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Chapter 431: Having a Will But Without Strength

Chapter 431: Having a Will But Without Strength

While looking at the shocked Chen Sirui, Fei Shan lightly said, “I can’t say for 100% certainty whether or not these forces were involved. But I dare say that all the Zhangs’ properties had been divided up by them after they were destroyed. Everyone here is smart, I’m sure you’re clear what this means, right?”

Chen Sirui fell into silence.

Despite his Chen Family being quite illustrious and twice stronger than the Zhang Family, yet he was still greatly shocked after hearing Fei Shan’s words.

If what Fei Shan said was true, then Tang Xiu’s ability was far beyond what he had estimated. Once his family began to take action against Tang Xiu, it was very likely that they would be attacked by these forces as well.

“Fei Shan, though what you said may shock Young Master Chen, I don’t think he’ll be actually scared.” Huang Xu suddenly said, “I think we gotta tell him the biggest card Tang Xiu has on hand so that he can dispel any ideas of revenge against Tang Xiu!”

“Huh?” Chen Sirui hurriedly asked, “Tang Xiu still has another card? What is it?”

Coldly looking at him, Huang Xu then indifferently said, “It’s been quite some time since Long Zhenglin called me to fool around. We used to hang together, hence he disclosed some news after getting drunk. That was related to Tang Xiu’s background. Now tell me, do you think Tang Xiu would be able to manage his Magnificent Tang Corp alone so well if he didn’t have a formidable background?”

“What’s his background?” Chen Sirui asked deeply.

“He’s a member of the Tang Family of Beijing!” Huang Xiu said.

Hiss… Chen Sirui was startled, and he couldn’t help but take a gasp of cool air.

How could he not know the Tang Family of Beijing? He once went with his grandfather, who was the topmost ranked authority in his Chen Family to Beijing, to visit some top figures from the illustrious families there. However, since the Tang Family’s Head was someone of the topmost level, his grandfather wasn’t even qualified to meet him. Eventually, the one to met his grandfather was Tang Guoshou, the Tang Family’s Third Master. Just merely Tang Guoshou was someone whose high status was enough to make the Chen Family’s Head and his grandson look up to.

“Tang… Tang Xiu is really a member of Beijing’s Tang Family?”

“Yeah, I don’t think Long Zhenglin needs to boast about this matter.” Huang Xu said, “Furthermore, after Fei Shan and I heard this news from his mouth, we also asked our friend in the capital to verify it. Do you know what we’ve found?”

“What?” Chen Sirui quickly asked.

“The Tang Family’s offspring, who had been missing for many years, had just been found recently. The Tang Family’s Head—Tang Guosheng, the most prominent figure in the family, is that person’s grandfather. Subsequently, Fei Shan and I secretly investigated the matters related to Tang Xiu. We found that about four months ago, he was simply an idiot whose brain got damaged or something. But suddenly, he changed and became very skillful. No matter being his studies, personal connections, and doing business, he simply shocked people to the core. Now, tell me, the moment the Tang Family found their missing descendant Tang Xiu began to expose his dazzling brilliance. Don’t you think it funny?”

Once again, Chen Sirui fell into silence.

From Fei Shan and Huang Xu, he finally understood what kind of figure his younger brother had provoked. It was no wonder that Tang Xiu had figured out that he was from the Blue City’s Chen Family. It was not strange that he dared to be so rampant and domineering.

“Chen Sirui, we already said what we wanted to say.” Huang Xu solemnly said, “If you don’t believe it, feel free to use all your Chen Family’s power to investigate Tang Xiu’s background. See for yourself whether what we said is true or not. As for your revenge, you brothers gotta think about it carefully before you make a decision.”

Fei Shan stood up and said, “We come here to tell you this because we have been friends with you for many years. If you don‘t want to listen to our advice and insist on acting willfully, then don’t blame us for not reminding you.”

Chen Sirui took a deep breath and said, “Fei Shan, Huang Xiu, I’m very grateful to you for coming to tell me this matter. If anything, I’ll send some people to investigate Tang Xiu. If his background is really like what you said, I’m afraid we won’t have the guts despite having the determination to retaliate. Hence, you can rest your worries.”

“Okay!” Huang Xiu and Fei Shan’s face eased a lot. They then left shortly after.

The living room was devoid of any sound. Chen Sirui glanced at his little brother, Chen Si’en, and indifferently said, “You heard what Fei Shan and Huang Xu said. If that Tang Xiu is as terrifying as they said, we can only swallow this humiliation in silence.”

Coldness flashed from Chen Si’en’s eyes, as he icily said, “If the Tang Family of Beijing is really the one behind him, the Chen Family needs not be involved in my enmity. If worst comes to worst, I can still hire assassins from overseas.”


Chen Sirui slapped Chen Si’en’s swollen face. He grabbed his shirt and sternly yelled, “Didn’t you hear the reason of the Zhangs’ destruction? If you hire assassins to kill him, will the Tangs do nothing about that? With their power, it will be extremely easy for them to investigate it and find you. Do you think you can really separate cleanly from the Chens? By then, when the Tang Family’s fury erupts, they will vent it directly on our Chen Family. Do you fucking want our entire family buried along with you?”

