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Chapter 405: Like A Tiger Who Has Grown Wings

Chapter 405: Like A Tiger Who Has Grown Wings

Like people said: anyone can make mistakes, but forgive them when possible.

As Tang Dong glanced at Tang Xiu, he found Tang Xiu nodding at him. Therefore, he said, “No problem. But, I want you keep quiet about tonight.”

Fatty Ji nodded repeatedly, albeit with a bit rudeness, and said with a smile, “Don’t worry. I will let it rot in my stomach. Even if someone asks, I’ll deny all knowledge of this matter.”

Waving his hand, Tang Xiu then said with a smile, “All right, take a seat and let’s have a chat! Anyhow, I heard you’re running a mineral business? Can you tell me what kind of minerals you have?”

“Most of the mineral and ore businesses I run are mine exploitation and selling some of the mined stones.” Fatty Ji said, “I also have a stone carving workshop. Hmm, that’s it.”

“Surely it doesn’t mean that you don’t find any precious ores, right?” Tang Xiu asked, “For example, the market's high price ores.”

“This…” Fatty Ji looked a bit hesitant.

Seeing that Tang Xiu and Fatty Ji were talking about ores and minerals, Gu Xiaoxue and Tang Dong left the box in succession to arrange the plan to deal with the Wine Garden.

It was like Tang Xiu was able to read Fatty Ji’s mind, as he calmly said, “Don’t hesitate if you have something to say. I won’t hide it from you. I need a great amount of precious ores. You can quote your price. As long as I take a liking to them, I’ll buy. Besides, I prefer to have a steady flow of business, and I was never one to bully people.”

Looking much relieved, Fatty Ji then replied, “There’s one business I run that’s indeed related to rare minerals. Some of them were acquired in the mountain’s mines, while some others were bought through various channels. If anything, there are several precious ores in my house, which I bought through a certain channel some days ago. If Boss Tang wants, I’ll give them all to you.”

“How about sending them over to me? After all, I have yet to see the ores. If I like them, you can rest assured that I won’t take them for free.” Tang Xiu said.

Fatty Ji’s face moved and he immediately took out his mobile. After dialing a cell number and speaking to the other side, he then ended the call.

“I’ve given instructions. It will be sent over within the hour.”

“If you can find a plethora of precious ores, you don’t have to sell them to anyone else but me in the future.” Tang Xiu said with a smile, “Sell them all to me! I won’t let you suffer a loss either. But I’ll strictly control the quality, though. Thus, we’ll be partners in the future.”


Fatty Ji’s eyes lit up, as he said with a beaming smile, “Good, good. We’ll be partners in the future. If I get precious ores, I’ll certainly let you choose first.”

Gao Yanfeng’s body had been disposed of, and the blood on the floor had also been cleaned up. If it wasn’t for a faint smell of blood in the air, no one could think that Gao Yanfeng, a very strong figure in Jingmen Island, had died here. As for his men outside the box, they already had been dealt with by the Everlasting Feast Hall’s people.

“Grand Master, it’s done.”

After Gu Xiaoxue and Tang Xiu returned to the box, she then reported.

“I’m not worried about that since you dealt with it.” Tang Xiu smiled and said, “Anyways, Uncle Dong, please have a seat.”

Tang Dong looked bright, wearing a beaming smile on his face. The issues that had pressed his heart recently were solved satisfactorily at last, and it made him delighted. He was also very satisfied with his nephew. Previously, he didn’t understand how Tang Xiu, who was definitely very young, could be more resourceful than Tang Yunpeng, that he even struck heavy blows to the Yaos and the Suns in Guangyang. But now, he finally understood that he had the backing of the mysterious and formidable Everlasting Feast Hall. With this powerful backing, even if it was the Yaos of Beijing, they wouldn’t necessarily lose!

He would to tell his old man about this matter when he went back today. And then he’d ask the other three elders in their family whether or not they would begin attacking the Yaos. After all, to the Tang Family, they were definitely more powerful now with the Everlasting Feast Hall joining their ranks. Thus, it shouldn’t be difficult to destroy the Yao Family.

“Uncle Dong, I want you to keep quiet about tonight’s matter.” Tang Xiu said, “Keep my identity as the master of the Everlasting Feast Hall to yourself.”

“Why?” Tang Dong was confused.

“If anything, I still have important things to handle.” Tang Xiu calmly said, “If you disclose anything about me being the Everlasting Feast Hall’s owner, our enemies will probably find out about it. By then, they will definitely set their eyes on the Everlasting Feast Hall. Thus, it will create unceasing troubles for us. What I need is time. Time to solve some things. If I have a few more years of time, let alone the Yaos, even if there are ten other Yao families, I’m confident of getting rid of them.”

Tang Dong was startled inside.

He now understood as to why Tang Xiu had never stated his identity as the master of the Everlasting Feast Hall. It was originally due to this concern. Moreover, Tang Dong could tell that he must have a big plan given his seriousness in telling him to keep quiet.

“Tang Xiu, I indeed had the intention to tell this matter to your Second Grandpa after going back.” Tang Dong said seriously, “But since you’re urging me not to, then I won’t tell anything. I guarantee that nothing will be disclosed to the outside as long as Fatty Ji doesn’t say anything as well.”

