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Chapter 370: A Few Families Rejoice While a Few Others are Anxious

Chapter 370: A Few Families Rejoice While a Few Others are Anxious

Tang Wei greatly changed his complexion, as even Li Xiaojie wore a incredulous expression.


The backbone clansmen with authority in the Sun Family probably amounted to a dozen people or so. Added with the top-level executives, the number was probably less than thirty. Prior to this they had already killed a few of them, yet, tonight Tang Xiu and Gu Lang had killed 21 of them in just under an hour?

Such being said! Wasn’t this akin to nearly all members of the Sun Family being killed?

Gulping down his own saliva, Tang Wei probed, “Brother, you… you didn’t lie, right? You’ve really killed 21 members of the Sun Family in the name list?”

“Of course, it’s true. I made that list myself. So it’s a given that I know the people I killed tonight!” Tang Xiu nodded and said, “Furthermore, I also found an interesting thing. The Sun Family will probably no longer be our enemies after tonight.”

“What do you mean?” Tang Wei asked, puzzled.

“Just wait! You’ll soon know.” Tang Xiu let out a mysterious smile.

At this time, the Sun Family Manor had turned into a complete mess. Those who were old, frail, ill or disabled came out of the garden houses one by one, loudly crying out. Patrol squads constantly run between the garden houses as people cried and howled when dead bodies were brought out.

Leading two members of the patrol squad, Li Yi looked pale as he commanded for the dead bodies to be carried to the central square of the Sun Family.

He couldn’t help but feel fortunate at this time, because he found that the enemy had snuck in from the wall nearest to his residence, yet, the enemy didn’t get rid of him and only killed the Sun Family’s people living near him instead.

Guan City, Riverbay Manor.

Sun Feilei and Yao Xinhua were devising the next action plan, sharing the two parties armed forces currently available to them. Though tonight’s heavy losses had given the Sun Family a heavy blow, Sun Feilei was confident that they would be able to completely defeat the Tang Family. Following which, with the aid from the Yao Family, his family would thus become the biggest family in Guangyang Province in the future.

Ring, ring, ring…

The mobile’s ringtone interrupted the two men’s conversation.

Frowning, Su Feilei saw that it was a phone call from his wife. A trace of anger immediately flashed in his eyes. After pressing the answer button, he said in a heavy, firm tone, “I have important matters to deal with now and will go home late. Don’t disturb me if there’s no important thing.”

“Husband, something happened!” A woman’s crying voice came out from the mobile.

“What happened?” Sun Feilei’s expression changed as he abruptly stood.

“Our Sun Family is finished.” The woman sobbed.

“Hey, this old father has yet to die. There’s no way the Sun Family would end. Tell me quickly, what happened, exactly?” Sun Feilei thundered angrily.

“Husband, enemies sneaked into our Sun Family Manor and killed a lot of our family members.” The woman cried tearfully, “Feiwu, Sun Wei, Qianjin, and nearly all direct offsprings of our Sun Family died. All members who held important positions in our Sun Family have also been killed. Excluding the members of the patrol squads, 21 people died.”


Sun Feilei’s pupils dilated as he furiously roared.

He couldn’t believe his ears. His dignified Sun Family Manor had extremely formidable armed forces defending it… how could the enemy possibly attack it?

Moreover… the high-level clansmen of the Sun Family were also killed by them?

“Bitch, are you joking with me? This is no fucking funny at all!”

The woman cried even more, “I’m not joking. It’s true! All of them died and our Sun Family is finished.”

Sun Feilei’s body shivered as his mobile phone dropped to the floor.

“Family Head Sun, what has happened?” Yao Xinhua asked in a heavy tone.

Raising his head to look at the concerned Yao Xinhua, Sun Feilei seemed to have lost his soul as he slumped down on the sofa, murmuring, “Everyone’s dead. The core members of my Sun Family are all dead!”

Yao Xinhua’s face changed. He grabbed Sun Feilei and indignantly shouted, “What nonsensical shit are you talking about? Who could possibly have the ability to kill all the core members of your Family?”

“I don’t know. It was my wife who phoned me.” Sun Feilei shook his head and said, “Excluding the dead patrol men, merely the core members of my family who died amount to 21.”

Releasing Sun Feilei, a horrified expression painted itself on Yao Xinhua’s face as he furiously gulped down his own saliva. The Sun Family was a local tyrant in Guangyang and the high-level, core members who controlled the real power in the entire family were about 30 people. A few of them had died before and now 21 more followed.

That… how many top level members who are still alive does the Sun Family still have now?

Yao Xinhua took a deep breath and suppressed the terrified feeling in his heart. He then shouted sternly, “Let’s head to the Sun Family Manor immediately.”

Fukang Province, at the Huang Family.

Huang Jinfu had fallen asleep but was awakened by his mobile ringtone. As he finished the call, a shocked expression was painted on his square face.

Yes! The information he just received shock him to the core.

The dignified Guangyang’s Sun Family had their core members killed overnight. The number of enemies had yet to be investigated clearly, but it was said that the number was very few; only two people were seen.

“The Everlasting Feast Hall! Haha… with the Everlasting Feast Hall as the enemy, the Sun Family is probably done for. And the Yao Family… tsk, tsk… If the Everlasting Feast Hall were to mobilize all of their people, even they should also be able to… annihilated them overnight without a problem, wouldn’t it?”

