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Chapter 538: Second Generation Nouveau-Riche

Chapter 538: Second Generation Nouveau-Riche

The previous restaurant had been rebuilt into a four-storied restaurant. The entrance was particularly impressive and stylish with a total of eight facades on both sides. While the outside area was occupied by the facades, the space inside was allocated for the restaurant’s rooms. The most important of all was that luxurious boxes had been built on the second, third, and fourth floors.

“Rising Dragon Pavilion!”

The name of the restaurant had been changed as well. The last time Tang Xiu returned to Star City, he actually heard his parents mentioning it when they chatted.

After entering the hall, Tang Xiu noticed that the cashier in the checkout counter had been replaced by someone unfamiliar. However, when he saw a woman wearing earphones named Sun Yue walking down the stairs, he immediately smiled. Sun Yue was the previous cashier of the restaurant, a diligent and honest woman.

“Hey, Sister Sun!" Tang Xiu called out to her with a smile.

Upon seeing Tang Xiu, Sun Yue immediately looked pleasantly surprised and smilingly said, “Ah, Little Boss, when did you come back? This is the first time you come here after our restaurant was reopened for business half a month ago, right?”

“Yeah, I just returned to Star City to manage some things, and came here to have a look while convenient.” Tang Xiu nodded. “Anyways, I thought I was in the wrong place when I arrived outside! Why the changes?”

“Our restaurant business has always been good and many patrons come to dine here, to the extent that they must book a few days in advance,” said Sun Yue with a smile. “Therefore, the Boss thought to buy all the original buildings and then carried out the reconstruction. Your Dad, in particular, is really great. He spent a lot of money to make the workers work days and nights. After taking quite some time, the new restaurant was been finally built, and the name of the restaurant was changed as well.”

Tang Xiu felt relaxed and asked with a smile, “Anyways, is my Mom here?”

“The Boss is in the office on the fourth floor!” Answered Sun Yue with a smile. “Do you want me to take you there?”

“Nah, no need. I’ll go there myself!” Tang Xiu shook his head and smilingly replied.

Right at this time, a middle-aged woman in work clothes came in followed by a few staff members wearing blue overalls and carrying a boxes of drinks. The worker cards on their chests showed that they were all employees of the Magnificent Tang Corporation.

“Manager Sun, these are 200 boxes of Gods Nectar. Please receive and sign the receipt,” said the middle-aged woman with a smile.

Sun Yue nodded and replied, “Thanks for the hard work.”

“Manager Sun, could you arrange for a few of your staff to help us move the goods from the truck?” Said the middle-aged woman. “Today is the distribution day for the Magnificent Tang Corporation to ship our products to all of our shops in every part of the country. The workers are loading the goods into the containers, so only a few men followed us here.”

“All right, I’ll immediately arrange some people to unload and move them,” said Sun Yue.

The middle-aged woman nodded. She then looked at Tang Xiu and said, “Are you also an employee here? Hurry and move the boxes. But do remember to be very careful; the Gods Nectar of our Magnificent Tang Cor is very expensive. You won’t be able to afford it if you drop and break it.”

Tang Xiu stared blankly, and so did Sun Yue.

Quickly after, Sun Yue recovered her senses and was about to speak as Tang Xiu waved at her and then rolled up his sleeve and smilingly said, “It’s fine, I’ll move them.”

Without turning her head, the middle-aged woman turned and walked away.

“Little…” Sun Yue anxiously called, but Tang Xiu interrupted her.

“It’s alright. This is my own business, so helping with the work is fine. Anyways, just go do your work! I’ll go find my Mom later,” said Tang Xiu with a smile as he walked outside.

In the open space outside the restaurant, the sounds of four medium-sized container trucks opening its back doors were heard. Tang Xiu casually came to the back of the truck and moved two boxes of Gods Nectar from the inside.

“Hey, hey, hey! Aren’t you too bold? You want to move two boxes at once, who will take the responsibility if it falls and break? Put one down, and just carry one box!” The middle-aged woman cried out angrily.

Tang Xiu didn’t put the box down, and said with a smile instead, “It’s alright, I’m very strong. It’s not a problem to move two boxes at once.”

The middle-aged woman rushed to block his path and angrily yelled, “No way! Even if you’re a Superman, you must still move one box at a time. Do you know that this box contains six bottles of Gods Nectar? You should have heard about Gods Nectar, right? The price of a bottle is 18,888 yuan. How much is in these six bottles, do you think? Then how much is in the 12 bottles in these two boxes? In case you drop them, do you think your paycheck for a year will be able to compensate it? Put one of them down quickly, and only move a box at a time!”

“I…” Tang Xiu opened his mouth, yet he didn’t know what to say. He actually appreciated this middle-aged woman’s seriousness and responsibility on her work. She did that for fear of breaking a single bottle of Gods Nectar. Regardless, her attitude in communicating with others was so…

“Hey, what are you waiting for?” The middle-aged woman angrily said. “Do what I tell you!”

“I can really move two boxes at a time,” said Tang Xiu with a forced smile. “Let alone two boxes, even moving four boxes at once won’t be a problem for me. Besides, I won’t lose the money if I were to drop them, either.”

The middle-aged woman was incensed, “Was what I just told you not clear enough? Or is it that your confidence is so big? You think you’re able to compensate for it, do you think you’re the son of a rich family or something?”

“Your name is Shen Meiyun, and you should be a warehouse supervisor of the Magnificent Tang Corporation, right?”

