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Chapter 395: The Closer You Are to A Gentleman, the Deeper Your Affection Is

Chapter 395: The Closer You Are to A Gentleman, the Deeper Your Affection Is

There is a kind of love in the world that is vast and selfless. It is the kind of love that is also solemn and sacred. It can make people lose themselves in reverie, yet it can also make them attain happiness throughout their life.

That kind of love… was the most ordinary one, a mother’s love.

Su Lingyun had brought Tang Xiu up with great hardship. Tang Xiu could be said to be her everything. The moment she heard Tang Xiu was tired and hungry, she put aside everything to take care of him. She quickly got up and said, “Xiu’er, rest for awhile. I’ll go cook you a meal. I’ll call you when I’m done.”

"Thanks, mom!"

Tang Xiu said with a smile and nodded to Du Juan. He then entered through the door and went straight to his bedroom on the second floor. After picking a set of new clothes in the cloakroom, he went to the bathroom and took a hot bath, and then walked into the brand new study room.

Within the study room, there were quite a few precious things. At first, when Tang Xiu let Xue Chao and Du Juan’s family of three live here, he was a bit worried that they would move their things inside his study room. But looking at it now, it seemed that they were really honest, and didn’t move anything inside.


Tang Xiu waved his hand. All the valuables in the study room floated and then instantly entered the space inside his interspatial ring.

There’s still a few remaining Wintertide Fluorites and Star Fragment Stones. The Void Crack Stone has been completely used, so, crafting more interspatial rings will be difficult. However, there are still many Sky Sandstones left, so, I don’t need to worry about precious materials in the future.

Tang Xiu nodded in satisfaction. He intended to go back to Star City in a few days. There were still many valuables in his villa’s study room in South Gate Town, as well as some other materials inside the freezer in the Old River District. All of those would be stored inside his interspatial ring.

Afterward, during the meal, Tang Xiu chatted with his mother and then decided to return to Star City tomorrow morning. Therefore, he directly informed the captain of the private jet at the airport. He also notified Kang Xia the approximate time he would arrive in Star City.

Tang Xiu had tired himself out because of the nearly ten days of crafting. Precisely because of that he slept from day to night, and then from night to dawn, sleeping for more than 30 hours. But after he woke up, he felt very light and comfortable.

Star City Airport.

Kang Xia was wearing a beige dress with a brown vest, a duckbill cap, and high-heels. Standing at the airport’s exit, she looked toward the crowd who were unceasingly coming out of the exit point.

As for Su Quan, leaning his back on a pillar, a trace of a smile hung on his face. From time to time, his eyes darted toward Kang Xia. As an ordinary man, he couldn’t read Kang Xia’s mind, however, he could tell that his General Manager—Kang Xia truly worshipped Tang Xiu.

“Chief Kang, we came ahead of time. There’s about 16 minutes left for Tang Xiu’s arrival time.”

Turning her head, Kang Xia stared at Su Quan and hummed, “Hmph, do I look like I don’t know that, and need you to remind me? Have you taken care of the promotion plan for the Skin Care Lotion and the Scar Removal Cream? You had better make good use of the time and do a good job.”

Su Quan gulped down his saliva. Staring at her with disbelief, he said, “C-Chief… Chief Kang, you mean… …you want me to do the promotion plan here?”

“You can’t do it?” Kang Xia gave him rolling eyes, and hummed, “If not, just wait at the parking lot outside.”

“Okay! Okay! I’ll do it!”

Su Quan showed the white of his eyes. He didn’t want to go back and stay in the parking lot. Hence, he took his smartphone and pretended to play with it. He could tell that, as long as he stayed still and didn’t talk, even if he pretended doing something, perhaps Kang Xia wouldn’t throw another tantrum at him.

Time fleeted by.

After half an hour passed by, Kang Xia’s eyes finally turned bright when she saw Tang Xiu coming out. However, her expression slightly changed since Tang Xiu’s mother, Su Lingyun, was with him.

“Oh? Chief Kang, when did Auntie go to Shanghai?” At this time, Su Quan also had seen Tang Xiu and Su Lingyun as he asked with a face full of a surprised expression.

Kang Xia subconsciously glanced at him, and then said in a low voice, “You ask me, but who should I ask?! Remember, don’t speak anything. If… if you can’t help but want to speak, just say something good about me, all right?”

A smile was outlined on of Su Quan’s mouth as he said, “Got it. I know what to do.”

Looking at him with a satisfied look, Kang Xia then strode forward to welcome them, “Boss, I knew that you were coming back, but I didn’t expect that Auntie was also in Shanghai. Furthermore, she came back with you. Auntie, it should have been hard on you, right?”

Su Lingyun knew Kang Xia. She also knew that she was the General Manager of her son’s company. Therefore, she replied back with a smile, “It’s quite fortunate that there was nothing that made me tired. Anyhow, I myself didn’t expect that Xiu’er would unexpectedly make you fetch us yourself, Kang Xia. This kiddo is truly outrageous, you’re already busy enough usually.”

“It’s me who was willing to come over, though. Boss has nothing to do with it.” Kang Xia said with a smile.

Su Lingyun’s eyes turned bright. She keenly observed that Kang Xia was secretly glancing at her son with a tender look on her face. It was an obvious expression from a girl in love who saw her boyfriend.


