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Chapter 382: Perplexed

Chapter 382: Perplexed

Looking at the incensed Li Haoran, Tang Xiu intentionally revealed a sudden understanding look. He then straightly sat on the sofa right in front of him and said with a smile, “I recall that you asked me whether or not I’m called Tang Xiu. You’re right, I’m exactly called Tang Xiu, for I don’t need to change my name nor my surname.”

Li Haoran let out a cold smile and gestured to a big man standing behind him. The big man took a cup and poured another one for Tang Xiu.

“You’re a guest. Please have a tea.”

After glancing at the teacup, Tang Xiu raised his thumbs and exclaimed in praise, “Family Head Li truly has a good demeanor. I was so arrogant and domineering, yet you’re actually willing to invite me to drink tea. It seems I have to interact more with Family Head Li later so I can learn your efforts at self-control!”

“Mr. Tang is kidding me.” Li Haoran said lightly, “I don’t deserve to call myself a Family Head. I’m nothing more than someone whose words only have some weight in the Li Family.”

“You actually don’t dare to hold the title of Family Head?” Tang Xiu said with amazement, “Is it because I looked too highly at you in your Li Family? As far as I know, all the genuine big families in the country have a family head.”

“Mr. Tang, there is a good proverb that it’s better to get rid of an enmity than keep it alive.” Li Haoran sneered, “I know the purpose of your visit and I also learned about the contradiction between you and my son. I want to have a talk between gentlemen, so leave out the dripping acid and the sarcasm. If my son is in the wrong, I’ll make him bow down to admit his mistakes. But if you were the one who bullied him, I won’t let this matter go.”

With a change in expression, Tang Xiu sat straight and sneered back, “I praised your demeanor just now, yet you turned into an angry lion in an instant? Let alone saying that this matter was caused by your son’s mistake, even if I were the one who bullied him, what can you do to me?”

“You…” Li Haoran was furious.

“What’s up with me? You think that just because your Li Family possesses a big enterprise and great assets you can condone your eldest son being arrogant, domineering, and let him bully others?” Tang Xiu sneered, “This time, the one he provoked was me. Had it been others, I’m afraid that your Li Family would be in a complete mess, don’t you think?”

“Tang Xiu, don’t be insolent!”

Li Zhen indignantly shouted as he walked down from the second floor and strode over.

While sizing up Li Zhen, Tang Xiu clicked his tongue and sighed, “Well, well. The main character has come, eh! Your big daddy is supporting you, so it’s a given that I’m unhappy with it. Tell me, Li Zhen, was killing with borrowing a knife tonight interesting enough? If it does, I gotta learn it from you since I’m quite bored now!”

Playing the fool, Li Zhen replied, “Hell if I know what you’re talking about!”

“Do you know why I didn’t call you out when I beat Yu Zhi?” Tang Xiu’s said lightly, “It was because I wanted to visit and have a look at your family and your big daddy. I wanna know what great figure he is since he can actually give birth to such a stupid son.”

"You…" Li Zhen was furious.

Raising his hand to interrupt him, Li Haoran’s eyes glared at Tang Xiu and deeply said, “Mr. Tang, do speak with prudence. Don’t think you can act arrogantly in my house just because you brought a few people here. I only heard part of the truth from my son about the enmity between you and him. Then tell me, what was it that caused your resentment?”

From Tang Xiu’s words just now, he heard something that made him secretly scared!

Eldest son?

There were only five people in this world who knew that he had two sons. He couldn’t figure out how did Tang Xiu found out about it!

“Li Haoran, right? Don’t pretend you know nothing in front of me.” Tang Xiu waved his hand and said, “You clearly know everything your son has done. This time I came here to demand an explanation. If you can’t satisfy me, humph…”

“What can you do to me, even if I don’t make you satisfied, huh?” Li Haoran sneered.

“Who is so bold to run up and cause trouble in the Li Family’s residence this late at night?” A voice came from the front door. Shortly after, three middle-aged men entered the living room with five or six bodyguards around them.

Li Haoran slightly furrowed his brows. He looked a bit embarrassed and angry. His old friends came to play mahjong and they ultimately saw him facing someone that came to find trouble with him. This made him lose face.

“Brother Gu, Brother Chen, Brother Gao; I didn’t expect that you would come so soon. It’s just a trivial matter. I’ll dispatch them shortly after. You can just go to the chess room and play, or do you want to wait for me first in the chess room?” Li Haoran got up and greeted them.

The three middle-aged men’s eyes landed on Tang Xiu at the same time.

At the moment, one of the middle-aged man’s expression changed. He was as though unable to hear Li Haoran’s words as he strode over toward Tang Xiu. With a smile on his face, he stretched out his hand and said, “I never thought that I would actually meet Brother Tang in Brother Li’s place today. No wonder the Magpies have been calling out all day!”

Tang Xiu slightly knitted his brows. He hadn’t thought that he would unexpectedly meet an acquaintance here. It was Gu Changmin, the Dingshen Media’s boss who ordered the Gods Nectar in advance though he didn’t even know about the wine.

After standing up, Tang Xiu shook hands with Gu Changmin. He lightly chuckled, “I’m also a bit surprised. I didn’t expect that Brother Gu would actually visit the Li Family’s residence to play mahjong this late at night either. What a good spirit!”

