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Chapter 403: Contest of Beauties

Chapter 403: Contest of Beauties

As they dispersed, Tang Xiu’s eyes then fell on Ouyang Lulu who stood next to Gu Xiaoxue and hadn’t left yet.

At this time, however, Ouyang Lulu actually wasn’t looking at Tang Xiu, instead, she was staring at Gu Yan’er. Her mouth was slightly open, with disbelief in her eyes.

Beautiful! She was beautiful, breathtakingly beautiful!

Be it her makings, looks, or figure, Ouyang Lulu was very confident in her assets. She was even confident of not being inferior to Gu Xiaoxue. However, the woman before her was too stunningly beautiful, seeming to be more beautiful than any women in this world and under the nine heavens. A captivating and enchanting beauty.


Gu Xiaoxue gently touched Ouyang Lulu. It made her sober up from her reverie and made her heartbeat thump rapidly.

“Sister Xue, is she your Master?”

With some disbelief, Ouyang Lulu asked. She felt that this breathtakingly beautiful woman in front of her was way too young. Thus, she could hardly believe it. From her mother, this woman called Gu Yan’er was the one who established the Everlasting Feast Hall dozens of years ago.

“Yea!” Gu Xiaoxue nodded.

“How is this possible? The Everlasting Feast Hall’s Boss from dozens of years ago is still so young?” Ouyang Lulu murmured, “This is way too unscientific! Could there be an elixir of life in this world that can make one keep their youth?”

With a smile on her beautiful face, Gu Xiaoxue cupped her fist and said, “Master, she’s my friend and also Grand Master’s friend, Ouyang Lulu. She came for you, Master.”

A friend?

“This child is very beautiful.” With a smile on her face, Gu Yan’er smiled and praised, “You should be from the Ouyang Family, yes? I happened to be busy at the time you were born. When I got the good news of your birth, I gifted your family a Full Moon wine bottle.”

Ouyang Lulu’s heart shook. With a respectful expression on her face, she replied, “Are you really Sister Xue’s Master? But how come you’re Tang Xiu’s disciple? How old are you?”

With tenderness in her eyes, Gu Yan’er turned to Tang Xiu. She then chuckled and said, “Of course I’m his disciple. It’s because the one who brought me up is him.”


Ouyang Lulu’s eyes turned saucer, looking terrified and consternated. She looked at Tang Xiu and then shifted her eyes to observe Gu Yan’er again. After the shock dissipated, she suddenly felt that this matter was truly absurd.

Tang Xiu brought up Gu Yan’er? What kind of joke is this?

How old is Tang Xiu now? He should be in his early 20s, right?

What about Gu Yan’er?

Dozens of years ago her appearance was in her 20s or something. Although she is still in her 20s now, she should be around her 40s or 50s. Yet, a young man in his 20s brought up a person in her 40s or 50s? Isn’t this nonsense?

Looking at Ouyang Lulu’s ever-changing expression, Tang Xiu could only sigh inwardly. He then turned to Gu Yan’er, shaking his head. After she also shook her head, Tang Xiu’s eyes then landed on Ouyang Lulu as he said, “Lulu, don’t listen to Yan’er’s nonsensical talk, she was just teasing you. Anyhow, tell me, do you have anything to tell me?”


Ouyang Lulu readily believed Tang Xiu’s explanation. Getting depressed and with complicated feelings inside, she replied, “Actually, I don’t have any important matter to talk about. I knew you came to Jingmen Island with my private jet, so I came looking for you to ask when you’ll return it.”

“Oh, I no longer need it.” Tang Xiu said with a smile, “I was in a hurry to arrive at the Everlasting Feast Hall, so I forgot to tell the captain. Anyways, we still have some things to do, so it’s rather inconvenient to chat with you. After I got some free time, I’ll invite you to diner.”

Gu Yan’er pulled Tang Xiu’s arm and nodded to Ouyang Lulu with a smile. The duo then walked toward the winding path that led to the beach.

Ouyang Lulu looked at the duo’s back and watched their closeness and gaped. Only after they had disappeared did she stop gaping, her face turning somewhat unsightly.

She suddenly felt that Tang Xiu and Gu Yan’er didn’t look like Master and disciple, instead, they were akin to a couple. Such a discovery made her feel very vexed.


Gu Xiaoxue came to her side and stood by her. She then sighed and said, “I know what you have in mind. Although I don’t know much about love, and neither do I know about the feelings between men and women, but I can tell when I see it. You have a crush on Grand Master, don’t you? However, I don’t think you have much hope, though.”

Ouyang Lulu suddenly turned around with anger in her eyes. She growled quietly, “How come I have no hope? I, Ouyang Lulu, will give everything to the one I fall in love with. No way in hell there’s a man in this world that can escape from my palm. That’s what I believe.”

“Lulu, you and Grand Master are people from different worlds. You’re not suitable for him.” Gu Xiaoxue sighed.

“Gu Xiaoxue, I know Tang Xiu is your Grand Master. I know that your Master and he have an unusual relationship.” Ouyang Lulu scowled, “But if you talk about this again, don’t blame me for not acknowledging you as a sister anymore.”

Startled, a forced smile appeared on Gu Xiaoxue’s beautiful face. She indeed hadn’t experienced love before. However, it didn’t mean that she had never seen it from others despite having yet to experience it. There were so many living examples in reality, to begin with. The reality made her aware of a truth: a woman who falls in love tends to be unreasonable.

