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Chapter 399: Confession

Chapter 399: Confession

A master and a disciple met again and talked about everything inside their minds and hearts. Although the exquisite pagoda’s seventh floor was full of chilling air, yet their two hearts were filled with warmth.

Time went by as the duo talked more.

Finally, as if recalling something, Gu Yan’er jumped up, and then said with a smile, “Master, Yan’er wants to present you a gift. Though I wanted to find an object of your liking before, however, I turned out to find a better one, and I think you’ll like it, Master.”

“What object?” Tang Xiu was surprised.

Gu Yan’er’s lightly touched her tiptoe. Her white dress hiked up with her just like a fairy performing a dance. A soft green light appeared in her hand, an aquamarine-colored seed enwrapped at the center of the green light.

Yes, it was a seed. And it emitted out a thick life force.

Tang Xiu furrowed his brows deeply, looking at the seen in the green light. He racked up his brains searching knowledge about it, yet he couldn’t find the slightest information about this seed. He was sure he had never seen this kind of seed before.

“Yan’er, this is…” Tang Xiu asked with deep curiosity.

“Master, you know about the top three objects among the top ten Supreme Divine Items in the Immortal World, right?” Gu Yan’er coquettishly asked.

“Yeah, I know about them.” Tang Xiu said, “The first object is the World Core, the second one is the Heavenly Path Universe Tree, and the third one is the Wheel of Samsara.”

“That’s right, the World Core is the Immortal World’s core. It’s located in the most mysterious place, the Phantasm Oblivion Domain. Several eras ago super experts were known to be able to shuttle back and forth from the God Realm to borrow the World Core’s energy in order to expand the boundaries of the Immortal World by several millions of times. As for the Wheel of Samsara, it’s precisely the most profound heavenly law in regards to reincarnation principles. Whoever controls the Wheel of Samsara is said to be able to govern the Path of Samsara of a trillion of lives, and will be able to draw support from the cycle of karma and fate to set foot into the God Realm. Unfortunately, this is only a legend, for no one was able to obtain the Wheel of Samsara.”

“This seed itself is only the crystallization of this era’s Heavenly Path Universe Tree. But it’s also the one and only seed ever since the Immortal World existed. If this seed were to be cultivated inside someone’s heart, that person could control the second path leading to the God Realm. Because the Heavenly Path Universe Tree back then was the only path leading to the God Realm before it was cut down.”

With a terrified expression, Tang Xiu looked at the seed. His eyes stared at Gu Yan’er, who let out a brilliant smile. He then shook his head and said, “Yan’er, you… from where did you get this object?”

A vicious glint flashed in Gu Yan’er’s eyes, as she laughed and said, “Master, 3.6 thousand years after you were rumored to have been slain, 17 of the strongest Immortal World’s Supremes respectively consecrated a drop of their blood essence and life source in order to be able to get a new path to heaven. They finally figured out a trace of a heavenly secret after the Heavenly Emperor Tian Ji and his nine disciples conducted time-consuming and painstaking deductions for 360 years.

“Subsequently, those 17 strongest Supremes went to a certain place according to the Heavenly Emperor Tian Ji’s divination. That place was called Immortal Green Radish Domain, in the Vinegauze Land. After finding that the Heavenly Path Universe Tree was cut off, they then found this seed left behind.

“Heavenly Emperor Tian Ji, who deciphered this heavenly secret, however, was actually unable to predict their hearts. Those 17 Supremes fought with each other to snatch it. Supreme Bei Wa used the Divinity Bloodseal technique to tear the void and pass this seed to me before he died.”

“Supreme Bei Wa died, and he unexpectedly cast the Divinity Bloodseal technique?” Tang Xiu’s countenance slightly changed, “But that’s the most powerful forbidden art belonging to the Archdemon Wu Zui who has ascended, becoming a Demon God in the Demon Realm.”

“Master, Supreme Bei Wa was originally someone from the Demon Realm.” Gu Yan’er said, “But he was forced to cross over his soul to the Immortal World. He eventually became a Supreme in the Immortal World after cultivating for a long period of time. Anyways, he left me a few words after he passed me the seed.”

“What words?” Tang Xiu asked.

“He said: ‘This Crazy Demon had once gotten help, and this old friend is now paying the favor back. Settling the past karma, for one sword and one meal’.” Gu Yan’er said.

Tang Xiu’s heart shivered, and he slowly closed his eyes.

Back then, he accidentally passed by a certain place in the Immortal World, where someone was in desperate straits. There, he met Supreme Bei Wa, who was unable to escape from a predicament. Since he didn’t want to see such a powerhouse die and disappear, he lent a hand to help him. In that dire situation, he cut off the root of a Soul Devourer Grass with his sword and rescued Supreme Bei Wa who was dying. Then, he gifted him a Holy Healing medicine for him to eat, helping him recover his strength.

Later on, he went back to his cultivation cave. Supreme Bei Wa paid him a visit on several occasions, attempting to pay this favor back. However, due to being in seclusion, he didn’t see him. He had never thought that his best friend for thousands of years would betray him just for mere interests, yet, Supreme Bei Wa, whose life he saved when he was in a hopeless situation turned out to have never forgotten the favor.

What was an Immortal?

