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Chapter 373: Going Home

Chapter 373: Going Home

Tang Xiu took his phone back upon hearing Tang Guosheng’s inquiry. He then let out a pale smile and said, “When carrying out the assassinations, we threatened the Sun Family members to transfer some money to me before we killed them. The amount is not much, about 600 to 700 million yuan. Thus, I had devised a plan to continue launching assaults on the Yaos and have them pay some ransom money. But alas, you actually called for a truce, Grandpa.”

Cough, cough!

Being at a loss whether to cry or laugh, Tang Guosheng could only cough a few times. He was truly impressed by this grandson of his since he unexpectedly didn’t forget to fish for some profits while carrying out the assassinations.

“Xiu’er, our Tang Family is inferior to the Yao Family in the end. We’ll wait until we’ve truly developed our force. But we’ll absolutely never let this go. Anyways, as for the money, just take it as your spending money.”

“Well, since the matters here have been concluded, then I’ll return to Shanghai tomorrow. By the way, who should I give the authority to manage the issues here?” Tang Xiu said with a smile.

“Give it to Little Wei!” Tang Guosheng said.

“All right, no problem. If you don’t have any other instructions, I’ll hang up the phone.” Tang Xiu said.


The call ended.

While fiddling with his mobile, Tang Xiu shook his head, a helpless expression hanging on his face. Immediately after he phoned the Huang Family’s head, Huang Jinfu, to tell him that the matter had been finished and he no longer needed help from the Huang Family’s intelligence network.

In the evening he brought Tang Wei to the Huang Family and enjoyed dinner together with the Huangs, deepening their friendship, and then returned to Emerald Hotel.


Hei Long stood outside the Emerald Hotel. He immediately greeted him with a joyful expression when he saw Tang Xiu.

Nodding to him in response, Tang Xiu then went upstairs to his presidential suite with Hei Long. After sitting on the sofa, he calmly said, “Hei Long, you’re really lucky. The Yao Family has just admitted defeat, bringing an end to our conflict. Anyhow, you have done well in Hongpo District and I’ll honor my promise to give you a good future.”

“Thank you, Boss!” Hei Long was excited.

“I’ll be leaving Guangyang tomorrow and Tang Wei will be in charge here for the time being.” Tang Xiu waved his hand and said, “He’ll help you to expand your turf. So, provided that you really have the ability, it won’t be impossible to make you the kingpin of the underground forces in Guangyang Province in the future. However, there’s something you must swear to me.”

“Please, tell me, Boss. I’ll definitely comply.” Hei Long’s body trembled violently as he quickly said.

“Don’t agree so fast.” Tang Xiu shook his head and said, “My request is very simple. You must absolutely not involve yourself with drugs, forcing women into prostitution, and you can’t operate a casino. I don’t care what kind of businesses you do, but if you go against these three conditions of mine, I’ll personally cut your head off without waiting for the cops to clean you up!”

“Boss, I can comply with your demand.” Hei Long hesitated and said, “But… I have limited manpower and financial resources. Thus, if I want to control the entire Guangyang, I’m afraid…”

“I’ll give you the money and the manpower.” Tang Xiu said.

Hei Long’s spirit startled and he immediately said, “I got it, Boss. Don’t worry! I’ll work hard. Regardless of what happens in the future, two-thirds of the income will be transferred to you every year for all the businesses I manage.”

“Very astute, eh.” Tang Xiu laughed, “But I’m a bit worried now. Would I be fostering a tiger and inviting a calamity?”

“Ah, you’re teasing me, Boss.” Hei Long forced a smile and said, “With your strength alone or the Tang Family’s forces, let alone becoming a big force in Guangyang, I will never be able to oppose you, even if my underlings were to be spread out all over the country! I heard that even the Sun Family… ended up very miserably.”

“All right, I was just joking with you!” Tang Xiu smiled as he waved his hand and said, “As for the money, take one-third and send it to the person in charge installed by the Tang Family in Guangyang. This… just think of it as my Tang Family’s investment in you.”

"Yes, yes, yes!”

Feeling happy, Hei Long repeatedly nodded.

“All right. I have nothing else to tell you, so you can go back first!” Tang Xiu waved his hand and said, “Wait until Tang Wei finishes all the issues here and he’ll find you later.”

After Hei Long left, Tang Wei entered the room. Tang Xiu then told him about Hei Long and instructed him to take care of the issue.

“Brother, that Hei Long is not a good chap.” Tang Wei forced a smiled and said, “From what I can tell, he’s not only ruthless and merciless, but also ungrateful. You personally killed his two trusted underlings, yet he didn’t show any resentment at all. This kind of man only sees benefits as the most important thing. I’m afraid he will be troublesome after we restrain him.”

“Well, this kind of talent is, in fact, the best type to control.” Tang Xiu let out a pale smile and said, “With the Tang Family as a deterrent, he won’t dare to do anything outrageous. He likes benefits, so we’ll give him that. We can use him well in the future as long as he has the ability; he will our Tang Family’s sharp knife. Nonetheless, the support from our family must only be done in the dark.”

"I understand!" Tang Wei nodded and continued, “Anyways, do you still have to leave for Guangyang tomorrow even though you already got your leave of absence?”

