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Chapter 436: Getting Butchered

Chapter 436: Getting Butchered

Hu Qingsong's mouth twitched a few times. Recalling what Xue Chao had said before, he suddenly called out, “Eldest Brother Tang, I want to see your garage. Xue Chao said you have good cars here. Ehh, Yue Kai, what are you staring dully for?"

Looking blankly at Tang Xiu, Yue Kai moved his lips, murmuring, “Eldest Brother Tang’s villa is one of the most luxurious villas in Bluestar Villa Complex. I told all of you before that there are some villas here priced above nine digits. This is exactly one of them.”

“Hiss…” Everyone gasped for cold air after hearing this.

Nine digits… that was hundreds of millions!

A villa worth hundreds of millions of yuan just for Tang Xiu to have a place to stay when he was studying in Shanghai; how rich was his family, exactly?

“Don’t look distracted like that, will ya? Let’s go inside!” Tang Xiu said with a smile.

Hu Qingsong, who hadn’t forgotten what he just asked, quickly pulled on Tang Xiu, and said loudly, “Eldest Brother Tang, don’t ignore me! Just show us your garage quickly! I wanna make sure whether old Xue was boasting or not.”

Tang Xiu hesitated for a moment before pressing the garage key button. In any case, everyone already knew that this was his villa, and not how many cars were there! Since they wanted to see them, he might as well let them have a look just the same.

As the electric garage door opened, Hu Qingsong, Yue Kai, and the others rushed towards it. Only Tang Xiu and Mu Wanying stayed in their spots.

“You don’t seem to want everyone to know that you have a villa here, do you, Tang Xiu?” Mu Wanying asked in a soft voice.

“We are fellow students. I was afraid their feelings would be affected due to money and things of value.” Tang Xiu produced a wry smile and said, “But since Xue Chao has talked about this inadvertently, I think it won’t be good to keep concealing it. Otherwise, they would have a knot in their hearts once they learn about this one day. Therefore, just let them know right away, then!”

“That idea of yours is correct, if you ask me,” Mu Wanying said with a smile, “Perhaps after they learn that there’s such a wealth disparity between you and them, maybe they will be a bit envious or jealous. Envious people can be friends, while the jealous ones will slowly become estranged. But one day when they learn by themselves that you turned out to have a villa here, along with many luxury cars, even though your family or you yourself are very rich, maybe they will really have a knot inside their hearts. They will think that you never even thought of them as friends since you were concealing everything from them.”

“That’s right!” Tang Xiu nodded.

“Heavens! Am I not dreaming? Four parking spaces for four luxurious cars in the garage, and each of them is worth tens of millions! God dammit! If I knew that Eldest Brother Tang had these many luxurious cars, why would I buy that small broken car?!” Hu Qingsong’s mournful voice full of thick northeastern accent came from the garage.

“What luxurious and extravagant cars! Eldest Brother Tang is simply a rich bachelor! Just… just the total value of these four cars is something tons of people are unable to obtain in their lifetime! O heaven! O Earth! Why am I not born a woman? If I were one, I have to marry Eldest Brother Tang and become the rich lady!” Zhao Liang roared out after Hu Qingsong.

Even Li Xinjie exclaimed, “WOW, these cars are so handsome! If I could have one of them, I’m afraid I would have fallen into a dream and woke up smiling.”

Outside, Tang Xiu and Mu Wanying exchanged glances. While Tang Xiu had a forced wry smile all over his face, Mu Wanying had a smile with hints of teasing, as she said, “Well, I daresay that if you don’t warn them not to expose it to bystanders, I’m afraid most of the students studying in our university will find out that a nouveau riche freshman has silently come to study in their campus. By then, you will become a hot potato, and the girls will be in hot pursuit of you. I’m afraid they will be as numerous as the carps crossing the river.”

“Rest assured!” Tang Xiu forced a smile and said, “I’ll find a way to make them zip their mouths.”

Quickly, Yue Kai and the others came out of the garage. Their eyes lit up when they looked at Tang Xiu. Straightforward as he always was, Yue Kai said, “Eldest Brother Tang, you gotta lend me one of your luxurious cars to flirt with girls.”

“Yea, I also need one!”

“Me too!”

Hu Qingsong and Zhao Liang spoke out in unison.

“No problem with that. But you gotta swear to me that you must never disclose anything you hear and see tonight to anyone, ever!” Tang Xiu said with a smile, “I don’t want unnecessary troubles because of my house and cars.”

“Sure thing!”

“I promise!”

“No problem!”

The trio promised enthusiastically.

As for Xue Chao, he scratched the back of his head, and said in a muffled voice, “I don’t have a driver’s license, neither do I like to pick up girls. These cars probably don’t have any use for me.”

“Well, if you work hard, I can help speak some good things for you, so you can have your salary doubled,” Tang Xiu chuckled and spoke to him.

“Hooray! Long live Boss Tang!” Xue Chao got excited immediately.

Tang Xiu then shifted his gaze toward Li Xinjie and Hu Wei, and said with a smile, “As for you, beauties; I hope you can help to keep it secret.”

A cunning glint flashed in Li Xinjie’s eyes. She stretched three fingers and said, “If you can agree to three conditions, I promise you I won’t reveal everything I see tonight to anyone.”

“You’re really ruthless, girl.” Tang Xiu forced a smile and said, “Go say it. I won’t decline if it’s within my capabilities.”

“First, you gotta treat me to a meal for a week. No need to be extravagant, though. Just having a bite in the campus cafeteria will do,” Li Xinjie laughed and continued, “The second one is, you gotta spare some time to give me a ride with that hooded supercar of yours to stroll around the campus.”

