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Chapter 413: An Old Acquaintance

Chapter 413: An Old Acquaintance

Chang Hao had seen a person with such a great strength once. He once had a friend who could lift a copper lion weighing 200-300 kg above his head.

He thought his friend was pretty strong powerful to be able to do that.

Yet, at this moment, looking Tang Xiu pick up the wild boar weighed at least 100-150 kg and not seem to exert any effort at all, he was shocked and unable to utter any words.

Tang Xiu carried the wild boar and returned to the car. Looking at Chang Hao’s shocked face, he said with a pale smile, “I’m quite strong, so this pretty easy for me. Anyhow, do you want to take this wild boar? If you do, I’ll load it into the car. If you don’t want it, I’ll throw it to the roadside.”

Gulping down his saliva, Chang Hao immediately nodded and said, “I want it. This wild boar is so big, I can sell it to get some money. Though it’s not enough to repair the car, at least I can reduce the loss a bit.”

Tang Xiu nodded and loaded the wild boar into the back seat, since the trunk couldn’t hold it. After that, he boarded the car and continued on the road.

Ten minutes later, six black SUVs’ came from behind and sounded their horns. After hesitating for a moment, Chang Hao gave them the pass. Then, the six cars passed by quickly from the side.

At this time, Tang Xiu wasn’t sleep. He was curious about the six black SUVs that just passed. He instantly released his spiritual sense. He didn’t expect to see the woman in white and the others who were previously waiting at the entrance of the train station. And beside her was sitting an old acquaintance of his.

How could it be him?

A strange expression appeared on Tang Xiu’s face, and he suddenly said, “Speed up and overtake those six cars.”

“Why should we overtake them?” Chang Hao was perplexed.

“Just pursue them like I’m telling you. I’ll give you one grand fare if you can overtake them.”

Chang Hao’s spirit aroused as he immediately stepped on the gas. The car instantly sped up and, within a few minutes, the distance between the car and the SUVs was only a dozen meters away. Furthermore, he kept honking under Tang Xiu’s command.

At the front, Li Laoshan, who was sleeping in the third black SUV slowly opened his eyes and slightly furrowed his brows. He took a glance at the back and asked, “What’s going on?”

“It’s the car we just passed by.” Ji Shiyan said, “They are now chasing us and keep honking. Do you want us to stop and teach them a lesson?”

“Forget it, continue to drive fast!” Li Laoshan shook his head and said.

A few minutes later, Li Laoshan finally got impatient and then said in a deep voice, “Stop and park. Have a look at them!”

“All right!” Ji Shiyan replied and immediately ordered them to stop.

After the seven cars stopped, Ji Shiyan got off directly, followed by four strong men. When she saw Tang Xiu coming out from the car, she strode over and coldly said, “You got a problem or something?”

Pointing to the SUV in front, Tang Xiu said lightly, “I want to take a ride on that car!”

“Bastard, don’t you have a car as well?” Ji Shiyan scowled.

“Be politer and civilized, will you?” Tang Xiu’s expression turned cold, as he said, “If not because of Old Fatty Li’s face, I would have torn your mouth apart.”

With a slightly changed expression, the anger in Ji Shiyan’s eyes grew. Yet, she didn’t act, and instead, vigilantly watched Tang Xiu, “Who are you? How do you know that Mr. Li is in our car?”

“Just cut the crap. Go and tell Old Fatty Li that I want a ride.” Tang Xiu said.

After staying silent for a while, Ji Shiyan then turned and gave a signal to the four strong men with her eyes. She then walked to the SUV in front, knocked on the window, and said, “Boss Li, there’s someone behind us who says he knows you are in the car. He also said he wants to take a ride. Do you want to see him?”

“Huh? He knows I’m inside this car?” Li Laoshan dazed and said in astonishment, “What’s his name?”

“I don’t know!” Ji Shiyan shook her head.

“Well, I never thought that I was famous here. To think that I would bump into someone who knows me.” Li Laoshan couldn’t help laughing and said, “Let’s go! I’ll see him.”

As Li Laoshan got off, the four strong men from the other two cars on the front and rear also came out. Two men were in front, and the other two were behind to protect him.

“Old Fatty Li, how come the longer you live, the more backward you become? You have no need for such a big formation protecting you, right?” Tang Xiu teased loudly after seeing Li Laoshan.

Li Laoshan dazed for a while and quickly walked forward several steps. After seeing Tang Xiu standing with arms crossed and smiling, he immediately waved to the two bodyguards in front to make way, as he instantly strode toward Tang Xiu. With an incredulous expression, he said, “Brother Tang, you… you… how come you’re here?”

Tang Xiu hugged Li Laoshan and laughed, “What’s wrong? You can come here, but I cannot?”

