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Chapter 415: If One Is Not Enough, How About Two?

Chapter 415: If One Is Not Enough, How About Two?

Ji Shiyan’s response could only be described as speechless. Easy-to-understand, simple, and straightforward, yet giving a feeling of a perfunctory person.

She wasn’t able to dig anything about Tang Xiu’s identity from Li Laoshan a moment ago. Therefore, she intended to ask him personally. After organizing the words she wanted to say, she then said, “Mr. Tang, we can be considered as companions since we entered Shennong Ridge together, but I know nothing about you. Would you mind introducing yourself?”

As if able to see through her mind, Tang Xiu smiled lightly and said, “Do you want to find out about my identity and background? Didn’t Old Fatty Li told you?”

“He didn’t tell me anything.” Ji Shiyan shook her head.

“As a matter of fact, you don’t need to know anything about me.” Tang Xiu gave a slight smile and said, “It’s because we simply met by chance, and thus became companions. If anything, we won’t cross each other again in the future after leaving Shennong Ridge. So, it’s unimportant for you to know who I am.”


Ji Shiyan looked furious, yet she suppressed the anger. Tang Xiu was an eyesore for her, and now, after hearing his words, her impression of him just got worse. Hence, she didn’t feel like paying attention to him anymore. She turned to her bodyguard, helping him set up a tent.

A cool mountain breeze blew.

Tang Xiu closed his eyes and started cultivating quietly. The air inside the ancient forest in the depths of the mountain was very fresh and contained abundant spiritual qi. The star force inside his body surged through his meridians, increasing his perception. As the wind brought the barbecue fragrance along, Tang Xiu’s ear moved slightly and his eyes suddenly opened.

“Everyone, be careful! There’s something approaching us!”

Tang Xiu shouted and his body floated up, taking his Bloodguzzler dagger in hand. His eyes were vigilant, constantly scanning the surrounding area. He instantly released his spiritual sense, covering the 200-300 meters of the surrounding area.

Upon hearing him, the eight who were packing their tents and the rest of the bodyguards who were resting immediately jumped and glanced around, raising their vigilance to guard against all possible dangers. Even Ji Shiyan had her expression slightly changed.

Li Laoshan raised his head and said, “Brother Tang, I’ll hand command over our safety to you. I’m responsible for roasting the meat. Thus, we can enjoy a delicious barbecue when it’s safe.”

Tang Xiu wryly smiled upon hearing it.

This Li Laoshan truly had big balls.

As time passed by, vague howls could be faintly heard. Furthermore, the sounds were getting clearer.

“Be careful, it’s a pack of wolves.”

A middle-aged bodyguard’s expression slightly changed as he suddenly reminded the rest.

Tang Xiu looked at him with slight astonishment. He didn’t expect this man’s hearing to be so sensitive. A few minutes later, Tang Xiu secretly forced a smile, since several wild wolves appeared within the range of his spiritual sense. After the wolves appeared in his spiritual sense range, they observed all directions and howled to summon the rest of pack. After several breaths, dozens of wild wolves quickly approached.

In this few minutes, Tang Xiu discovered that the middle-aged bodyguard who had just alerted everyone took four or five roots the size of baby’s arm and a three meters long branch from the surroundings. He then deftly bundled up the dry firewood to one of the branches.

“Are you making a torch?” Tang Xiu came toward the middle-aged bodyguard and asked.

“Yeah, lit it up and wait.” The middle-aged bodyguard nodded and said, “If the wolf pack surrounds us, we can use it to threaten to them.”

“There are nearly 50 wild wolves coming, and they are about 100 meters away from us.” Tang Xiu said, “They are not in a hurry to attack us, but are hiding in the dark, peeping at us. Do you see the bushes over there? There are two wolves hiding there, scouting the place.”

The middle-aged bodyguard’s complexion changed. He immediately gave the torch to his companion and growled, “Light it up quickly! If Mr. Tang is correct, those wolves should be attacking us within the next two minutes. To my knowledge, they must have been attracted by the smell of roasted meat!”

“There’s also another big guy coming at us.” Tang Xiu sighed, “Anyhow, you’ll take up the defense. I’ll do the hunt and killing.”

Li Laoshan looked up and said with a solemn face, “Brother Tang, don’t take it lightly. Those wolves are cruel and sinister. A bear is also very powerful and its speed is rather fast too. If you take it lightly, you may lose your life due to carelessness.”

“Relax, I don’t do things half-heartedly.” Tang Xiu nodded.

He had the strength, thus the confidence.

Tang Xiu was even sure that he alone could easily kill the entire pack of wolves and the bear. However, there were the bodyguards and Ji Shiyan, after all. He didn’t want to expose his identity as a cultivator. Yet, that was the only solution that could guarantee to solve the immediate crisis, rather than having them all killed.


With his spiritual sense covering the area, Tang Xiu locked on the two wild wolves hiding in the bushes. In an instant, his body bolted toward them.

“Auooo…. Auoo...”