Seeing Li Xinjie stopped talking up to there, Tang Xiu immediately nodded and said, “Treating for meals is not a problem. The task of driving to take you for a ride can be given to Yue Kai and Hu Qingsong. Tell me the third one.”

“I haven’t thought about it enough. I’ll tell you later.” Li Xinjie smiled and said, “However, if you can promise me these three conditions, I can help you if you want to pursue our first belle Mu in the future, though.”

Tang Xiu secretly rolled his eyes. Although Mu Wanying was indeed beautiful like a fairy, he didn’t have the slightest of the kind of feeling between man and woman toward her. Speaking about pursuing her? What a joke!

Immediately, he turned to look at Hu Wei, and asked, “What about you?”

“Mine is the same as Xinjie’s first two conditions.” Hu Wei said with a smile, “The third one is, after we graduate and we can’t find a job, you must help us. Besides, you already helped Xue Chao in any case. Helping us once more won’t be a problem for you, no?”

“I’ll definitely help if you have the skills and capabilities,” Tang Xiu laughed and said.

Rejoicing, Hu Wei replied, “A gentleman’s words are as good as gold! I’ll hold onto your words!”

"Got it!" Tang Xiu agreed.

Immediately, he looked at them, and said with a wry smile, “To be honest, I brought you guys here to stay for the night in my place out of good intentions. Never thought that I would be butchered by you all. How was it for you guys after you got my heart vexed?”



Everyone burst into laughter.

Apart from Mu Wanying and Xue Chao, everyone else was excited over little things. After everyone eventually got used to it, Mu Wanying’s group of three girls picked a customized bedroom. She took out one bed and its bedding, laid the bed out, and then divided the room afterward.

In addition to Mu Haoying and Xue Chao, the rest of them entered a villa. Finally, when everyone got used to it, the three girls took out a futon from a room where she had been laying. After she had laid out the bed, she divided the rooms.

However, everyone was still in the mood for having fun tonight. Since they also came to Tang Xiu’s big villa, they still had much energy left. Under Xue Chao’s summons, everyone then came to the chess room and played cards there.

“Ring, ring, ring…”

Tang Xiu and Mu Wanying didn’t join them, and the two went to the kitchen. After finding that there was no hot tea, Tang Xiu personally boiled good tea and sent it to the chess room. He and Mu Wanying also went to the neighboring block to buy a lot of snacks, and then returned to the villa.

“Huh? What happen to you guys?”

When the two just returned, they saw everyone come out of the chess room with unsightly looks.

“It’s Feiyan,” Li Xinjie said, “She just called me, saying that she broke up with Ma Jun and got beaten by him. Furthermore, she was forcibly dragged to the hotel. She called us while secretly hiding in the bathroom.”

Tang Xiu’s complexion changed, and said in a heavy voice, “Which hotel are they in? We’ll rush over there now.”

“It’s the Jasmine Hotel nearby.” Li Xinjie quickly said.

“Let’s go!” Tang Xiu said.


Jasmine Hotel, room #406...

Jiang Feiyan locked herself in the bathroom. Ma Jun outside the door incessantly kicked the door, cursing unpleasant things to hear.

“Your heart is dead! I must break up with you!” Jiang Feiyan shouted. She was emotionally distraught, affecting the injured corner of her mouth. The pain immediately made her shed tears.

“You bitch! You got bewitched by another man tonight, didn’t you? And you want to dump this father? No fucking way! Even if this father is bored with you, you can never escape from my palm the entire of your fucking life!” Ma Jun’s voice turned louder and louder as he threw curses at her.

“You… you asshole!”

Jiang Feiyan’s heart felt like it was stabbed by a knife. The pain she felt made her tremble. In fact, the feelings she had toward Ma Jun was still there. If Ma Jun had coaxed her well tonight, she would have given up on her idea of breaking up with him. Nevertheless, never once had she thought that not only would Ma Jun hit her, he also cursed at her!

The heartrending pain! Brokenhearted! Ma Jun had thoroughly driven her into despair.

A few minutes later, Ma Jun was no longer kicking the bathroom’s door because he had indeed drank booze too much tonight. Coupled with his ordinary physical fitness, he finally got tired and sat on the carpet.

Time slowly passed by.

When the room’s door was opened from the outside, the hotel’s lobby manager took the room card and quickly stepped back. He watched Ma Jun, who was sitting outside the bathroom, drunk and reek of liquor, with anger in his eyes.

Hu Qingsong and Yue Kai were the first to come in. After the duo rushed into the room, they seized Ma Jun’s arms separately, stopping his shouts, and restrained him.

“Ma Jun, where’s Feiyan?”

Li Xinjie had been classmates and good sisters with Jiang Feiyan for four years. They had a deep affection for each other. Therefore, after she stepped in front of Ma Jun’s, she was the first to ask him the question.


Just as Li Xinjie’s voice fell, Jiang Feiyan, whose face was obviously beaten and injured, with bloodstains on her arm, opened the bathroom door from the inside. She burst into tears.

“Xinjie! Wu Wu Wu…”

Seeing her miserable state, Li Xinjie looked distressed and furious. She raised her leg and kicked Ma Jun’s crotch fiercely. While Ma Jun was screaming, she pulled Jiang Feiyan along for a few steps, hugging and consoling her.

Upon seeing the scene before him, Tang Xiu secretly sighed inwardly. He then turned to look at the lobby manager, and said, “Call the police! He kidnapped a female student and did it in your hotel. I think it’s best for you to call the police.”

“All right!” The lobby manager nodded and took his mobile phone out.