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Chapter 406: Fatty Ji Who was Clueless About the Good Stuff

Chapter 406: Fatty Ji Who was Clueless About the Good Stuff

The smile on Gu Yan’er’s face stilled and was replaced by a dignified expression as she said, “Master, I was once a disciple of the Heavenly Emperor Tian Ji, you know about this matter as well. But, back then, I managed to conceal my identity thanks to the Concealer Divine Pearl you gave me. Therefore, even Heavenly Emperor Tian Ji was unable to peep on my real identity from the heaven.

“Similarly, I also used a method to peep on the heavenly secrets and observe those two. At the end of the day, I actually discovered that I couldn’t completely figure out the past of those two, neither was I able to divine their future path. Their heavenly secrets were obscured in darkness. There are only two empty shades, like it’s being shrouded by a faint black mist.”

Tang Xiu slightly knitted his brows. Peeping on the heavenly secrets was not his forte. Although he could occasionally sense and realize something from the heavenly secrets, it was only illusionary fragments.

“What does that mean, Yan’er?”

“Based on what I learned from Heavenly Emperor Tian Ji, there’s two possibilities.” Gu Yan’er said with all seriousness, “The first one is: someone shielded their identities using some special means, like what I did when I entered Heavenly Emperor Tian Ji’s gate. The second one is: those two lack an immortal soul or a mortal soul. Each person has three immortal souls and seven mortal forms, so even if one lacks one immortal soul or a one mortal soul, the divination for this type of person will dissipate in the heavenly secrets itself.”

“They are missing a type of soul, yet they can still live well, and are even able to cultivate an immortal technique?” Tang Xiu was surprised.

“That’s right.” Gu Yan’er said dignifiedly, “Each of three immortal souls and seven mortal souls forms have differents effects. However, I don’t know which type is missing from them, though. I quietly observed them for a long time before I finally discovered that it was not due to missing a type of soul. That’s right, they only have one abnormity.”

“What kind of abnormity?” Tang Xiu asked.

“It’s their blood.” Gu Yan’er said, “Their desire for blood is very strong. It seems they are from a clan who has an innate seed for massacre, possessing an extreme inborn talent for combat senses, and extraordinary savagery in the means of killing. In this regard, they resemble a bit the Asura Clan.”

“How about their present cultivation level?” Tang Xiu asked.

“They are indeed stronger than Xiaoxue, and will soon enter the Immortal Nascent Stage.” Gu Yan’er said.

Tang Xiu was taciturn for a long while. Then, he slowly said, “They seem to have duties outside, no?”

“Yes, Xiaoxue told me about that.” Gu Yan’er said, “They both have been learning through experience abroad. Light has status and is treated as a state guest by more than ten countries. The Queen of England herself has also conferred him with a title of nobility, and he has a very illustrious identity overseas. Apart from us, no one knows that he hails from our Everlasting Feast Hall. As for Dark, she is always hiding in the darkness and is the best assassin in the world’s biggest assassin organization. Xiaoxue summoned them back due to my awakening.”

“Once these two have broken through the Immortal Nascent Stage, their strength will be very terrifying. Apart from Ji Chimei, perhaps no one would be able to contend with them. So, this is the reason why you let them take the time to deal with things abroad, rather than having them stay to cultivate in the exquisite pagoda. Anyways, give me a few more years. I have the confidence to surpass them and make them work for me when the time comes.”

“No problem.” Gu Yan’er nodded and said with a smile, “I’ll take care of it.”

“How did you find them?” Tang Xiu asked.

“I found them in Mt. Everest.” Gu Yan’er said, “Some people were climbing the steepest snow wall of Everest with two children back then. Those six people were martial artists with notable strength. Every one of them had surpassed the level of martial arts grandmaster and were able to sense the ‘Dao’ boundary. These two children are exactly the offspring from the two of them.”

“And then?” Tang Xiu asked.

“I displayed some strength to deter them.” Gu Yan’er said with a smile, “Following which, I imparted them a very low-level cultivation technique and told the couple that I wanted to take the two children as my disciples. I also promised them that after they had fully grown to adulthood, they would then be allowed to return home and meet their relatives.”

“Did they agree?” Tang Xiu asked with astonishment.

“Yes, they agreed.” Gu Yan’er nodded and said, “Moreover, I also told them some major principle and high-sounding talk that their children have a predestined karma to come across an immortal since their childhood, a great fortune. They said a ton of grateful words, but I can tell that what they most cared about was that set of cultivation technique.”

“A cultivation technique to tread on the path to immortality is probably the dream of countless people, to begin with,” Tang Xiu nodded. Forcing a smile, he said, “I dare say that the vast majority of people will abandon their businesses, sacrifice their families, and leave their wives and children should they face such a choice. Hence, they are not to be overly blamed. Then, have you told the two about their parents after they grew up?”

“I told them.” Gu Yan’er nodded and said, “But they said they had no feelings or attachments at all toward their parents, thus, they didn’t want to go back.”

Tang Xiu secretly sighed, “Wait! Wait for my strength to rise in the future, then I’ll persuade them. When all is said and done, the will of people is subject to constant changes. Granted, although those two are thirsty for blood and killing, they might still have a bit of an illusion toward their parents. Let’s wait. Later on, I’ll help them resolve their mental demon.”

