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Chapter 438: Cheering on Wanying

Chapter 438: Cheering on Wanying

Tang Xiu’s vision turned a bit blurry. He was seeing the busy figure of his mother when she was working hard to manage her small restaurant.

After a short while, he came out of his reverie and said slowly, “I remember reading a case on the Internet. In some foreign countries, when a child is eighteen years old, most parents will make their children take exercises to develop their self-supporting life skills and become independent. But in our country, most children are pampered since childhood, even until they are in university, and after they are in their twenties, right? What’s more, even at that age, their parents still provide them money to study in college, making their children live comfortably. This is, all in all, a great gift in and of itself. But if you are dating someone and spend the money from your parents so freely and easily yet again, you will eventually feel that it would be much better if you were able to earn the money yourself. After you have a certain financial foundation to support yourself, you can then once again look for the right person who you can share hardships with throughout your life.”

While walking alongside Tang Xiu, Jiang Feiyan stared blankly at Tang Xiu, who looked somewhat deep and serious. Her heart suddenly skipped a beat. The young man before her seemed to only be in his early 20s, a junior who was even younger than she was. Yet he could actually speak such a thing, making her genuinely admire him.

Suddenly, she felt ashamed for her parents, because she was always spending their money to study at university without worry, and live comfortably. Even she often used the money from her parents to buy something for her boyfriend.

"I miss my parents," Jiang Feiyan said in a whisper.

“Call them if you miss them.” Tang Xiu turned his head to look at her, and said with a smile, “The deepest affection you can ever have in the world is the warmth given by your family.”

Jiang Feiyan fell into silence for a long period of time. As she and Tang Xiu returned to the villa’s courtyard, she suddenly said, “Tang Xiu, thank you!”

"You're welcome," Tang Xiu replied with a smile.

After entering the villa’s hall, Tang Xiu discovered Mu Wanying had already woken up and was sitting on a sofa, playing English content on her mobile phone.

“Oh? I thought you all had yet to wake up. I didn’t expect that you actually have bought some breakfast!” Mu Wanying said, immediately getting up and smiling after seeing Tang Xiu and Jiang Feiyan come in.

“Getting up early and breathing fresh air outside will make you feel vigorous and energetic,” Tang Xiu answered cheerfully. “Wake them up! I’ll also wake Yue Kai and the others to have breakfast.”

“All right!” Mu Wanying agreed. She then looked at Jiang Feiyan and asked, “Feiyan, do you feel better now?”

“Yeah, I feel much better.” Jiang Feiyan smiled as she nodded and said, “Also, I just found out a secret, too.”

“What secret?” Mu Wanying asked, confused.

“Sis Wanying, ever since I saw you, I thought there would be no man in the world who was worthy of you.” Jiang Feiyan smiled and said, “But today, I gotta take it back, since I think Tang Xiu is the right man for you. You two are simply a match made by the heavens. Though he said that he doesn’t feel like falling in love while he’s studying at university, I feel that he would surely go head over heels for you should you keep pursuing him.”

“Pfft… Hehehe.” Mu Wanying let out a rare coquettish smile, glancing at Tang Xiu and smiling sweetly, “Despite my confidence that my charm is rather infinite, it’s not easy to storm and capture this blockhead.”

“Ehh?” Jiang Feiyan was pleasantly surprised. Her eyes lit up as she asked, “Sis Wanying, do you like Tang Xiu?”

“He’s the best man I’ve ever met, it’s kinda natural if I like him!” Mu Wanying said with a smile. “But his own codes kind of constrain him, and he doesn’t want me from the beginning! So I can only have self-knowledge and hide, looking at him from afar, though I continue admiring him. Nevertheless, I think it’s fun and interesting enough to be his little fan.”

“Keep it up, Sis Wanying. I believe in you!” Jiang Feiyan waved her fists and mock-cheered with a laugh.

“Okay, okay. No more jokes, will ya?” Mu Wanying giggled and said, “Anyways, I’ll go call the others to wake up.”

Tang Xiu also heard the dialogue and knew that Mu Wanying was joking, so he didn’t take it seriously. He walked into the kitchen and took out a lot of tableware. He brought them to the dining room and put out the breakfast he had bought.

Soon after, he dragged the Yue Kai and Hu Qingsong quartet from their beds, and threw them into the bathroom to make themselves presentable. Without too much prodding, everyone finally came to the dining room.

“Wow! Just wow! The Great Moneybags Tang has turned into a lovely housewife. To think that he has prepared such a rich breakfast this early in the morning.” Zhao Liang rubbed his hands eagerly as he sat down.

“Just hurry up and eat will ya?” Tang Xiu smiled and said, “You can shut your mouth with that food.”


After finishing the breakfast, the girls went to the kitchen to wash the plates and dishes. After they had cleaned and prepared, the group took their cars and rushed to the campus.

Tang Xiu’s group, in particular, had to report to the classroom today, so they escorted Mu Wanying’s group of four to their dorms’ entrances. Following that, under the watchful eyes of many onlookers, they drove away to the classroom building


Inside the History Department classroom...

Just as Tang Xiu’s group of five entered the classroom, many of their classmates surrounded them. Most of them looked at Tang Xiu, demanding to know what tricks he had pulled in order to escape the devilish military training. Since Tang Xiu had prepared a good excuse earlier, he easily dealt with them.

Da, da, da…

The sound of high-heeled shoes was heard as Han Qingwu strode into the classroom, carrying a stack of documents. She glanced around the classroom before her vision finally landed on Tang Xiu for a few seconds. After that, she stepped to the podium and hinted for everyone to be quiet before speaking, “Today is very good since all of you could attend the class. Anyhow, I brought the class timetable for you to attend the course later, which you’ll see on the blackboard. You must memorize the contents of your class timetable, as you will not be allowed to be absent from class without leave. Also, if you are interested in other subjects, you can also take elective courses…”

Time flew by, and quickly, most of an hour had passed by. Tang Xiu sat in the bottom row seat and listened quietly to the contents of Han Qingwu’s speech, and the topics she was talking about with his other classmates. He could see how many times that Han Qingwu watched him, and her eyes stayed on him repeatedly.

