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Chapter 437: The Good-For-Nothing Man

Chapter 437: The Good-For-Nothing Man

Though at this time his crotch was extremely painful, Ma Jun panicked after hearing the dialogue between Tang Xiu and the lobby manager. He exclaimed, “Don’t! Don’t call the cops! I was just joking with my girlfriend. It’s true! I’m not telling lies!”

Tang Xiu gave a hand signal to the lobby manager and sneered, “You were just joking with your girlfriend? You were joking and she got her face bruised, even has bloodstains on her arms? See for yourself how many footprints there are on her body. You kicked her a few times, didn’t you? Had we not been come here in time, would you still lock her in?”

Fear struck Ma Jun’s heart. He was afraid that these people around him would report to the police, since he really had hit Jiang Feiyan. What was more, he also used Jiang Feiyan’s naked photos to threaten her, so that he could bring her here, and forbid her to leave.

Once he was reported to the police, he, who only had one year left to graduate, would highly likely be expelled directly from the campus. He could even taste that he might spend some time in jail.

In case... that outcome happened, he was all done for the rest of his life.

Suddenly, without him realizing, Ma Jun was able to exert a surge of strength, he could even break free from Yue Kai and Hu Qingsong’s containment. He then rushed in front of Jiang Feiyan, kneeling down and grabbed her calf, shouting, “Feiyan, I made mistakes! I was wrong! I shouldn’t have drunk too much! I shouldn’t have hit you! But you want to break up with me, so I got brokenhearted and did it! Please, help me ask them to not call the police!”

A look of disgust and loathing filled Jiang Feiyan’s eyes. She tried to kick him, yet her legs were being held by him. She could only repress her anger and heartrending grief.

Seeing that Jiang Feiyan didn’t respond to him, Ma Jun pleaded anxiously yet again, “Feiyan, please have a look at so many years we have spent together as lovers. Please, I beg you! I really don’t want you to break up with me. I… I… promise you. I’ll also delete your naked photos. I won’t spread them out.”


Jiang Feiyan’s palm flew and slapped his face fiercely. She felt ashamed and resentful, hearing him mention her naked photos at this time.

“Feiyan, it’s your choice whether or not we must report this to the police,” Tang Xiu said. “Whatever it is, we’ll respect your decision.”

Jiang Feiyan’s complexion kept changing. Only after half a minute passed did she finally reply in a bitter voice, “Let it be! As long as he deletes those pictures and no longer pesters me anymore, just let bygones be bygones.”

Tang Xiu nodded and ordered firmly, “Delete those pictures now!”

As though he had been granted general pardon, Ma Jun hurriedly took his mobile out from his pocket, and handed it over to Tang Xiu, saying, “The photos are in there, you can delete them!”

Tang Xiu, however, didn’t take it. He didn’t want to delete those photos himself, for he would definitely see Jiang Feiyan’s nude body. Instead, it was Li Xinjie who took the mobile and handed it to Jiang Feiyan.

Taking the gadget, Jiang Feiyan quickly found tons of her nude photos in the phone’s gallery album. The photos were secretly taken when she and Ma Jun were outside. Had it not been for tonight’s matter, she wouldn’t have even found out such a shitty thing.

What made her more ashamed and resentful was that there were unexpectedly two footage videos taken outside those dozens of photos.

After deleting all of them, Jiang Feiyan smashed Ma Jun’s mobile phone, and forcefully kicked his hand. As she burst into tears, she called out, “Ma Jun, you and I no longer related. You for yourself, and I for myself. We are nothing but strangers from now.”

Having said that, she pulled Li Xinjie’s hand and half ran out the door.

Tang Xiu shook his head secretly as he also turned around to leave the room. Mu Wanying and Hu We also came out. Yue Kai, Hu Qingsong, Zhao Liang, and Xue Chao, however, did not.

A short while after, Ma Jun’s screams were audible in the room. Needless to say, Yue Kai and the gang were beating him. The lobby manager didn’t bother to stop them, because he was also someone who hated a man who bullied and took advantages of girls. If it weren’t because of his position, he would have punched Ma Jun as well.

Following that, everyone left the Jasmine Hotel and drove back to Bluestar Villa Complex. Jiang Feiyan was in a foul mood and didn’t ask much, though she was rather curious about the place.


12:30 a.m.

Tang Xiu was sitting cross-legged, cultivating on the bed when someone knocked on his door. After putting on his pajamas, he opened the door and found Mu Wanying standing outside.

“You haven’t rested yet?” Tang Xiu was a bit surprised.

Mu Wanying shook her head and smiled. After entering his room, she said, “They are currently comforting Feiyan. I need to talk to you about something. That’s why I came here.”

“What is it?” Tang Xiu smilingly asked.

“I remembered you wanted everyone to keep tonight’s matter secret. They all put forward their conditions, right? But I haven’t mentioned mine,” Mu Wanying said.

For a moment, Tang Xiu’s expression turned dull. With an expression of being at a loss whether he should cry or laugh, he immediately said, “Wanying, tell me. Do you really have to do it, too? I’m quite vexed and butchered already, how can you even be so excited to keep pouring oil on the fire, anyway?”

“Well, I only have one condition, and it’s very easy.” Mu Wanying chuckled and said.

“And that is?” Tang Xiu asked.

“Tang Xiu, the Magnificent Tang Corp.’s Gods Nectar is very hard to get. I talked to my grandpa on the phone two days ago, and he talked to me a few times, as well as sent people to line up to buy that wine. He only got a few bottles, yet they were snatched up by my dad and uncles. So, I can only use the back door to you. Can I buy some Gods Nectar from the Magnificent Tang Corp as a token of my filial piety for my grandpa, please?”