While suppressing his shock, a smile appeared on Li Laoshan’s plump face. He laughed loudly and said, “It is said that, though kindred spirits are born a thousand miles apart, they shall still meet. It seems like Brother Tang and I really are predestined friends. We haven’t seen each other for quite a long time after leaving Saipan. Anyhow, how have you been? You went to Shanghai University, have you hooked up with any campus flowers?”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Tang Xiu couldn’t help laughing and said, “I’m a chaste young man, how could I go to university to chase some chicks? Anyhow, I was kinda surprised, though. Why are you here?”

“Well, it’s for a business deal.” Li Laoshan grinned.

“You have a problem if I take a ride with you?” Tang Xiu said with a smile.

“What problem?” Li Laoshan joyfully replied, “I’m happy to have you ride the car with me! Anyways, let me introduce her to you. This is Ji Shiyan, the secretary of Yellowsteel Group’s Boss.”

Glancing at Ji Shiyan, Tang Xiu said lightly, “Yeah, I taste some attitude from her. Kinda overbearing.”

Ji Shiyan didn’t expect that Li Laoshan would actually know Tang Xiu, and that the duo was apparently very close. After hesitating, she then slightly leaned forward and said, “Mr. Tang, I apologize for my attitude just now. I didn’t know that you are Boss Li’s friend.”

“Eh, what happened before?” Li Laoshan was surprised.

“It’s nothing.” Tang Xiu said, “Anyhow, Fatty Li, wait for me a bit, I’ll be right back.”

Having said that, he returned to that unlicensed taxi driver’s window. He took 1,000 yuan from his wallet, handed it over to Chang Hao and then said with a smile, “All right, you can drop me here! I’ll take a ride with them.”

“Brother Tang, you’re amazing! To think you came across such a Big Boss here.” Chang Hao who just heard the conversation between Tang Xiu and Li Laoshan raised his thumb and praised after receiving the money, “All right, I’ll go back then. If you need a car after you come back, just gimme a call. The fare will be just like we talked before.”

Tang Xiu took Chang Hao’s business card. After stuffing it into his pocket, he smiled and said, “No problem.”

As Chang Hao drove away, Tang Xiu followed Li Laoshan into the SUV. Since they sat in the back seat, Ji Shiyan moved to sit in the front seat.

The six cars started.

With a smiling face, Li Laoshan asked, “Brother Tang, what are you doing in this place? That car before is an unlicensed taxi, right?”

“Yup, it’s an unlicensed taxi.” Tang Xiu said with a smile, “I got something to take care of in the depths of Shennong Ridge, thus I rushed here at night.”

“You got something to do in the depths of Shennong Ridge?” Li Laoshan was surprised and said, “What is it? It’s unsafe there, there are tons of wild animals and poisonous swamp everywhere.”

“I’m looking for some medicinal herbs.” Tang Xiu said with a smile.

Li Laoshan knew that Tang Xiu was a powerful martial artist, so he nodded and said, “What medicinal herbs are you looking for, Brother Tang? Need me to lend a hand? I still have quite a lot of time after finishing the business talk with the Yellowsteel Group’s Boss, so I can accompany you to Shennong Ridge.”

“No need!” Tang Xiu shook his head and smiled, “The medicinal herb I’m looking for is very special, it’s kinda hard to find.”

On the front seat, Ji Shiyan smacked her lips. She took a disliking to Tang Xiu due to his arrogance.

“Brother Tang, you’re looking down on this old brother of yours.” Li Laoshan said discontentedly, “Your old brother might be weaker than you, but my skill is still more powerful than the average person. Besides, the more people we have, the stronger we are. With my help, perhaps you can find that medicinal herb sooner.”

After saying that, he looked at Ji Shiyan and said, “You go back and tell your boss that the contract signing will be delayed.”


Ji Shiyan was secretly exasperated and angry inside. Yet, the target of her anger was not Li Laoshan, but the irksome guy who showed up unexpectedly and disrupted the plan -- Tang Xiu. It must be known that the contract to be signed between Li Laoshan and Yellowsteel Group was very important, and she feared that her Boss would be worried and restless.

“Fatty Li, I already know the place where I’m heading to in advance. It’s the Shennong Ridge’s Ghost King Valley, a very dangerous place. Even if it’s me, I must be extra careful there. If you were to come with me, I’m afraid…” Tang Xiu forced a smile.

“What did you say?”

Ji Shiyan, who was feeling vexed inside, suddenly exclaimed after hearing the place where Tang Xiu would go.

“Is there a problem?” Tang Xiu asked.

JI Shiyan’s face turned a bit unsightly, and quickly said, “Mr. Tang, have you given careful thought? The Ghost King Valley is a dreadful place. It’s definitely the most dangerous place I know of. All these years, there have been tons of daredevils wanting to explore that valley, and as far as I know, no one has yet been able to come out of that place alive. Hence, for us, the Fei City’s inhabitants, the Ghost King Valley is simply a deathtrap fraught with dangers.”

Tang Xiu glanced at her and immediately turned to Li Laoshan, saying with a smile, “You heard that, Fatty Li? The place I’m about to go is simply a deathtrap. You might as well go take care of your business! If after I come out of there you’re still in Fei City, I’ll then call you and we will have a glass of wine.”