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Chapter 409: Refuses a Toast Only to Drink a Forfeit

Chapter 409: Refuses a Toast Only to Drink a Forfeit

Two minutes later, Yang Zhenpan received the result of the investigation. There was little information, yet, a glint flashed in his eyes, and his expression slightly changed.

“I see!"

After hanging up the phone, he looked at Tang Xiu with a strange expression, “Brother Tang, your analysis is very reasonable. The Magnificent Tang Corp does indeed have great potential. The company definitely has the ability to become a dark horse in the business world in the next few years. I’ve been fortunate to taste their Gods Nectar once, because my friend hyped it up, and I was deeply impressed. The other two products of the Magnificent Tang Corp, the Skin Care Lotion and the Scar Removal Cream, are also standing out. Though it hasn’t caused much sensation, they are being highly praised.”

Tang Xiu then rose and said, “Since I’ve answered your question, shouldn’t you take me to see Hou Qingmin?”

“What do you need Hou Qingmin for?” Yang Zhenpan also got up and asked curiously.

“I want to ask him about something.” Tang Xiu said.

Seeing that Tang Xiu was unwilling to say more, Yang Zhenpan immediately nodded and said, “Then, come with me! I talked to him about half an hour ago. He should be in the General Manager’s office.”

“All right!”

Soon, Tang Xiu walked alongside Yang Zhenpan to the Glory Auction House’s General Manager Office. Yang Zhenpan then knocked on the door, and then pushed it open.

“You came, Boss!”

In the office, Hou Qingmin smiled as he stood from his office chair to greet him. However, when he saw Tang Xiu behind Yang Zhenpan, he looked slightly startled, “Boss, this one is?”

Tang Xiu’s brows raised and then looked at Yang Zhenpan, who smiled and kept silent. It was only then that he realized that Yang Zhenpan was the Glory Auction House’s Big Boss. However, he wasn’t interested in who the Glory Auction House’s Big Boss was, since he came here only to inquire about the Buried Diamond.

“You’re Hou Qingmin, Chief Hou? I’m Tang Xiu, the owner of the Magnificent Tang Corp.” Tang Xiu stretched out his hand and calmly said.

“Hello, Mr. Tang!”

Hou Qingmin looked surprised. He knew a bit about the Magnificent Tang Corp. He was a wine lover, and he loved Magnificent Tang Corp’s Gods Nectar. Unfortunately, he could only obtain two bottles of Gods Nectar despite having spent a lot of effort.

At the side, Yang Zhenpan also looked surprised. He observed Tang Xiu again and his shock increased. He thought it was funny and interesting for Tang Xiu to be unable to guess that he was the Big Boss of the Glory Auction House, hence the acting. Yet, he was unable to find out that Tang Xiu was the Magnificent Tang Corp’s Big Boss as well.

“Chief Hou, I don’t like to talk in a roundabout way since I’m always straightforward.” Tang Xiu said, “I’ll talk straight to the point. The reason I come looking for you is that I want to find out about the Buried Diamond. Can you tell me whether the buried diamond belongs to your auction house or belongs to the consignor?”

“This…” Hou Qingmin hesitated as he looked at Yang Zhenpan.

Yang Zhenpan was silent for a moment, as he then said with a smile, “Brother Tang, since you came to our Glory Auction House, you’re our guest. Let us not hurry and have tea first. How about we speak about it slowly?”

“Alright!” Tang Xiu nodded.

After sitting on the sofa, Hou Qingmin personally made tea, pouring it for Yang Zhenpan and Tang Xiu. Then, he sat on the empty sofa nearby.

Yang Zhenpan took a short teacup and gently took a sip. He then slowly said, “Mr. Tang, according to the rules of our Glory Auction House, we can’t disclose the source of the items auctioned at our auction house. However, since Boss Tang has come in person, I would answer the question myself. The Buried Diamond doesn’t belong to our Glory Auction House. A distinguished client entrusted it us to auction it on his behalf.”

“Who is he? I need his contact information.” Tang Xiu asked.

“I apologize. We can’t disclose the client’s information.” Yang Zhenpan shook his head.

“I must know!” Tang Xiu said with all seriousness.

“Mr. Tang, I gave you a bit of information out of respect for you as the owner of the Magnificent Tang Corp.” Yang Zhenpan squinted his eyes as he looked at Tang Xiu and said, “But I hope you don’t make things difficult for us, since our auction house has its own rules and customs.”

“The Buried Diamond is too important for me. I must know who the owner is.” Tang Xiu cooly said, “In order to trace it, I’ll use whatever means necessary. I give you half an hour. If within this time you can give me the answer I need, then I owe you a favor. But if you don’t give me a satisfactory answer, I can’t guarantee what I will do to your Glory Auction House.”

“How arrogant!”

Hou Qingmin abruptly stood and looked angry, whereas Yang Zhenpan looked dignified, squinting his eyes as he continue sizing up Tang Xiu.

Tang Xiu slanted his eyelids, sensing the looming momentum sent off by Hou Qingmin. He then said in a cold and detached tone, “Manager Hou, I advise to put away your ignorance. Relying on your ability that wasn’t enough to break through the first layer of Thousand Revolutions Array, not only standing out will result in you getting oppressed, you will also make a fool of yourself.”

Hou Qingmin’s complexion changed, and said in a heavy voice, “You know the Everlasting Feast Hall’s Thousand Revolutions Array? You…”

Ring, ring, ring…

Tang Xiu’s mobile phone rang. The ringtone also interrupted Hou Qingmin’s words.