“Ah, it turned out to be this matter.” Tang Xiu laughed and said, “No problem. I’ll call Kang Xia later. Just give me the address where your grandpa lives.”

“You really agreed?” Mu Wanying was surprised and said, “Then I’ll transfer the money to your account. Ah, right. It should be the previous account you gave me, right?”

“Forget about the money.” Tang Xiu waved his hand and said, “You’re my cousin’s boudoir friend, and a senior alumnus of mine as well. Anyways, are ten boxes enough?”

“Yea, that will be enough.” A smile appeared on the corner of Mu Wanying’s mouth as she nodded and said, “Since you don’t want to take the money, do you want me to wait in your bedroom tonight?”

Tang Xiu straightly seized her arm. As her complexion changed, he pushed her toward the outside of the door, causing Mu Wanying to look dull and dumbfounded. He then said, “If I were to take the first belle of Beijing, the first campus flower of Shanghai University, I don’t know how many men will see and think of me as a thorn in their eyes. I’m nothing but a timid guy who doesn’t like getting into trouble. So you shouldn’t bother me, neither should you court trouble for me.”

Having said that, Tang Xiu stepped backward for two steps, and then closed the door.

As for Mu Wanying, she stared blankly at the shut door, tongue-tied and dumbfounded. It took some time for her to finally sober up from her daze. A dazzling and beautiful smile then appeared on her flawless and stunning face, like a blooming flower.


The next morning, when Tang Xiu finished cultivating, and after taking a shower and dressing up; he came to the living room, and found that there was only Jiang Feiyan there, sitting in a daze on the sofa.

“You woke up so early, eh?” Tang Xiu approached her and said with a smile.

Coming back from her reverie, Jiang Feiyan watched Tang Xiu, who was smiling gently. She nodded a response and said, “I can’t sleep well. Might as well wake up early. Tang Xiu, thanks for everything yesterday.”

“It’s nothing. If anything, that was what I had to do anyway.” Tang Xiu shook his head as he cheerfully said, “But you yourself mustn’t be sad, you know. I remembered seeing a girl’s post on the internet: Whoever it is, one is unlikely to come across several bastards in their lifetime, as long as one rubs their eyes and lets them shine afterward, you can move on and find a good man for yourself.”

“I know. And I’m actually not that sad.” Jiang Feiyan nodded and said, “But I’m really glad to see through to his true face earlier than not. Otherwise, I would have ended up miserable one day in the future if I were to marry him.”

“You’ve thought it through well, it seems.” Tang Xiu smiled and said, “Anyways, you gotta rest well! I’ll go out to buy breakfast.”

“I’ll go with you, then!” Jiang Feiyan got up from the sofa and said quickly.

After hesitating, Tang Xiu nodded his okay and said, “All right. We have many people today, so we must buy a lot of breakfast. You can help me get some and bring them back.”

Jiang Feiyan nodded with a sad smile. The bruises on several areas of her face had faded quite a lot after resting for a night. She left the villa with Tang Xiu. The duo didn’t take a car, but instead took a stroll outside of the villa complex, and then bought a lot of food for breakfast at the nearby block.

“Tang Xiu, can I ask you something?” While carrying a lot of takeaway breakfast on the way back, Jiang Feiyan inquired of Tang Xiu while they walked shoulder to shoulder.

“Just ask!” Tang Xiu replied with a smile.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” Jiang Feiyan asked.

Stunned, Tang Xiu stared blankly. Kang Xia’s face appeared inside his mind. But in an instant, he dispelled her beautiful face from his mind, shaking his head and said, “I can be considered to have no girlfriend.”

Curious as she was, Jiang Feiyan continued, “How can you have no girlfriend with such a good premise and condition of yours? Besides, what did you mean by saying you ‘can be considered’ to have no girlfriend?”

After staying silent for a short while, Tang Xiu said lightly, “I indeed have a good impression of and am interested in a certain girl. But I’m fated to be unable to give her any status or happiness, hence the reason. What’s more, I have a ton of things to deal with, and romance is the last thing I want to waste my time on. This matter is a subject I will talk about after I graduate in the future.”

“You’re really a weirdo.” Jiang Feiyan looked at him incredulously and continued, “Who among youngsters nowadays does not want to think and talk about love? With how well-off you are, countless women would weep and cry, wanting you to be close to them should you wish to find a girlfriend, no?”

“The matter with one’s heart and love is not child’s play, nor has it been a trifling matter.” Tang Xiu chuckled and said, “A man who would be bound to be responsible has to have the resolve to have it. I myself am not ready to be someone with responsibility yet. Therefore, even if women all over the world came over to me, I can’t and I won’t accept them. As a matter of fact, I think that as long as one is alive, it’s not necessarily worth it for them to insist on getting into a romantic relationship, for there are tons of things in life that are worth us doing and caring about.”

“What else is there?” Jiang Feiyan asked blankly.

“Family, friendship, career, and many others,” Tang Xiu said.

“But, isn’t it more perfect if you also have a romantic relationship and the like?” Jiang Feiyan wondered.

“You tell me; what qualifications do youngsters nowadays need to have a love life, anyway?” Tang Xiu was silent for a moment and asked, “Let us take the simplest issue here. Your love life requires time, and you will also need money for that. As for what I think, it would be much better for the youngsters to learn more and study more while they are still young, for it will be good for them to have a foothold in society. But being concerned with love and romance, yet you still spend the money from your parents, just what qualification do you think you have to talk about having a love life?”

Tang Xiu paused for a moment, freeing one of his hands to take out a cigarette, and lit it. After taking a couple of deep drags on it, his gaze fell on a breakfast shop not far away, and the couple who were very busy inside it.