What was a Demon?

Tang Xiu suddenly smiled. He looked at Gu Yan’er and then said, “Yan’er, you guessed it, didn’t you?”

“Yes, Master.” Gu Yan’er smiled lightly, “I actually had already guessed it before Supreme Bei Wa passed me this seed. Back then in the Immortal World, I had experienced countless life and death occasions; in order to become stronger, in order to find Master’s whereabouts... Twice did Supreme Bei Wa rescue me. The first time he saved me, he told me that he wanted to take me as a disciple, but I refused him. The second time he saved me, he told me to say he was sorry at your grave.”

“Supreme Bei Wa truly is a rarity in the Immortal World.” Tang Xiu nodded and said, “I will definitely take care of his descendants when I’m back to the Immortal World one day.”

“Master, quickly plant this Heavenly Path Universe Tree seed in your heart.” Gu Yan’er said with a smile, “Only nourishing it with your heart’s blood essence can it take root and grow. I’m looking forward to the day when Master can plant a new Heavenly Path Universe Tree and stand at the apex of the God Realm.”

Tang Xiu shot a deep look at Gu Yan’er. He didn’t receive it, instead, fell into silence for a while. He then slowly asked, “Yan’er, why don’t you plant this Heavenly Path Universe Tree seed yourself? Even if you do, Master will still able to stand above the Immortal World in the future with your help.”

“Master, this seed can only be owned by you.” Gu Yan’er shook her head and said, “You’re the only one for me. Whoever wants this seed is desecrating the feeling I have for Master. Even if it is myself.”

Tang Xiu’s heart shook. He took the seed silently. The instant he received it in his palm, his star force pulled the seed into his heart, as a hole was cracked on it and the seed then fused inside. Afterward, the rupture on his heart slowly healed under the nourishment of his star force.


An overbearing and strong life force aura exploded within Tang Xiu’s heart. He was unable to react as his heart expanded into space. Although this space was only several square meters in size, however, the blood essence inside Tang Xiu’s heart was all poured into this space.

The seed emitted a bright green light then quietly floated in the blood essence.

The Heart Sea? I actually have a Heart Sea?

Suddenly, Tang Xiu felt his life force aura violently soaring, his blood essence crazily increasing by hundreds of times. He could feel that his whole body had become stronger and better than ever. He had never felt so energetic even when he was in the Immortal World. It was as though his soul had sublimated.

With a smile, Gu Yan’er watched the drastic increase of Tang Xiu’s aura. She then softly said, “Yan’er congratulates you, Master. You’re the only person I’ve ever worshipped. And the only one I can rely on. Yan’er will entirely rely on Master later.”

“Don’t worry!” Tang Xiu said with a smile, “Master will certainly work hard to heal your injury. I’ll definitely keep you beside me and make you very happy. Even if you find a worthy husband in the future, I won’t allow you to go to a faraway place. I can never let you suffer any more mishaps…”

Worthy husband?

The smile on Gu Yan’er’s face instantly froze. It was like her heart had been severely sheared by a knife at this moment.

It was very painful!

Ever since she grew up, ever since she understood the affections between man and woman, he was her closest relative. He was also the one she loved the most. He became her obsession, becoming her support to crazily cultivate for several thousands of years, maniacally enhancing her strength, and madly searching his whereabouts.

It was true! It was the very reason for her familial affection!


That was also love. A silly love!

She could have ignored it, and couldn’t care less if it was someone else who told her to find her Mr. Right. But not from her Master, since she already had given her heart to him.

He… he still couldn’t move on.

Realizing the queer smile on Gu Yan’er’s face, Tang Xiu hastily asked, concerned, “Yan’er, are you not feeling well? Come and sit on the ice bed. Don’t worry, Master won’t leave even half a step. I’ll accompany you while you’re still awake.”

Gu Yan’er inhaled a deep breath. She had fallen in love with her Master long ago, yet it was an unrequited love. She could only put it inside her heart silently, for she didn’t dare to reveal it to him. But now, she had gone through too much, she didn’t even care about life and death anymore.

Thus, she became very bold at this moment!

“Master, Yan’er won’t marry for the rest of my life. Unless the man Yan’er must marry is you.”

Tang Xiu was as though struck by a thunderbolt. His body turned incomparably rigid in an instant. He looked at her with disbelief, as if he felt that this treasured disciple of his became strange all of a sudden.

This child… is she joking or something?

Tang Xiu thought inwardly, yet, when he looked at Gu Yan’er’s serious expression, he could tell that she wasn’t joking. Suddenly, he felt somewhat overwhelmed despite having lived for ten millenniums.

Looking at Tang Xiu’s expression, Gu Yan’er felt somewhat dejected and bitter. Yet, at the same time, she was also excited, since she was finally able to say what she always wanted to say, the feeling that had stayed hidden inside her heart for thousands of years. As complicated as the mood was, Gu Yan’er gently sat beside Tang Xiu, grabbing his arm and resting her head on his shoulder, whispering, “Master, you’re the person Yan’er loves the most. I’ve decided to be with you forever. Unless you personally kill me, you can never throw me off.”

“Child, please don’t talk such nonsensical things again. Master has once married…” Tang Xiu forced a bitter smile and said.