Taking a deep breath, Huang Jinfu immediately dialed a cell number.

“Old buddy, you had better speed up. Bai Yang had better be able to return to the Bai Family by tomorrow morning.”

“I know. But I just…”

“You got the news too?”


“Now you should realize how terrifying the strength the Everlasting Feast Hall possesses, yes?” Huang Jinfu forced a smile and said, “Let alone the Sun Family, even if it were my Huang Family… I’m afraid we’d also be annihilated overnight.”

“Brother Jinfu, care to enlighten me as to what kind of power and influence this Everlasting Feast Hall possess precisely?” A middle-aged man’s was voice transmitted from the phone.

“I don’t know. I really know nothing.” Huang Jinfu forced a smile and said, “They are very mysterious and very terrifying. But most importantly, their people are very low profile.”

“I understand. You can rest assured that I’ll never send anyone to investigate this Everlasting Feast Hall. Also, I’ll try my best to build relationships with the Everlasting Feast Hall’s people. Oh, if you meet that person again… I must trouble you to ask him whether the Everlasting Feast Hall is willing to open a branch in Guangyang Province. My Chu Family will definitely spare no effort to help with them.”

“All right!”

The call ended.

Huang Jinfu’s face looked somewhat complex. Dressing up and walking toward the window, he then watched the scenery outside covered by a profound silence. Inside, he secretly sighed, Who could have thought that such an unprecedented blow would hit the Sun Family in this tranquil night? More so that the Chu Family would help at once when they were asked for help. If the Chu Family was able to build a good relationship with the Everlasting Feast Hall, that would mean that the Huang Family would also reach a secret alliance agreement with the Chus as well.


Noises awakened Tang Guosheng from his sleep. After he listened to the phone call, he laughed wildly thrice and immediately called Tang Xiu.

Compared to Tang Guosheng, the Yao Family’s head, Yao Qingzun, was struck with a psychosomatic silence. He fell into silence for a good deal of time. He also dialed Yao Xinhua’s number and only said a few words: change from offensive to defensive.

The next morning, two Audis drove into Guangyang Province’s South River Prison. Several middle-aged men then went inside as they left in a hurry a few minutes after.

Inside one of the detaining rooms in the prison, Bai Yang was looking at the walls, smoking a cigarette and looking dispirited. The cigarette was given to him by the prison warden. The man once owed him a favor.

He knew that he was finished! Perhaps, even his Bai Family was also highly likely to be finished.

He felt somewhat resentful. Resenting his own father from picking the wrong side, and resenting choosing to stand on the Tang Family’s side in the past. He could consider himself as very clear about what kind of situation the Tang Family was in nowadays. They may still have a high reputation and could be regarded as one of the top families in Beijing, but they were no longer on par with their past self.

With the current Tang Family’s power and influence in Guangyang, defending themselves is rather impossible, isn’t it? Seems like staying safe and sound… would be difficult.

Bai Yang sighed inside.



The iron door outside sounded. Warden Jiang Yangwen brought several police officers to Bai Yang’s prison room.

“Warden Jiang, are all of you…?” Bai Yang’s heart sank as he asked aloud.

A thick smile hung on Jiang Yanwen’s face as he said, “Brother Yang, I just received the order to release you. Furthermore, the order was simultaneously issued by the province’s number 1 and number 2. Oh, number 1 also said to make the best use of your time to go home this noon. He invites you to have a lunch together at Cuiwei House.”

"What did you say?" Shocked, Bai Yang doubtfully asked aloud.

Jiang Yangwen repeated himself and then laughed, “Brother Yang, all is well. Everything has been clearly investigated, and the person who framed you has been arrested. He’s a member of the Sun Family who wrote that anonymous letter and spread the rumors. Nevertheless, the guy will be sent here for detention soon.”

Gulping his saliva, Bai Yang’s eyes glanced over at the several police officers.

Seeing this, Jiang Yangwen instantly understood Bai Yang’s thoughts. He turned toward the police officers and waved his hand, hinting for them to leave. When there was only two of them left inside the room, he said, “Brother Yang, is there anything you wanna know?”

“Warden Jiang, what was the reason for all of these?” Asked Bai Yang.

Jiang Yangwen stepped back to look through the door outside. After he found nobody there, he came before Bai Yang and whispered, “Brother Yang, something big had just happened in Guangyang. Originally, it was only the Tang Family’s Starlight Group HQ that got burned, right? But last night, some people burned the company headquarters belonging to the Yao and Sun Families. Furthermore, 200 to 300 people from these two parties died. I heard that they were assassinated.”

“Yet, this is not the most startling news. The most startling news is that the Sun Family met a disastrous end. Late last night, some people sneaked into the Sun Family Manor and most of the high-level members of the family were killed. As of now, aside from the Sun Family’s head, Sun Feilei, their remaining core members are in other provinces.”

An ecstatic look emerged on Bai Yang’s face.

Suddenly, he had a deep understanding, that there was always a way out for somebody, as every cloud also had a silver lining.

The miserable fate of the Sun Family; the losses of the Yao Family; the first thing to come to his mind was the Tang Family. He was sure that the party who was able to create such a major cause as this was absolutely the Tang Family.