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Chapter 532: Serious Accident

Chapter 532: Serious Accident

The faint fragrance of tea pervaded the air, as a hoary laugh filled the air. Jinmen Tian’s carefree laugh was the sound Tang Xiu heard when he strode inside the villa.

“Everyone, I apologize for having you wait for such a long time,” said Tang Xiu smilingly as he walked toward the three people.

The first one to stand up was Situ Chao, as he smilingly said, “You’re too polite Grandmaster Tang. It’s us who are impolite for coming this late to disturb you.”

“Please don’t call me Grandmaster Tang. Just straightly call me by my name. Anyways, please wait a bit, I’ll bring your items.”

A few minutes later, Tang Xiu, who pretended to go pick the items upstairs, came back carrying three black leather suitcases and handed them to the three people. He then smiled and said, “Please check them out!”

The trio exchanged looks and opened the leather suitcases individually. After inspection, they closed the suitcases with satisfied expressions. Jinmen Tian then smiled and opened up the conversation, “Tang Xiu, these Evil Repelling Talismans will play important roles for the exploration of the ancient tomb in the future. Needless to say, we are really grateful for them. Also, do remember to contact me if you ever have a chance to visit the Northwest region in the future.”

“Tang Xiu, my Li Family hails from the Miao region. If you ever visit that area, do remember to call me as well,” echoed Li Yuan.

“Then I must thank the two seniors in advance,” Tang Xiu laughed. “Maybe I’ll really disturb you later.”

After some pleasantries were exchanged, Tang Xiu sent the trio off.

As the villa turned quiet, Tang Xiu silently calculated the funds he had in hands at present. The amount now was 65 billion yuan, and he was thinking of investing the money considering its colossal amount. Following that, he picked up his mobile phone and dialed Jin Xingkui’s cell number.

“You finally called me, Brother Tang. I’ve been looking forward to receiving good news from you about the architectural design.” Jin Xingkui’s voice came from the phone.

“Old Brother Jin, I have some time tomorrow, can we meet in the morning? Also, besides our current project, I have another project which I hope we can cooperate as well.”

“Another project? Would you mind disclosing it in advance, Brother Tang? It’s just so that I can prepare myself earlier,” said Jin Xingkui, surprised.

“I’m planning to relocate the HQ of the Magnificent Tang Corporation to Shanghai. It would be for the best if we can find a site for our edifice, but if we can’t, we will probably invest a large amount of capital to construct one.”

Jin Xingkui was startled, “I understand, Brother Tang. Let’s discuss this issue tomorrow morning.”

“All right!” Tang Xiu replied and hung up the phone after appointing the meeting place with Jin Xingkui.

Ring, ring, ring…

Just as he hung up the phone, his mobile buzzed again. He took the phone and saw that it was a call from Long Zhengyu. Right as he was about to answer it, his expression slightly moved, and said indifferently, “Come out! Don’t sneak around here!”

“Hehehe! You’re really amazing, Grandmaster Tang! I thought that neither gods nor ghosts would be able to sniff me out, yet you were unexpectedly able to find me. Even those three… no one among them was able to notice me!” Yang Le grinned.

“They may be people from the Occult Sect, but how can they be compared to the Thief Branch in concealing and hiding? Anyhow, you should have seen what you wanted to see and heard everything you wanted to know as well. Shouldn’t you go back to your own place and sleep or something? I still have things to take care of now.”

“Nope, there are two issues I wanna ask you!” Said Yang Le quickly.

“Say it!” Said Tang Xiu lightly.

He then came to Tang Xiu’s side and curiously asked, “Tang Xiu, what business deal did you make with those three codgers, exactly? Don’t tell me it’s as Jinmen Tian said, the Evil Repelling Talisman?!”

“It’s indeed the Evil Repelling Talisman. I’m able to manufacture this talisman, and they’re precisely in need of it,” said Tang Xiu. “Hence, this is simply a business transaction that benefits all of us.”

“For real?” Yang Le was shocked. “You’re actually able to manufacture Evil Repelling Talismans? That’s… that’s really cool!”

“Second question, please!” Said Tang Xiu.

“Didn’t you want to make a phone call? My second question can wait,” said Yang Le.

“I’ll need to send you off first before making the phone call.” Tang Xiu shook his head. “Just spit it out! Don’t waste my time.”

Forcing out a smile, Yang Le then said, “All right! I just heard you saying that you want to relocate the Magnificent Tang Corporation’s HQ to Shanghai. Are you by chance it’s Big Boss?”

“Yeah!” Tang Xiu directly admitted it.

“I knew it! I already guessed that you’re not just a simple layman,” Yang Le raised his thumbs up and praised. “But I never thought that you would be this amazing, though. You know, the business of your Magnificent Tang Corporation is…”

Tang Xiu raised his hand to interrupt him and spoke with all seriousness, “If you want to praise me, then please shut your mouth, will you? Can you leave now? I still have things I need to deal with.”

Yang Le was stumped and stared blankly. He then forced a smile and said, “Okay, okay, I’m not allowed here, so I’ll go now, alright? Jeez, you really are a very busy man!”

Yang Le left with a resentful face under Tang Xiu’s gaze. With his spiritual sense, Tang Xiu also monitored him until he returned to his before he felt slightly relieved. Truth be told, he actually admired Yang Le for being able to sneak into his villa and conceal himself for a very long time without Tang Xiu being able to notice him.

