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Chapter 417: The Real Beneficiary

Chapter 417: The Real Beneficiary

In the bushes, Tang Xiu’s watchful eyes saw as the three white tigers responded extremely fast. Almost in an instant, they all jumped to both sides. Their vigorous physique swayed from side to side, clawing and swooping back as their sharp claws slashed toward the rhino.


The rhino-like beast was cornered and flanked. Its stout thigh raised and a sharp talon protruded from the meat pad as it clashed with the white tiger’s claws. Sparks flew in all directions as the white tiger was sent flying. however, another white tiger’s claws torn the rhino-like fierce beast’s thigh.


Furthermore, the other white tiger spat out its inner core and bombarded the rhino-like fierce beast’s back. The hit made its body stagger and almost topple.

However, the rhino-like fierce beast was evidently infuriated, and it was also much faster. It suddenly leapt, dashing to the side of the white tiger that had spewed its core. If not for the other two white tigers that were fast enough to spit out their cores to attack the rhino-like fierce beast, perhaps that white tiger would have been stabbed to death by the rhino’s horn. Despite so, the white tiger was still hit and flew upside down for more than 10 meters, as it fell down 7-8 meters away from Tang Xiu.

Hou, Hou…

The three white tigers took back their inner cores and swallowed it back into their stomachs. They then simultaneously rushed toward the rhino-like fierce beast. Each of their attacks were aggressive and fierce, inflicting quite heavy injuries to the rhino-like fierce beast, yet also leaving deep wounds on themselves.

Their fight continued for a long time.

The three white tigers were obviously under the wind. The moment one of the white tigers was kicked by the rhino-like fierce beast, the other two white tigers tacitly spewed out their inner cores and bombarded the rhino. However, the rhino-like fierce beast reacted extremely fast and instantly spit out its dark inner core as it collided with the two white tigers’.



The two white tigers’ cores exploded loudly and they crazily spurted out blood, flying upside down tens of meters away, and then slammed on the ground, dying. However, a crack also appeared on the rhino-like fierce beast’s inner core, as the last white tiger suddenly rushed to pick the rhino’s inner core and swallowed it in its stomach.


Just as the white tiger’s four feet landed on the ground, its body exploded.


The rhino-like fierce beast wailed. Its big eyes shed tears of blood as its front hoof collapsed and its body slammed on the ground.

Tang Xiu, who was hiding in the bushes, had his qi and blood boil inside as he saw the four fierce beasts fighting and roaring. On several occasions, he couldn’t withstand it and almost fled. However, at this moment, Tang Xiu’s eyes shined when he saw the rhino-like fierce beast collapse.


With his heart racing and using his mind to control Bloodguzzler, the dagger turned into a flash of lightning that pierced through the rhino’s neck. It was then forcefully thrust in its head again. Tang Xiu’s figure then instantly appeared behind the rhino-like fierce beast. With his feet stepping on its tail, his fist suddenly bombarded its spine.


The beast struggled to stand up. However, Tang Xiu’s punch was too powerful and it was already severely injured, thus it was toppled directly.


Shouting, Tang Xiu infused Bloodguzzler with star force, the blade flashing with light. As Tang Xiu brandished his dagger, the blade light then hacked into the rhino-like fierce beast’s back.


As if exerting its last strength, the rhino suddenly jumped up and crazily attempted to rush into the Ghost King Valley. It was only able to sprint for a few kilometers before its body then loudly crashed into the ground.

Tang Xiu followed it up and wiped the blood on his face. Appearing next to the rhino-like fierce beast’s body, he then controlled Bloodguzzler and pierced the rhino’s body again and again. He only stopped when it wasn’t moving anymore.

“What a great profit!”

Grinning ear to ear, Tang Xiu then stuffed the rhino and the white tiger corpses into his interspatial ring.

“Confine in a circle of the sphere, drawing it as a forbidden space.”

Tang Xiu’s hands moved as his star force emitted out and condensed into runes. Quickly, a single rune enveloped the range of dozens of meters. Tang Xiu’s ten type of souls were then integrated into the rune as a rich spiritual power of heaven and earth flowed from all directions into Tang Xiu’s body.

The huge amount of energy from the fierce beast’s exploded inner core had yet to dissipate. Using his divine magical spell, Tang Xiu enveloped an area of dozens of meters and confined most of the energy. Following that, he went all out to absorb the energy, refining it and transforming it into his cultivation.

The heaven and earth spiritual qi may not be of much use to him, but the energy contained in the fierce beasts’ cores would help him greatly. He only needed to refine the energies he had absorbed and store them inside his muscles, bones and his organs. Whenever he took pills, he could assimilate the energy and make his body and soul stronger, increasing his strength by leaps and bounds.

Tang Xiu had a feeling that his next breakthrough would definitely have an unexpectedly pleasant surprise with such a huge amount of energy stored inside his body.

“As the two parties fight, the third party reaps the benefits from them.”

