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Chapter 548: Oppressing the Fierce Beasts

Chapter 548: Oppressing the Fierce Beasts

Amid the gently blowing sea breeze, Gu Xiaoxue was standing on the tree branch with her fluttering white dress. A smile outlined on her face as she looked at the scene below. Despite knowing that her Grand Master’s cultivation progressed rapidly in recent months, she still didn’t believe that he could easily defeat the two rhino-like fierce beasts.

“Grand Master, be careful.”

Gu Xiaoxue twitched her hand and two lightning talismans appeared between her fingers. She would immediately act once her Grand Master was in danger.

Tang Xiu turned his head and showed a faint smile. When his eyes went back on the two rhino-like savage beasts, he smiled and said loudly, “I don’t lack materials from fierce beasts, hence you guys can be exempted from being slain, though you may have to suffer since the neighboring island will be the site for rearing fierce beasts in the future. Therefore, I’ll subdue and bring the two of you over to the neighboring island.”

Evidently, the two rhinos had gained a bit of spiritual wisdom. They could sense something bad from Tang Xiu, though they couldn’t understand his words. Hence, one of the rhino-like fierce beasts’ big, red eyes flared up. It jumped up high and slashed its claws toward Tang Xiu’s head.

Its speed was incredibly fast! If there were ordinary people here, they probably would only see flashing afterimages even if they kept their eyes wide open.

Tang Xiu flicked the tip of his toe and his body was flung backwards instantly. If his cultivation had not progressed so rapidly and reached the Viscera Transformation stage, he may really be unable to face this fierce beast. Now, however, he was confident that he could easily slay it.

“Array of weapons, oppressing blades.”

A dagger instantly flew out from the center of Tang Xiu’s palm. As he kept forming hand seals, the dagger divided into two, then four, and then kept doubling. In a few short seconds, thousands of daggers had already appeared in front of him.

Slash… A low voice came out from him.

The numerous daggers swirled like a spiral as they went toward the fierce beast and had it tightly surrounded in an instant.


A furious roar came out from the rhino. Its sharp teeth, claws and the layered scales on its body were all immediately erected, while a faint blue ring came out from its mouth along with its roar. Instantly, smoke exploded like a mist.

Crack, crack, crack…

Cracks appeared on the overlapping layers of daggers. The chilling blue smoke instantly reduced the surrounding temperature to the freezing point, and the leaves that moved around in the wind seemed to freeze in an instant.

“Petty skill!”

A look of contempt flashed in Tang Xiu’s eyes. With a wave of his arm a blade flashed and instantly swept away the rhino’s claw strike. Ten claws instantly fell and Tang Xiu’s figure flashed a moment after. His finger moved toward a clear boundless sky as a bolt of lightning flashed down from above the firmament without any previous sign.

Thunder Spell! A magical spell he was now able to release. The tempestuous thunderstorm bolted from the vault of heaven as thick lightning bolts the size of a baby’s arm directly blasted on the back of the rhino-like fierce beast. The blow did not kill it, but it was still smashed onto the ground and splashed a layer of dust to the air.

Atop the tree branch, Gu Xiaoxue stared dumbfoundedly at Tang Xiu’s mighty display of power. The imposing display made her pupils shrink and brought an aura that made her want to kneel.

She had imagined numerous scenes of a fierce fight between her Grand Master and the rhino-like fierce beast, but little did she expect that her Grand Master was now able to cast spells, more so that its might was actually strong enough to this extent. It must be noted that the present her was still unable to display such a feat!

Could it be… Grand Master’s strength has already surpassed mine? How is this possible? Wasn’t his cultivation only a few months ago…

Gu Xiaoxue gasped, and the thumping of her heartbeat was several times stronger than before.


The other rhino-like fierce beast looked frightened. But after seeing that its companion’s fate was unknown, it went into a frenzy and violently rushed out. Its IQ was low, thus it didn’t escape and flashed toward Tang Xiu instead.

Tang Xiu nodded and praised, “You didn’t run and abandon your companion, eh? Contrary to my expectation, you’re a pretty good spirit beast. Since this is the case, then I’ll help you.”

Tang Xiu’s body floated. As his feet rose in the air he formed hand seals, and a few big trees around him were immediately uprooted and pulled upward. The jumping rhino-like fierce beast was lifted up by an earth pillar that had risen under it out of nowhere, whereas several big trees then heavily pounded its body.

Bam, bam, bam…

The trunks of several big trees were broken, but every orifice of the smashed fierce beast was also bleeding, as it heavily fell beside the other rhino-like fierce beast.

At this moment, Tang Xiu’s body was like an artillery shell. After he fell atop the back of the bleeding rhino-like fierce beast, a barrage of fists fell on it. The rhino-like fierce beast pitifully growled and desperately struggled to get up time and time again.


The other rhino wanted to get up, but Tang Xiu kicked its abdomen, causing it to sweep the ground for tens of meters. After smashing and breaking seven plus big trees in succession, only then did it fall to the ground and fainted.