“Zhengyu, did something happen for you to call me this late?” Tang Xiu called Long Zhengyu back and straightly asked.

“Tang Xiu, there was a major landslide in our Walled Hill Village project. Twelve people died, and twenty more are missing,” said Long Zhengyu rapidly.

“What’s going on?” Asked Tang Xiu, his complexion changed.

“Do you remember me telling you about this before?” Long Zhengyu bitterly said. “There was a landslide problem in Walled Hill Village, yet I didn’t take it seriously that time because it was nothing but a small accident. I thought that ancient tomb was abandoned, so it would be fine to level it with soil. Who would have thought that the space below it was so large! I suspect that the empty tomb is only a camouflage, while the genuine ancient tomb is right underneath it!”

“So to say, you think that the landslide was caused by the existence of the ancient tomb?” Asked Tang Xiu, surprised.

“Yeah, the ancient tomb is surely the very cause for it,” answered Long Zhengyu.

Tang Xiu was silent for a short while and then seriously said, “How did you deal with the aftermath?”

“I’ve reported the accident to the police. The firefighters are currently doing the search and rescue operation for the missing workers. Also, the project is completely on hold, and I’m afraid it will be delayed for some time.”

“Remember, saving the workers comes first!” Tang Xiu said in a deep voice. “I’ll immediately head to Star City, and then we’ll talk about everything else after we meet.”

“Got it!” Long Zhengyu quickly replied.

Tang Xiu went to the second floor. He picked several pieces of cloth and stuffed them into his interspatial ring. After feeding the fierce beast in the study room, he then quickly left the villa. However, just as he had walked a few steps, he suddenly remembered something and shouted when he was passing by villa #11, “Yang Le, come out!”

Quickly after, Yang Le appeared in Tang Xiu’s line of sight with a sweating, naked upper body.

“What is it?”

“You hail from the Thief Branch, but it’s still the lineage of the Occult Sect. Hence, you should have explored ancient tombs before, right?” Asked Tang Xiu.

“Grandmaster Tang, are you trying to make fun of me again?” Yan Le chuckled. “What we from the Thief Branch do is look for Dragon veins. We are experts in digging and robbing graves, as well as searching treasures. I’m not particularly talented on this field, though. I’m 26 years old this year, but the number of ancient tombs I have explored mustn’t be more than three digits. That reminds me of something. The gold, silver, and jewelry from my black past that you got from me are the ones I obtained in some ancient tombs.”

“In that case, then have a trip with me.” Tang Xiu nodded.

“Where to?” Yang Le looked doubtful.

“To Star City, Shuangqing Province,” said Tang Xiu.

“It couldn’t be. You found an ancient tomb in Star City?” Asked Yang Le, surprised and astonished.

“Yeah, there’s an ancient tomb there. Moreover, it’s right underneath the construction site of my project,” said Tang Xiu. “A landslide happened there, apparently caused by it, killing many people and with many more missing. Accompany me there and we’ll have a look at the situation.”

Yang Le didn’t answer and stayed silent for a moment. Then, he asked, “How will we divide the the treasures we find there?”

“90% for me, 10% for you. You’ll get a discount once we’re done as well,” said Tang Xiu.

“Damn you, surnamed Tang!” Yang Le furiously said. “Aren’t you way too black-hearted?”

“Take it or leave it!” Said Tang Xiu lightly.

Yang Le was left speechless. As he watched Tang Xiu leave, he hurriedly shouted, “Don’t, don’t leave! You’re the master, and what you say is not to be questioned, right? Just hold on! Wait a minute, will you? There are two… err… pretty beauties in my place. Five minutes! Gimme time to tell them and pack up my things. Gimme five minutes!”

“Remember to take your car as well.”

A smile was outlined on the corner of Tang Xiu’s mouth, as he reminded Yang Le from behind.

Around four in the morning, two SUVs drove toward Star City. This time, Tang Xiu not only brought Yang Le with him, but also four other experts of the Everlasting Feast Hall. From a long distance away, Tang Xiu could see the sight of the fully illuminated Walled Hill Village’s construction site. Many fire engines and firefighters had arrived there, trying to save people all night long.

“Why did you bring me here, Tang Xiu?” Asked Yang Le who sat on the front seat, with a face full of curiosity.

“This is the Walled Hill Village, a project that is currently being developed by the Long Family of Star City. Because I’ll also have some industries here after the construction and development are finished, hence I’m also responsible for the situation here. That ancient tomb we’re about to explore is right underneath the construction site where the landslide happened.”

“So to say, the existence of the ancient tomb caused the landslide?” Asked Yang Le, surprised.

“Yeah,” said Tang Xiu.

Quickly after, the two cars were parked and Tang Xiu, Yang Le, and the four experts quickly dashed inside. Long Zhengyu, who had received a phone call from Tang Xiu, quickly came to gather up with him along with his two trusted men.

“How is the current situation?” Asked Tang Xiu directly.

“22 injured and 6 dead, and there are 7 missing left as well. However, I’m afraid that those seven have little hope of surviving,” said Long Zhengyu bitterly.

“Continue with the search and rescue. We must find all of them,” said Tang Xiu resolutely said. “Regardless if they’re still alive or not, we must still find their bodies. We must never give up, even if there’s only a glimmer of hope.”