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Chapter 368: Assassination and Extortion

Chapter 368: Assassination and Extortion

Tang Xiu’s movements were as smooth as the passing clouds and the flowing water. The instant his feet stepped on the ground, he shuttled into the bushes as though a cheetah. With a bit of effort he dashed into the woods in the blink of an eye.

“The Sun Family is very cautious. Pay attention to your safety.”

While looking at the flashing lights from the distance that were getting closer, Tang Xiu whispered.

“Roger that, Boss.” Said Gu Lang.

While pointing at several garden houses covered by his spiritual sense, Tang Xiu whispered, “Our plan today is rather hasty, so we neither know the situation of this place nor their armed forces. Hence, we’ll hit the names on the list; the others are optional. As far as possible, don’t kill the elderly, children or women if they don’t resist.”

“Understood!” An unusual glint appeared on Gu Lang’s eyes as he silently nodded.

When the flashlights of the patrol disappeared at the end of the alley in the distance, Tang Xiu led Gu Lang through the dead angle of several surveillance cameras. They silently approached the nearest garden house. With his spiritual sense, Tang Xiu “saw” the situation inside the house. Aside from a woman and two children, there was also a middle-aged man sitting in the study room fiddling with a pistol.

Li Yi, the Sun Family’s son-in-law, an expert fighter with a smart mind and a lot of contributions.

After clearly “seeing” the man’s appearance, data from the investigation emerged inside Tang Xiu’s mind. That middle-aged man’s photo was included in the information.

Inside the study room.

A touch of a smiling expression emerged in Li Yi’s eyes as he fiddled with his pistol. He was currently thinking deeply about something.

That guy, Sun Feilong, has died. The Sun Family’s control will be greatly reduced and the available manpower will be lesser as well. Then… won’t I be able to be in charge of more businesses?

Hmph… someone outside the family will have a different heart?

So what if I don’t have the Sun Family’s blood? The more of you die, the bigger the authority I can get. At that time you won’t even be able to find someone else even if you don’t want to take me in.

As he put down the pistol, Li Yi was unaware of the shadows flickering outside his window. He reached out his hand to dial a number and said in a deep tone, “Big Baio, take good control of our people since the Sun Family doesn’t know about your existence yet. They are now just a running dog of the Yao Family and they are in a life-and-death struggle with the Tang Family. The more the Sun Family’s people die the more authority and wealth we can get from them later. Preserve our forces. We must not miss the chance should an opportunity arise in the future.”

"Copy that!"

Li Yi hung up the phone and grabbed the pistol again.

Outside the window, Tang Xiu could clearly hear Li Yi’s words as an unusual glint flashed in his eyes. He didn’t do anything to alarm the man and quietly left. In a dark corner after joining with Gu Lang, Tang Xiu smiled slightly as he said in an undertone voice, “It’s very interesting. Some people in the Sun Family who are not of the same surname seem to have a different mind. We shall keep him, I’ll have a great use for him in the future.”

Clueless as to what Tang Xiu meant by that, Gu Lang still obediently nodded and said, “Then, shall we go elsewhere?”

“Yup!” Tang Xiu replied and slowly fluttered toward the nearby garden house.

In the darkness, Tang Xiu and Gu Lang sneaked into the garden house. Nearly without wasting any strength, they arrived at the bedroom on the second floor. At this time, a man and a woman were asleep inside. Tang Xiu had identified the man as one of the Sun Family’s branch.



As Gu Lang hit the woman and made her unconscious, the Mitsubishi army knife in Tang Xiu’s hand sliced the man’s throat, directly claiming his life.

“Next building.”

The duo didn’t linger and vanished without a trace. They soon appeared in another garden house. With his clear sense of perception, Tang Xiu easily observed the situation in each garden house and was able to find the enemy’s position right away.

Though Gu Lang didn’t possess Tang Xiu’s cheat ability, he had been through numerous fights and was very experienced in assassinations. Therefore, with their teamwork, they had already swept six garden houses, either stunning or killing the people inside. As of now, the number of people that died in their hands amounted to a total of eight.

At the Sun Family Manor, inside another garden house.

Sun Feiwu hadn’t rested yet. Standing in front of him were two big burly men reporting tonight’s losses as they discussed how to solve tonight’s issues.

He was the third son, a younger brother of the Sun Family’s head, Sun Feilei, and a man with full authority. Furthermore, he alone controlled one-third of the armed forces of the Sun Family and nearly one-tenth of their wealth. It could be said that losing him was akin to losing one of their fingers.

“A Qiang, my second brother has been killed, so I’ll give you an ad-hoc authority to control all the family’s businesses he managed. I’ve discussed it with eldest brother and he already gave his approval. Remember, I’ll send you 20 experts, and you have full authority to command them. Don’t hesitate to kill the enemies once you found them.” Sun Feiwu’s vision landed on a tall burly man as he said with all seriousness.

