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Chapter 364: A Bloody Night

Chapter 364: A Bloody Night

After Tang Xiu hung up the phone, he looked at the curious expression on Tang Wei and Xue Jie’s faces. He showed a pale smile and said, “Relax! Though I only called ten individuals, they are comparable to fifty or even a hundred people. Our next operation must be successful.”

“Are they the Huang Family’s people?” Xue Jie probed.

“No.” Tang Xiu shook his head and said, “They are my men.”

“I don’t quite understand what you mean, Tang Xiu.” Xue Jie was perplexed and said, “Did you say that they are your men? Do you train some people as well?”

“Yes. I indeed have been training some people.” Tang Xiu said with a pale smile, “I already started my own business before I recognized the ancestors of our family. Without picking up my own people, continuing the business would be a very difficult thing to do.”

“You actually have been running your own business?” Xue Jie was astonished.

Tang Wei chimed in, “Auntie Xue, this matter is only known by a few in the family. As a matter of fact, this brother of mine had already set up a company and started a business when he was still in high school, before the family found him. Don’t look down on him. Even the renowned Kang Xia, the world’s most amazing gold manager, is the one helping my brother’s work.”

"Kang Xia?" Xue Jie cried out involuntarily, “Tang Xiu, that means, you’re the Magnificent Tang Corporation’s… Boss?”

“That’s right.” Tang Xiu smilingly said, “The Magnificent Tang Corp is indeed my company. But I just started it and have invested a lot of capital. So it hasn’t had any profit yet.”

At this moment, the way Xue Jie looked at Tang Xiu was completely different than before.

She admitted and admired Tang Xiu for his strategy, resourcefulness, and military force. But in regard to business, she thought that she was more skillful than him. However, never once did she imagine that Tang Xiu was actually the Big Boss of the Magnificent Tang Corp; even Kang Xia agreed to work for him.

Who was Kang Xia? She was the gold manager whom all businessmen in China longed for in their dreams. Her reputation in the business world was more resounding than any Big Bosses of the listed companies.


Even though Xue Jie had a thousand words she wanted to say, she eventually could only speak this out.

Tang Xiu only let an indifferent smile in response and then said, “All of you go rest. I need to think about the operation plan. We’ll act tonight should there we receive any information from the Huang Family.”

“You’re going to take the initiative?” Xue Jie was astonished.

“The best form of defense in the world is always offense, to begin with.” Tang Xiu nodded and said, “We did obtain a victory yesterday, but the Yao and Sun Families won’t buy it. Thus, we shall take the initiative to strike in this kind of situation. And this is exactly the best time.”

Xue Jie and Tang Wei exchanged looks as they nodded in unison. They could tell that Tang Xiu’s argument was reasonable. In war, one should catch one’s enemy with a surprise attack.

Two hours later, Tang Xiu came out of the room. He had devised a combat plan according to his knowledge about the situation of the Yao and Sun Families’ forces. He dared not say the plan was perfect. Yet, he had confidence that, as long as the operation plan was executed well, it would bring about an enormous blow to the Yao and Sun Families.

“Tang Xiu, the ten men have arrived.” After seeing Tang Xiu coming out, Xue Jie, who had long been waiting outside the room, quickly reported.

Nodding and handing over the operation plan to her, Tang Xiu said, “Have a look at this first. If you think there’s no problem with it, we’ll commence the action according to this plan. All right, I’ll see them first.”

Tang Xiu then left the building. As he arrived outside, he saw a row of ten men standing straight as javelins. He secretly nodded inside.

“Who among you is Gu Lang (Lone Wolf)?”

“I’m Gu Lang. Reporting to the Boss!” A lean man took a step forward and respectfully said.

“I’m very satisfied in your speed.” Tang Xiu nodded and said, “Go rest now and wait for the next order tonight.”

"Yes!" Gu Lang replied in a deep tone.

As dusk descended, Huang Bingcheng sent someone to deliver the collected information gathered by their intelligence, which was more detailed than Xue Jie’s. After Tang Xiu and the others read them, he made some revisions to the previously devised combat plan.

“Brother, everything has been set. We’re now awaiting your order.”

Tang Wei strode in from the outside as he spoke in a deep tone.

Tang Xiu nodded. As he came outside the building and saw the five rows of men with ten men in each row, he then nodded with satisfaction and said, “You’ve already seen the combat plan devised by me. Tonight, we’ll be divided into three squads. One squad of 20 men will be led by Li Xiaojie to attack the first and second targets. Gu Lang will lead another squad of 20 men to strike the third and fourth targets. While I will personally lead a squad of ten men to strike the fifth and sixth targets. Tonight’s mission is to capture these six strongholds of the Yao and Sun Families and destroy their family businesses with lightning speed.

“The cars and weapons have all been prepared. In order to reduce casualties, we’ll employ sneak attacks. Try not to use the guns as far as possible if the enemy has yet to detect us.”

“We’ll begin the operation at ten hundred sharp. After you have arrived at your target location, clearly scout the specific situation of the targets and report to me at any time should there be any unusual situation!”

Immediately after, Tang Xiu waved his arm as Li Xiaojie and Gu Lang’s squads quickly drove away from the factory.

