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Chapter 549: The Haven of Fierce Beasts

Chapter 549: The Haven of Fierce Beasts

Hundreds of fierce beasts were spotted on the sea surface in the southern side of the island. Some of these fierce beasts were swimming on the surface of the sea, while some others were moving about and strolling idly on the sea surface. Another dense pack of thousands of fierce beasts was seen on the shore. Some were taking nap, some were hopping, and some others were running around.

“Heavens!!! This place… how could there be so many fierce beasts here?” Despite having a strong self-control, Gu Xiaoxue couldn’t help but call out in alarm at this time.

A glint flashed inside Tang Xiu’s eyes. Although he didn’t know why there was so many fierce beasts in this place, what he had in mind was as if he actually saw countless fierce beasts being reared by him, and the countless cultivation resources that were piling up like mountains.

“Xiaoxue, though I don’t believe in heaven, I still want to thank it at this moment. With so many fierce beasts in this place, this is practically a timely assistance for us. If we can take care of this place and put all the beasts below under our control, we won’t need to capture ordinary fierce beasts and domesticate them.”

Gu Xiaoxue’s eyes lit up, before it dimmed a second after as she forced a smile and said, “But Grand Master, this place is too terrifying. Even if we have high cultivation levels, I’m afraid we can’t control them all, no?”

“We are indeed unable to control them all, but we’ll bring more experts to get things done. I’m sure we can have them under our control sooner or later. Huh? Something’s wrong…” Tang Xiu smilingly said.

Suddenly, Tang Xiu’s complexion drastically changed and he quickly grabbed Gu Xiaoxue’s waist. His figure streaked toward the wooded hill like lightning. In the blink of an eye, he appeared inside the dense forest of the wooded hill.

“What’s wrong, Grand Master?”

Gu Xiaoxue, who had never be touched by a man, was now being hugged by Tang Xiu on her slender waist. The warm heat transmitted from Tang Xiu’s big hand and the smell of man exuding from Tang Xiu caused her body to become slightly weak. Even her ears turned slightly red at this moment.

Tang Xiu, however, didn’t notice Gu Xiaoxue’s unusualness. He didn’t release Gu Xiaoxue at this time, but took her quickly toward the north shoreline instead. Two minutes later, he had already returned back to the liner with Gu Xiaoxue and ordered to set sail.

The liner set sail and was anchored on the shoreline of Clam Island, but the location was now on the northern coastline.

“What is the situation, Grand Master?” Gu Xiaoxue secretly relaxed after Tang Xiu released her.

Tang Xiu creased his brows and forced a smile, “It seems like I was deluding myself. I thought we had chanced upon a great fortuitous encounter, but I forgot about the troubles the heavens could cast upon us. I encountered gatherings of fierce beasts like this on several occasions, and I even bumped into a huge number of immortal beasts. If my guess is correct, then the neighboring island has already been occupied by fierce beasts and even has turned into a fierce beast paradise. Furthermore, there are two essential conditions for a haven of fierce beasts to form.”

“What exactly are these two conditions?” Asked Gu Xiaoxue in astonishment.

“Firstly, there must be an enormous spiritual vein underneath the island, and it must be very active,” said Tang Xiu seriously.

“Indeed. I can feel a rich concentration of heaven and earth spiritual qi when we arrived on that island. It’s several times higher than on Clam Island.” Gu Xiaoxue nodded.

“This is only the first condition.” Tang Xiu continued. “Secondly, there must be a very terrifying fierce beast residing on that island, and the fierce beast must be at least at the high-order level. With my current cultivation level I won’t be able to deal with it. I even suspect that the strength of this fierce beast is far beyond mine; it should have reached a very high order. The number of beasts we saw there surpasses two thousand, and that’s only the number we can see on the surface. Who knows how many beasts there are in the seabed?”

With a drastically changed expression, Gu Xiaoxue quickly asked, “Then what should we do? That island is an excellent place to rear fierce beasts, it’s really a pity if we give it up. If we can’t solve this problem, even if we acquire Clam Island I’m afraid that dangers will loom over us when we plant the medicinal herbs here.”

A hint of a smile appeared on the corner of Tang Xiu’s mouth as he said, “We may not be able to face the strongest fierce beasts there, but don’t forget something; our Everlasting Feast Hall still has a very powerful expert.”

Gu Xiaoxue stared blankly, and her face immediately turned bright. With an excited face, she said, “It should be Elder Ji, right, Grand Master?”

“Yeah, it’s Ji Chimei.” Tang Xiu nodded. “Although she is currently injured, she’s still a Crowned Immortal, nonetheless. Her strength may have been reduced to the level of an ordinary immortal at the moment, but it won’t be a problem for her to destroy the entire Earth in one strike, much less dealing with these fierce beasts.”

“You’re right, Grand Master.” Gu Xiaoxue let out a bright smile. “Elder Ji will definitely be able to deal with the strongest fierce beast directly. Do you want me to send someone back to call Elder Ji here?”

“No hurry, the purpose of our visit this time is to survey and investigate the site.” Tang Xiu waved his hand. “I’m very satisfied with the result of the survey, so let us get back to Jingmen Island first. We’ll come here again after I acquire Clam Island and its neighboring island through my connections. Also, I originally planned to leave some people here, but now it seems that the security issues here are kinda dangerous, so we’ll leave with everyone else.”