The brutality lasted for half a minute before Tang Xiu finally stopped. He then grabbed the suffocated fierce beast he had just beaten, punched it heavily, and threw it toward the other fainted beast. The fainted rhino-like fierce beast was suddenly awakened due to the tremendous pressure.


Tang Xiu’s ghostly figure instantly caught up with it, and when his feet landed before the two fierce beasts, he let out a faint smile and shouted in a heavy voice, “Do you guys still want to fight?”

The two rhino-like fierce beasts were truly frightened by Tang Xiu at this time, as they struggled hard to get up to run due to the intense fear. Yet, their badly beaten bodies were unable to support them.

Tang Xiu then turned to the dumbfounded Gu Xiaoxue atop the tree branch and smilingly said, “So, what do you think? Packing up these two beasts is easy, don’t you think? In fact, slaying these two beasts would’ve been easier, for I’m able to kill them in a matter of seconds.”

Gu Xiaoxue heaved a deep breath while suppressing her shock. Her fluttering white skirt made her look like a fairy as she floated down and landed beside Tang Xiu, after which, she spoke respectfully, “Your cultivation is really formidable, Grand Master. The way you cleaned up these two beasts was indeed very relaxed. I really didn’t expect that your cultivation had progressed this much. I don’t think I can contend with you even if I were to give everything I have.”

“Even though I did chance upon a big fortuitous encounter, yet experience matters more than luck.” Tang Xiu chuckled. “Anyways, this Clam Island is very suitable to grow medicinal herbs, Xiaoxue. However, we need to cut the forest quite a lot. We can leave some trees in the surrounding, but the plan to set up the medicinal herbs garden in the inner parts must be done well since we need to plant a lot of herbs. Even though this island is large in size, we must use as much land as possible if we want to cultivate medicinal herbs on a large scale.”

“I understand, Grand Master,” said Gu Xiaoxue respectfully. “I’ll look for the best planners in the country and personally bring them here to check this place and make them design a blueprint for us.”

“We don’t need such a hassle.” Tang Xiu waved his hand. “I’ll handle the blueprint, whereas you only need to bring people here to help me survey and measure the total area for the garden. All right, let’s have a look from above. If there’s no other problem, we’ll head to the neighboring island to have a look.”

“All right!” Gu Xiaoxue replied and grabbed the legs of the two savage beasts. In the next moment, they floated up to the sky. After flying for over ten minutes and observing the entirety of Clam Island until Tang Xiu was satisfied, the duo then flew back to the south coast where the liner was anchored.

On the deck of the liner, Cheng Yannan was sitting on a recliner sunbathing while leafing through a book. She suddenly looked up when she noticed two shadows falling from the sky and landing in front of her.

“You guys…”

Her pupils contracted and she bounced up from the recliner out of fright. She was 100% certain that Tang Xiu and Gu Xiaoxue had just fallen from the sky. What did this mean? That explained that both of them were just flying. Furthermore, the most inconceivable thing was that Gu Xiaoxue, whose figure was small, was actually carrying two beasts that were twice as big as her.

Gu Xiaoxue threw the two fainted beasts onto the deck, and then looked at the stalwart men around and said, “Stay guard and watch them. If they dare to crawl up and struggle, you can kill them directly.”

“Roger!” Replied the several stalwart men respectfully.

Gu Xiaoxue turned around. As she looked at Cheng Yannan, she let out a faint smile and said, “Ms. Cheng, since Grand Master has rescued you, and given that you were his classmate as well, then we’re not outsiders at all. I’m Gu Xiaoxue, you call me Big Sis Xiaoxue. Anyways, we’re going to the neighboring island shortly. Do you want to stay on the boat and go with us or stay here? You can rest assured, I’ll assign some people to protect you if you want to stay here.”

“I’ll go with you,” answered Cheng Yannan without hesitation.

Nodding and smiling at her in response, Gu Xiaoxue then spoke to the four men, “Tell the rest to set sail to the neighboring island. Also, assign four men to stay behind to guard this Clam Island. If any outsiders dare to forcibly land on this island, kill them directly. However, if the other party have overwhelming force and numbers and you feel that you can’t face them, promptly hide and do not fight them.”

“Understood!” The four stalwart men replied and cupped their fists.

The passenger ship set sail and headed to the neighboring island without spending much time. Tang Xiu and Gu Xiaoxue flew toward the island and entered the wooded mountain without bringing anyone with them. What was somewhat inconceivable for them was that many beasts were spotted on this island. After having carefully counted the numbers, there were 70 plus of them.

“Grand Master, there’s something amiss with this island!” Gu Xiaoxue slightly furrowed her brows and spoke to Tang Xiu.

“I noticed it, too.” Tang Xiu nodded. “We also ran into two savage beasts on Clam Island. Given the very close distance between Clam Island and this island, and with so many beasts here, I’m afraid that there’s a very unusual reason…”

His words came to an abrupt halt as they reached the edge of the island. He couldn’t believe the scene below on the sea surface.