“Rest assured. I’ll shoot those Tang Family’s dogs and make sure they die a very…”


A Mitsubishi army knife fiercely stabbed his heart from the back as slender fingers then covered his mouth. From the door’s direction, a figure holding a dagger backhandedly dashed as though lightning. In a span of a short breath the figure sprinted to another burly man’s side as the dagger hacked down and slashed the man’s neck.

"Who the hell are you?"

With a drastic change in his expression, Sun Feiwu reacted extremely fast to open the drawer and grabbed a pistol from inside, aiming the muzzle toward Gu Lang, who was sprinting towards him. However, Tang Xiu, who was the first to dash inside, had already moved to the side and slashed his knife to hack Sun Feiwu’s hand which held the pistol.

“Be quiet!”

Tang Xiu grabbed Sun Feiwu’s neck and covered his mouth while pressing the Mitsubishi army knife onto his neck.

The pain turned Sun Feiwu’s face crimson and his body twitched. He didn’t have any strength to make the slightest sound. He could only watch as his trusted confidants were killed in front of him as they fell into a pool of their own blood. His heart turned as though ice.

Tang Xiu smirked and lightly said, “Well, life is always the most important thing regardless of how much wealth is under your control. Once you die, however, there’s nothing you can carry with you. So, staying alive is of the utmost importance. Give me your money and I’ll spare your life.”

Suppressing the aching pain, Sun Feiwu’s lower lip twitched, hinting that he wanted to speak.

Loosening his hand on Sun Feiwu’s mouth, Tang Xiu then coldly said, “Don’t even think to call for help. The moment you speak out loud my knife will slice off your throat. Take your money and buy your own life. I wanna know how much money you’ll give for your own life.”

"Who are you?"

Sun Feiwu could feel his own blood dripping from his wrist as he rapidly asked.

“Don’t bother with our identities. We brothers just arrived at Guangyang, and we quickly found that we are unable to eat.” Tang Xiu let out a pale smile and said, “But then we heard that your Sun Family is very rich. We originally wanted to snatch your wife to demand some ransom. But since she’s been staying in your house these two days, we could only take the risk to get some money from you.”

With his pupils contracted, Sun Feiwu growled, “You’re not the Tang Family’s people?”

Raising his brows and pretending to be surprised, Tang Xiu asked back, “The Tang Family? Who are they?”

Startled inside, Sun Feiwu croaked, “You’re not the Tang Family’s men, but you have the balls to rush into my Sun Family’s manor? Are you not afraid of not being able to leave? You must know that our manor has patrols everywhere. You’ll die without a burial place once you are found.”

“Do you even have patrols in this broken manor of yours?” With an odd expression, Tang Xiu replied, “How come we didn’t bump into any when we sneaked here? I did see a few guys, though. They were entered inside and then left again, hence leaving the three of you here.”

Damn it!

Sun Feiwu was truly furious inside. Never in his wildest dreams did he thought that these two bastards were not the Tang Family’s men. They were just after his money, and were extremely fortunate to not bump into the patrols when they snuck into this place.

This was truly bad luck, however he had encountered it numerous times. But he dared to swear that this bad luck was one he had never come across in the entirety of his life.

“How much do you want? I’ll give it to you.” Sun Feiwu croaked.

“Well, I heard that your Sun Family is very rich and your wife seems to manage a big company.” Tang Xiu said with a smile, “You should have lots of money, no? Name your price. How much your and your wife’s life are worth? Do remember, though. If you’re bold enough to cheat us and don't dare give us your wealth, then you’ll die very miserably. You can be sure we’ll shame your wife and then kill her afterward.”


Killing intent gushed out inside Sun Feiwu’s heart. However, he was akin to a fish on a chopping block at the moment. Though he really wanted to kill them, he dared not to act.

“I’ll give you the money. 10 million.”

“10 million? You’ll really give us 10 million?” Tang Xiu said in a pleasantly surprised expression.

“Your life is only worth 10 million? That’s way too little!” Gu Lang said.

“Gu Lang, did you say 10 million is too little? Does their family have more money?” Asked Tang Xiu.

“Yup. I heard that their big company is worth more than a billion.” Gu Lang coordinated.

Tang Xiu’s face changed as he stabbed Sun Feiwu’s thigh while covering his mouth and snapped, “You damn peckerhead! You actually wanted to give 10 million to dismiss me?! Do you think this Big Daddy is an idiot? Give me more.”

“I think he can take out 200 million.” Gu Lang said.

“200 million? Will he really take it out?” Tang Xiu exclaimed.

“Let’s just see his ability. If he can’t give us 200 million, just kill him and let’s find his wife.” Gu Lang said.

“You’re right, women are very timid, to begin with.” Tang Xiu nodded and said, “So, how about we kill him now? I heard his wife is quite a beauty, we can…”


The moment Tang Xiu loosened his grip, Sun Feiwu broke free and abruptly growled.