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Chapter 375: Gods Nectar

Chapter 375: Gods Nectar

With Du Kun’s departure, without too many efforts, many people learned from him that there was a wine called Gods Nectar with great flavor and mellow taste in this year’s Wine Tasting Conference.

In the case that it was someone else praising Gods Nectar, they would have probably believed and ridiculed it. But Du Kun, however, was someone influential whether in the business world or his other secret identity.

He was, in fact, one of the judges of this conference!

“Old Du, you’re not someone who boasts. Is that Gods Nectar really that exaggerated just like you say?” The host of the Wine Tasting Conference, the vice-chairman of China Wine Industry Association—Qin Changlin, asked with curiosity.

Several other judges also curiously looked at Du Kun, waiting for his reply.

“I can guarantee that the Gods Nectar from the Magnificent Tang Corp will surely make you praise it. How about I pour you a cup for you to smell it?” Du Kun laughed and said.

“Old Du, don’t kid with me.” Qin Changlin couldn’t help laughing and said, “You want us to smell it? Tasting their wine before the official opening is already giving them face.”

Du Kun hinted at his granddaughter behind him with his finger. The girl swiftly pulled out the Gods Nectar bottle and poured a cup.

The wine fragrance fluttered out. It was only a few seconds, yet Qin Chanling and the other five judges had their eyes lit up in an instant. They couldn’t help but gulp down their saliva.

The aroma! It was truly appetizing!

They couldn’t believe that such a thick, pure wine flavor would come out from just pouring a cup.

“Let me try it!” Qin Changlin quickly stretched his hand out.

With a quick movement, Du Kun grabbed the four-angle crystal cup from his granddaughter’s hand, quickly gulping it down. Shortly after, an intoxicating expression was revealed on his old face.

“This wine should only be found in the heaven. Only a few people in the human world can taste it.”

Once again, Du Kun couldn’t help but sigh.


Looking at the six people swallowing their saliva, the girl couldn’t help laughing.

Qin Changlin grabbed the empty cup and blinked at the girl. Immediately, the girl smiled and poured him a cup.

“I’ll try it!” Qin Changlin placed it before his nose and sniffed it. An intoxicated expression appeared on his face before he gently sipped a mouthful of it. A moment after, his expression turned shocked and disbelieving.

“Chairman Qin, how is it?” One of the judges quickly asked.

While looking at the remaining Gods Nectar in the cup, Qin Changlin’s expression turned a bit helpless. He forced a wry smile and said, “I regret it. I really shouldn’t have drunk it!”

The judge stared blankly as he then looked at Du Kun and said with a smile, “Old Du, this rumor should’ve been seen through, don’t you think? This wine may smell good, but I’m afraid it’s not much after drinking it, no? Hahaha…”

While glancing at Du Kun who smirked strangely, Qin Changlin forced a smile and said, “Little Li, I have yet to finish my sentence! What I mean by regretting drinking this wine is because I’m afraid that I can’t drink it again. What Old Du said is true. This wine should only be found in the heaven, and only a few people can taste it in the human world. This is a wonderful, peerless wine. Perhaps you’ll be unable to sleep if you don’t drink it a few times a day.”

That judge was shocked and quickly grabbed the empty cup and stretched his hand out to the girl. Several others were astonished and also follow in the queue.

A minute later the five had the same expression as Du Kun and Qin Changlin’s a moment ago. They shocked as well as a bit incredulous.

“Old Du, tell me quickly. Where did you get this wine? Quickly! I have never drunk such a fabulous wine in my life. This truly satiates my craving. Tell me quickly. Regardless of the price, I must buy it!” A judge quickly called out.

“Yes, Old Du!” Qin Changlin rapidly echoed, “Quickly tell us, from where did you buy this wine? I must buy it.”

“This wine isn’t cheap. It’s priced at 18,888 a bottle.” Du Kun grinned, “Do you really want to buy it?”

“We’re all wine lovers.” Qin Changlin said without hesitation, “I’d buy it for 188,888 yuan, let alone 18,888 yuan.”

“Me too!” The others echoed.

“Even if you guys give that much, I’m afraid the seller still won’t sell it.” Du Kun shook his head and laughed, “I can tell you the counter that’s selling it, though. It’s the #0246 counter. You guys can go there!”

Qin Changlin hurriedly put down the empty cup in his hand and strode outside. The other five followed him.

At #0246 counter, Kang Xia hung up the phone and looked happy. She rapidly left the counter toward the entrance of the hall, leaving Su Qian and several others surprised and astonished.

“Strange, what’s wrong with Chief Kang?”

“Who called to Chief Kang for her to make a blunder like this?”

“It’s odd!”

As several people chatted, Su Quan seemed to realize something and secretly made a guess, Could it be that Tang Xiu is coming? He’s the only who can make Chief Kang behave like this...

Outside the main entrance of the conference venue.

Tang Xiu forced a smile at the four security guards who stopped him. He had spent some time to talk his way out with them, yet the four of them were unmoved and hell-bent on not letting him in. Helpless, he had no choice but to call Kang Xia.

After he returned to Shanghai he went back home to take a shower and change clothes then rushed here. All for the sake of the Wine Tasting Conference.


