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Chapter 401: Yan’er’s Prestige

Chapter 401: Yan’er’s Prestige

While Tang Xiu walked alongside Gu Yan’er toward the main building, a pale smile was revealed on his handsome face, saying, “The lesson is that there’s strength in numbers, and more logs can make a bigger fire. I was only absorbed in my own strength. I neglected my own subordinates, leading to the differences in their wills, as well as having my force scattered. Eventually, when I was facing the tribulation to ascend to Godhood, I faced the betrayal from my beloved and my best friends.”

“Do you mean it’s very important to foster loyal and devoted subordinates, Master? But the main reason why I trained so many men was because I wanted to find you.” Gu Yan’er said.

Looking at her tenderly, Tang Xiu said, “That’s right, I must cultivate subordinates. If at that time I had many loyal and powerful men to protect me, perhaps they would would have been able to help me constrain them even if they wanted to assault me when I was at the most critical time of crossing the tribulation.”

“As long as I succeeded in crossing the tribulation, I would have achieved the Godking stage in the Immortal World, gaining the qualification to enter the gate to eternity. Just as the Divinity power fell from the God Realm, my strength would have soared and I could have easily defeated those traitors.”

Gu Yan’er looked pensive and then said, “Master, I understand your point. A lot of my subordinates died in these thousands of years. Many a times did they help me restrain my enemies so that I could survive.”

“There is betrayal and loyalty in this world.” Tang Xiu nodded and said, “What we must do is just stay alert and keep our vigilance while observing those around us. In the end, only time will tell a true friend from a false one. Only then will we naturally be aware of those who we can fully cultivate, and those who we must abandon before it’s too late.”

“I understand, Master.” Gu Yan’er smiled and suddenly said, “Let’s stop talking about these serious topics. You see, I came out and am finally able to see the outside world again. We should be enjoying this.”

He faintly smiled at her, yet a distressed look flashed from Tang Xiu’s eyes. His eyes were as though torches, how could he be unable to see that his disciple was currently enduring pain from Twilight Nightmare effect? At this moment, she was enduring a knife-twisting pain.

Smiling on the surface, a crazy murderous intent toward Shade Demon—Zhu Wushou grew inside Tang Xiu’s heart. He changed his mind at this moment. He must not let him die so easily after dealing with Zhu Wushou in the future. He would extract his soul, refine it for a million years, and make him bear the cruelest tortures for millions years more.

“You’re right, Yan’er. We indeed should be enjoying this!”


The Everlasting Feast Hall had a lot of strong powerhouses. At this time, there were more than 100 there. However, when the patrol members passed by and their eyes fell on the two figures, their pupils suddenly shrank. Their expression drastically changed as ecstasy filled their hearts.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Four figures dashed like the wind and appeared before Tang Xiu and Gu Yan’er and, simultaneously, kowtowed toward them.

“Paying respect to the Bosses.”

Their voices shivered, a few crystalline tears appearing in their eyes. Evidently, it was not because of Tang Xiu, but because of Gu Yan’er.

“Bai ‘E, Bai Peng, Song Wu, Hua Yang, the four of you still like to be together, don’t you?! It’s been more than 10 years since we last met, right? Anyhow, you’re all not bad. Xiaoxue told me about all of you.” Gu Yan’er smiled, but her hands gently pulled Tang Xiu’s arm.

Warmness filled the four men’s hearts. Little did they expect that the Boss would actually recognize them in a glance and remember their names even after so many years had passed. Furthermore, even after so many years, Boss was still so young and beautiful. That fluttering white dress was unforgettable.

However, after the four of them were lifted by a stream of qi, they looked puzzled upon seeing Gu Yan’er’s posture as she held Tang Xiu’s arm.

Gu Yan’er no longer looked at the four men. Her stunning face blushed as she said with a smile, “Master, let’s eat! I always wake up hungry, but Old Ji only lets me eat some fruits or some medicinal soup. Yan’er can be said to have not eaten a real meal for nearly ten years.”

“All right, let’s go!” Tang Xiu smiled and nodded.

The two figures continued walking forward. Whenever they passed, beautiful blooming flowers and birds flew over, Gu Yan’er dancing lightly like a joyful fairy; dancing around Tang Xiu; squatting, and passing back and forth around the flowers and birds. Her cheerful and joyous laughter obviously showed the most vivid expression of her happy mood.

Bai ‘E, Bai Peng, and the others exchanged glances. Although they knew that the Little Boss—Gu Xiaoxue called Tang Xiu Grand Master, yet, when they heard Gu Yan’er call Tang Xiu Master, only shock remained in their hearts.

“Inform the others!”

“Yeah, notify them quickly!”

The four men took their mobile phones out and dialed the other members’ cell numbers.


Ji Chimei silently appeared before the four men and indifferently said, “You can inform the others, but do remember that you all are not to disturb Master and Venerable Lord. If Master wants to see everyone, that will have to wait until they have their feast.”

