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Chapter 388: Heart-Brain Gu Poison

Chapter 388: Heart-Brain Gu Poison

Shanghai World Trade Exhibition Center.

Media reporters followed the seven judges who stopped in front of the counter, tasting a variety of wine brands. Regardless, due to quantity of wines, they just sipped the wine as not to get drunk and then gave their evaluations.

Time fleeted by.

Surrounded by the crowd, Du Kun came before the #0246 counter. He looked at Kang Xia, who opened the bottle cap of Gods Nectar and poured a cup. The smile on his face immediately got thicker.

After drinking up, Du Kun spoke to the recorder in his hand, smiling, “My appraisal is the same as before. This wine should only be found in heaven, and only a few people can taste it in the human world. If the price of this Gods Nectar wasn’t tagged with such a high price, I would be very worried about the other wine businesses in China. If anything, I want to tell everyone that this wine is truly a good drink, yet, you must get it after looking at your pockets. If you don’t have the money, even if this wine is a world’s delicacy, you shouldn’t be over too fond of drinking it.”

Having said that, he turned to Kang Xia and said with a smile, “Chief Kang, I love this Gods Nectar and am very optimistic about it. If later you have any problem in this area, you can find me. I’ll help you solve it.”

"Thank you!" Kang Xia slightly bowed and replied with a smile.

The media reporters were ignited by Du Kun’s statements. This time, they recounted Du Kun’s words without missing even a word with excited expressions and relayed it back to their headquarters as quickly as they could.

Outside the venue, seven big screens above broadcasted this scene. A large number of liquor wholesalers saw it, and many people recorded the scene using their mobile phones. To witness and memorize the success of Gods Nectar today.

Many people now began to inquire the details of the Magnificent Tang Corp, hoping that they could be cognizant of the company’s executives and win them over by throwing money, striving to buy a great quantity of Gods Nectar to make a fortune from it.

Shanghai, Southfield Villa Complex.

Following the address, Tang Xiu came over by car. There were four cars in the garage, and he let Kang Xia drive one. Yet, it was his first time using one.

After reporting to the main gate, he arrived at the villa. After entering, he found that, although this villa was a bit shabier compared to the ville in the Bluestar Villa Complex, it was also an upscale and luxurious villa.

After parking the car, Tang Xiu took out a black leather suitcase from the trunk. He put the precious ores to craft interspatial ring inside, some of which were main materials - Void Crack Stone, Wintertide Fluorite, and Star Fragment Stone - while Tang Xiu had also bought some batches of other additional materials. However, there were too many things to carry, and he didn’t bring all of them over from Star City. But since they easy to buy, he decided to buy a few more before he began crafting the interspatial ring.

Soon, Ji Chimei caught up. After greeting Tang Xiu, she then learned the reason he called her over.

“Venerable Lord, I don’t know much about the Gu Poison on Earth. But I believe there’s no Gu Poison in this world that I can’t govern. So you can rest assured that I’ll do my best.” Ji Chimei respectfully said.

“I believe in you.” Tang Xiu said with a smile, “I estimate that they should be arriving in half a day. You can wait here!”

“Understood!” Ji Chimei said.

As noon approached, Tang Xiu received a phone call from Miao Wentang, informing him that he had brought Dao Master Ziyi and his disciple to Southfield Villa Complex’s entrance. Immediately, Tang Xiu called the complex’s main gate and said to allow them to enter.

“Brother Tang, I didn’t let you down. I’ve brought Dao Master Ziyi and his disciple. Whether or not you can get the thing you want, it will depend on your ability.” Miao Wentang cupped his fists over as he smiled.

Nodding with a smile in a response, Tang Xiu then looked at Dao Master Ziyi and said with a smile, “Dao Master Ziyi, we meet again. From your dispirited look, you seem to not have rested, right?”

“As long as I can cure this disciple of mine, I’m willing to endure.” Dao Master Ziyi forced a smile and said, “Benefactor Tang, let’s not waste time! You can rest assured, I’ll immediately give you my cauldron furnace as long as you can eliminate the Gu Poison in my disciple’s body.”

Having said that, he walked to the car’s rear door. With utmost care, he pulled out a person dressed in a yellow robe, and an object wrapped in a large bundle of yellow cloth, and then put it down in front of Tang Xiu.

Tang Xiu didn’t open the wrapped object. Instead, he looked at the youth who wore the same Daoist robe as Dao Master Ziyi. The youth had a handsome look, but his complexion was pale, with faintly purple lips. There was also a black-colored vertical line on the center of his brows.

“Please, come inside!” Tang Xiu said coolly.

Miao Wentang and Dao Master Ziyi shot Ji Chimei curious looks, who looked focused and still behind Tang Xiu. They didn’t intend to ignore her, but, since Tang Xiu didn’t introduce her, they could only hold back their doubt as they followed Tang Xiu inside.

“Dao Master Ziyi, you and Brother Miao can wait outside. We’ll go inside to check his condition.” Tang Xiu didn’t want to waste time. He wanted to get the cauldron furnace as fast as possible.

“All right!” Dao Master Ziyi nodded.

A minute after, Tang Xiu and Ji Chimei had brought the youth into the room.

After Tang Xiu nodded, she then immediately said, “Take off your clothes and lie on the bed.”

