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Chapter 366: Excited

Chapter 366: Excited

“You guys did a good job. You’ve killed many enemies at a very small price. This is truly a great merit.” Tang Xiu nodded and said, “In my end things also went very smooth and we’ve killed nearly a hundred of enemy’s men without any casualty. We removed probably one-third of the Yao and Sun Families men in Guangyang.”

“If we report this victory tonight to our family in Beijing, grandpa will be ecstatic.” Tang Wei laughed.

Light rippled in Xue Jie’s eyes as worship rose inside her heart. Only a handful of people could make her worship them nowadays. Yet, after tonight’s actions, she had this kind of feeling toward Tang Xiu.

Amazing and valiant! Using these words to describe Tang Xiu was too little.

Xue Jie took a deep breath and said smilingly, “You all did a great job. The result is ten times better than my expectations. I originally thought that we’d have to completely withdraw from Guangyang Province. But I didn’t expect that with just two operations under Tang Xiu’s leadership, the Yao and Sun Families would suffer such a heavy blow. So, Tang Xiu, what should we do next?”

“We’ll lay low and go hunting.” Tang Xiu smilingly said.

“I understand laying low, since tonight’s battle was really big.” Xue Jie was puzzled and said, “I’m afraid the top leaders in Guangyang Province won’t be able to sit still; they will suppress us should we show up again tonight. But what do you mean by hunting?”

“Assassination!” Said Tang Xiu with a smile.

With a slight change in expression, Xue Jie asked, “Who’s the target? The Yao and Sun Families’ people?”

“I need your help to make an assassination list containing the Yao and Sun Families’ people who come to Guangyang.” Tang Xiu nodded and said, “If we want to finish the battle in Guangyang earlier, we have to kill the enemies and instill fear in them.”

“That’s right. Since they start this then we’ll give them a heavy blow as payback.” Tang Wei nodded solemnly, “I’m now actually hoping for the Yao Family to send a large number of men so that we can kill more of them.”

“What I hope is that we can grab ample advantage under this kind of situation and finish this game earlier.” Tang Xiu shook his head and said, “I believe you also know very well what kind of situation our Tang Family is in at present. If our family were really to lose all decorum with the Yao Family, I’m afraid our family would also suffer a heavy blow even if we could completely destroy them. Once we arrive at that point I’m afraid that the other families in the country wouldn’t miss this chance to take advantage of us, right?”

Tang Wei was dazed for a moment, as he silently nodded afterward, “Like grandpa said, what our family needs the most now is time. As long as we’re given three to five years, by that time, let alone the Yao Family, our family won’t even be afraid of the top families in the country.”

“That’s right, what we need is exactly time.” Tang Xiu said, “As a matter of fact, this game between us and the Yao Family is simply the case of harming others without benefitting ourselves. Hence, when we commence the hunt, not only must we kill as many enemies as possible, but we must also obtain advantages. Furthermore, this was also the reason why I decided to call Gu Lang, to begin with. But Brother Wei, you’ll have to stay here and wait for my orders.”

"This…" Tang Wei somewhat hesitated upon hearing it.

“Tang Wei, since Tang Xiu already said so, you gotta listen to him!” Xue Jie said, “I believe you know what he’s capable of. Nothing will happen to him.”

“Okay! I’ll stay here and take care of this place.” Tang Wei nodded helplessly.

“Then, what about me?” Xue Jie looked at Tang Xiu as she smiled and said, “Should I continue staying here? Or…”

“Auntie Xue, though the Starlight Group HQ has been destroyed, there are still many issues in the company, so, you staying here is rather problematic.” Tang Xiu said, “Hence, I suggest that you also come with me to Fukang. You’ll take full responsibility for the management of the company’s affairs in the branch office there. Don’t worry, though. I’ll send four experts to protect you aside from your current bodyguards. I believe they can protect you even in the face of a large-scale sneak attack.”

“That’s fine with me!” Xue Jie said with a smile.

Immediately after, Tang Xiu worked out a hit list with Xue Jie’s assistance based on the Huang Family’s intelligence. Aside from the Yao and Sun Families’ people, this assassination list also included the Fukang’s Yang Family’s people. Furthermore, Tang Xiu had decided to immediately start the clean-up in Fukang Province after finishing the assassinations in Guangyang Province.

Beijing, at the Tang Family’s ancestor home.

The two brothers—Tang Guosheng and Tang Guoshou—were discussing some issues, while Tang Min was serving tea at the side, adding some words to the conversation once in a while.

Ring, ring, ring…

With furrowed brows, Tang Guosheng’s mind instantly shifted to the problem in Guangyang Province. Almost without hesitation, he grabbed the mobile and immediately pressed the answer button after seeing that it was a call from Tang Xiu.

“Xiu’er, why aren’t you resting this late at night?”

“I have some things I need to tell you.” Said Tang Xiu.

“What happened? Something happened in Guangyang?” Asked Tang Guosheng.

“Two hours ago I brought our people to attack the Yao and Sun Families’ industries in Guangyang as well as raid their military forces. Thus far, we’ve destroyed nearly one-third of their forces in Guangyang.”