The wolves howled and squeaked. When they were preparing to retreat and flee, the Bloodguzzler slashed in a curved trajectory midair, as it accurately swept one of the wolves’ neck and then stabbed the other’s abdomen. The Bloodguzzler was a dagger refined by Tang Xiu himself, and was magical weapon. Hence, it could easily kill the two wolves under Tang Xiu’s control.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Wild wolves quickly rushed over with eyes emitting out green light. Their eyes flashed with savage and ferocious intent as they bolted toward Tang Xiu, attempting to prey on him.


Brandishing the Bloodguzzler, Tang Xiu constantly flashed around, slashing the wolves. Within half a minute, more than ten wild wolves had died in his hands, and more than a dozen were severely injured.


The wolves’ miserable shrills reverberated in all directions, as the wolves that were still alive fled. Ferocious and sinister their nature may be, yet, facing a terrifying opponent such as Tang Xiu, they could only flee after losing so many companions.


Tang Xiu used his spiritual sense to monitor the fleeing wolves. As they disappeared from the range of his spiritual sense, he then took a wild wolf’s corpse and turned toward the campfire.


Tang Xiu dropped the wolf’s corpse in front of Li Laoshan under everyone’s jaw-dropped gaze. He then said with a smile, “I was just worrying that one roasted deer wouldn’t be enough for everyone. Luckily a prey delivered itself to our door. Anyhow, Fatty Li, you gotta work hard again and roast this wolf as well.”

Gulping down his saliva, Li Laoshan carefully asked, “Brother Tang, I heard the howling of many wolves. You… you were actually surrounded by the pack of wolves, yet, not only are you safe, you even killed one? Damn… aren’t you… too powerful?”

“I brought just one corpse, is it enough to be called powerful?” Tang Xiu with a strange tone.

“If you’re not powerful, then who else can be called powerful?” Li Laoshan forced a smile.

Tang Xiu pointed to the direction where he had just killed the wolves, turned to Ji Shiyan, and said with a smile, “Secretary Ji, I’ll have to trouble you to take some men to check it out. If you think wolf meat is good, you can bring back a few more.”

“What do you mean?” Ji Shiyan asked dully.

“You’ll know after you get there!” Tang Xiu said with a smile.

Ji Shiyan was silent for several seconds. She finally nodded and slowly led the four bodyguards. A few minutes later, under the torch’s light, she saw a scene that made her eyes stare wide with shock. Around her, the four bodyguards were stunned as well, their hearts madly thumping and their bodies slightly shivering.

“T-these… these many dead wolves?”

A bodyguard murmured in a low voice.

Ji Shiyan was hardly able to turn her head the way they came. She then inhaled deeply to suppress her shock and said in a deep voice, “Everyone, work together and bring the dead wolves back.”

“Secretary Ji, we can’t bring them all at once!” A bodyguard called out.

“Then do it twice if you can’t do it all at once!” Ji Shiyan said in a deep voice, “Be quick and careful, the wolves still alive might come back to get revenge.”

Five minutes later, Ji Shiyan appeared near the campfire, bringing a wolf corpse, as the four bodyguards also brought two each.

“Heavens! This, this, this…”

Li Laoshan sprang up, as his bottom left the stone for the first time. He even ignored the roasted venison in front of him. In disbelief, he exclaimed, “How could there be so many dead wolves? These wild wolves… were they slain by… Brother Tang?”

Nodding in response, Ji Shiyan then looked at Tang Xiu with a bit of fear in her eyes. She finally realized what Li Laoshan meant before. What he said was not to scare her out. This mysterious Mr. Tang was truly terrifying.

She had inspected the corpses and found that most of them were slain by a knife. Among them were two or three wild wolves with a smashed head and burst eyes. There was no wound anywhere else.

What did this mean? It meant that they were killed bare-handedly by Tang Xiu.

She could hardly imagine how powerful and how fast Tang Xiu was, to think that he could kill wild wolves with bare hands.

Li Laoshan strode toward Tang Xiu and said in astonishment, “Brother Tang, how powerful are you, exactly? That lad from Qingcheng Mountain was certainly unable to do this.”

“I have made it clear already when I was in Saipan, no?” Tang Xiu chuckled and said, “He couldn’t even defeat my men, how could he be my opponent?”

Gulping his saliva yet again, Li Laoshan raised his thumb and sighed in praise, “I’m impressed, I really am. No wonder Chen Zhizhong is your disciple. I’m now itching to acknowledge you as my Master as well.”

“Well, you first gotta reduce your big belly if you want to have me as your teacher.” Tang Xiu chuckled as he replied back.

With an embarrassed smile, Li Laoshan was about to speak when he saw that Ji Shiyan and the four bodyguards were about to leave again. He suddenly asked curiously, “Secretary Ji, are you…”

“The rest of the dead wolves haven’t been brought over yet. Shall we go bring the rest?” Ji Shiyan replied.

“There are more?”

Li Laoshan jumped up and involuntarily cried out in fright.