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Chapter 537: The One You Marry Will Die

Chapter 537: The One You Marry Will Die

The Long’s Dining Hall did have delicious dishes and delicacies, yet they were so expensive that it made people shudder. Despite having a lot of money, Tang Xiu felt somewhat unwilling when he had to pay the bill. He wouldn’t have come here to burn his money if it weren’t for Zhengyu.

At noon, Zhengyu walked out of his room. He still looked sleepy, but he was much better. After seeing Tang Xiu, who was currently quietly reading a book on the sofa, he smiled and said, “Tang Xiu, thanks a bunch.”

“It’s nothing.” Tang Xiu smiled faintly. “Health is our most important capital. Anyways, you might as well contact Kang Xia today, and ask her to send you some our company’s health products. It will improve your physical fitness after some time.”

“The Magnificent Tang Corporation’s health products have finally been produced? When will it be released to the market?” Zhengyu’s eyes lit up as he smilingly asked.

“It should be on the 1st,” answered Tang Xiu.

Long Zhengyu clasped his hands and smilingly said, “That younger brother of mine has always been waiting for news of when the health products would be released to the market. Recently, he seems to be working on a project in Shanghai, and I heard that he is in need of quite a lot of funds. But you also know the recent situation of the Long Family. Most of our reserve funds are currently being invested in the Walled Hill Village, New City, and Nine Dragons Island. And that brat… he’s kinda short on funds, and quite a lot of it.”

Tang Xiu was silent for a moment, before he lightly replied, “If you’re willing to listen to me, don’t help him even for a penny. An uncut jade won’t be useful. He has grown up accustomed to an easy life ever since he was born. You must let him experience hardships in life. As a matter of fact, I would have directly thrown him into that situation if he were my blood brother, and not let him get even a penny from the family for a period of time, so as to make him experience how a man must strive to make money.”

“Are you really going to do that, Tang Xiu?” Asked Zhengyu with a strange expression.

“Not only that, I will even deliberately set up obstructions to make him stumble if opportunity permits,” said Tang Xiu with a cold smile. “I’ll intentionally pit and deceive him so that he will realize that making honest money is harder than swindling, for he must experience that heaven won’t open its door unless he fights for it. He must know that life is hard and money is hard-earned. That will make him cherish life and make him mature faster.”

“Are you not afraid that he will hate you if he learns about it later?” Asked Long Zhengyu.

“If I’m willing to give him all the wealth and inheritance of the family, even the position of the family head, will he hate me for that?” Tang Xiu rhetorically asked.


Zhengyu fell into silence. He suddenly understood Tang Xiu’s intention. At this moment, however, he slightly regretted not having Tang Xiu as a close relative of his; of his own blood.

Ring, ring, ring…

A ringtone resounded. Tang Xiu took out his mobile phone and looked at the number displayed on the screen. He furrowed his brows, because Su Yaning’s name was displayed there. He got her number from Wang Daoyuan when he was in Beijing, though he didn’t expect that Su Yaning would actually call him.

“What do you need for calling me?” Tang Xiu asked straightforwardly after receiving the call.

There was no reply from the mobile phone for a while, as a question then slowly unfolded, “You seem to know that it was me calling you?”

“Yeah.” Tang Xiu answered. “I asked your cell number from Wang Daoyuan.”


“Why? Then why now? I just wanna know if you’re dead or alive, so I can help grandma do something in the future!”


Su Yaning fell into silence. She didn’t speak, but Tang Xiu was not in a hurry as well. The phone call kept silent for five minutes before Su Yaning finally spoke with unusual emotion, “Can you… help my dad?”

“What kind of help?” Asked Tang Xiu.

“I know you have the ability to get him out of prison ahead of time,” said Su Yaning.

“I do have the ability to do that, but it’s not like I’m going to do it,” said Tang Xiu lightly. “People, whoever they are, must pay for what they’ve done. Two years, that’s my bottom line. My anger won’t subside if he doesn’t stay in prison for at least that long. Of course, he can release himself earlier if he has the ability to do so, and I’ll bother him no longer.”

“What’s between you and my dad that makes you discriminate him so, Tang Xiu?” Asked Su Yaning angrily.

“I don’t know what you mean by discriminating him, but what I know is that whoever bullies my mother must pay quite a terrible price,” said Tang Xiu indifferently.

Once again, Su Yaning fell into silence. Only after a long while did she finally said in a bitter tone, “I want to marry someone, and I want my parents to appear at my wedding.”

“You’re getting married?” Tang Xiu squinted his eyes. He then coldly snorted and said, “Hmph, if you dare to marry someone, I have the means to make your husband fall into despair, misery, and misfortune regardless of who he is. If I’m in a bad mood someday, perhaps this so-called husband of yours will be run over and become dead just like what your mother did, so you’ll be a widow earlier. Also, I must reiterate once again, I’m not afraid to make the one you marry die; I have enough personal contacts and money to do it.”

