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Chapter 552: A Big Deal

Chapter 552: A Big Deal

Tang Xiu thought for a while, before nodding and saying, “Since he wants to see me, then tell him to come to Jingmen Island! I’m now in Jingmen Island.”

“What are you doing in Jingmen Island, Boss?” Asked Kang Xia, surprised.

“I told you before that I’m going to rent two islands in the South China Sea. It just so happened that a particular circumstance has arisen, so I came over here to deal with it.”

“I see. You… Are you by chance going to return to Shanghai at the end of this month?” Asked Kang Xia.

“Apparently so,” said Tang Xiu.

“Since you’re going back to Shanghai at the end of this month, then I’ll be supervising the operation and personally open the new store in Shanghai by the end of this month,” said Kang Xia with a smile.

After conversing for a while, Tang Xiu hung up the phone call.

As for the issues with the Italian mafia’s Cubo Clan, he had sent people to investigate them and naturally had already investigated the No. 2 figure of that syndicate, Druffet, who had great authority in the Cubo Clan and someone of high status in Italy.


Tang Xiu felt that it was unlikely. Druffett would have directly hit the Magnificent Tang Corp if he wanted to retaliate. He wouldn’t have contacted Kang Xia and asked to see him through her. But if it wasn’t for revenge, then what exactly did he want?

Though he had thought deeply about it, Tang Xiu still couldn’t figure it out, hence didn’t feel like occupying his mind with it since he had long prepared different measures needed to deal with different situations. As of now, his focus was placed on those two islands. He still had no idea how the Tang Family would take to deal with the negotiations and whether they could acquire those two islands. However, he had long decided that he would directly employ force if the Tang Family ultimately failed; though it was only a last resort so as to prevent the Yao Family getting them.

Time fleeted by, and two days passed by in the blink of an eye.

Over the past two days, Tang Xiu spent his time in a carefree and leisure manner. Aside from the necessary daily cultivation, he just read books while savoring his tea and accompanying Gu Yan’er, who was still in slumber inside the exquisite pagoda.

“Grand Master, a guest just came to the Everlasting Feast Hall, saying that he has an appointment with you.” Gu Xiaoxue’s figure appeared on the seventh floor of the exquisite pagoda and reported with a respectful manner.

“Is his name Druffet?” Asked Tang Xiu lightly.

“Yes, it’s him,” said Gu Xiaoxue with a nod.

Tang Xiu nodded in response. After Gu Xiaoxue left the exquisite pagoda, he went straight to the private dining room booked by Druffet in the Everlasting Feast Hall. After revealing his identity to the four burly foreigners, he then entered the room. However, the first one he saw when he came in was not Druffet, but an unexpected acquaintance.

“Never thought I’d meet you here, Miss Ji.”

The reason Ji Shiyan followed Druffet to Jingmen Island was because the man was a friend of her Boss, and her company had a business relationship with him. She was startled and astonished when she saw Tang Xiu come inside. It was evident that she didn’t expect the person Druffet would see was actually Tang Xiu.

“Hello, Mr. Tang.”

Tang Xiu nodded slightly at her before looking at the tall Druffet, as he stretched out his hand and smilingly said, “Welcome, friend from afar. I’m Tang Xiu, the Magnificent Tang Corporation’s owner.”

Druffet didn’t receive the handshake, however, but squinted his eyes and size up Tang Xiu instead. Then he let out a cold snort and lightly said, “You really are quite an awesome and powerful man, Boss Tang! To think you actually made me come to Jingmen Island to see you.”

Tang Xiu’s facial expression turned overcast, and then went straight to the innermost couch and took a seat. After tilting his leg, he lit up a cigarette and drew a few deep puffs before giving his reply in an indifferent and detached manner, “Whether or not I’m powerful, haven’t your men already experienced it? What’s wrong? Do you think you haven’t lost enough and want to lose some more people in China?”

Druffet’s expression changed. Tang Xiu’s remark was akin to exposing the scabbed wounds, causing his face turned very unsightly. If he didn’t consider the fact that he was in China, which was literally Tang Xiu’s domain, he would have pulled out his gun and shot him.

“Mr. Tang, I demand an explanation from you and the Magnificent Tang Corp, because nobody in the entire world can stay safe and sound after causing the Cubo Clan to suffer a loss.” Druffet directly delivered his threat.

Tang Xiu turned to Ji Shiyan and said lightly, “Miss Ji, I won’t kill him in your account, but I want you to drag him out of this place. I can’t guarantee that he can still leave this Everlasting Feast Hall alive otherwise.”

Druffet’s facial expression changed, whereas Ji Shiyan looked panicked. Others may not be aware how powerful Tang Xiu was, but she knew it perfectly well, for she and Li Laoshan were once rescued by Tang Xiu alone.

“Mr. Tang, I think you misunderstood something here. Mr. Druffet didn’t mean to embarrass you. Though I don’t know what happened between the two of you, I believe getting rid of an enmity is better than keeping it alive. And Mr. Druffet, Mr. Tang is a friend of mine, and he has once saved my life. If you still speak with such an attitude, I’m afraid my assistance to you will be close to nothing,” said Ji Shiyan with all seriousness.

