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Chapter 535: Colossal Fortuitous Encounter

Chapter 535: Colossal Fortuitous Encounter

Tang Xiu didn’t bother explaining to Yang Le because he was perfectly clear that, even if he wasted his energy to elaborate, it would be very difficult for Yang Le to accept and understand it in a short time. While staring at the big mountain porch, Tang Xiu silently thought for a while before he grabbed Yang Le’s arm and sprinted toward that direction.

“I…”, cough, cough… “Hey, slow down…”

Being dragged by Tang Xiu, Yang Le could only feel the whistling wind in his ears, and the words he wanted to say were stuck in his throat. Moreover, the speed at which Tang Xiu was sprinting was so fast that it was causing his face to look like he was seeing ghosts. He never thought someone would be able to run at such unimaginable speed.

Tang Xiu ignored Yang Le as he looked at the destination about a kilometer away. After sprinting for more than half an hour, he used his tiptoes to touch the ground and dash lightning fast over the remaining 100 km, before he finally arrived in front of the blazing hot mountain. The blazingly high temperature made Yang Le sweat heavily, and he might have turned around and fled if not for Tang Xiu grabbing him.

“Just stand here and wait for me!”

Putting Yang Le down, Tang Xiu’s eyes were locked at the straight line of ice crystals between the mountains. The ice crystals were like a divide, a demarcation line that cut the entire burning mountain in half. It was very narrow, about five meters or so. After he got closer, he could see that the ice crystal line turned out to be an ice ladder exuding a chilling air, and was extremely steep and precipitous.


With a dumbfounded look, Yang Le watched Tang Xiu appear under the ice ladder. Concern and worry appeared in his expression as he ran forward for seven or so steps. However, the intense heat was too unbearable to him, forcing him to stop and even made him recede tens of meters.

As someone from the Occult Sect, Yang Le was naturally aware that there existed phenomenons that were against common sense and science, yet he never thought that such mysterious, miraculous thing would exist in this world. Since he came to this space, everything he had seen felt so mysterious and unreal!

Furthermore, what Tang Xiu had showcased, those magical means he displayed, as well as his lightning-like speed... it shocked him to the point that it was almost impossible to add up again. In particular, Tang Xiu seemed to have long guessed that they would be teleported to this space the moment they stood on that platform. Hence, Yang Le was extremely curious about who exactly Tang Xiu was.

Tap, tap, tap…

Suddenly, Yang Le’s complexion drastically changed. His eyes turned saucer and almost fell from their sockets. Since Tang Xiu had thrown the night-vision goggles to him before he left, Yang Le could clearly see that Tang Xiu had unexpectedly climbed up at a very fast pace on that ice crystal ladder.

Does this blazing temperature have no effect on him? And that ice ladder seems very steep, is he not afraid that he’ll slide and fall to his death?

At this time, Tang Xiu didn’t know what Yang Le was thinking. He moved his tiptoes unceasingly at a very fast speed, and kept climbing toward the top. His body was constantly being covered with thin ice, but it then melted at an extremely fast rate. The blazing heat and chilling cold took turns, making him withstand unspeakable discomfort.

As time fleeted by, Yang Le, who was standing on a very far spot, could no longer withstand the blazing heat waves and finally withdrew to a more distant spot in the back. Whereas Tang Xiu, who was climbing non-stop, almost reached the top. The higher he climbed, the faster the blazing heat and chilling cold took turns, and the more intense the sensation it brought. It was to the extent that the pressure was pressing him to fall. The pressure caused his bones to rattle, and his internal organs seemed to be squeezed into lumps of meat.

“Break and charge!”

The star force within Tang Xiu’s body surged forward and circulated through the whole Great Heavenly Circuit in his body’s meridians. Just as he was about to reach his limits, he suddenly felt his body turn lighter, as his whole body finally rushed to the mountaintop. Drawing support from the inertia, he sprinted tens of meters upward.


Tang Xiu’s feet finally landed on the layer of ice above the mountaintop. After clearly seeing the scene in front him he couldn’t help but gasp despite once being a Supreme Immortal in the Immortal World.

The Yin Yang Divinity Lake?!! How can there be a Yin Yang Divinity Lake on Earth?!!

The myriad records and ancient scriptures in the Immortal World said that the Yin Yang Divinity Lake will only appear when a Supreme Immortal breaks through to Godhood so that they can bathe in the Divinity Lake! Once the immortal takes a bath therein, his body will then be transformed to that of the Gods.

In Tang Xiu’s line of sight, the overcast gray substance vanished as the pocket world in front shined under the blue sky. In the center of the vast mountain, a large lake with the black-and-white pattern of Yin Yang was formed. The mist lingered around above the lake, as a concentrated and strong special energy surged as though boiling water.

“I congratulate thou, mine successor!”

At the center of the Yin Yang Divinity Lake, rosy clouds solidified and formed a humanoid old man. His appearance was clandestine and rays of light covered all over his body. It was also indiscernible if the form was wearing something or not. However, his voice was loud and clear, and each word seemed to directly enter Tang Xiu’s heart.

“Who are you?” Tang Xiu’s expression was extra cautious as he stared at the old man and asked in a deep voice.

The humanoid old man smiled and said, “Fear not, mine successor. Mine name is Free and Unfettered God from the Gods Realm. Only, because of the obstruction of many Gods to mine free and unfettered path, mine hath to ignite mine Primordial Life Essence Wheel out of desperation to move this Divinity Vein Seed of the Yin Yang Divinity Lake, and then broke through the barrier of the Gods Realm to arrive at the star of mine progenitor. Only, the progenitor star had undergone colossal changes, for it was no longer vast and magnificent. Under desperation, mine used the remnant of mine soul to condense this Spirit Humanoid magic tool to perpetually guard this Divinity Vein Seed of the Yin Yang Divinity Lake hither.”

