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Chapter 526: Exorbitant Price

Chapter 526: Exorbitant Price

As a member of the Occult Sect, Yang Le also formally learned from someone who was a grandmaster of martial arts. Even if he couldn’t achieve the same level as his master, it wouldn’t be a problem for him beat down a dozen small thugs. However, when he sneakily attacked Tang Xiu, he found that even though he was in the position to strike a sure hit, the opponent was actually able to avoid and pass it by. It was like the opponent had eyes behind his back.

What shocked him most, however, was Tang Xiu’s speed. With his sharp eyesight he could see the blooming fist in front of him. He shuddered.

“Truly, it’s impossible to judge a man’s heart from his face, huh?”

Tang Xiu’s feet moved as he appeared at Yang Le’s side. His fingers pointed and pierced several major sealing acupoints on Yang Le’s body directly. He then stepped back twice and stood there, shaking his head and sighing.

Yang Le still wanted to keep striking, yet the sudden sensation coming from his body made his eyes stare wide, with the disbelieve bursting from his eyes. Even though he desperately struggled, he found that he couldn’t control his body at all. However much he exerted his strength, he was devoid of any strength to move even a bit.

“You… how did you do it?” Yang Le’s sharp voice brought along with it a sense of urgency, and even contained an intense fear.

“How I did it is not important. What’s more important is that I kindly helped you safekeeping your stuff and avoided the probability of getting you exposed. Yet you actually attacked me. It is said that even thieves have their own Dao. Heroic Thieves or Gentleman Thieves do indeed exist, but you don’t deserve such a title. I’m afraid that you’re nothing but a small, petty thief with only a bit of skill.”

Many epithets straightly crowned above Yang Le’s head.

Despite knowing that Yang Le was just testing him, Tang Xiu still hit him with derogatory words.

Upon hearing it, Yang Le was furious and shouted, “You are not allowed to insult me! I just wanted to measure you, who the hell wanted to attack you? I’ll not gain a damn advantage from sneakily attacking you!”

“Like I said just now, it’s impossible to know a man’s heart from his face.” Said Tang Xiu indifferently. “Who knows whatever wishful machinations are swirling inside your head? You should have heard the common saying that what you hear is just false, while seeing is believing. I saw you attack me with my own eyes. If it wasn’t for me knowing kung fu as well, my back would have been hit by your fist, wouldn’t it?”


Yang Le was speechless. He knew that Tang Xiu wouldn’t listen to any explanation he said. It was indeed he who started the sneak attack, after all. Though he did that to probe whether Tang Xiu knew kung fu and whether he was someone from the Occult Sect.

“What do you want, then?” Asked Yang Le slowly.

Tang Xiu pondered for a moment and answered, “Apologize to me and make compensation.”

“I don’t have a problem with apologizing, but how can I compensate you?” Asked Yang Le after staring in a daze.

“Just apologize first, then I’ll tell you,” said Tang Xiu.

“Brother Tang, I apologize for what I just did. I hope you can forgive me,” Yang Le nodded and said.

Tang Xiu nodded in satisfaction. After approaching him, he moved lightning fast to unseal his acupoints. When he turned around and started to walk away, he said indifferently, “Your box of tools will be returned later. But all the valuables in there will be mine as compensation.”

“What the fuck…”

Yang Le, who had just regained his ability to move and was trying to move his feet and hands, turned stiff for a moment. He looked at the back of Tang Xiu as a burst of profane words came out from his mouth. He then grinned bitterly and began to chase Tang Xiu. At this moment, he wished he could trash his own head. He attacked Tang Xiu sneakily, and wasn’t even able to touch his hair, yet he had to compensate for it with over a billion of his wealth?

Although he was not short of money and those things were nothing but trivial possessions to him, it made him very edgy. After pursuing outside, he shouted, “Say, Brother Tang, you’re really too black-hearted, you know that? Notwithstanding that I’m a heroic thief, you’re just a robber.”

“Except for those who have pledged their allegiance to me, anyone who sneakily attacks me like that have become corpses,” Tang Xiu glanced at him and sneered. “If it wasn’t because I sensed no malicious intent from you, do you think you would still be standing and talking to me like this? It’s just pocket money, get over it!”

Yang Le gulped down. Despite being reluctant to believe Tang Xiu, he knew that someone who possessed such a terrifying ability was never a friendly kind.

“What is your identity, Brother Tang?”

“I’m just a student!” replied Tang Xiu.

“If you were a student, then I’m a cop, heh?” Yang Le rolled his eyes. “Anyways, you do look young, though. Ah, that’s right, I felt you were a little familiar before, but I can’t remember where I have seen you before.”

Without responding, Tang Xiu headed straight to his villa and told Yang Le to wait in the living room while he went to the study room on the second floor. There, he took the black suitcase out of his interspatial ring and opened it, and then put out a stack of paper money, gold, silver, jewelry, and the diamonds from it. He then closed the suitcase and headed downstairs.

“This is your stuff!” Tang Xiu threw the suitcase.

After catching it accurately, Yang Le opened it and checked, as he then nodded and said, “In any case, thanks!”