Druffet fell into silence for a period of time before he nodded, looked at Tang Xiu and said, “I’ve sent people to investigate the cause of the incident, Mr. Tang. It indeed wasn’t directly related to your company, but a certain special department in your country… Forget it. I won’t pursue this matter since it has already happened. The reason I came looking for you is that I want to negotiate a cooperation.”

“I don’t think there’s something that we need to cooperate,” said Tang Xiu lightly.

“I don’t think so, Mr. Tang.” Druffet shook his head. “A cooperation between us is very necessary. Maybe you don’t know what I mean by this cooperation.”

Tang Xiu spread out his hand and replied, “To tell you the truth, I really don’t know what kind of medicine you are selling. So tell me, what do you mean by this collaboration?”

“I want to hire some of your people here to help me accomplish a trivial matter; with a high price, of course.” Druffet said. “I think you can get my friendship and great benefits from me if the results are what I want them to be.”

“Elaborate,” said Tang Xiu.

“According to the information I have, the Everlasting Feast Hall is yours, and you have several very formidable people here.” Druffet seriously explained. “Whether it is teamwork in battles or covert assassinations, they all are topmost experts. As for myself, I can’t wait any longer to take the godfather seat of the Cubo Clan. I think you understand me, right?”

“Your price,” said Tang Xiu slowly after being silent for a while.

“1 billion USD, plus a large gold mine in Africa,” said Druffet.

“Can you tell me who are those you want to hire?” Asked Tang Xiu.

“They are the Black and White Impermanence—Dark and Light; the Body Grinder—Gao Feng, and the Snow Hare—Mo Lei. Of course, I will increase the pay by 100 million USD for each extra expert you send. The premise is that their strength is on par with the Black and White Impermanence.” [1]

Tang Xiu clapped his hands and exclaimed, “What a big deal! I think the deal can be carried out. But still, I want to know something. How exactly did you know that I’m the owner of the Everlasting Feast Hall? And how did you know that the two of them are under the Everlasting Feast Hall?”

“I have my own intelligence channels, and I paid quite some price to purchase the information of their whereabouts.” Druffet squinted his eyes. “You ought to have heard about the Dark Wind Organization, no? I got it from that world’s largest intelligence agency.”

Dark Wind Organization?

It was the first time Tang Xiu heard the name, yet this intelligence organization instantly aroused his vigilance. After staying silent for a while, he said slowly, “2 billion USD plus that gold mine in Africa; and it’s non-negotiable. Up to 10 days, you can be sure that the current godfather of your Cubo Clan will disappear from this planet.”

“And if you fail?” Asked Druffet in a solemn tone.

“The result is already set after I took this deal.” Tang Xiu said lightly. “Look, Mr. Druffet, you are the one who looked for me to seek cooperation, and I never see such a huge sum of money that didn’t enter my pockets.”

Druffet spent several minutes pondering before he slowly nodded and said, “In this way, may we have a great cooperation.”

“There’s one last question I wanna ask you, though.” Tang Xiu calmly said. “There are many excellent assassins in the world, and there are some powerful mercenary companies as well. Why did you come to me? Furthermore, why did you go so far so as to go to the Magnificent Tang Corporation rather than come to the Everlasting Feast Hall directly?”

“There are ghosts around me,” said Druffet with a forced smile.

Tang Xiu stared blankly for a moment, before he immediately understood what he meant. He then smiled and said, “It seems that your situation in the Cubo Clan is not as good as seen by outsiders, Mr. Druffet.”

“Power and privilege are very captivating, yet very dangerous stuff,” said Druffet with a reluctant expression.

Approvingly nodding, Tang Xiu smiled and said, “Give me the information! I’m sure that you must have them prepared in advance since you wanted to hire us.”

Druffet gave him a thumbs up and praised as he immediately picked up a briefcase and handed it over to Tang Xiu, saying, “All the information on him is inside. Also, except himself, I want his several right-hand men to vanish from this world if possible. Besides, that gold mine is actually prepared for those people.”

“I understand.” Tang Xiu got up and chuckled. “Anyways, there are some things I need to attend to, so I won’t be able to accompany you. Mr. Druffet, you’re a VIP of the Everlasting Feast Hall, so you’re exempted from paying. And do please contact us if you have other great deals again later.”

After saying that, he directly left. After meeting Gu Xiaoxue on the seashore, he lightly spoke, “I just received a great deal. 2 billion USD plus a gold mine. Tell Dark and Light to prepare to go out and play.”

Gu Xiaoxue let out a faint smile and said, “Grand Master, their strength has grown by leaps and bounds recently. Even I am no longer their opponent anymore. I’m sure the job can be accomplished easily if they are the ones assigned to it.”

After handing the briefcase to her, Tang Xiu said, “The target is the current godfather of the Cubo Clan, as well as several of his right-hand men. Their specific details should all be in this briefcase. This matter will be yours to take care of.”

“Understood!” Gu Xiaoxue nodded with a smile.