“I know what the Yin Yang Divinity Lake is. It’s the divine lake where an Immortal must take a bath to obtain a divinity physique before he ascends to the Gods Realm. But what does the Divinity Vein Seed mean?” Asked Tang Xiu in a deep voice.

The humanoid old man said in an unusual tone, “Thou knows the Yin Yang Divinity Lake? It shalt not be?! Because formerly they were… for no immortals shalt emerge again from the progenitor star thenceforth, and there shalt be no one from the next offspring who hath profound abilities in the Dao. How did thou know the existence of the Yin Yang Divinity Lake?”

Tang Xiu was silent for a moment before he replied with all seriousness, “Because I was once a Supreme Immortal in the Immortal World, but I returned to Earth after an accident.”

The humanoid old man suddenly understood as he laughed and said, “Interesting! Thou art very interesting! If thou canst say sooth, then thou shalt understand that’s easy for mine to descry thy soul. Mine legacy apparently shalt not be cut off!”

Just as his voice ended, Tang Xiu’s body was grasped by a pair of invisible hands and pulled directly into the Yin Yang Divinity Lake. As the black-and-white pattern boiled and rotated, Tang Xiu was straightly sucked inside.


A Rending, piercing pain, feeling that dying was better than living, caused Tang Xiu to be filled with desperation. Though he had experienced pain and hardship that made his mind and mental strength extremely firm and tough, yet at this time, the desire to die immediately rose up inside him.

“Huh? The Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis?”

Suddenly, the humanoid old man whispered to himself, and his blurred appearance became more vivid. His face was thin, looking handsome yet aged and complicatedly wrinkled at the same time, as he would appear to be particularly… … feel pained due to melting.


Tang Xiu was lifted and his body flew high over the Yin Yang Divinity Lake.

“Successor, what art thou relationship with Mo Luo Progenitor?”

Tang Xiu gasped for breath and panted heavily. He felt like he just came back to life after surviving a disaster and was full of happiness. At this time, however, his entire fate was under the control of the humanoid old man, and dared not delay replying, “I don’t know who this Mo Luo Progenitor is!”

The humanoid old man seemed to ponder for a moment, as a regretful expression then appeared on his face. He shook his head and sighed, “Really a pity. ‘Tis really unfortunate. Progenitor Mo Luo was the creator of the Demon Realm and the ancestor of tens of thousands of Demons, a very gifted little chap. Pity that thy Dao ability art is too shallow and limited, for thy comprehension and cultivation in the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis be practically too shallow and pitiful. So shalt it be then! For thou art the predestined person brought by fate at the juncture of my forthcoming expiry to pass to eternity, then shalt good fortune be bestowed to thee.”

Twilight colored rays of light entwined like a ribbon around Tang Xiu’s body. The appearance of the humanoid old man turned blurry again as inextricable rays of light emitted out from him toward Tang Xiu and entered his body.

At this time, a burst of melting, crackling, and explosion sounds came out from Tang Xiu’s body. His cultivation level was being aided and pulled through excessively to make unceasing breakthroughs. From the Meridian Transformation, Marrow Transformation, Viscera Transformation, all the way to the peak of the Viscera Transformation stage before it finally stopped. It was because his foundation was indeed too shallow and boosting himself up again would be too destructive. If he was to make a breakthrough again, then his body may not be able to withstand it.

As of now, if someone could see the internal condition of Tang Xiu’s body, he would see that all the meridians in his body had transformed and looked glittering and translucent as though it had turned into crystals. Whereas the overall strength of his body had also increased by more a hundredfold.


The humanoid old man waved his hands, and the Yin Yang Divinity Lake underneath was directly taken by him. After forming a few hand seals, the Yin Yang Divinity Lake quickly became smaller and smaller, eventually turning into a firefly-sized fluorescent orb, as it was then forced into Tang Xiu’s body.

“Mine successor, the Yin Yang Divinity Lake is mine legacy, thus I bestowed thee with this Yin Yang Divinity Lake. Mine only cherished wish for thee, is to take mine path: walk the free and unfettered path!”

As his voice fell, the humanoid old man turned into twinkling rays of light and stars, as they gradually disappeared between the Heaven and Earth.

A long period of time passed by.

Finally, Tang Xiu awakened from the mysterious sensation, yet he could clearly remember all the sentences said by the old man before he dissipated. Especially his last sentence: walk the free and unfettered path.

Tang Xiu’s body had fallen to the bottom of the disappeared Yin Yang Divinity Lake. As of now, he was in a half-squatted posture and stayed like that for a very long time. Finally, when Tang Xiu slowly raised his head and looked up at the blue sky, he let out a loud, crisp laughter.


Such a colossal fortuitous encounter was beyond the sum of everything Tang Xiu had ever obtained in his 10,000 years in the Immortal World. He could clearly see the firefly-sized light in his Dantian, and could see the Yin Yang Divinity Lake residing in the space inside it. Not only was his body constantly being nourished by the liquid from the Yin Yang Divinity Lake, it was also nourished and enhanced by the lights shrouded above the lake. Within just half a day, his cultivation level had a faint signs of making another breakthrough.

Suddenly, Tang Xiu’s laugh came to an abrupt stop, his smile frozen. The black hole in his Dantian suddenly sent out an insane sucking force and directly swallowed the Yin Yang Divinity Lake.

“What the… FUCK!!!”

For half the day afterwards, angry curses and yelling came out from Tang Xiu’s mouth.