“Are you going to take that classmate of yours back as well?” Asked Gu Xiaoxue curiously.

“Yeah, I trust her.” Tang Xiu nodded. “I believe she won’t divulge the things I told her. But assign someone to keep an eye on her to prevent eventualities.”

“Understood!” Gu Xiaoxue nodded.

The passenger liner then returned to Jingmen Island late at night. The group didn’t stop and headed straight to the Everlasting Feast Hall’s HQ.

“What is this place, Tang Xiu?” A curious look was painted Cheng Yannan’s face as she asked and sized up the Everlasting Feast Hall’s manor with amazement.

“Jingmen Island’s Everlasting Feast Hall,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.

“How long will we be stopping over? You said earlier you’ll let me stay on Clam Island, and now you bring me here. What exactly do you have in mind?”

“I found some looming dangers on Clam Island after investigating it. Hence I had to take you back for your safety.” Tang Xiu said. “Don’t worry, though. We’ll go back there, but I need to do something before we do that.”

“All right!” Cheng Yannan nodded.

Soon after, Cheng Yannan had been properly settled by a member of the Everlasting Feast Hall in the guest room next to Yang Le’s. In the middle of the night, when Tang Xiu and Gu Xiaoxue saw that Cheng Yannan had entered her room to rest, the door next room was opened as Yang Le, who was behaving stealthily like a thief, poked his head out. After seeing Tang Xiu and Gu Xiaoxue, he immediately smiled and straightened his back, “Brother Tang, you’re back! I’m afraid I was gonna die suffocated in this guest room if you didn’t come back. That Ouyang fella has been staying in the hall below since yesterday morning.”

Ouyang Lei?

Tang Xiu smiled and asked, “How come I didn’t see him when we arrived?”

Yang Le rolled his eyes, “Like you don’t know the many customs employed in the Everlasting Feast Hall. Nobody is allowed to get out of their guest room here, do you think that brat wants to leave? Regardless, I heard the Ouyang Family made quite a huge move yesterday. It seems like they closed many of their businesses. Hahaha...”

“What did you do, exactly?” Asked Tang Xiu. “How come the Ouyang Family made such a ruckus because of it?”

Yang Le strode forward and grabbed Tang Xiu’s arm and dragged him to his room, whereas Gu Xiaoxue followed behind out of curiosity.

After picking up several account books from the bookcase, Yang Le showed them to Tang Xiu and smilingly said, “Brother Tang, it was you who asked me to fix him up. Hence I checked his address and snatched some stuff from his place. These account books record most of the gray or black businesses belonging to the Ouyang Family that mustn’t come to light. Even though I can’t figure out some of the things on it, I dare say that the Ouyang Family will be in for quite the trouble if I were to disclose these records outside. Literally huge trouble!”

Tang Xiu grabbed the account books and started reading them. After flipping through them for more than ten minutes, a strange expression then appeared on his face. He now understood as to why Ouyang Lei was still here. The contents recorded on these account books were truly too… troublesome.

“The goal has been reached. This will be enough to make things hard for him, and he won’t be able to have a good sleep. I’m gonna call him over!”

After saying that, Tang Xiu took out his mobile phone and dialed Ouyang Lei’s cell number.

At this time, Ouyang Lei was currently smoking inside the guest room. His eyes were bloodshot, and the ringtone of his mobile phone startled him. He darted to the locker and grabbed his phone. When he saw the number on the screen he nearly cried, but no tears came out. With trembling fingers, he pressed the answer button and called out in a trembling voice, “Sister’s… no, that’s not right… Brother, Brother Tang Xiu, you finally called me back!”

A smile was outlined in Tang Xiu’s mouth as he said, “Oh my, wasn’t big brother Ouyang Lei calling me brother-in-law before? Ah, wrong, it should be prospective brother-in-law, right?”

“No no no… I won’t call you that even if I was beaten to death!” Ouyang Lei’s face was sullen. “Brother, Big Brother Tang Xiu, please tell me. Are my things in your hands?”

“Yeah, they are in my custody.” Tang Xiu laughed. “Do you want them back? Then go out and head to the hall on the first floor. I’ll be downstairs.”

“They are really in your hands? Great!!! I’ll be there right away.”

Ouyang Lei hung up the phone and his face transformed into one of ecstasy. He couldn’t care less about how Tang Xiu had made things so difficult for him by taking his account books away. As long as he could get them back, he wouldn’t refuse to face north to kowtow and bang his head on the ground eight times.

A few minutes later, Tang Xiu wore a faint smile as he brought Yang Le to the hall on the first floor. When he saw Ouyang Lei’s bloodshot eyes, messed up hair, and disheveled appearance, Tang Xiu handed him the account books and smilingly said, “What do you think? How did these two days feel like?”

After receiving the account books, Ouyang Lei didn’t even try to reply Tang Xiu. He quickly flipped over the account books and read the records on it. After discovering that everything was correct, he finally calmed down.

“Thank you. Thanks a lot, Brother Tang Xiu!”