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Chapter 410: Visit

Chapter 410: Visit

Though having his own pride, Yang Zhenpan always stayed low-profile. He mostly had humble disposition, however, a loftness existed in his bones. Today, he came across Tang Xiu by chance, and his few statements got him interested. Because of this, it increased his interest toward Tang Xiu.

However, never did he expect that such a young man who seemed to have such a good temperament would unexpectedly be the Big Boss of two companies, the Magnificent Tang Corp and the Everlasting Feast Hall. What was the most unbelievable thing for him was that the young man even dared to threaten him?

He was angry! He wanted to teach this young man a lesson, so that the youth would know what modesty meant.

Yet, after he heard this statement from Hou Qingmin, his heat tightened and a chill quickly formed in his heart.

Hailing from a big family in Beijing, he had been in contact with some things that ordinary people wouldn’t believe. Thus, he naturally heard about cultivators’ existence through various channels.

The number of cultivators was very small. It was a simply rare of existence in his view. Yet, any of these people had mysterious abilities and were shrouded in mystery.

Regardless of whether it’s true or not, I’d rather believe it than not.

Prudent and cautious as he was, Yang Zhenpan made a snap decision.

Looking at Yang Zhenpan’s changed expression, Hou Qingmin’s heart tightened. For fear that Yang Zhenpan had turned a deaf ear, he then said in undertone voice after hesitating for a while, “Boss, your decision is…”

“If the Everlasting Feast Hall really has that kind of people, can we even provoke them?” Yang Zhenpan smiled and said, “Not to mention that Tang Xiu himself displayed such unusual stance, too unusual. With unusual matters, there certainly exists a demon as well. Hence, we’ll contact the Buried Diamond’s seller first! If he agrees, then throw this hot potato to him. If he doesn’t… then, if worst comes to worst, we can only give up and help him with the Buried Diamond’s auction.”

“Then, shall I contact the other party?” Hou Qingmin murmured.

“I’ll contact him myself!” Yang Zhenpan slowly said after staying silent for a while.

“All right!” Hou Qingmin gently nodded, feeling relieved inwardly.

On the outskirts of Shanghai, there was an ordinary house located in a fruit orchard with a clear rivulet in front of its courtyard. The stream gurgled rapidly as fishes occasionally jumped out of the water surface, splashing water and creating ripples.

An old man wearing a sun hat and white jersey held a fishing rod as he quietly fished. By his foot was a big yellow dog, lazily lying there and yawning from time to time.

“Grandpa, there’s a call for you.”

A delicate, cute little girl ran energetically from the courtyard behind him. She was only six or seven years old, carrying a black-colored mobile phone that was flashing some lights.

“Who’s calling?” The old man didn’t turn his head as he asked.

“I only know the Yang word on it, Grandpa.” The little girl laughed and said, “I don’t know the last two words. Do you want me to check up on the dictionary?”

The old man finally turned his back. After receiving the phone, he glanced at the name displayed on the screen, and then said with a smile, “Then go and look them up in the dictionary! Grandpa will answer the call first.”

“Okay!” The little girl replied, turning around and running back to the courtyard.

The old man then pressed the answer button and coolly said, “Why are you calling me?”

“Elderly Wei, our Glory Auction House has just come across a big trouble because of your Buried Diamond.” Yang Zhenpan respectfully said.

“Tell me!” Wei Jiangping squinted his eyes and said.

“Someone wants to find the Buried Diamond’s seller through our Glory Auction House.” Yang Zhenpan said, “According to our auction house’s rules, we keep our client’s information confidential, especially you, who is the owner of the Buried Diamond. However, the other party has a very big background and is someone our Glory Auction House is unable to provoke. He said that he must find the specific information about the Buried Diamond’s seller even if he must destroy the Glory Auction House and my Yang Family.”

“Who is the other party? He really said it with such a big tone?” Wei Jiangping’s brows raised and asked curiously.

“I know that he has two identities. One of which is the Magnificent Tang Group’s Big Boss, and the other is the Everlasting Feast Hall’s owner.” Yang Zhenpan forced a smile and said, “However, I also suspect that he has other identities as well. He’s way too young, after all, and looks like he’s in his 20s.”

Wei Jiangping shook his head, because he had never heard of these two names. He had been abroad for nearly five years, and most of his time had been spent in this place after coming back. For him not to know of these two enterprises was normal.

“Let him come if he wants to see me!”

“All right!”

Hanging up the phone, Wei Jiangping then intended to put the mobile phone away, but he seemed to recall something. After thinking for a while, he then dialed a cell number and laughed, “Old buddy, how about coming here and have some tea with me?”

“What happened?” An old voice came from the mobile phone.

“Well, I came across an interesting matter.” Wei Jiangping said with a smile, “I want you to come and see the fun. Besides, the four others geezers are in seclusion, to begin with. I have no one who can chat with me but you. I’m kind of lonely here!”

“Okay. I’ll be there by lunch. Just prepare some fresh fish for me.”

“No prob.”

Shanghai, Glory Auction House.

After hanging up the phone, only then Yang Zhenpan heaved a sigh of relief inwardly. He put his mobile phone away and looked at Hou Qingmin, who looked at him with anticipation, and then slowly said, “Investigate this Tang Xiu, place the focus on the Everlasting Feast Hall.”