Shooting him a glance, Tang Xiu then took out his mobile and pressed the answer button. After hearing Chi Nan’s voice, he then said lightly, “I’m at the General Manager’s Office, 28th floor.”

Having said that, he hung up directly!

For a while, the atmosphere inside the General Manager’s Office turned heavy.

Knock, knock…

The door was knocked, and then Chi Nan entered with a faint smile on her face. Under the surprised gazes of Yang Zhenpan and Hou Qingmin, she came before Tang Xiu and respectfully called out, “Boss.”

Pointing at Hou Qingmin, Tang Xiu then indifferently said, “You said you have a bit friendship with him. Ask him about the Buried Diamond.”

Buried Diamond?

A surprised look appeared on Chi Nan’s face. In fact, she also saw the Buried Diamond’s trailer from TV commercials. She also knew that the Glory Auction House would auction this precious diamond on October 1st.

Looking at Tang Xiu and Chi Nan in disbelief, Hou Qingmin hastily asked, “Chief Chi, what did you just call him? Boss?”

Chi Nan could sense that something was amiss from the atmosphere inside the office. She then nodded, “Yes, he’s the Everlasting Feast Hall’s Boss, Chief Hou. Although I don’t know why my Boss wants to know about the Buried Diamond, I hope you can truthfully tell him about it.”


Hou Qingmin’s lips twitched a few times, as he gulped his words back. At this moment, he finally looked a bit scared. He knew perfectly well how terrible Tang Xiu’s threat was. He was a martial artist and had even personally visited the Everlasting Feast Hall’s HQ in Jingmen Island, trying to break through the Thousand Revolutions Array. Naturally, he knew that the Everlasting Feast Hall boasted a lot of highly skilled experts.

Suddenly, Yang Zhenpan let out a faint smile and said, “I never thought that Boss Tang was such a promising young man! Not only are you the Magnificent Tang Corp’s Big Boss, you’re also the Everlasting Feast Hall’s owner. However, you want to threaten me relying on your identity? I don’t think that’s enough, no?”

The moment he finished speaking, Hou Qingmin’s heart jolted, and his heartbeat accelerated. He hastily winked at Yang Zhenpan. However, the man ignored him, as his eyes straightly stared at Tang Xiu.

“Are you really sure you don’t want to tell me?” Tang Xiu calmly asked.

“Yes, I don’t want to.” Yang Zhenpan sneered.

Tang Xiu got up, looked at Chi Nan and said, “Call Xiaoxue and tell her to send some people over. I want the Glory Auction House to cease existing before tomorrow morning. Also, take note that he’s called Yang Zhenpan. Investigate him, including any forces that are related to him. I want he and his family, as well as those with good relations with his friends and family, captured. Remember, do it at all costs.

“Investigate the Buried Diamond issue secretly. Furthermore, since the Glory Auction House has shown us such a due respect, we must pay it back in face. Secretly investigate all the distinguished guests who have received the Glory Auction House’s invitation, as well as what they want to buy. Our Everlasting Feast Hall will give them better compensation, and I don’t want to see anyone to take part in this auction of the Glory Auction House.”

"Affirmative!" A glint of murderous intention shot out from Chi Nan’s eyes.

“Wait!” Hou Qingmin was greatly anxious, and hurriedly yelled, “Mr. Tang, please do not be anxious. The reason as to why my Boss doesn’t want to tell you is because the consignor of the Buried Diamond has a strong background; we can’t afford to offend him. How about you wait for me to make a phone call first. If the seller is willing to see you, we’ll help you.”

"Hou Qingmin!" Yang Zhenpan abruptly rose, anger on his face.

As though didn’t see his fury, Hou Qingmin kept talking to Tang Xiu, “Mr. Tang, your purpose is very clear, you just want to get the information about the Buried Diamond’s owner. Our Glory Auction House isn’t willing to offend our friends, so please wait a bit. How about it?”

Coldly looking at Yang Zhenpan, Tang Xiu then slowly sat down on the sofa, and nodded, “I’ll be waiting for your news.”

Quickly nodding in response, Hou Qingmin deftly grabbed Yang Zhenpan’s arm and pulled him out of the office. Outside, Yang Zhenpan forcefully broke himself free from Hou Qingmin’s hold and shouted, “Qingmin, what do you mean by this? I won’t let this go if you don’t give me a clear explanation here and now!”

Taking a deep breath, Hou Qingmin then said with a solemn expression, “Boss, I do respect you as a Boss, that’s was why I stopped you just now. If you were to clash with Tang Xiu, then I can only resign. Because… I fear him, more than I fear you.”

“A newly developed Magnificent Tang Corp, and just a restaurant’s Boss, yet you’re more afraid of him than you’re of me? What a joke! I, Yang Zhenpan, have a lot of wealth and personal connections. My Yang Family is an illustrious family in Beijing. Even if we are not among the top three, we are big enough to be in the first ten. I really don’t believe he has that much ability, to begin with.”

“Boss, the Everlasting Feast Hall is a very special existence.” Hou Qingmin slowly said, “As far as I know, they have tons of highly skilled experts. Of course, I wouldn’t fear them if it was just this alone. I have a hunch that there are special people in the Everlasting Feast Hall.”

Special people?

Yang Zhenpan frowned and asked in a deep voice, “What special people?”

Looking at both sides and finding that there was no one nearby, only then did Hou Qingmin reply in an undertone voice, “Dao cultivators.”