“Actually, I still have things to do in Shanghai.” Tang Xiu said with a pale smile, “Since the matter here has been concluded temporarily, it’s kinda meaningless for me to stay. So I had better go back earlier so I can take of my own things.”

“What?” Tang Wei was astonished and said, “How did I not hear you talk about it before?”

“Well, I have a winery in Star City and today is the annual Wine Tasting Conference.” Tang Xiu said, “The wine produced by my winery has been sent to the Wine Tasting Conference. So I’m looking forward to this event since it can become a promotion and publicity for my business.”

“Brother, you really run quite a lot of businesses.” Tang Wei involuntarily laughed and said, “All right! Leave this place to me. Don’t worry about it!”

Guangyang Province, Guan City Airport.

Yao Xinhua quietly waited with a few of his trusted men in the airport’s waiting room. His mood was extremely terrible. Originally he took a group of elite experts of the family to team up with the Sun Family in order to destroy the Tang Family’s businesses. He even nearly forced the Tang Family to abandon Guangyang Province.

However, the situation didn’t proceed along with his expectations. Even the Tangs’ counterattack unexpectedly gave him a heavy blow, while the Sun Family was almost ruined.

Shame! This result was truly shameful for him.

He actually didn’t want to go back to Beijing dejectedly. However, the family’s head had decreed that he must go back, so the contest between the Yaos and the Tangs in Guangyang had probably been concluded. This made him quite depressed and wanting to vomit blood.

“Young Master!”

A burly man strode into the waiting room.

Slightly frowning, Yao Xinhua growled, “What’s up?”

“Young Master, we finally discovered it.” The burly man whispered, “The one in charge for the Tang Family since Tang Yunpeng left Guangyang is called Tang Xiu. He’s the person who led the Tang Family’s experts to attack us.”

“Tang Xiu?”

“I know more or less about the members of the Tang Family.” Yao Xinhua knitted his brows and said, “But is there there such a figure in the Tang Family? Where did this person come from?”

“He’s Tang Yunde’s biological son. He was missing and lived outside the family for years. About two months ago the Tang Family found him and took him back to the family. They also held a ceremonial ritual to recognize the ancestors. He’s 20 years old this year, and I heard that he had just been admitted to university. Furthermore, he was the CET’s top scorer for the science subjects in Shuangqing Province. Tang Wei went to find him in Shanghai a few days ago. Following that the Tang Family gave him the full authority to deal with the issues in Guangyang.”

“You mean my real opponent is this Tang Xiu?” Yao Xinhua’s face changed color as he grimly said, “He’s 20 years old and a baby boy who has just been admitted to college?”

“That's right!"

Despite sensing Yao Xinhua’s anger, the big man still answered truthfully.

Yao Xinhua was silent for a brief moment. He suddenly grinned as he shook his head and said, “I never thought the Tang Family would conceal this so deeply. To think that they even pushed a baby boy to the front desk to hide it. What fucking pricks! I can tell that this is only their poor attempt to conceal it, yet it reveals their scheme. In my opinion, this Tang Xiu is not the real leader of the Tang Family assigned to Guangyang, but someone else. Otherwise, relying on a baby boy to defeat me, heh?”

“Young Master, I also thought likewise after I got the information! Anyways, I sent some people to check on Tang Xiu’s situation in Star City. He’s ordinary, extremely so. But his luck is quite good since he got acquainted with some people with a bit of power.”

“What kind of people?” Yao Xinhua asked.

“The Long Family’s young master in Star City—Long Zhengyu; and the Endless Virtue Pharmaceutical’s Boss—Chen Zhizhong.” The big man said, “Ah, right. He’s also a classmate of Yuan Chuling, the son of the Yuan Family’s Big Boss—Yuan Zhengxuan.”

“That kiddo indeed has a bit of skill then. Regardless, his luck is too heavy, so he’s not worth paying attention.” Yao Xinhua shook his head and said, “Forget investigating this Tang Xiu! Continue to investigate the real commander-in-chief of the Tang Family.”

Shanghai, Forest Park Residential Estates.

Driving a red Audi A4, Han Qingwu registered at the main gate’s post and then slowly drove inside. Tang Xiu entrusted the house key to Yue Kai and she already received it. However, she hadn’t visited the house since she had yet to give the money to Tang Xiu. Because she happened to have free time and the idea suddenly came to her mind, she then rushed here to see the house.

I hope that kiddo found a good house for me. Else I’ll make him look good when he comes back!

Han Qingwu parked the car downstairs a residential building according to the address of the house. She then took the key and entered the building.

The quality is not bad? Can I really rent with so little money?

Inside, Han Qingwu actually found a Property Management Office. Furthermore, there were also a few well-dressed men and women bustling about. Even the decoration of this building gave a high-end atmosphere to her.

27th floor!

Riding the elevator, Han Qingwu arrived at the 27th floor. She stood in the corridor to take a look at the two flats doors on the floor. After that, she immediately took out the key to open the door’s number according to the address Tang Xiu gave her.

My God. Isn’t this too exaggerated?

Han Qingwu strode through the door. But she then gaped with eyes staring wide after seeing the situation inside.