The youth obeyed Ji Chimei’s instruction. After stripping off his clothes, he obediently lied on the bed.

Ji Chimei raised her hand and pressed the youth’s Great Spirit point, Great Pivot point, and Life Gate point, these three big acupoints. As her fingers moved, an amazed expression could be seen on her old face.


Ji Chimei turned her hands. The youth’s body levitated midair. In a flash, Ji Chimei’s figure drifted up. with her feet floating in the air, her hands constantly flapped the youth’s back and abdomen. After more than a minute, she then floated down.

"How is it?" After seeing the youth’s body back to bed again, Tang Xiu quickly asked.

“Venerable Lord, I know what kind of Gu Poison is in his body.” Ji Chimei respectfully replied after knocking out the youth with her hand, “I had once fought an old Demon Ancestor called Black Heart in the Immortal World. He was an expert in all kinds of Gu Poison. Originally, he had harmed a lot of people, poisoning some of them with this type of Gu Poison.”

“What is it, exactly?” Tang Xiu curiously asked.

“It’s the Heart-Brain Gu, an extremely vicious Gu Poison.” Ji Chime replied with all seriousness, “This type of Gu Poison can discharge beyond removing someone’s root of life and star destiny thread together and link up his brain area and heart. Once this root of star thread is broken, the victim implanted with it will die instantly. Additionally, this kind of Gu Poison releases its poison from time to time and will erode the person’s blood essence, corroding his bone marrows. However, the person who used this Gu Poison has poor ability. His low cultivation resulted in the Brain Heart Gu not being up to much, thus, this youth can still live until now.”

“Can you cure him?” Tang Xiu asked the issue he was most concerned about.

“I can. But I need some things.” Ji Chimei nodded.

“What kind of things?” Tang Xiu asked.

“Crepe Myrtle Kindle Symbol.”

“Have you considered whether I can make this ancient symbol?” Tang Xiu knitted his brows and forced a smile.

“In those days, Venerable Lord was able to move unhindered in the Immortal World and had innumerable divine abilities.” Ji Chimei said with a smile, “This subordinate only had a meager status at that time. Even though this one did hear Venerable Lord’s glorious deeds, this one never knew that you could craft this Crepe Myrtle Kindle Symbol.”

“I’m indeed able to craft this Crepe Myrtle Kindle Symbol. But my current cultivation is limited.” Tang Xiu smiled and said, “Even if I exhaust all my strength, I’m afraid I can only produce one in a day. Furthermore, the effect is also much worse. I don’t know whether it would still have an effect.”

“It won’t be a problem!” Ji Chimei nodded. Having said that, there was a look as if she wanted to say more, but was hesitant in doing so.

“What else do you want to say?” Tang Xiu asked when he noticed it.

There was a surprised flash in Ji Chimei’s eyes as she said, “Boss, I suspect that there are some inextricably link between Earth and the Immortal World. After all, this Gu Poison is extremely rare even in the Immortal World. Furthermore, ever since I arrived on Earth, I found many things which can be considered as peerless treasures in the Immortal World.”

Tang Xiu himself had long been aware of the special connection between Earth and the Immortal World. Therefore, he nodded and said, “In fact, I have also noticed some of the things you said. However, there are only a handful of cultivators at present. Those few in the cultivation world that I know of don’t know many secrets either. Hence, even if we want to investigate it, I’m afraid we can’t find out anything. Some people on Earth probably have some connections with the Immortal World. That, or some cultivators from Earth who had ascended to the Immortal World are using some divine ability to transport some things from there to Earth. In short, there are all kinds of possibilities.”

“Do you want me to secretly investigate it?” Ji Chimei asked, “Perhaps we’ll have unexpected discoveries.”

“Not for the time being.” Tang Xiu shook his head and said, “Your most important duty is to protect Yan’er and refine medicinal pills. As for other matters, wait until I have thoroughly cured Yan’er. It won’t be too late to conduct further investigations later.”

“I understand!” Ji Chimei respectfully said.

“Go buy the things needed to inscribe the symbol!” Tang Xiu said, “After you buy them, I’ll immediately craft the Crepe Myrtle Kindle Symbol.”


After Ji Chimei departed, Tang Xiu didn’t awake the youth, instead, he went to the living room. Dao Master Ziyi and Miao Wentang stood up upon seeing him, as Tang Xiu then said, “We can save your disciple, but we need a special ancient symbol. I’ve ordered Ji Chimei to buy the materials needed. After I craft the symbol, she then can start the treatment.”

“You can really treat it?” Dao Master Ziyi was pleasantly surprised.

“Well, I’m someone who attaches importance to promises.” Tang Xiu said with a smile, “Naturally, if I don’t have the cure, I won’t say anything that slaps my own face just to look imposing. Rest assured and wait!”

“I’ve been waiting for a long time, it’s not a problem to wait for a while more!” Dao Master Ziyi nodded, and then said with a smile, “Benefactor Tang, don’t tell me you don’t want to have a look at the cauldron furnace.”

Tang Xiu looked at the wrapped furnace on the tea table. He then walked over gently unwrapped it.


When Tang Xiu looked at the golden yellow quadruped cauldron furnace, his eyes were wide like saucers. He couldn’t help but inhale a cold breath.