“I…” Chen Si’en covered his cheek. He opened his mouth, yet he didn’t know what to say.

That's right! If the Tangs acted out of revenge, not only would they retaliate against him, the Chens would be implicated as well.

At this time, a deep sense of powerlessness grew inside him.

Late at night.

Tang Xiu was driving back to South Gate Town. He took a shower at Long Zhenglin’s place and put on another set of clothes Kang Xia bought him. He then immediately went home after having a bite and a drink. As for Long Zhenglin, the fella had drunk a little more, crawling to the bunk and falling asleep.

When the Land Rover SUV drove into the villa’s courtyard entrance, Tang Xiu discovered that the lights inside were still on. Su Lingyun sat leaning on the chair inside the living room, reading books; while Tang Yunde sat next to her, holding a laptop and looking at something.

The car’s headlights alarmed them.

Su Lingyun got up from the sofa and looked slightly excited. She came outside half running, looking at Tang Xiu get down from the car. A bright smiling face appeared on her rosy face.

“Son, I heard from your dad that you came back at noon today while I was asleep. Why didn’t you wake me up?” Su Lingyun said with a smile.

“Mom, you were sleeping so soundly that I didn’t wake you up. But then, aren’t I here now?” Tang Xiu laughed.

“Just see how I teach you a lesson if you hadn’t come back.” Su Lingyun smiled with satisfaction, “By the way, shouldn’t you be in Shanghai?”

“The new term hasn’t officially started yet.” Tang Xiu said with a smile, “So I came back to give a celebration party for the Magnificent Tang Corp’s top executives before the classes officially started.”

Ring, ring… An SMS notification sounded from Tang Xiu’s mobile phone. As he took out his mobile and read the short message, a slight smile appeared on his face. The content showed that 200 million yuan had just been transferred to his bank account.

After seeing Tang Xiu put away his mobile phone, Su Lingyun asked, “Have you had dinner, sonny? I’ll prepare something for you to eat if you’re hungry.”

“I’m not hungry, Mom. I already ate.” Tang Xiu replied with a smile.

“Little Yun, Xiu’er has come back, so you can rest your worries!” Tang Yunde laughed, “It’s kind of late, and he’s been busy all day; he should be tired. Just let him rest early! You can talk to him tomorrow.”

“Ah, that’s right. Xiu’er has just come back from Shanghai, yet you still had to go to your company to work. You must be tired. Xiu’er, go rest, quickly!”

“Okay, Mom!”

Tang Xiu gave her a slight smile and didn’t stay any longer. He then went to his room on the second floor. After transferring the 200 million to the company’s bank account, Tang Xiu then sent Kang Xia an SMS, put on casual clothing, and then laid down on the bed.

The next morning.

After accompanying his parents to breakfast, Tang Xiu decided to leave for Shanghai. He didn’t take the plane since there was still much time and directly drove his Land Rover SUV. He only brought the little fierce beast he had tamed as he rushed toward Shanghai.

On the way there, he received a call from Gu Xiaoxue and learned that the homeless children had been escorted to Jingmen Island and had safely arrived at the Everlasting Feast Hall’s HQ. Gu Xiaoxue had also assigned some people to settle them properly.

Tang Xiu then instructed Gu Xiaoxue to assign the Everlasting Feast Hall’s experts to help him carry out a five-month training program to screen out the best ten children.

4 PM.

Tang Xiu finally arrived at Shanghai University. He drove around the campus and found no one in the classroom. He then came to the dorm and found that its door was locked. Having no choice, he then dialed Yue Kai’s cell number.

“Hey, Eldest Brother Tang, you’re still kicking!”

Just as the phone call connected, Yue Kai’s cry came out of the phone along with chaotic sounds accompanying his voice at the same time.

“I’m in the dorm, where are you now?” Tang Xiu curiously asked.

“I’m in the campus’ assembly hall!” Yue Kai called out, “Our campus will hold a freshmen welcoming party tomorrow. Our classmates who signed up for the show are rehearsing now.”

Freshmen welcoming party?

Tang Xiu faintly smiled and said, “Got it! I’ll go find you!”

After hanging up the phone, Tang Xiu then left the male student’s dormitory. After asking around, he quickly found the campus’ assembly hall. After entering, he then found that it was very lively inside. The big stage was divided into many small areas, while many students were rehearsing for the show tomorrow.

“Hey, Brother Tang, come here!”

Hu Qingsong’s loud voice gushing out with a thick northeastern accent came over.

Holding back a smile, Tang Xiu then went toward them and asked, “What kind of show are you going to perform?”

Rolling his eyes, Hu Qingsong shook his head and said, “Nope, none of the sort. We got no talent at all. Besides, there’s no way we’ll sign up for a program and go on stage just to disgrace ourselves! However, how about you, big bro? You didn’t sign up for the military training. Do you want to sign up for the show? But, I think someone already signed you up for it.”

“Huh?” Tang Xiu stared blankly, confused, “Someone signed me up? Who was it?”