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Chapter 525: A Great Thief from the Occult Sect

Chapter 525: A Great Thief from the Occult Sect

In the afternoon, Tang Xiu, Hu Qingsong, as well as Yue Kai and Zhao Liang, who had just returned and was radiant with happiness, came to the classroom together. The afternoon class was a foreign language class taught by their class-in-charge teacher, Han Qingwu, so no one was absent or late.


The clattering sounds of high heels stepping on the floor came from the corridor. Han Qingwu, donned in a casual yet fashionable outfit, waltzed inside carrying a few books. She immediately caught the attention of everyone in the classroom.

“Great! No one’s missing!”

Han Qingwu put the books on the table on the podium as her eyes slowly swept the students below. Her eyes stayed on Tang Xiu for a second or two before she spoke in satisfaction.

Nonetheless, her remark made the eyes of students in the classroom to gather on Tang Xiu, while strange smiling expressions appeared on their faces.

Tang Xiu could only sigh inwardly as he squeezed out a smile and said, “You’re so beautifully dressed today, Teacher Han. I didn’t report it in time this morning due to some special reasons, so I hope you can forgive me. This situation will not occur again in the future.”

“Oh…” Han Qingwu’s mouth outlined, as she nodded and said, “Admitting your mistakes and changing yourself is what’s most important. I’m not someone who hold grudges. After the class is over, you are to stay to clean up the classroom, and the issue of you skipping class in the morning will be bygones.”

“All right!”

Tang Xiu promised, yet muttered to himself inwardly, It’s true that women and villains are really difficult to face.

During the class, it was obvious that Han Qingwu was in a very good mood, and the students also responded enthusiastically. As the class ended, Han Qingwu still shot a glance at Tang Xiu when she was collecting her belongings before she turned around to leave.

Hu Qingsong, sitting next to Tang Xiu, touched Tang Xiu’s elbow and said with a faint smile, “Big Bro Tang, Teacher Han really looks after you, you know. Another student skipping classes without excuse will definitely have their credits deducted, but she only punished you to do the cleaning while you still retain your credits. It seems that she really has a crush on you and is afraid that you won’t get your diploma.”

From the other side, Yue Kai flung the hair on his forehead and then grinned, “Yup, that’s spot on! I also have a hunch that Teacher Han really has fallen in love with Tang Xiu. Say, Eldest Bro Tang, though you already have a lot of women and several of them are even a bit better than Teacher Han, yet our Teacher Han is indeed a great beauty herself! If you’re still a man, you might as well accept and get her together with them!”

“Are the two of you stud horses or something?” Asked Tang Xiu in rebuke.

“What the fuck…”

Hu Qingsong and Yue Kai looked at each other in dismay, and simultaneously raised their middle fingers at Tang Xiu.

Tang Xiu faintly smiled, “Anyways, I’m not going to stay in the dorm tonight. I just cleaned up the dust on my bunk, so I’m heading to Bluestar Villa to wash its bedding at my place. I’m going to start staying in the dorm tomorrow.”

“Eldest Bro Tang, can I talk to you for a bit? Can you lend me the key to your villa?” Yue Kai said with a thick face. “If things go well tonight, I’ll take a girlfriend of mine out later, so I don’t need to waste money to rent a room at the hotel.”

“Get lost!” Tang Xiu rolled his eyes at him and straightly refused his unreasonable request.

Yue Kai, however, wasn’t angry and stroked his chin to ponder instead, thinking how he could convince Tang Xiu to lease his place for his one-night stand.

At five in the afternoon, Tang Xiu took Yue Kai’s BMW and drove to Bluestar Villa Complex. After throwing the bedding into the washing machine, he told the housemaid, Auntie Zhang, to help him wash it before he went to his study room on the second floor.

After releasing the fierce beast from the array, Tang Xiu took out a lump of meat from his interspatial ring and threw the meat to it. Following that, he returned to the desk. His journey to Beijing resulted in a good harvest. Except for the Nine Phoenix Hairpin, the other four seemed to have its own secrets as well, and he hadn’t figured them out completely. Hence, he decided to allocate some time to analyze these objects properly, hoping that they would have something that could help him.

Having finished with the dinner, Tang Xiu took one of the books he borrowed from the campus library and sat in a chair outside in the courtyard. As Auntie Zhang served him scented hot tea, Tang Xiu kept reading while sipping tea.

However, a short moment after, he heard the sound of something being smashed from the villa next to his.

“Auntie Zhang, is there someone inside the villa next to us?” Tang Xiu turned to look at Auntie Zhang, who was currently sweeping the garden.

“Yeah, I heard someone picking up and smashing things in there when I went to buy groceries this morning,” Zhang Xinlan nodded. “After I bought the groceries, I found a young man standing on the villa’s rooftop, watching the surroundings. Also, I’ve heard the sounds of several things picked up and smashed from the villa next door today.”

A hint of a smile appeared on Tang Xiu’s mouth. He then got up and put the book on the chair inside the room, and then said with a smile, “Auntie Zhao, I’m going out to see it.”

Having said that, he walked out of the courtyard and headed to the Villa #11. After looking at the tight shut door in front, he then rang the villa’s bell.

“Who are you?”

As the iron gate slowly opened, Yang Le, looking upset and edgy, stared at Tang Xiu as he raised his chin and asked.

“I’m the owner of the villa #9, your neighbor,” answered Tang Xiu with a smile, while pointing at the villa next door.