“Let’s go! I’ll accompany you for a bit.” Gu Xiaoxue said.

Vexed and in a very bad mood, Ouyang Lulu was devoid of any appetite. She refused Gu Xiaoxue’s idea and left the Everlasting Feast Hall as fast as she could. In the past she had no sense of crisis, but it was different now. Today, Gu Yan’er’s appearance struck her heart deeply.

She recalled all those women Tang Xiu was acquainted with. There should be several of them, and all of their circumstances as well as appearances were not inferior to hers. The one who made her guard against the most was the Magnificent Tang Corp’s General Manager, Kang Xia. Like people said, those on the waterfront are the first to see the rising moon. Thus, she would gain special advantages since she had a favorable position. With Kang Xia managing Tang Xiu’s company, their relations were certain to be very close. It was only a matter of course that some feelings would arise after a long time…

The more Ouyang Lulu thought about it, the more she accidentally hit the roadside stones. If it weren’t for the lights from a truck, she would have already suffered a car accident.

No. I can’t go on like this. Like people say, the first one to strike will prevail, and the one who attacks late will suffer. Regardless of the price, I must make Tang Xiu my man. Relying on this Ouyang Lulu’s charm, I believe he will fall in love with me.

She slapped the steering wheel and her confidence back to her face. After restarting the car, she quickly headed toward the end of the road.

On the winding path leading to the beach from the Everlasting Feast Hall, a concerned look appeared on Tang Xiu’s face as he whispered, “Yan’er, are you feeling unwell?”

“No, I’m fine!”

Gu Yan’er revealed a smile, yet her gestures and movements unknowingly sold her out.

Quickly after, the duo then arrived at the coast. However, at this time, Gu Xiaoxue reverentially said, “Grand Master, there are some conflicts between some people in our Everlasting Feast Hall. Although the table is already served, they haven’t begun despite already having confronted each other. One of them is someone from your Tang Family.”

A member of the Tangs?

Tang Xiu’s brows slanted, surprised, “Who is it?”

“Tang Dong.” Gu Xiaoxue said.

Tang Xiu looked blank, as a puzzled expression appeared on his face. It was because Tang Dong managed the Seaside Strait Manor, whose nature business was similar to that of the Everlasting Feast Hall. Yet, why did he not dine at his Seaside Strait Manor, and instead came to the Everlasting Feast Hall? After pondering for a moment, Tang Xiu asked, “Who’s the person he has a conflict with?”

“He is Jingmen Island’s Wine Garden’s Boss, Gao Yanfeng.” Gu Xiaoxue said, “However, there’s also Ji Xiaolong there as well. He runs a mineral mine here.”

“I see. Order some people to stop them. I’ll deal with them later.” Tang Xiu nodded and said.

“Understood!” Gu Xiaoxue nodded.

“Master, I’ll go with you!” Gu Yan’er hastily said.

Tang Xiu lifted his hand to caress her gorgeous hair. He then shook his head and said, “Be obedient, Yan’er. Your condition doesn’t allow you to stay outside for long periods of time. We already spent quite a lot of time dining. If you want to, Master will accompany you for some more time. But first you have to stay inside the exquisite pagoda, then I’ll come back later after I deal with this issue.”

After thinking for a moment and feeling that Tang Xiu was right, she suddenly looked a bit shy and embarrassed. She then said, “Then, you must come back soon, Master!”

“Don’t worry!” Tang Xiu said with a smile, “Let’s go, I’ll walk you to the exquisite pagoda first.”

On the first floor of the exquisite pagoda.

Ji Chimei, Light, and Dark were waiting there. After seeing Tang Xiu and Gu Yan’er coming back, Ji Chimei then respectfully asked, “Do you want to stay here for a few days, Lord?”

“Yeah, I must accompany Yan’er since she’s awake.” Tang Xiu nodded and said, “Anyways, go busy yourself! If there something arise, I’ll look for you.”


The trio replied and quickly exited the exquisite pagoda.

As they arrive on the seventh floor, Tang Xiu looked at Gu Xiaoxue as she floated. He then sat cross-legged on the ice bed, smiled and said, “Yan’er, stay here for a while. I’ll quickly come back.”

“All right!” Gu Yan’er smiled sweetly.

In the Everlasting Feast Hall, inside a box, tables and chairs were lying everywhere. The room was chaotic. Both sides confronting each other were furious, yet Fatty Ji frowned deeply, as his expression when he stared at Tang Dong was quite awful.

At this time, Tang Dong wished that he could kill Gao Yanfeng personally because of his outrageously high asking price. It was evident that he had neither the intention nor the sincerity to negotiate. Fatty Ji himself was not good either. Though he did come to act as peacemaker, he was obviously biased toward Gao Yanfeng. Nobody knew what benefits he received from Gao Yanfeng.

“Tang Dong, even if you throw the tables, it’s useless.” Gao Yanfeng sneered and scowled, “Who told you to act late and lose the island? I already bought 50 years of property rights over it. If your Seaside Strait Manor wants that navigation route, then accept the price I give you. Else, you only have two options to choose from. The first is waiting 50 years, then you can buy the property rights of the island. However, that will be a minute possibility since I have the preferential right to repurchase it. The second one is for you to find another navigation route.”