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Chapter 369: Cashing in and Calling it a Day

Chapter 369: Cashing in and Calling it a Day

Tang Xiu looked at Sun Feiwu with a satisfied look. The Tang Family had suffered heavy losses. He didn’t mind to simultaneously cashing-in while killing the Sun Family as to make up for his family’s losses.

The conversation with Gu Lang just now was, in fact, a play. They had killed a good deal of high-ranked members of the Sun Family before coming to Sun Feiwu’s place, and they had done the same thing before killing them.

“Gu Lang, give him your bank account.”

Upon hearing it, Gu Lang immediately told Sun Feiwu his bank account.

A few minutes later, after Gu Lang had verified receiving the money, he indifferently said, “You preserved your life, but not your wife’s yet. Gimme another 200 million, only then will we let you couple off.”

“You…” Sun Feiwu was furious.

Raising his dagger Gu Lang only replied lightly, “Decide. You don’t wanna pay for your wife’s life. So you’ll get knocked out while your wife will end up with a miserable fate.”

“I don’t have that much money. I should have only 100 million in my account now. That’s the total sum of my and my wife’s savings, while the rest are in the family’s businesses.” Said Sun Feiwu bitterly.

“Check your account balance and transfer all there to me.” Said Gu Lang indifferently.

“All right!”

Though hesitating for a moment, Sun Feiwu quickly checked his account balance and then told the number to Gu Lang.

Gu Lang looked at it and said indifferently, “There’s more than 100 million. Transfer it all to me!”

Sun Feiwu kept silent. After transferring all the money he then said, “Can you let us go now? Also, the money is all yours, I won’t tell anyone if you accept my condition.”

“What condition?” Asked Tang Xiu.

“Join me. I guarantee to make you rich and prosperous; to have a worry-free life for the rest of your life.” Said Sun Feiwu seriously.

Loosening his grip on Sun Feiwu, Tang Xiu came before him and said with a smile, “Your condition is very tempting. If I were not surnamed Tang, I would have taken it without consideration.”


The knife in Gu Lang’s hand pierced Sun Feiwu’s heart.

“Bastard. You guys are really the Tang Family’s people. But you obviously said if I give the money…” Sun Feiwu’s pupil shrunk as he called out angrily.

Tang Xiu interrupted him as he smiled and said, “I said that I wouldn’t kill you if you give me the money.”

Gu Lang continued stabbing before finally piercing Sun Feiwu’s neck. He then looked at Tang Xiu and said smilingly, “We made quite a harvest today, Boss.”

“Indeed. Much more than I’d expected.” Tang Xiu said with a smile, “It seems like raiding and plundering truly make people rich. What was that proverb again? Just like horses won’t become fat without night grass, so won’t men become rich without dishonest money. Anyhow, keep the money for now and then transfer it to a Swiss Bank account later.”

“All right!” Gu Lang nodded.

Half an hour afterward, as Tang Xiu and Gu Lang killed the 21st Sun Family member, a furious roar came out from the garden house in the distance.


Inside the garden house, Tang Xiu and Gu Lang exchanged looks as they nodded to each other. Without looking at the man in a pool of his own blood, they quickly dashed toward the outside.

Under the surveillance of Tang Xiu’s spiritual sense, he could clearly observe anything within the scope of two to three hundred meters. His complexion slightly changed after seeing the squads that were previously out of his scope of perception turning back.

“The reaction speed and mobility of the Sun Family’s patrol squads are very good. We’ll encounter a patrol squad of ten men in front. Don’t get entangled in a fight with them. We can kill as many as we can, but the most important thing for us now is to escape.” Said Tang Xiu whisper after hiding in the bush.

“Roger that!”

Murderous intent glinted in Gu Lang’s eyes. Such a situation was something he had gone through numerous times. He didn’t fear it, and instead was somewhat excited since he could brave the danger and follow Tang Xiu. He was akin to a fish that struggled in the stream of a river, wanting to be a carp that leaped through the dragon gate and obtain the chance to turn into a dragon who can move unhindered in the ocean.


As Tang Xiu shouted lowly, the duo proceeded forward side by side. 20 seconds later they came across the patrol squad of ten men. Without demur Tang Xiu and Gu Lang mounted a fierce assault. A middle-aged man who had taken out his pistol didn’t even have the chance to shoot as he had his throat sliced and his heart stabbed. At this critical time, Gu Lang, with his deft skill, struck and killed two other men.

"Be careful!"

Suddenly, Gu Lang’s complexion drastically changed as he flung his body toward Tang Xiu in an instant. By the time he hit Tang Xiu, a bullet pierced his right arm, blood splashing right after.

A sniper?

Tang Xiu’s facial expression greatly changed. Within the scope of his spiritual sense, aside from the two patrol squads who were rushing at them at a very fast pace, there was no sniper presence at all. Which meant that the sniper aiming at them was in a much further place.

“Let’s go!”

Brandishing his knife and killing a member of the patrol squad, Tang Xiu grabbed Gu Lang’s other arm and dashed lightning fast toward the manor’s courtyard wall.