Yang Le was stunned and immediately questioned, “And so, do you need something from me?”

“Yeah, there’s a trivial thing,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.

Yang Le was silent for a moment before he said, “Is that so? Even if you said you have nothing do, it just so happens that there’s also something that I need from you as well. Come in!”

Tang Xiu walked into the courtyard and saw that many broken things, such as bottles and cans, were thrown everywhere. The smile on the corner of his mouths grew more vivid. Straightly after Yang Le took him to the villa’s living room, he found that the villa was not as luxurious as his own, thought the interior decoration was quite decent. Additionally, what surprised him was that the interior of the villa was very neat and clean, although its courtyard outside was messy and filled with a lot of broken things.

“What do you want to drink?” Asked Yang Le. “Red wine, white wine, beer, or foreign wine?”

“I love tea. The better the tea, the happier I am,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.

Despite rolling his eyes in response, Yang Le still went to fetch it. When he returned, he was carrying along a pot of tea and two empty cups with him. He then placed them in front of Tang Xiu and said, “Help yourself. By the way, what exactly did you come here for?”

Tang Xiu poured the tea and didn’t reply Yang Le’s question. Instead, he smiled and said, “Firstly, tell me, why are you looking for me?”

“You’re a hard nut to crack, huh? Anyways, since you don’t wanna to talk first, then I’ll talk,” groaned Yang Le. “You live next to me, so you should know what happened a couple days ago. Something occurred here in my villa?”

“The Property Management Office should be the right party to be asked if you have a problem with your villa, don’t you think? Why do you think I can answer your question?” Asked Tang Xiu back.

“If it was convenient for me to ask the Property Management Office, then I wouldn’t have to ask you in the first place,” said Yang Le.

“Can you answer another of mine?” Asked Tang Xiu with a smile.

“Ask!” Yang Le spread his hands and said.

“What have you done, or rather what do you do?” Asked Tang Xiu

In a flash, Yang Le, who was nestled on the sofa, abruptly got up. His body straightened and looked rigid as he stared at Tang Xiu. After half a minute passed in silence, he slowly said, “What do you want to say, exactly?”

“It’s nothing, really. You don’t need to be anxious and restless like that,” said Tang Xiu with a chuckle. “I’m not a cop, and I don’t like messing with other’s business either. Of course, if you’re willing to see and treat me as a good person, then I’d be glad to accept it as well.”

“So, my stuff is in your place?” Asked Yang Le.

“Yup, they are in my custody,” answered Tang Xiu with a nod.


Yang Le looked relieved. He slowly took out a cigar box from his bosom and took out two cigars from it. After throwing one to Tang Xiu, he took a deep puff as he smilingly said, “I feel relieved since it was you who took them. After investigating, I discovered that there were a lot of people in my villa while I was away. Additionally, I also found some things when I sneaked into the control room and copied the surveillance videos there. That’s not important, though. What’s important is my stuff.”

“When you saw in the videos you didn’t see my shadow there at all, right?” Asked Tang Xiu smilingly.

“You were not among them, no. Now, say it! Are you going to give me back my stuff?” Asked Yang Le.

“You haven’t answered my question yet,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.

After falling into silence for a moment, Yang Le suddenly grinned, revealing his white teeth, and smilingly said, “I’m a Gentleman Thief, have you heard of the Gentleman Thieves of the Occult Sect?”

“You are a Occult Sect’s member?” Asked Tang Xiu with a strange expression.

Yang Le was taken aback, and then said in astonishment, “Do you know the existence of the Occult Sect? Who are you?”

“What I know about the Occult Sect isn’t much, really. But when I went to Beijing yesterday, I learned a lot more about it after attending the auction organized by the Situ Family. Never thought that my neighbor would turn out to be a notorious Great Thief of the Occult Sect,” said Tang Xiu smilingly.

“Hey, it’s Gentleman Thief,” a displeased look could be seen on Yang Le’s face as he corrected Tang Xiu. Then, he continued, “All right, I told you everything, just give me my stuff back! You can have all the gold, silver, jewelry, cash, diamonds, and the rest if you want, but I need my tools.”

Tang Xiu got up and smilingly said, “Since I already learned what I wanted to know, I don’t want any of your stuff. All right, have a sit with me, will you? We’re neighbors and we should get along well, don’t you think? Besides, I don’t want to have the stuff inside my villa disappear all of a sudden, to begin with.”

“I can’t be sure about that! If I learn that you are the likes of those heartless rich scums who got your wealth through ill-gotten means, perhaps your stuff will really disappear,” replied Yang Le after contemplating.

“Nah, I never take advantage from others, neither have I taken others’ belongings. But if anyone dares to stretch their hands out to snatch anything that belongs to me, I never hesitate to cut their hands off and make them lose the ability to eat!”

Yang Le squinted his eyes as he gazed at the back of the leaving Tang Xiu. He suddenly flashed forward with lightning-like speed and very unusual footwork as he tried to hit Tang Xiu’s back.

He was very confident in his ability and skills. He could hit Tang Xiu despite using only using 30 to 40% of his strength.


A shadow flashed, and Tang Xiu’s figure suddenly appeared half a meter away.


Yang Le’s expression drastically changed. His eyesight and speed were several times keener and faster than an ordinary person’s, yet he could only see a fist coming in front of his eyes, as stars and flowers suddenly blurred his vision as he was knocked down.