“What?” Tang Guosheng abruptly stood, disbelief bursting from his eyes.

Shocking! Simply too shocking!

He simply couldn’t believe his ears. It must be known that even though the Yao Family’s forces in Guangyang was not big, but the Sun Family was a local tyrant there! How many manpower would it be needed to destroy one-third of their forces at the same time?

Tang Guosheng’s lips quivered as he asked in a stuttering voice, “X-Xiu’er, how did you do it exactly?”

“Our Tang Family was supported by intelligence from the Huang Family. I also called some of my men. Thus, we attacked six different places belonging to the enemy. Didn’t they burn our Tang’s Starlight Group HQ? Hence, I also burned both the Yao and Sun Families’ company group headquarters here. Rest assured, though. It was cleanly done. They won’t be able to find any pieces of evidence even if they know it was our doing.”

“Great, that’s very well done! Since you have full authority of our Tang Family in Guangyang and I just got the news, I think that old fogey from the Yaos should also be receiving the news now. Hahaha…. I’m happy, very happy!”

“Grandpa, Xue Jie will compile a report with the details of the action here and she will send it to you by mail. By the way, I’ll have to hung up now.”

"Wait!" Tang Guosheng quickly called out.

"Do you have something else to say?" Tang Xiu asked.

“Xiu’er, though you’ve obtained a remarkable victory tonight, you must not underestimate the enemy. Should anything go wrong, you and Little Wei must retreat immediately. It’s fine if you have to abandon Guangyang and Fukang.” Said Tang Guosheng.

“I understand.” Said Tang Xiu.

Tang Guosheng thought for a moment and then spoke again, “Then, what are your next plans?”

“I made a list of assassination targets.” Tang Xiu said, “A very small part of the targets are the Yao and Sun Families’ people in Guangyang, with most them being in Fukang. At the latest of two days I’ll be leaving for Fukang Province to contend with the Yao, Sun, and Yang families there.”

“What about the Huang Family in Fukang? Are they going to help?” Asked Tang Guosheng.

“No, I don’t want the Huang Family to join in, unless as the last resort.” Tang Xiu said, “But if I can’t shoulder it, the Huang Family will give their all to help us.”

“Is that for real?” Tang Guosheng was shocked, “They will give their all to help us? How could this be possible?”

“Grandpa, I can’t tell you some things for the time being.” Tang Xiu said, “I believe you’ll learn about it when the time is ripe.”

"All right, I see.” Said Tang Guosheng.

After the phone call ended, Tang Min quickly asked, “Father, what happened in Guangyang? Your mouth is kinda crooked!”

With joy on his face, Tang Guosheng smilingly said, “Wait. Wait until you hear it! Ah, Xiu’er is really worthy as the offspring of the Tang Family. Amazing… Awesome!”

Tang Guoshou and Tang Min glanced at each other. The former forced a smile and said, “Eldest Brother, don’t keep us guessing, will you? What exactly happened there in the end?”

Grinning ear to ear, Tang Guosheng said, “Just tonight, Xiu’er brought his forces to decimate one-third of the Yao and Sun Families’ forces in Guangyang.”



Tang Guoshou and Tang Min abruptly stood up with hard-to-believe expressions on their faces. They stared at Tang Guosheng without blinking.

“I didn’t lie to you. Xiu’er himself phoned me, and I believe he wouldn’t lie to me.” Said Tang Guosheng with a smile.

“Eldest Brother, if what Xiu’er said is really true, then… our Tang Family in Guangyang can be considered to have gotten the upper hand on the situation?” Tang Guoshou was excited. “We also know that the machinations of the Yao and Sun Families had originally been laid out for many years. Their power over there is at least twice of ours. To think that they suffered such a big loss now... I’m afraid that old geezer of the Yaos should be distressed to death by now.”

“That’s right.” Tang Guosheng nodded and said smilingly, “Even if we have to fully abandon Guangyang, it’s worth the loss with the Yao and the Sun Families suffering such a heavy blow.”

Beijing, at the Yao Family residence.

The barking sounds of several dogs occasionally sounded in the secluded courtyard. Inside the main house, the sound of falling things was particularly loud.

Anger marked Yao Qingzun’s old face. In front of him were three men and two women who looked similarly furious as they stood in silence.

“Father, the statistics of our losses has come out.” Said Yao Chengqing after he strode into the room with a thick stack of documents in his hands.

Grabbing that stack documents, Yao Qingzun then quickly read them, his complexion getting uglier the longer he read. When he finished reading the last page, he fiercely dropped the documents stack on the table and furiously roared, “Did Xinhua not detect any of the Tang Family’s movements at all? That damned Sun Family, are they not the local snake in Guangyang? How can they not be aware of any traces given their strong intelligence network?”

Yao Chengqing forced a wry smile and said, “The Tang Family’s forces in Guangyang Province all vanished without a trace. Xinhua thought that they went into hiding and absolutely wouldn’t make any moves temporarily. Who would have thought that…”