“Be ready!”

As the distance to the courtyard wall was about ten meters away, Tang Xiu growled. He sprinted forward, his figure akin to lightning, and got closer to the courtyard wall. About four to five meters away from it he forcefully flung Gu Lang while using his feet and hands to jump over the electrified cable and successfully rush out.


The moment Tang Xiu’s leg dashed away, a bullet hit where his feet were just at.

“Boss, look out!”

Slowing down his pace, Gu Lang was easily overtaken by Tang Xiu.

Tang Xiu didn’t speak. He reached out to grab his shoulder and accelerated once more. Pushed his speed to the limit, he ran away as though a ghost.

In the Sun Family Manor, inside a garden house, Su Feng observed through his sniper rifle’s telescope. He shot twice, one of which hit the arm of the enemy, and yet failed the second time.

But at this time, nobody knew how panicked and terrified he was. Because amongst all the powerful foes he had met, no one had such an extreme speed.

That speed… had already broken through the limit of what a human being could burst out. Even if he was very far away from them and was aided by the sniper rifle’s sighting telescope, he could only catch a tad of the man’s trajectory.

Is he still human?

Bitter and astringent, Sun Feng could only watch them disappear in the distance. He put his sniper rifle away and quickly ran downstairs.

On the roadside four or five kilometers away from the Sun Family Manor, Li Xiaojie was sitting in the driver seat, smoking and observing the surroundings. Suddenly, his expression slightly moved, his complexion changing after seeing Tang Xiu sprinting back from tens of meters away.


Li Xiaojie’s heart trembled. With his sharp eyes he could see Tang Xiu bringing Gu Lang along, whose clothes had already been dyed red.


The door was opened and closed quickly.

“Go!” shouted Tang Xiu in a heavy and deep tone.

Li Xiaojie started the car and quickly drove out. After driving away for more than ten kilometers, he then asked, “Boss, is Gu Lang all right?”

At this time Tang Xiu had ripped open the clothes on Gu Lang’s wound and sealed his acupoints to stop the bleeding. As he listened to Li Xiaojie’s question, he shook his head and said, “It’s not fatal, but we have to go back to Hongpo District as fast as possible. I need to remove the bullet on his arm.”

“Got it!” Li Xiaojie replied quickly.

“Boss, this kind of injury is nothing.” While grinning, Gu Lang smilingly said, “We can’t go back to Hongpo District directly, we must abandon the car midway. Else, the Sun Family will be able to catch it on the surveillance video of the road we just passed. Wherever it appears, they will also find the factory in Hongpo District.”

Pondering for a moment, Tang Xiu immediately took out his mobile and dialed Tang Wei’s cell number. As Tang Wei’s blurry voice came out, Tang Xiu said in a deep voice, “Don’t sleep yet. Come fetch us up. I won’t tell you the address yet, but we’ll keep in touch.”

“Hey, what do you mean? You are not…” Tang Wei sobered up and curiously asked.

“Well, we got bored tonight, so we went to visit the Sun Family and carried out a few assassinations. Gu Lang is injured and we gotta get back quickly to treat him. Just hurry up and don’t let anyone trace you.” Said Tang Xiu.

“All right!”

Though Tang Wei was shocked to learn that Tang Xiu and Gu Lang left to assassinate the Sun Family late at night, he also knew that it was not yet the right time to understand the situation. After replying, he dressed up and dashed outside.

Tang Wei arrived half an hour later. The trio abandoned the previous car and Li Xiaojie shot its fuel tank as the car exploded and burned down. Following which, the four left at an extremely fast speed.

“Though the license plates are fake, still, we can’t let leave them.”

Putting down the license places into the car and then sitting down, Li Xiaojie then moved his eyes toward the grim-looking Tang Wei.

At present, Tang Wei was truly livid. He was angry because of their boldness, even daring to run up to the Sun Family to carry out assassinations at this time. He had heard about the Sun Family’s armed defense force. The defense was very tight and formidable. Yet, all three of them came back alive, leaving him feeling somewhat disbelieving.

“Tang Xiu, if Big Grandpa knows about this matter he’ll be very furious, that I can be certain of. You were way too bold. It wouldn’t be a problem If it somewhere else, but you dared to run up to the Sun Family? Are you tired of living or something?”

In the end, Tang Wei still couldn’t hold it. He growled furiously as he looked at Tang Xiu through the rearview mirror.

A slight smile appeared on the corner of Tang Xiu’s mouth as he said, “Brother Wei, I know you were worried. But haven’t we just escaped? Besides, business tonight was quite great!”

“Boss, you were inside for only a little more than an hour, how many people could you kill?” said Li Xiaojie with a forced smile.

“You sneaked inside for more than an hour? And you even managed to escape?” Said Tang Wei with knitted brows.

“If we don’t count the time we killed those few patrol squads, we killed a total of 21 members of the Sun Family. All of whom were members in the hit list and were also the backbone of the Sun Family. Pity that we didn’t find the Sun Family’s head, though. Otherwise, tonight’s attack would have been a complete success.”