Standing beside Tang Xiu, Tang Wei seriously said, “Brother, I must take part in the battle. I’ll follow your squad. You and I both are members of the Tang Family! If you can go forth to battle, likewise, I can do it too.”

“Then who will take charge of this place if we are all going?” Said Tang Xiu.

“Tang Xiu, let Tang Wei go with you! Leave this place to me!” said Xue Jie.

Tang Xiu was silent for a moment before he nodded and said, “In that case, come with us! But you must stay with me and immediately retreat should you come across any dangerous situation.”

"No problem!" Tang Wei let out a satisfied smile.

Guan City, Imperial Nightclub.

The younger brother of the Sun Family’s head, Sun Feilong, was drinking with several of his friends while a bevy of young girls hang around them giving extravagant services.

“This Guan City is truly a good place! It’s much better than our place in the Northwest. Boss Sun, we’ve been friends for more than ten years, right? We told you many times that we wanted to come here, but you always said that you’re occupied with something. But coming to Guan City this time really didn’t make us disappointed!” A bald middle-aged man, with a gold chain hanging around his neck, laughed loudly while embracing a girl.

A trace of a smile outlined on the corner of Sun Feilong’s mouth as he said, “It’s been more than ten years indeed. But all of you are busy men, when can you take the time to look after me, anyway?! Were it not because our Sun Family joined the Yao Family to fight against the Tangs, even if I thickened my face to ask you to come and help, you wouldn’t be here now!”

"Haha ..."


Several big men invited by Sun Feilong laughed as they drank a glass of wine.


The door was kicked open as six burly men armed guns burst inside and opened fire. The big middle-aged man in the forefront was a good shooter and his firing speed was extremely fast. He killed two men among the four inside the room. Even those four men around Sun Feilong had no chance to fight back and all of them were killed.

The six big men left the women alive.

After they quickly killed Sun Feilong and the others, they immediately left the room. At the outside, four corpses fell in the corridor, while dozens of others were killed throughout Imperial Nightclub. Most of them were killed by knives.

"Retreat! Let’s rush to the second target!”

While glancing at the big man who killed the most people, Li Xiaojie said in a deep, low voice.

Guan City, Redstar Bath Center.

Bath entertainment centers were good business nowadays, and many visitors came to find women. The Sun Family’s manager in charge was sitting in the office. A pretty girl sat beside him, stirring a cup of coffee while smiling at the manager.

It was 10 PM. A lot of visitors plunged toward the thugs around the venues nearby the bath center. Their actions were especially ruthless as almost anyone who met their knives died a violent death. Within just a minute or two, dozens of thugs had already been killed.


The office’s door was trampled open.

Someone’s shadow flashed inside. The dagger in Gu Lang’s hand accurately pierced the Sun Family’s manager in charge, as the girl inside screamed. Gu Lang directly knocked her unconscious. Following which, he turned around and left.

Guan City, Golden Inn.

It was a small private club encompassing an area that was controlled by the Sun Family. The one in charge of the site was an outstanding junior of the Sun Family, Sun Xiaoyu.

However, in this place, there were many armed forces belonging to the Sun Family. Most of them were experts trained by the Sun Family who possessed real martial arts skills. The backyard of the clubhouse was a living quarter as well as the usual training place for those experts which was not opened to the public.

Tonight, the place was very quiet and peaceful. Due to the recent alliance between the Sun and the Yao Families’ forces against the Tang Family, this group of martial arts experts under the Sun Family had rested earlier to recuperate and build their energy while waiting for orders.

Sun Xiaoyu hadn’t rested yet, as he was having an intercourse with a woman at the moment.


A sharp Mitsubishi army knife was stabbed into his back. The moment the knife was pulled out, Sun Xiaoyu’s complexion turned ghastly pale. When he abruptly looked up, he was overwhelmed with shock as he discovered that the one standing near the bedside was very youth.

“Who are you?”

He flipped over extremely fast and involuntarily exclaimed in alarm.

A touch of a smile was revealed on Tang Xiu’s mouth as he used his spiritual sense to observed the dozens of martial arts experts under the Sun Family in the surroundings being killed one by one in their sleep. He let out a cold and detached smile and said, “Sun Xiaoyu, you’re the first batch of the dead members of the Sun Family. But you can rest assured, for there will be more of your clansman joining you on your travel. I guarantee that your Sun Family will soon vanish from Guangyang Province and will never reappear again.”

Tang Xiu’s voice had yet to fade away as the Mitsubishi army knife in his hand pierced between Sun Xiaoyu’s eyebrows lightning fast. At the same time, Tang Xiu kicked the abdomen of the naked woman who attempted to pull out the gun under the pillow. After kicking her, Tang Xiu moved to the side to grab the Mitsubishi army knife on Su Xiaoyu’s eyebrows and stabbed the woman’s heart.

An enemy was enemy, regardless of men and women! And Tang Xiu was very well aware that women were sometimes more terrifying than men!

His face suddenly changed. Under the observation of his spiritual sense, the two men under him who were carrying the assassinations were found by one of the enemies after slaying the people in one room. The man sensed the sneak attack and was about to take out his gun to counterattack.