had decided to leave, Huang Jinfu no longer tried to keep him. However, he had some puzzles he had yet to unravel inside. Looking at Tang Xiu who was about to leave, a thought crossed his mind as he accompanied Tang Xiu out, saying in an undertone voice, “Mr. Tang, may I ask about you and Boss Gu, your relationship with her is…”

“Someday in the future, Family Head Huang perhaps will know about it.” Said tang Xiu calmly.

Secretly forcing a smile, Huang Jinfu knew that it was a tactful reply from Tang Xiu. It was clear that he didn’t want to tell him about it. Regardless, he didn’t dare to continue asking given Tang Xiu’s identity. Other people may not know how terrifying the Everlasting Feast Hall was, but he was crystal clear about it. The Huang Family may be the topmost family in Fukang Province, but compared to the Everlasting Feast Hall, the difference between them tenfold.

In the case… that the Everlasting Feast Hall wanted to exterminate the Huang Family, all the members of the Huang Family would probably be completely killed overnight even if they only sent a small number of people.

Despite getting no answer, Huang Jinfu was still very satisfied and happy by Tang Xiu’s promise. He could already imagine that the number of experts under the Huang Family would be many times over several years later.

What was the most important for a family? The answer was their military forces, of course!

Although power and wealth were very important, they were not beyond the importance of military force. In today’s era, the genuine wealthy and powerful families must have absolute military force, only then could they be regarded as a genuine powerhouse and not in name only.

Shortly before noon.

Tang Xiu returned to Guan City’s Hongpo District and headed straight to the factory. There, Tang Wei quickly met up with him and said, “Brother, there’s an outsider visiting us. He said the Huang Family’s head ordered him to come here to see you.”

“I know.” Tang Xiu nodded and said, “He’s called Huang Bingcheng.”

A peculiar light flashed in Tang Wei’s eyes as he asked, “Brother, how exactly did you do it? Why the Fukang’s Huang Family men would come to find us here? What exactly is the relationship between you and them, anyway?”

“I have some background story with the Huang Family’s head.” Tang Xiu said with a smile, “You also know that I’ve visited the Huang Family’s head personally today. Hence, I’ve already borrowed the Huang Family’s intelligence network in Guangyang for the time being.”

Tang Wei raised his thumb and exclaimed in admiration, “Brother, I admire you more and more. I know you’re resourceful, even grandpa gave you the full authority to deal with the issues in Guangyang and Fukang. To be honest, I was a bit surprised at that time, but now I understand. You’re even more useful than Big Uncle!”

“Speak less nonsensical things, will you?” Tang Xiu involuntarily laughed and said, “Anyways, where’s this Huang Bingcheng? Take me to see him.”

“Okay!” Tang Wei grinned.

Immediately after, Tang Xiu met Huang Bingcheng in the conference room. The middle-aged man appeared to be gentle and brought along a scholarly aura with him.

“Are you Huang Bingcheng? The chief supervisor of the Huang Family’s intelligence network in Guangyang? I’m Tang Xiu, I’ve phoned you before.”

Showing a respectful look, Huang Bingcheng said, “I’m Huang Bingcheng, Mr. Tang. We’ve already mobilized all of our intelligence network in Guangyang Province under the Family Head’s command and are currently monitoring all the movements of the Yao and Sun Families here. Though we dare not say that we can promptly discover they slightest sign of trouble, they absolutely can’t escape the eyes of our intelligence personnel should they make any big moves.”

“So, what are you going to do next?” Tang Xiu nodded and let out a trace of a smile, “Are you going to stay here? Or will you stay elsewhere and keep in touch through the phone?”

“I’ll stay in our original place!” Huang Bingcheng said, “But I’ll notify you the instant we receive any information.”

“Sorry for the inconvenience.” Tang Xiu nodded and said.

“No problem. It’s what we should do.” Huang Bingcheng promptly replied with a smile.

After Tang Xiu sent Huang Bingcheng off, Xue Jie gave the information she had sorted out to Tang Xiu. She fully understood all the information, as they were all the data of the Yao and Sun Families’ businesses she had sent people to investigate. As a matter of fact, it also contained specific lists of the Sun Family members, people who were in charge of their businesses, official figures under them, and so on.

Tang Xiu’s expression turned somewhat solemn after reading it. He found that the Sun Family’s strength in Guangyang was really powerful. First of all, it was needless to say about their military forces. Just their three listed companies in Guangyang was a shocking solid strength in itself.

“Brother, I’ve read it. Taking care of the businesses mentioned above would be very great should we utilize cruel means and disturb the Yao and Sun Families’ businesses. But the military forces of the Sun Family doesn’t give the slightest chance for us to even peep on them. Coupled with the Yao Family’s forces, we are simply not their opponent should we rely only on our people here.” With a somewhat dignified expression, Tang Xiu caressed his chin and spoke in an undertone voice.

“True that.” Tang Xiu nodded and said, “Not to mention this is just their apparent military force that Auntie Xue had investigated. Who knows how many armed forces they are hiding in the shadows? From the looks it, I still have to find some other helpers!”

Tang Wei’s expression moved as he promptly asked, “Where are you going to find more helpers?”

Showing a faint smile in response, Tang Xiu took his out mobile and dialed a cell number. After it was connected, he spoke in a deep voice. “I need ten experts. Send them to Guan City’s Hongpo District immediately. I’ll text you the specific address later.”

“Yes, Boss!” The other party replied lightning fast.