“Well, I’ve had nothing to do recently. I have a bit of money in my hands, but I don’t know what to do with it.” Gu Changmin laughed and said, “Brother Tang, how about you bring me along and let me make a bit of money?”

“Brother Gu is joking with me. You own a big business, how can my small business enter your eyes?” Tang Xiu said.

“You’re too modest, Brother Tang. Brother Miao told me a lot about you.” Gu Changmin sonorously said, “Only few people can make me admire them. But you, I genuinely admire you! Needless to say about anything else, just that big project in Star City is something that I can’t catch up with.”

Tang Xiu gave out a faint smile. Nonetheless, he knew a bit about Miao Wentang’s character. He believed the man wouldn’t say anything about his identity as a cultivator.

“Old Brother Gu is overpraising me. Since you’re going to play mahjong here, please go to the chess room to wait for this Li Haoran! I promise he’ll be safe tonight.”

Gu Changmin’s expression changed slightly. He turned around to look at Li Haoran. His complexion turned more solemn as he said in a deep voice, “Li Haoran, what is going on exactly? Brother Tang is an easygoing man. For him to personally come to you means that someone in your Li Family has caused trouble. What are you stunned for? Apologize to Brother Tang!”

Shocked, Li Haoran could hardly believe his ears. His old friend wanted him to apologize to a kid who had yet to grow his hair?

Furthermore, what did he mean by winking at him?

Suddenly, he recalled what his son had said before. His son had yet to clearly investigate Tang Xiu’s identity until now. Could it be that… his background was really not simple?

As he thought up to there, he turned around and fiercely glared at his son, Li Zhen. A very ugly smile appeared on his face as he said, “Mr. Tang, I really didn’t know that you and Brother Gu knew each other. More so that I’ve offended you just now. So I hope you can be magnanimous enough to forgive me. Additionally, even without you telling me, I actually know that my son is a nuisance who stirs up troubles. But you can rest assured, I will teach him a good lesson. Li Zhen, what are you dazing for? Come here and apologize to Mr. Tang!”

“Dad, why must we be afraid of him?” Li Zhen indignantly said, “I really don’t believe he can do anything to me!”

Upon discovering the changes in Tang Xiu’s expression, Gu Changmin immediately called out trash inwardly. Almost in an instant, he rushed before Li Zhen and raised his big hand to slap him and sternly yelled, “SHUT THE HELL UP! Your elder wants you to apologize! Regardless of how Li Haoran doted and taught you, that is your family’s issue. But you, as his son, must never court disaster for him. APOLOGIZE!”

Li Zhen covered his cheek. He seemed unable to believe what happened. Furthermore, the one who hit him was not his father, but Gu Changmin.

He wanted to act crazily. However, Gu Changmin’s identity deterred him, thus he didn’t dare to open his mouth. So his eyes shifted to his father.

Li Haoran’s expression turned a bit unsightly. He never expected that Gu Changmin would hit his son. Nonetheless, today’s situation had turned into such a situation. It wasn’t proper for him to get furious at Gu Changmin on the spot. He could only suppress the vexed feeling inside as he imposingly shouted, “Apologize!”

Shifting his eyes to look at his father and Gu Changmin, Li Zhen eventually faced Tang Xiu and said with an unwilling look, “Tang Xiu, I apologize for what I did before. I’m really sorry for having a malicious intent in tonight’s matter. I’ll adhere to our previous agreement to avoid you when I see you later.”


He said this word with a very heavy tone and expression.

After coldly glanced at Li Haoran and Li Zhen, Tang Xiu turned to Gu Changmin and lightly said, “I’ll let this matter go since Brother Gu acted. However, should anyone from the Li Family provoke me again, don’t blame me for losing all decorum and turn ruthless when the time comes.”

Accompanying him with a smile, Gu Changmin said, “Yes, yes, yes. Thank you for your magnanimity, Brother Tang. Anyways, do you have time tomorrow? I want to invite you to a feast.”

“Let’s forget about it.” Tang Xiu said, “I still have some trivial matters I need to deal with, so I’ll take my leave first.”

Gu Changmin hastily turned around and winked at Li Haoran. Only then did he reply with a smile, “All right, let me send you off.”

A few minutes later, after the three cars departed, Li Haoran stood in front of the courtyard with a grim expression as his eyes fixated on Gu Changmin. While repressing his anger, he said, “My dear Brother Gu, I want you to give me an explanation.”

Gu Changmin himself looked a bit unhappy. He fully realized the meaning behind Tang Xiu’s words. Previously, he made a big order for the wine produced by Tang Xiu’s winery despite knowing nothing about it. It was because he wanted to establish a friendship with him. That situation could be said as selling his face.

However, when he happily looked for Li Haoran to play mahjong today, he had actually used up that favor. Hence, he felt a bit vexed upon thinking about this matter.

“Do you want me to explain to you here?” Gu Changmin replied with a cold tone and expression.

Li Haoran furrowed his brows deeper, but still, he said, “Inside, please!”

The other two middle-aged men exchanged looks. They all saw what happened. However, inwardly, they sighed for Gu Changmin since he meddled in another’s business. He even forced Li Haoran to apologize inside the Li Family’s residence while also personally hitting Li Zhen.

It was... too excessive!