Bringing a fragrant breeze with her, Kang Xia appeared in front of Tang Xiu, her whole face filled with joy.

When the four security guards saw Kang Xia, they looked slightly dazed. Thought they had seen her before, but they were still stunned yet again by her soul-stirring beauty.

“I don’t have a pass, so they didn’t allow me to enter.” Tang Xiu said with a smile, “I’m afraid I can only ask you to bring me in.”

“Hello, guys!” Kang Xia looked at the four security guards with a smile and said, “He’s the boss of our company, he should be allowed to enter, don’t you think?”

"Ok, Ok!"

The security guard whom Kang Xia looked at and talked to immediately nodded and felt extremely flattered.

Kang Xia faced him again and gave a charming smile. She then faced toward Tang Xiu and invited him, “Boss, let’s go inside!”

“So, what’s the progress?” Tang Xiu smiled and asked after he went in, “I just got off the plane and caught up with you here.”

“Today is just to publicize our booth. Tomorrow will be the official opening of the Wine Tasting Competition.” Kang Xia said with a smile, “Our Gods Nectar is priced rather too high. Many people made jokes about it the whole morning.”

“Well, 10,000 yuan per bottle is, of course, a very high price.” Tang Xiu said with a smile.

“Boss, wasn’t our Gods Nectar priced at 11,000 before?” Kang Xia stared blankly for a moment, looked confused, “Ah, I haven’t told you about it yet! Its tagged price now is 18,888 yuan per bottle after the high-level management had a discussion about it!”


Tang Xiu looked dazed as he suddenly recalled something. He then patted his head and forced out a smile, “It’s a loss. I made it a loss. I drank with several friends a couple days ago in a restaurant in Shanghai. I told them it was priced at 10,000 yuan per bottle. Eventually, they’ll want to order some bottles from our winery.”

“Ehh, it turned out like this!” Kang Xia couldn’t help laughing and said, “It’s all right. Since they are your friends, Boss, selling it a bit cheaper is normal. However, we can’t set this kind of precedent again.”

“If it was only 10,000 per bottle, it would be fine.” Tang Xiu reluctantly said, “But I also gave them a discount.”

Cough! Cough!

Kang Xia was choked by Tang Xiu’s words. She didn’t know whether to cry or laugh as she looked at Tang Xiu and curiously asked, “Boss, are you regretting it?”

“More than regretting it. My intestines turned green because of it!” Tang Xiu forced a bitter smile and said, “Damn, it’s 50% cheaper than the direct price. Ah, let bygones be bygones. I must not give face to those so-called friends again in the future. This is money! A lot of it!”

“Well, they haven’t contacted me, yet.” Kang Xia laughed, “So you don’t need to worry. Let’s just wait until our Gods Nectar hit the market. They will also know about the selling price. And so they will know Boss’s great spirit; a friend worth making.”

Tang Xiu wryly smiled and shook his head. That night, outside Miao Wentang, there were several other people he considered as friends! This cheap profit turned out to be a gift to them.

The duo returned to counter #0246 while chatting.

“Huh? What happened?”

Kang Xia’s footsteps came to a halt as she caught sight of the counter that was completely surrounded by people. The sight made her confused.

“Those people are gathered around… our counter?” Tang Xiu said.

“Yes!” Kang Xia nodded and said, “The counter was still empty when I came out to greet you. How come it was surrounded by people within this short time?”

“All right, let’s go!” Tang Xiu said, “Let’s have a look at the cause.”

The duo had yet to squeeze into the crowd as they heard Su Quan’s voice from the inside, “Gentlemen, we really don’t sell out Gods Nectar. Besides, we only brought four bottles. Our General Manager has just gifted a bottle while the rest will be used tomorrow. So we must apologize for this inconvenience. If you want to buy it, you’ll have to wait for a few days when we’ll open our exclusive stores in Shanghai as well as in the major cities across the country. Please go to our stores to buy it then.”

In the innermost circle.

“Little Brother, please sell me a bottle!” Qin Changlin forced a smile and said, “Only two bottles will be used for tomorrow’s entry, I want to buy the remaining bottle. We have tasted the Gods Nectar brought by Old Du a moment ago. It’s simply… fabulous. If my wine addiction flares up and I can’t drink such a good wine, I’m afraid I will be unable to sleep after I go back.”

“Elderly, I really can’t sell it.” Su Quan said, “I’m only an errand boy and our superior is currently not here. How about you wait for her?”

With Tang Xiu’s support, Kang Xia squeezed inside. She then looked at the surrounding crowd in front of the counter. After she and Tang Xiu entered the counter, she said, “What happened?”

Su Quan’s eyes turned bright immediately upon seeing Tang Xiu. He quickly said, “Chief Kang, they want to buy our Gods Nectar. They even threatened to buy however many bottles we have.”

While looking at Qin Changlin and the rest, Kang Xia said with a smile, “Gentlemen, my subordinate said it crystal clear. I ask everyone to please go back! Our Magnificent Tang Corp will hold a press conference a few days later. After the press conference, our fifty exclusive stores for Gods Nectar in twenty-five cities across the country will open at the same time. By then, I hope all of you come and support our exclusive stores.”