With a slightly changed expression, Hou Qingmin forced a bitter smile and said, “We can’t, Boss.”

“Why?” Yang Zhenpan frowned.

“Actually, I sent some people to investigate the Everlasting Feast Hall many years ago; they never came back. Neither had there any news about them. It was like a pebble dropped into a bottomless ocean.” Hou Qingping murmured, “All in all, I sent three groups. I even asked someone from a private investigator agency later on, yet the result was exactly the same. Afterward, someone came to me and put a knife on my neck, telling me to never investigate the Everlasting Feast hall again.”

“Who was it?” Yang Zhenpan’s complexion changed and asked in a heavy tone.

“Outside the Everlasting Feast Hall’s people, who else could it be?” Hou Qingmin forced a bitter smile.

Yang Zhenpan’s face changed yet again. He then nodded and said, “I see. You don’t need to handle this issue anymore. Let’s go see that Tang Xiu again and send him off.”

“Did the old man gave his consent, Boss?” Hou Qingmin hastily asked.

“Yes, he agreed!” Yang Zhenpan gave a short reply.

After returning to General Manager’s Office, he saw Tang Xiu smoking on the sofa. He then sat on the sofa at the opposite side and said, “Mr. Tang, I just contacted the Buried Diamond’s owner myself. He agreed to see you.”

“Give me his contact information.” Tang Xiu said.

“Can you give me your cell number?” Yang Zhenpan said, “I’ll send you the old man’s address through a text message.”

“All right!”

Tang Xiu told him his cell number. After calmly waiting for about a minute, he then received a specific address.

Then, he got up, looked at Yang Zhenpan, and lightly said, “Originally, I should have owed you a favor, but your attitude made me dissatisfied, hence it’s voided. Thus, we don’t owe each other.”

Having said that, he quickly left the office along with Chi Nan. After they left the Glory Auction House’s entrance, he said, “Come with me! I just came back from Jingmen Island, so I don’t have a car.”

“Understood!” Chi Nan smiled and replied respectfully.

An hour later.

In Shanghai’s suburbs, a fruity fragrance fluttered in the orchard.

Riding a mountain bike, Han Jintong appeared outside the house’s courtyard. Beside him was a beautiful girl dressed in a fashionable dress, pink sunglasses, and also rode a mountain bike. The duo looked at Wei Jiangping, who was quietly fishing by the small stream outside the courtyard. The girl then called out, “Grandpa Wei, I came with grandpa.”

Slowly putting down his fishing rod, Wei Jiangping then got up, turned his head and said with a smile, “Qingwu, you also came! It’s been five years since I came back to the country. This should probably be the second time I’m seeing you.”

“Grandpa Wei, an elderly such as you has a pure mind. You live like a hermit in this kind of place every day to enjoy your late years. I don’t dare to rashly disturb you.”

Wei Jiangping grinned. He then turned to Han Jintong and said with a smile, “Old buddy, the glib tongue of your granddaughter is better than yours. Anyhow, let’s go! The dishes and wine should’ve been prepared, let’s have a chat while eating.”

“Didn’t you call me to see a show or something?” Han Jintong said.

“The protagonist has yet to arrive, but they should be here soon, though!” Wei Jiangping said with a smile, “All right. Let’s have a meal first, then we’ll talk about that after dining.”

The delicious dishes included fish and meat.

Living in this place together with Wei Jiangping was his daughter-in-law and granddaughter. The person who cooked was the housemaid hired by his daughter-in-law.

In the dining room.

As they sat down, a car’s horn was heard outside the courtyard. Wei Jiangping shot a look at his daughter-in-law and lightly said, “Go outside and bring them in. Since they came at dinner time, prepare more tableware as well.”


Two minutes later, Tang Xiu and Chi Nan were brought to the dining room. His expression blanked slightly after seeing the people inside, because he never dreamt that he would unexpectedly meet an acquaintance in the dining table. More so because the person was someone he didn’t want to see the most.

“Tang Xiu? Why are you here?”

Han Qingwu was surprised as she got up and asked in disbelief.

“How have you been, Teacher Han?” Tang Xiu said lightly.

Looking at Chi Nan behind him, Han Qingwu then asked once again, “Tang Xiu, you haven’t answered my question! Why are you here at… Grandpa Wei’s place?”

“Surely I have things to do, no?!” Tang Xiu said.

Nodding to his daughter-in-law, Wei Jiangping then said, “Take two pairs of tableware and chopsticks!”

“Only a pair, please!” Chi Nan stepped back and indifferently said.

Wei Jiangping furrowed his brows slightly, whereas Han Jintong had an odd expression on his face.

“Since you came with Tang Xiu, eat together with us!” Han Qingwu said with a smile, “The meals in Grandpa Wei’s home are very delicious.”

“No need!” Chi Nan stepped back again, refusing and shaking her head.

Han Qingwu shot Chi Nan a look, and then shifted to Tang Xiu. All of a sudden, she was clueless about their relationship. Just as she was about to say something, her heart suddenly jolted, and shouted, “I remember you. You’re the Everlasting Feast Hall’s Manager. No wonder I thought you looked a bit familiar…”