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Chapter 546: Running into Cheng Yannan

Chapter 546: Running into Cheng Yannan

A luxury passenger ship sailed toward the south by cutting through the rippling waves of the blue sea. Tang Xiu was standing on the bow holding a teacup, while calmly looking into the distance. After sailing for a night, the sun had risen from the distant sea surface, as the silhouette of an island in front could be faintly seen.

“That’s Clam Island, Grand Master.” Gu Xiaoxue walked on the lotus step and quietly appeared behind Tang Xiu.

“What you said is true. This island is really suitable for herb plantation. It has sufficient spiritual qi, and the growth of herbs will be enormously aided with a great array of Feng Shui being laid out later. That’s right, have our people explored this island already? How big is it?”

“It’s 5.1 kilometers long, 3.6 kilometers wide, and the highest point of the terrain is about 12 meters. The island consists mostly of woodland, and there’s a natural lake with a diameter of 200 to 300 meters. Also, after members of the Everlasting Feast Hall who are proficient in pharmacology conducted an exploration of the island, they discovered several kinds of precious herbs, some of which are medicinal herbs in the list you made.”

“This island has been isolated from humans for many years, so it’s only natural that precious medicinal herbs will grow here under the nourishment of abundant spiritual qi.” Tang Xiu nodded and lamented. “If my guess is correct, their ages should be quite high. Am I right?”

“Yeah, there are more than a dozen plus strains of precious herbs aging more than a thousand years,” said Gu Xiaoxue with a smile.

“These millennium, precious herbs would definitely fetch an extremely high price if they were to be sold in the market. Pity that there are only a few people in the world who have the essential knowledge about herbs, and even fewer came to this island. Thus, these medicinal herbs could be preserved for such a long time,” said Tang Xiu.

During their conversation, the distance from the passenger liner to Clam Island was only a few kilometers away. As per Tang Xiu’s order, the liner didn’t stop on the north coast of Clam Island, but circled around it. And Tang Xiu could clearly see another island that was several kilometers away on the southern side of Clam Island. The island seemed smaller than Clam Island, but its terrain was slightly higher, with its highest point at 30 to 40 meters.

“Boss, we noticed a small liner on the southern coastline of Clam Island.” The long-time chief instructor in the Everlasting Feast Hall’s HQ—Gao Feng strode forward. He was holding binoculars in his hand as he spoke with a cold expression.

“I already noticed it.” Tang Xiu nodded and replied lightly.

Gao Feng stared blankly and his expression turned strange. It must be noted that their liner was located ten plus kilometers away from the coastline of Clam Island, and even if the sight of ordinary people could see the island, wasn’t it very difficult to spot a small liner anchored on the coastline?

Unless… that person possessed eagle eyes.

Gu Xiaoxue glanced at Gao Feng’s strange expression and lightly said, “Wait until your cultivation level has reached our level, then you’ll be able to see things several kilometers away clearly.”

Gao Feng’s eyes lit up, and he immediately nodded respectfully.

“There’s someone on that liner. If my guess is correct, that should be a liner belonging to the Yao Family; and they have also noticed us.” Tang Xiu said lightly. “Instruct the others to be on standby!”

“Yes!” Gao Feng replied and immediately returned to the cabin.

Quickly, Tang Xiu’s liner approached the shoreline, whereas, aboard the small liner, four stalwart men carrying firearms stood on the deck with stern expressions.


A bald man, whose eyes glinted with a cold and grim look, shouted sternly through a megaphone.

However, Tang Xiu’s liner didn’t heed the other party’s warning. After stopping tens of meters away from the small liner, Tang Xiu and Gu Xiaoxue jumped out and set foot on the reef along the shore, as Gao Feng and another ten plus experts of the Everlasting Feast Hall followed behind.


The four stalwart men rushed over at them headed by the bald-headed man, who shouted angrily.

“You guys shouldn’t be good people given that you’re holding firearms. Since you said that this is a private island, then I ask you, what is the owner’s surname?” Said Tang Xiu lightly.

“The surname of the owner is Yao!” The bald-headed big man proudly said. “Do you know the Yao Family from Beijing? This island has been acquired by our Yao Family and is now our private island. I don’t care who you are. Leave immediately, or else don’t blame us for turning rude.”

“The Yao Family? What a domineering Yao Family, huh?” Tang Xiu coldly looked at him and then spoke, “Kill them!”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Four lightning-like figures flew toward the four big men of the Yao Family, their speed extremely fast. Unbeknownst to them, a sharp dagger suddenly appeared in their hands.


The bald-headed big man’s complexion greatly changed, as he then aimed the muzzle of his gun at the rushing figure and pulled the trigger without a shred of hesitation. However, they couldn’t hit the four experts of the Everlasting Feast Hall despite firing many times. The experts were extremely fast, as 20 meters was traversed in the blink of an eye. The sharp dagger in their hands slashed and accurately pierced the necks of the frightened four big men of the Yao Family despite their efforts of dodging the strike.