A brilliant smile appeared on Tang Xiu’s handsome face. Never did he expect that his luck would be so good. Encountering a situation where fierce beasts fought, the result was that he got the benefits cheaply.

Moreover, they slaughtered each other due to him adding fuel to the flames.

Huh? Something is amiss! Fierce beasts of this level usually appear near treasures. That rhino-like and white tiger fierce beasts must have fought for treasures or something.

As Tang Xiu thought up to there, his body suddenly shook. He then released his spiritual power and soon found that, within the depths of Ghost King Valley, about 700-800 meters inside, there was an alluringly beautiful flower amidst the rocks. The flower had seven petals with a faint floral scent fluttering around, causing one’s spirit to quickly enter a trance state.

This is not right! Isn’t that the Soul Phantasmagoria Demonic Flower? Damn, how can this terrible thing appear on Earth?

Tang Xiu’s expression changed and he immediately retreated dozens of meters. Only then did the stimulating sensation slowed down.

The Soul Phantasmagoria Demonic Flower was a terrifying demonic flower in the Demon Realm that was definitely ranked in the top ten objects. It had a bright scarlet appearance, was alluringly beautiful, and had a faint floral scent. Once one smelled it, one would feel their soul stimulated at first. But as time went by, it would make them fall into a dreamland, while their bodies would be more violently stimulated. Even if one was an Immortal with a very powerful cultivation level, inhaling the scent of the Soul Phantasmagoria Demonic Flower for a long time would make him fall into madness and eventually die.

however, that was not the worst. The most terrifying was after taking it. If a formidable expert with a powerful cultivation level used the flower for medicine or in concocting pills, there was only one outcome -- death. Therefore, this Soul Phantasmagoria Demonic Flower was also called Flower of Death in the Demon Realm. After it was used as medicine or concocted into pills, it would become colorless and odorless. It simply wouldn’t reveal any abnormalities. It wouldn’t bring any qualitative changes to medicines and pills whatsoever.

As Tang Xiu’s horrified feeling faded, his mind kept racing to find information about the Soul Phantasmagoria Demonic Flower. Soon, a bright smile appeared on his face.

There was another meaning for the existence of the Soul Phantasmagoria Demonic Flower here. That was, the flower was the companion of the Demonic Revival Grass. Wherever this flower grows, there must be a Demonic Revival Grass growing nearby. If this flower was alive, then the Demonic Revival Grass was certainly alive as well.

I must find it. I must!

A firm glint flashed inside Tang Xiu’s eyes. He constantly released his spiritual sense in all directions. After being released to a certain place nearly 300 meters away, Tang Xiu then discovered the Demonic Revival Grass inside a crevice among the lumps of several hundred pounds of heavy stone.

“Open up!”

Tang Xiu forcefully kicked the boulder with an excited glint in his eyes. With utmost care, he picked up the Demonic Revival Grass, including some of the soil and its roots, and then stored it into his interspatial ring. After that, he released his star force and wrapped the Soul Phantasmagoria Demonic Flower, storing it in his interspatial ring as well.

I really didn’t expect to actually find the Demonic Revival Grass on Earth. It seems that Earth is really mysterious. Nonetheless, this Ghost King Valley seems to have a few secrets. However, just outside the Ghost King Valley already appeared four fierce beasts stronger than me. If I were to rashly venture inside, I’m afraid that it wouldn’t end well. In any case, I’ve obtained the Demonic Revival Grass and I can’t stay any longer, so I must leave this place first. After my cultivation is stronger, I’ll come back and explore this place again.

After deeply pondering, Tang Xiu then decided to leave.

A few minutes later, when he left the edge of Ghost King Valley and rushed toward the cave, he suddenly heard gunfire and screams.

A fight!

Tang Xiu’s complexion changed and he suddenly sped up. As he used his enhanced vision to see the surrounding near the cave entrance, his heart gradually sank.

Dozens of fierce beasts were there. Although they were all were low-grade fierce beasts, there were many types of them. Wild lions, cheetahs, wild dogs, and giant pythons. They neither fought nor seemed to be threatening each other as they besieged six bodyguards. Tang Xiu looked on helplessly as the six bodyguards used their guns and knives but had their bodies ripped apart by the fierce beasts, while two giant pythons quickly slithered toward the cave.

I can’t conceal it anymore, it seems.

Tang Xiu forced a smile inside. His wrist flipped as several Lightning Symbols and Kindle Flame Symbols appeared in his hands. He sprinted toward the fierce beasts and fiercely attacked them.


Inside the cave.

Li Laoshan and Ji Shiyan looked desperate. They could clearly see the horrible deaths of the six bodyguards outside due to the moonlight. The two gun-bearing bodyguards in front of them had fear on their faces. They constantly pulled the triggers, shooting at the two giant pythons.

Unfortunately, the bullets couldn’t penetrate the two giant pythons’ scales. The bullets could only create sparks, leaving white marks on their scales. However, this enraged the two giant pythons, causing their speed to continue accelerating.