Showing a faint smile in response, Tang Xiu then looked at Gu Xiaoxue and said, “Xiaoxue, when the Seaside Strait Manor goes hunting fierce beasts in the Evil Dragon Sea Area later, send a few experts from our Everlasting Feast Hall! We can train our members and get a commission fee from the Seaside Strait Manor at the same time! I believe that with Uncle Dong’s generous disposition, he will give 300 thousand yuan for each member.”

“I’ll arrange it, Grand Master.” Gu Xiaoxue nodded.

“Tang Xiu, these experts from the Everlasting Feast , are they more powerful than the Seaside Strait Manor’s hunting members?” Tang Dong’s eyes lit up and asked with concern.

“I’ve come across your Seaside Strait Manor’s hunting members when I happened to see them hunting low-level fierce beasts before.” Gu Xiaoxue replied Tang Dong’s question, “Let alone those low-level fierce beasts, the experts who will be sent by our Everlasting Feast Hall can even kill higher level fierce beasts as long as they join forces.”

“They are that powerful?” Tang Dong was pleasantly surprised and said, “Great, good then. If so, it’s decided. I’ll give 200 thousand yuan to each Everlasting Feast Hall’s member who goes with our hunting members to Evil Dragon Sea Area. I will also give bonus rewards if they show good performance.”

“Anyways, Uncle Dong, I still have things to do, so I won’t be able to accompany you. When the ores have arrived, tell Xiaoxue to call me.” Tang Xiu chuckled.

“Okay, go busy yourself!” Tang Dong stood and said with a smile.

Today, he felt more delighted than he ever before. The more powerful Tang Xiu’s ability and cards he had in his hands, the happier he was. Because at present, although the Tangs were still illustrious in China, yet, they were secretly in the middle of mighty undercurrent torrential tides from all directions. It was unknown how many enemies were secretly staring at them.

One must know that in these precarious days, due to the Tang Family having few members, they were extremely united. There was even the thought inside each member’s heart that “one’s glory is everyone’s glory, one dying means everyone dying”. Therefore, if Tang Xiu’s final performance could bring the Tangs back to its glory, even he himself was willing to go all out to push Tang Xiu to become the family head.

A few minutes later, Tang Xiu returned to the exquisite pagoda. As he saw Gu Yan’er sitting cross-legged in cultivation, he also sat down cross-legged on the floor and began cultivating.


A few seconds after, Gu Yan’er floated from the ice bed and landed in front of Tang Xiu. She also imitated Tang Xiu’s posture and sat cross-legged.

“Why did you stop cultivating?” Tang Xiu smilingly said.

“Yan’er doesn’t want to waste time.” Gu Yan’er shook her head and said with a smile, “Being able to open my eyes and have another second together with Master... I shall use every second to be with you. Anyways, what happened outside? Was it solved?”

“That trivial matter has already been solved.” Tang Xiu said with a smile.

Tang Xiu then explained his identity as a member of the Tang Family, as well as what happened between Tang Dong and Gao Yanfeng. After telling her everything, he finally said with a smile, “You’re were for decades, so you should also know the country’s national conditions. There are laws and orders indeed, yet the laws can only bind ordinary people. Besides, as long as it is done cleanly and without leaving any pieces of evidence, no one will be able to do anything even if they want to find trouble.”

“Master, if you want to become this country’s… no, if you want to become the man with the most power on Earth, I can help you achieve it. The Chinese have the saying that those who follow shall prosper and those who resist shall perish, right?”

“I know you’re powerful; you’re able to blow the whole Earth. What else can’t you do, anyway?” Tang Xiu laughed, “However, Master wants to rely on my own ability to do what I want to do. Even if I were to become the most powerful man in the world, what about it? It’s better to have many loyal and powerful subordinates following me. Don’t forget, our goal is to return to the Immortal World and take revenge.”

“Yes, yes!” Gu Yan’er smiled and said, “Anything Master says, Yan’er will listen and follow.”

“You little girl…” Tang Xiu couldn’t help laughing.

Gu Yan’er quickly pulled his hand, looking displeased, “Master, I’m not a silly little girl anymore, I’ve grown up already! Even though I’m still very young in your eyes, I’m also an old monster who has lived for thousands of years in the eyes of others. Hence, don’t call me little girl anymore.”

“All right, all right.” Tang Xiu laughed and said, “Our family’s Yan’er is a big girl now, no longer a little girl.”

"That’s more like it!"

Gu Yan’er then lifted her small face, her smile looking especially happy.

“Let’s stop talking about this. Let me ask you one thing.” Tang Xiu said with a smile.

“What do you want to ask, Master?” Gu Yan’er raised her chin and said, “As long as Yan’er knows, Yan’er will answer you.”

“I want to know why you only accepted Xiaoxue as a disciple, but didn’t take in Light and Dark?” Tang Xiu asked, “I’ve observed them quietly, and I found that their aptitudes are indeed extraordinary. Even their cultivation level is probably on par with Xiaoxue, is it not?”