Four lifeless bodies fell on the sandy beach.

Tang Xiu’s eyes were cold. A glimpse of light flashed from the small liner not far away as he flicked a silver needle. The silver needle penetrated through the glass and pierced the glabella of a man who was holding a sniper gun.

“Go! Kill everyone on that liner!” Tang Xiu squinted his eyes, a cold light glinting from within.

Quickly, the four experts dashed toward the small liner without hesitation. As spearheads, their roles had made their hands stained with blood, but they didn’t question Tang Xiu’s order and moved without hesitation.


Tang Xiu, who was currently watching as his four men rushed into the small liner, suddenly had his face change. A look of disbelief flashed in his eyes, as he instantly retracted his spiritual sense.

“What is it, Grand Master?” Gu Xiaoxue turned her head and asked in surprise.

Tang Xiu didn’t answer, but strode toward the small liner instead. As he approached the liner, his feet floated up and he stepped in the air, finally stepping on the deck.

“Heavens! This is…”

Apart from Gu Xiaoxue, Gao Feng and the ten plus experts of the Everlasting Feast Hall were dumbfounded and tongue-tied upon seeing Tang Xiu float midair and board the passenger liner. Their hearts thumped faster. Although they were perfectly aware that one could fly in the air after their cultivation broke through to a high level, yet witnessing such a miraculous scene with their own eyes still shocked them.

“Every one of you- Out!!!”

Tang Xiu stood on the bow of the liner and sternly shouted.

At this moment, inside the cabin of the small liner, a dozen crew members and attendants of the ship came out of the cabin. Most of them were men, and there were four women among them, one of whom was a familiar face that Tang Xiu never dreamed of being here, much less in this kind of situation.

“Tang… Tang Xiu?”

Cheng Yannan also never expected to meet Tang Xiu here and looked a bit flustered, even her heartbeat hiked up and thumped faster.

Tang Xiu furrowed his brows deeply. While pointing to Cheng Yannan, he shouted in a deep voice, “Kill all of them but her!”


The four stalwart men acted very quickly. Screams and yells unfolded as they killed dozens of people at great speed. Under Gu Xiaoxue’s command, their dead bodies were removed and left on the shore.


Acid water came out from Cheng Yannan’s mouth. She had never seen such a bloody scene before, causing her to bend and vomit. A frightened expression was painted her face, as if she couldn’t believe that the order just issued a moment ago came from Tang Xiu.

While standing in front of Cheng Yannan, there was no thoughts of kill Cheng Yannan inside Tang Xiu’s mind, but he wanted to figure out why Cheng Yannan was here. This liner belonged to the Yao Family, and only someone they fully trusted could board it. After all, the issue of the Yao Family attempting to rent Clam Island was an absolute secret.

“Give her some water to rinse her mouth,” commanded Tang Xiu.

Immediately afterward, a stalwart man entered the cabin and took out a bottle of mineral water from the inside. He then handed it over to Cheng Yannan, who was no longer vomiting.

“Thank you!”

Cheng Yannan’s complexion was pale. After receiving the bottle of water, she took a sip and quickly rinsed her mouth, and then slowly looked up to Tang Xiu.

“Speak! Why are you here?” Asked Tang Xiu lightly.

“My uncle is Yao Qingteng, and my Cheng Family is participating in the renting of this Clam Island. I asked my uncle to bring me here,” answered Cheng Yannan after hesitating for a while.

“This is not what I asked,” said Tang Xiu in a heavy voice.

Cheng Yannan evaded his eyes, as she lowered her head and replied, “What do you want to know?”

“Yannan, I used to think of you as a good classmate and a friend. I was even your savior back then, if I have to say.” Tang Xiu coldly snorted. “I never thought that one day we’d need to conceal things from each when conversing. Regardless, you don’t have to say if you don’t want to. I won’t force you.”

Cheng Yannan suddenly looked up. She glanced at Gu Xiaoxue and the stalwart men in the surrounding and then said, “Can we talk in private?”

Tang Xiu nodded and looked at Gao Feng, “Remove and discard all the dead bodies and leave no traces. Take this liner to the sea and sink it.”

“Roger!” Gao Feng replied quickly.

Tang Xiu walked to Cheng Yannan’s side and grabbed her shoulder, and then took her flying straight to the beach. With his extremely fast speed, he had brought Cheng Yannan 100 meters away within seconds.


Cheng Yannan, who was struck with dizziness and disoriented, finally got a firm foothold and turned around to look at the small liner, that was 100 meters away, with eyes full of disbelief.

“Tang Xiu, you…”

“Yea, you’re not dreaming,” said Tang Xiu lightly.

Cheng Yannan gulped her saliva. Her look was full of disbelief as she stared at Tang Xiu and stutteringly asked, “W-what are you, exactly? H-how can you… fly?”