“I gave you back your stuff, so don’t smash things randomly again, got it?” Said Tang Xiu. “Anyways, it’s quite late now, and I will accompany you no longer. Go back!”

However, not only did Yang Le not leave, he instead sat on the sofa and put his suitcase aside, squeezing out a smile as he looked at Tang Xiu, “Bother Tang, it’s fate that we met each other, how about having a few cups now? Besides, I have some things I want to ask you!”

“You want to know how I made you unable to move, don’t you?” Asked Tang Xiu.

“Yeah, I’m very curious about that,” Yang Le nodded without a shred of hesitation. “You possess a very powerful skill, but that’s still fine with me. However, that method you used to seal my ability to control my body is something I’ve never seen nor heard before. I was really shocked… and… and very scared.”

Tang Xiu pulled a cigarette box from his pocket as he took one and lit it up. After taking a deep puff, he smiled and said, “I’m a practitioner of Chinese medicine and I understand the structure of the human body very well. How many bones, muscles, meridians, and acupoints humans have in their body… all of these are very clear and easy for me to find. You should also know about acupoint sealing techniques since you are a member of the Occult Sect, no?”


Despite Yang Le having already faintly guessed that Tang Xiu was probably using the acupoints sealing technique, yet he was still shocked by his revelation. Furthermore, the reason why he asked about it was that some people in the Occult Sect also mastered the said acupoints sealing technique, yet the effect was not as severe as Tang Xiu’s.

It took Yang Le a bit of time to suppress the shock inside his heart. He rubbed his hand and let out a flattering expression, as he grinned and said, “Brother, I don’t know if you can approve this presumptuous request of mine, I…”

“I refuse!” Tang Xiu rejected him right off the bat.

Yang Le froze. He then forced a smile and said, “But you haven’t even finished listening to what I’m going to say next! I mean, as long as you’re willing to teach that acupoints sealing technique, I want to formally acknowledge you as my master. If you don’t want to take me as a disciple, that’s fine, I will pay a tuition fee to learn it.”

“I won’t accept you as a disciple, so there’s no concern about that,” said Tang Xiu. “I’m fine if you want to pay to learn that skill, but how much can you pay for it, exactly?”

“1 billion!” Yang Le stretched out a finger and seriously said.

While pointing at the door, Tang Xiu said, “I won’t send you off, the door is there.”

“Brother, you don’t need to rip me off like that, right?” Yang Le said with a strange expression. “Even though I successfully stole my Master’s lifetime wealth before he went to Western Paradise, 1 billion in tuition fees should be enough, right? Besides, you just robbed 1 billion of my fortune as well!”

Tang Xiu shrugged his shoulders and chuckled, “You already know that I can rob 1 billion casually, do you think I will give a damn about 1 billion more? You must know that one must practice a certain cultivation technique to learn this acupoints sealing technique, and I just happen to have the said cultivation technique. If you learn it, not only will you able to perform the acupoints sealing technique, even your strength will soar. 1 billion? Hmph… what a joke!”

A cultivation technique?

Yang Le was taken aback. He hurriedly asked, “What do you mean by cultivation technique? Is it like the inner energy core techniques in the legends?”

Tang Xiu shook his head as he nodded and said, “It is a kind of inner energy core technique, but it’s more powerful than those.”

Yang Le’s complexion changed as he fixedly stared at Tang Xiu for half a minute before he solemnly said, “1.5 billion! This is all the wealth I can take out within a short time.”

Tang Xiu got up. While walking toward the stairs, he lightly said, “However much you can offer doesn’t have any significance to me. Don’t come and bother me if you don’t have 10 billion for the tuition fee. Go now, for I don’t want to repeat myself for the third time.”

“10 billion?” Yang Le leaped up from the sofa as disbelief filled his eyes. He had seen people who demanded exorbitant prices like a hungry lion, yet such a ruthless one like Tang Xiu was a never-before-seen case for him. Although he did lie about all his wealth being only 1.5 billion, he absolutely didn’t have 10 billion. Even if he added up every bit of his fortune, it would only be 3 billion, more or less.

Is this gonna force me to do more good deeds and help those who got their wealth through evil and illegal means to share the responsibility? Yang Le was indignant and disturbed.

However, he knew himself very well. If he could really get 10 billion yuan one day, would he use such a huge sum of money to learn the acupoints sealing technique from Tang Xiu? With such a colossal amount of money, he could wash his hands and make a clean break from that life directly, and enjoy an excellent, wonderful life for good!

After returning to the second floor, Tang Xiu watched as Yang Le left the villa with a trace of a smile on the corner of his mouth. He felt that Yang Le was a very interesting young man. When he was in the Immortal World before, he got acquainted with a thief sect’s master. Furthermore, had this thief sect’s master not offended a very powerful adversary who killed him when he just reached the Overarching Golden Immortal realm, he could probably have become a Supreme in the Immortal World given time.

In the case that… he can really get 10 billion, it means he does have a bit of ability. At that time, accepting him as a disciple wouldn’t be an impossibility! Thought Tang Xiu with a smiling expression.