“Master, you really value talent more now than in the past.” Gu Yan’er said with a smile.

“It’s good to cherish talents,” Tang Xiu replied with a smile. “The number of experts and subordinates I will have in the future will be like the clouds in the sky. Even if I return to the Immortal World, I will once again be able to fight a bloody road, embarking on the path to the throne of the Supremes. Not only must I slay my mortal enemies with my own hands, I must also break the shackles of the Immortal World to tread on the path to the God Realm.”

“Master, you’re saying I can receive them as my disciples?” Gu Yan’er said, “Originally, I myself didn’t believe that those one-year-old children back then were the enemy’s chess piece set up in secret.”

“I’m also trying to tell you that! Take them!” Tang Xiu said, “Since they already have such a cultivation level and possess a very high aptitude, take them as your disciples. That will make them closer to you.”

“Let’s go, then!” Gu Yan’er said with a smile. “I’m going to accept them as disciples now.”

Tang Xiu grabbed her hand and shook his head, “No hurry. I must go outside later since that Fatty Ji will send several precious ores. If they are of any use to me, I’ll buy them. After I leave the exquisite pagoda, you can receive them as your disciples!”

“All right!” Gu Yan’er said with a smile.

About an hour later, Gu Xiaoxue came to the exquisite pagoda to inform Tang Xiu that the ores had arrived. Before leaving, Tang Xiu told Gu Xiaoxue to bring Light and dark to the exquisite pagoda.

Inside one of the restaurant’s boxes.

While rubbing the suitcase in his hands, Fatty Ji had a smile on his face. Never did he imagine that he would finally chance upon an opportunity to meet Tang Xiu due to helping Gao Yanfeng to pit Tang Dong, thus making his relationship with the Everlasting Feast Hall go a step further. It was simply something he could never think of in the past.

Others would never know how terrifying the Everlasting Feast Hall was, but he was perfectly clear! He once saw from very far away place that woman from the Everlasting Feast Hall, Gu Yan’er, in her white dress, treading on the void as though lightly dancing on the surface of the sea. At that time, he almost thought that he met a fairy.

Unfortunately, he hadn’t had time to find a boat to rush there, as the fairy-looking Gu Yan’er disappeared before him. Afterward, he then paid close attention to the movements of many members of the Everlasting Feast Hall, and finally found some things that secretly frightened him. Thus, he dared not send anyone to investigate them again.

Those seemingly ordinary security guards of the Everlasting Feast Hall actually often visited foreign countries overseas. They could be said as being simply terrifying. They had many identities and had carried out many battles and massacres. Seven or eight years ago, two members of the Everlasting Feast Hall, who usually acted as security guards, actually knocked on his door and had a sharp dagger on his neck, warning him not to conduct any investigations whatsoever on the Everlasting Feast Hall again.

From that time onwards, he no longer dared to investigate anything about the Everlasting Feast Hall. He even repeatedly invited his colleagues and friends to dine at the Everlasting Feast when he had the chance, showing his goodwill.

Sitting in the private room and stroking the leather suitcase, Fatty Ji’s eyes flashed with astuteness as they shined brightly. He thought inwardly, To be in the King’s company is tantamount to living with a tiger. Not only is Tang Xiu a member of the Tangs, he’s also the Master of the Everlasting Feast Hall, as well as a ruthless and merciless character. Hence, I mustn’t ask for an outrageous price. I’m contented with earning a small amount of money as long as it can satisfy him. So that he will take care of me in the future.

“Fatty Ji, have the ores been sent?” Tang Xiu’s figure appeared at the box’s door.

“They are here, Mr. Tang.” Fatty Ji said with a smile, “Have a look. If you are satisfied with them, I’ll sell to you with a 50% discount. After all, it’s our first cooperation. I’ll not give you any discounts later on, though!”

“Thank you.” Tang Xiu replied with a smile.

As the black suitcase was opened, there were six pieces of ores of different colors and sizes inside. There was even a faint fluctuation of spiritual qi coming out of one of the ores.

Spirit Crystal?

Tang Xiu’s expression turned a bit strange. Holding the ore, he observed it a few times and confirmed. A Spirit Crystal was useful for Dao and Immortal cultivators, but it was of a little value for him. Furthermore, despite this Spirit Crystal not being small in size, and even being ten times bigger than the Spirit Crystals in the Immortal World, but the quality was of the lowest-grade.

“Mr. Tang, do you like this piece of ore?” Fatty Ji asked with a strange expression. This ore was found by his workers when they opened up the mine. There were still many of them and he had instructed some people to collect them. However, because he only obtained it recently, he had yet to find an expert to assess the classification of the ore.

“This ore is indeed good, and feels very comfortable.” Tang Xiu nodded and said, “And the weight is several times lighter than the other types. Say your price.”

“This…” Fatty Ji looked somewhat awkward. He didn’t know what kind of ore it was. How could he quote a price?

“You can quote your initial price freely. I said I won’t let you suffer any losses, didn’t I?” Tang Xiu said with a smile.

Fatty Ji steeled his heart, gritted his teeth and said, “Mr. Tang, since you like it, I’ll give this ore to you for free. As for the later transactions, I’ll receive 100 thousand from you for ores as big as this one. What do you think?”

100 thousand?

Fatty Ji would actually sell this piece of Spirit Crystal for only 100 thousand? He really doesn’t know the good stuff!