“You, you fucking bastard!” Su Yaning furiously bellowed.

“Asshole, bastard; that indeed I am,” Tang Xiu sneered. “But have you asked yourself why I became an asshole? I believe your family knows the best about my disposition in the past, isn’t that right?”


Su Yaning hung up the phone at once.

As if seemingly having long expected that she would hang up, Tang Xiu called her again, but Su Yaning rejected the call. Tang Xiu kept dialing repeatedly and she kept rejecting, until Su Yaning finally connected his call, yet didn’t speak at all.

“You can hate me, but I want you to take your time well to recall what you’ve done before. That time, you were the one who framed me, and you were also the one who called the cops. If I hadn’t changed, it would have been me in prison now! Now think, who in your family would get me out from prison?

“I’ve said everything I wanted to tell you. And lastly, I advise everyone in your family, not limited to your parents. All of you are not children, it is time for you all to mature and act like adults.”

After saying that, Tang Xiu directly hung up the phone and didn’t give time to Su Yaning to reply.

At the side, Yang Le tilted his legs. After seeing Tang Xiu hung up the call, he gave him a thumbs up and praised, “Brother Tang, that’s quite a personality. You take your revenge for your hatreds and say your complaint for your resentments. That’s what a man should be. You must never be soft hearted to those who once wanted to harm you.”

With a weird expression, Zhengyu glanced at Yang Le and lightly said, “Yang Le, right? I do like Tang Xiu’s personality, but I don’t like yours. I hope you shut your mouth before you have figured out what the bottom of the matter is.”

“Tang Xiu himself didn’t say anything, what rights do you have to tell me what to do?” Yang Le coldly snorted. “Is there something wrong with what I said?”

Giving Tang Xiu a glance, Zhengyu then gazed deeply at Yang Le and said, “If the person in prison is Tang Xiu’s biological uncle, and the one who called him is his biological cousin, then I ask you, what rights do you have to express your opinion regarding their family problems?”

"What?" Yang Le was taken aback. As he watched the indifferent expression on Tang Xiu’s face, his lips squirmed a few times, yet no words came out from him.

Tang Xiu sighed inwardly. He looked at Zhengyu and said, “I’m going back to Shanghai, and I can only return to Star City in the holidays. Help me arrange things in the prison so that he doesn’t suffer there.”

“Don’t worry! I know what to do.” Long Zhengyu nodded.

“Also, remember to find out his behavior in there. If… if he shows good behavior, then think of ways to get him out by the end of this year! Spend however much the money and relations to accomplish that.” Tang Xiu nodded and said.

“For those who learn about this matter and don’t know you, they may think that you’re someone with a heart made of stone. But to those who know you well, you only look ruthless and heartless on the surface, yet you’re actually soft inside,” said Zhengyu with a sigh. “Don’t worry! My family has the ability to accomplish that.”

“Anyways, I still have things to take care of. This guy will stay in your place here, entertain him well.” Tang Xiu nodded and said.

“He can stay here as he likes!” Long Zhengyu looked at Yang Le and said. “I also have loads of things to do.”

“Zhengyu, I’m telling you to entertain him well. Also, find him several… female companions,” said Tang Xiu with a forced smile. “Don’t offend this brat, I tell you. Though I can’t tell what he can do, your Long Family will be in great trouble if you provoke him.”

“What do you mean?" Long Zhengyu furrowed his brows with a puzzled expression.

Tang Xiu shook his head and answered, “This chap is a small thief, an ancestor level one. Do you want the valuable things in your Long Family to be stolen one day? Don’t tell me that your family wants those stuff that must not be exposed to be stolen?”

"I…" Long Zhengyu stared at Yang Le’s proud expression. His face changed a few times before he eventually forced a wry smile and said, “Got it. I know what to do.”

“I’m happy that you understand how to act according to the situation, Brother Long.” Yang Le gave him a thumbs up and praised. “Anyways, I won’t eye your family’s stuff since you’re Tang Xiu’s friend, and forget about the women. I’ll go out and depend on my own skills to find myself some flowers in the brothels!”

Long Zhengyu forced a wry smile inside, yet he squeezed out an amiable smile on the surface. He knew what Tang Xiu was capable of. For someone who was praised by Tang Xiu as an ancestral level thief, that person was highly likely to be a godly thief. He naturally didn’t want to provoke such a person.

Tang Xiu then left Long’s Dining Hall. Although he came here to have breakfast, now was lunch time, so he called Kang Xia to see him at his family’s restaurant and then drove straight there.

This time he came back in a hurry, though he had ample time to spend since he had already asked Han Qingwu for a leave. She couldn’t say anything anymore even if he didn’t go back to campus for a few days.

“Oh… is this my family’s restaurant?”

As Tang Xiu stood at the entrance of his family’s former restaurant, he looked up at the wide front door as well as the four welcoming ladies in cheongsam dresses.