“All right. Your class will be officially starting tomorrow, so all of you can have a good rest today. All students who have signed up to perform in the freshmen welcoming party this evening, you all must practice well and strive to bring honor to our class. And Tang Xiu, you come out with me.”

Having finished speaking, Han Qingwu then turned away and left the classroom.

Sighing inwardly, Tang Xiu already knew that he would be called by Han Qingwu to talk in private in another place when he saw her again. Even he could tell some of the things they would be talking about as well.


At the staircase...

Holding a stack of documents, Han Qingwu calmly watched Tang Xiu, who had come along with her. She had yet to utter any words and only fixed her eyes on him. After a short while, and seeing that Tang Xiu didn’t seem to have the intention to speak, she frowned and grunted, “Tang Xiu, have I ever provoked you somewhere?”

“No!” Tang Xiu said lightly, shaking his head.

“Then explain to me, what’s your intention?” Han Qingwu was aggravated, “I’ve called you a few times already. Why didn’t you answer even once? Besides, looking at your current attitude, you have a different opinion about me.”

Tang Xiu was silent for a moment. Then, he said, “Teacher Han, do you want to ask me about the matter the last time we met, right?”

“Yes, I want to hear your explanation!” Han Qingwu replied without hesitation.

“It’s my personal affair, so it’s not like I must explain it to you. Regardless, I’ll tell you since you want to know about it, since I have nothing to hide either.” Tang Xiu said.

“Then do say!” Han Qingwu said.

“Have you heard about the Magnificent Tang Corporation?” Tang Xiu asked.

“Yeah. I know it’s a new corporation recently established in Star City a few months ago.” Han Qingwu nodded and said, “This company’s business has been thriving recently.”

“I’m the owner of that said company,” Tang Xiu said.

“What did you say?” Han Qingwu gasped, disbelief covering her whole face.

“I said I’m the owner of the Magnificent Tang Corp. And Kang Xia, its General Manager, is actually working for me,” Tang Xiu repeated his answer.

Seeing that Tang Xiu didn’t seem to be joking, Han Qingwu was quite shocked after hearing his answer. Never in her wildest dreams had she imagined that Tang Xiu turned out to be the Magnificent Tang Corp’s Big Boss. She had always thought that she knew Tang Xiu’s family situation very well. But now, from the looks it, she just realized that what she knew was not necessarily that accurate.

"What about the Everlasting Feast Hall?"

“I’m also the Everlasting Feast Hall’s Boss,” Tang Xiu answered.

“Though it’s hard to believe that you are the Magnificent Tang Corp.’s Boss, I still can accept it. But saying that you’re also the Everlasting Feast Hall’s owner, I can’t buy it.” Han Qingwu shook her head and said, “It’s been several decades since the Everlasting Feast Hall was established, even my grandpa and his friends suffered great resistance and setbacks after they investigated the Everlasting Feast Hall recently. This shows that the Everlasting Feast Hall is a very powerful existence. Yet, you are just a freshman who recently enrolled in Shanghai University. How can you possibly be the Everlasting Feast Hall’s owner?”

“The affairs of the world are inconstant,” Tang Xiu replied calmly. “For me to be able to become the Magnificent Tang Corp’s Boss, why couldn’t I become the Everlasting Feast Hall’s owner, as well? I believe that after the matter last time, you have visited the Everlasting Feast Hall’s branch in Shanghai and met Chi Nan there, haven’t you?”

“Yeah, I’ve been there,” Han Qingwu nodded and said, “And I’ve seen Chi Nan, too.”

“Since you’ve confirmed her identity, yet you still have doubts about me being its owner?” Tang Xiu asked her.

Han Qingwu’s sensual lips wriggled a few times. She was stunned speechless by what Tang Xiu had told her. In actuality, she already believed that Tang Xiu was the Everlasting Feast Hall’s owner, yet it was very hard for her to accept it.

After all, to think that even her grandfather was a bit afraid of the Everlasting Feast Hall. Its Boss turning out to be Tang Xiu was making her feel somewhat absurd. After being silent for a short while, she said, “No wonder my good sister who came back from abroad, who I asked you to accompany her for a few days back then, told me that you were very powerful and very rich afterward. I didn’t believe her at that time, but now I finally understand. But, how did you become the Everlasting Feast Hall’s Boss?”

“It’s a long story, and I don’t think I must tell you, either.” Tang Xiu answered. “To begin with, we are only related as a teacher and a student. I’ll listen to you at the campus, but Teacher Han, you are not privileged to ask more about some private things of mine.”

“What’s the matter with you, Tang Xiu?” Han Qingwu angrily said, “You were not like this before!”

Tang Xiu stayed silent.

That was true! He indeed had never been like this before!

However, ever since he knew that Han Qingwu had a 99% chance of being the reincarnation of Xue Qingcheng, he had changed.

For so many of the years he had lived, Xue Qingcheng was the very person he hated the most. That person was exactly this Han Qingwu before him.

The deeper the love, the more hatred would incur once that love went astray.

Nevertheless, since Han Qingwu herself was oblivious of her own past incarnation, that hatred of his became more complicated.

Should he kill her?

That was somewhat quite a depressing thought for Tang Xiu.

Should he forgive her?

He admitted that he couldn’t do it.

Since he couldn’t either kill or forgive her, therefore, he would rather opt to keep the distance between them.