“Yeah, that’s right,” answered Shen Meiyun with a proud expression.

Tang Xiu shook his head, “Your responsible attitude toward your work really make me satisfied, but your attitude when you communicating with others is quite difficult for me to accept. Didn’t the staff training the Magnificent Tang Corporation’s employees urge you to try communicating with others in the best possible ways?”

Taken aback, Shen Meiyun was stunned. She didn’t expect that a young employee of a restaurant would unexpectedly dare to educate her. Despite realizing that the issue lied in her manners, it was hard for her to accept it given the fact that she had a responsibility to bear. Her expression thus turned annoyed and angry as she scolded, “Do you have the say to mind my attitude, huh? It’s because you didn’t listen to my advice and is adamant on moving two boxes of Gods Nectar, that’s why I… hmph, who are you, anyway? Why the hell do I have to explain myself to you?”

Tang Xiu shook his head and prepared to bypass Shen Meiyun. But just as he moved his feet, Shen Meiyun blocked him.

“What is wrong with you, young man? Don’t tell me you can’t understand human speech? I told you to move one box at a time, or don’t move it at all! Do you really think you’re a second generation nouveau-riche and have no place else to burn your money?” Yelled Shen Meiyun angrily.

“I really am a second generation nouveau-riche,” said Tang Xiu with a frown.

“If you’re the second generation of the haves, then I’m the first generation of moneybag!” Shen Meiyun rolled her eyes. “You’re still young yet is such a hopeless case. If you really are a second generation nouveau-riche, do you even need to work at this Rising Dragon Pavilion?”

During the argument, Sun Yue walked out carrying papers and a pen, followed by a handful of porters. When she saw Tang Xiu and Shen Meiyun’s standoff, she approached and asked with a confused expression, “Little Boss, what’s going on?”

“I told her I’ll move two boxes, but she didn’t let me and want me to move only one. And now she even stopped and forbid me to move them,” said Tang Xiu with a forced smile.

Little Boss?

Shen Meiyun was taken aback and stared blankly as she turned to look at Sun Yue and asked, “Manager Sun, w-what… what did you just call him?”

“Little Boss! He’s the son of our Boss, so he’s naturally the Little Boss of our Rising Dragon Pavilion,” replied Sun Yue.

Shen Meiyun had small eyes, but after hearing this revelation, they turned perfectly round as a panicked expression appeared in them. As she looked at Tang Xiu, she shuddered and stutteringly said, “B-Big… B-Big B-Boss… Ah right, right… I-I’m r-really s-sorry... I-I d-didn’t k-know it was you.”

At this time, Shen Meiyun had succumbed to fear, because she knew who the owner of the Rising Dragon Pavilion was. The person who opened this restaurant was the mother of her Big Boss, the only son of this restaurant’s owner. Since the young man before her was the Little Boss of this Rising Dragon Pavilion, it meant that he was her Big Boss!!!

Heavens! What stupid thing had she just done?

To think that… she treated her own Big Boss as a porter and was so rude towards him, wouldn’t that only result in her getting fired?

“Whether or not I’m your Boss, you still shouldn’t talk to others like this. Hasn’t Kang Xia told you that every employee of the Magnificent Tang Corporation represents the face of the entire company? Anyways, forget it. Just put your best into your work after you go back,” said Tang Xiu with a forced smile.

Shen Meiyun shuddered inside and hurriedly said, “B-Boss, I… I know my mistake. Please give me another chance and don’t fire me! I’ll definitely correct and won’t make the Magnificent Tang Corporation lose face!”

“I won’t fire you. But, you’re going back to training. You will come back to your current job after the New Year!” Said Tang Xiu.

Upon hearing it, Shen Meiyun immediately turned excited and said, “Thank you, Boss, thank you so much! I’ll report myself to the training department and correct myself according to your instructions.”

Tang Xiu didn’t speak again and directly bypassed her.

With a strange expression, Sun Yue looked at the back of Tang Xiu before her eyes landed on Shen Meiyun, as she asked with a curious expression, “Sister Shen, did you annoy Little Boss or something? He is a cordial person with great personality and is very kind to everyone! He even treats us, the staff, very well.”

“Manager Sun, why didn’t you say before that he is the Little Boss of your Rising Dragon Pavilion, the Big Boss of my Magnificent Tang Corporation?!” Shen Meiyun sighed bitterly. “He was going to move two boxes of Gods Nectar, and I was afraid that the goods would fall and break, so that I scolded him and asked him to move just one box.”

Pfft… Sun Yue gave her a thumbs up and praised, “You actually reprimanded your own Big Boss? That’s very amazing… huh… that’s not right…. what did you just say? Little… Is little boss the Big Boss of your Magnificent Tang Corporation? You… are you kidding me?”

“Didn’t you know that?” Shen Meiyun asked with a confused expression. “I heard from the director of our winery. He said loads of things when he got drunk and said that the Big Boss of the Magnificent Tang Corporation is the Little Boss of the Rising Dragon Pavilion. Hence, the director told us to be extra careful every time we deliver the goods here.”

Sun Yue turned around to look at the restaurant’s front door as tempestuous storm raging inside her heart. She finally realized the reason why the Rising Dragon Pavilion was the only restaurant able to buy Gods Nectar from the Magnificent Tang Corporation. It turned out that it was simply a family restaurant. Little Boss, he was… really a good person. With such an aloof status he was actually that kind and genial, moreover he was willing to humble himself to act as a porter.