After grabbing Kang Xia’s hand, Su Lingyun then smiled and said, “Kang Xia, don’t speak for him. It’s your matter as for how you get along with Xiu’er. If anything, I give you my word, you can come to tell me if he dares to bully you. I’ll fix him up.”

Kang Xia looked excited. It was the first time for Su Lingyun to show such an affection. Moreover, what made her the happiest was that Auntie Su seemed to have said it with a profound meaning behind it.

“Auntie, don’t worry. I’ll tell you if he bullies me. If he does dare to do any mischief to me, I’ll tell you.” Kang Xia was extremely elated. It was as though sweet honey had been smeared over her small mouth.

Nodding in satisfaction, Su Lingyun smiled as she looked at Su Quan, and then suddenly said, “Quan, how are you also here?”

“Aunt Lingyun, I’m now working in the Magnificent Tang Corp.” Su Quan said with a smile.

“I know that. I just didn’t expect that you would come fetch us, too.” Su Lingyun said with a smile, “Let us go! I haven’t eaten anything since morning. I’m quite hungry.”

“Yes, yes. Let’s go, Auntie!”

Kang Xia quickly held Su Lingyun’s arm and replied affectionately.

South Gate Town.

After arriving here, Kang Xia and Su Quan intended to leave, but Su Lingyun firmly retained them. In the villa’s living room, Tang Yunde chatted with Kang Xia and Su Quan before he went to talk with Tang Xiu in a room on the second floor.

“Xiu’er, since you’re here, you can tell me about the details of the situation in Guangyang and Fukang, right? Those people who appeared there, who are they, exactly?” Tang Yunde couldn’t bear to ask as he walked with crutches and sat down on the sofa.

“Let me see your wound first!” Tang Xiu said.

“You don’t need to worry about my injury. It’s fine already.” Tang Yunde pushed Tang Xiu’s hand away. Shaking his head, he said, “It should be fully healed in eight to ten days more since the bones weren’t affected. Anyhow, don’t shift the subject, will you? I feel that something is amiss if you don’t tell me.”

Forcing out a wry smile, Tang Xiu then went to sit in front of Tang Yunde, saying, “Well, since you want to know, then I’ll tell you. But you have to promise me one thing. This must not be passed to anyone else, including mom and grandpa.”

“All right!” Tang Yunde replied without hesitation.

“Those people are, in fact, the Everlasting Feast Hall’s members! As for what kind of existence the Everlasting Feast Hall is, it is a Sect. A martial world’s Sect like those in ancient times, where among them, experts and martial artists are as many as the clouds, proficient in all kinds of cultural and technical skills. All in all, they are a group of very formidable people. If they were to come out and do as they please, they can bring about a huge sensation and would be difficult to deal with.”

“What I care the most is what kind of relationship is between you and this Everlasting Feast Hall, son.” Tang Yunde frowned.

“I’m the Everlasting Feast Hall’s master!” Tang Xiu said.

Tang Yunde stared blankly for a moment. He then rolled his eyes, smiled and chided, “Don’t bullshit me, son. Since the Everlasting Feast Hall is a martial arts Sect, with experts as many as the clouds like you said, what did you do for being able to become its master? Tell me seriously.”

“What I told you is the truth, Dad. I really am the Everlasting Feast Hall’s master.” Tang Xiu forced a wry smile and said, “As for how I became the Everlasting Feast Hall’s master, it’s quite a troublesome matter to tell, so I won’t explain it to you. Shortly put, if you run into the Everlasting Feast Hall’s people in the future, just treat them as your own people. As for the information about the members of the Tang Family, I’ll hand it over to the Everlasting Feast Hall later.”

“Is the Everlasting Feast Hall reliable? Can we really trust them 100%?” Tang Yunde furrowed his brows.

“Not 100%, no. But we can trust them 80-90%.” Tang Xiu said, “Therefore, our most confidential secrets can be concealed. However, we still have to tell them the information about the Tang Family, so as to avoid conflict between ourselves for failing to recognize each other.”

“True that!” Tang Yunde nodded.

“That’s right, there’s one thing I need to talk to you about, Dad. Since you have no serious problem with your health and body, isn’t it time for you to get busy?” Tang Xiu said, “I heard you were once an elite in the army, and a very formidable one at that.”

“What about it?” Tang Yunde was puzzled.

“What more? Making money, developing your own force, feeding your family!” Tang Xiu said, “You can’t be thinking of sitting idly by and eating a mountain, right? You’re still young, yet you want me to take care of you just like a retired person?”

Tang Yunde couldn’t help laughing, “Isn’t that OK?”

Tang Xiu rolled his eyes at him and said, “You cannot be satisfied with this, can you?! Though it’s not a problem taking care of you, however, it must wait until you’re really unable to walk. Besides, you’re still young. 40-50 years of age is an excellent time. You make money, and make money again, so you can support your family well afterwards! As for the people you want to train, I can help you with that.”

“How, exactly?” Tang Yunde asked with an odd expression.

Tang Xiu smiled lightly and said, “You have no credible and capable men, so it’s useless to tell you about it now. First, train a group of trusted men, then I can help you develop a group of talents in the future. As for what you want to do, it’s your call!”