“Understood!” the quartet hastily replied reverentially.

Along the way, Gu Yan’er was like an incarnation of a carefree and happy fairy. Following alongside Tang Xiu and talking about all sorts of relaxing topics. Her graceful, charming figure danced lightly from time to time, making all the Everlasting Feast Hall’s core members dumbfounded.

Almost all hundred core members of the Everlasting Feast Hall were experts Gu Yan’er herself had personally trained. Yet, they had never seen her showing such attitude. She resembled a little girl with her cheerful smiling face.

In front of the main building, dozens of Everlasting Feast Hall’s core members looked ecstatic as they stood on both sides of the path, quietly waiting for Gu Yan’er’s arrival. However, when the two figures appeared at the end the trail, the look of ecstasy on their faces froze and was gradually replaced by disbelief.

That was…

…Was that, Boss?

How did she become a child…

Of everyone, only Tang Xiu didn’t feel that there were any problems with Gu Yan’er’s words and behavior. In his eyes, she was always a child. He raised her up and watched her grow day by day.

“Paying respect to Boss.”

Dozens of Everlasting Feast Hall’s core members saluted to them as they arrived.

“Very good. Although I haven’t seen you all for many years, Xiaoxue has told me about your deeds.” Gu Yan’er smiled and said, “Very good. I’m very happy with all of your performances over the years. However, I won’t be showing up frequently. Anyhow, this man is my Master and my closest relative. His orders are more important than my own. He’s also the first person to whom you must pledge your allegiance and loyalty.”


Dozens of big strong men cupped their fists at the same time.

Meanwhile, from various directions in the distance, many shadows were rapidly approaching. There were both genders among these people, and all of them emitted a valiant and powerful aura.

“Paying respect to Boss!”

Standing beside her, Tang Xiu glanced at her happy expression as she praised everyone, speaking some words with them. He suddenly came to a realization. The little girl he brought up had really grown up.

“Yan’er, let’s go inside!” Tang Xiu said softly.

Showing a faint smile in response, Gu Yan’er affectionately clung to Tang Xiu’s arm as she turned around and entered the restaurant’s main building. She took the lead as the duo went to the VIP room.

“Wow, what a sumptuous meal.”

After entering the room, Gu Yan’er’s smile turned into a crescent moon shape when she saw the long table filled with fragrant dishes full of aromas and flavors. She then quickly pulled Tang Xiu to the table.

Time passed by. Tang Xiu and Gu Yan’er slowly ate the feast, yet the atmosphere was exceptionally warm.

At the moment, hundreds of people had gathered outside the Everlasting Feast Hall’s main building. All of them were waiting with respectful and reverential looks on their faces, including Gu Xiaoxue, who just came out of the main building.

At this time, many patrons who had come to dine at the Everlasting Feast Hall noted this strange sight. Many of them were wondering and asked about the cause. They all looked to have a particular temperament.

“Huh? What’s going on?”

While holding the car keys, as Ouyang Lulu came around the Everlasting Feast Hall’s main building, her expression slightly changed. She had visited the Everlasting Feast Hall many times, so she knew that most of them were the members of the Everlasting Feast Hall. Yet, she was clueless as to why they would all gather together; most of them were even arranged in an orderly group as though soldiers calmly waiting in silence.


With a happy smile on her face, Gu Xiaoxue approached Ouyang Lulu.

“What’s going on?” Ouyang Lulu asked in surprise, “Is Tang Xiu here? But even if he was here, it wouldn’t have caused such a big scene! By the way, have a look at those guests, they are all looking at here!”

“Boss is here.” Gu Xiaoxue smirked, “He and my Master are currently dining inside.”

“Your Master?”

Ouyang Lulu stared wide-eyed. She already knew that Gu Xiaoxue had a mysterious Master, but she had never seen her. Afterward, because the relationship between Tang Xiu and the Everlasting Feast Hall, she went back to ask her mother. She then learned the matter about Gu Yan’er from her mother.

“Sister Xue, your Master is back?”

“Yes, she came back.” Gu Xiaoxue chuckled as she nodded.

“Then, I’ll go to visit her!” Ouyang Lulu quickly said, “I also want to ask Tang Xiu when he’ll return my private jet.”

Shaking her head, Gu Xiaoxue stopped her and said, “Lulu, leave that for later. Let my Master dine with Grand Master alone.”

“Why?” Ouyang Lulu was puzzled.

Giving an apologetic look, Gu Xiaoxue shook her head and said, “Lulu, I can’t tell you right now. But I want you to listen to me. Master and Grand Master have finally reunited. They need some private space.”

With an odd expression, Ouyang Lulu looked at Gu Xiaoxue. But still, she nodded and said, “Forget it then. Since it’s like this, I’ll be waiting here with you. To be honest, I’m really curious about your Master!”

“Thanks!” Gu Xiaoxue said with a faint smile.