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Chapter 554: Rushing to the Martial Arts School

Chapter 554: Rushing to the Martial Arts School

At this time, Huang Shiqing could tell that, despite possessing quick speed and powerful strength, it was evident that the woman didn’t know any martial arts moves; she didn’t even know the basics of fighting skills at all. This discovery made the tightness in his heart instantly ease down, and he even revealed a jeering expression.


He then grabbed Han Qingwu and slapped her. As five bright red fingerprints appeared on Han Qingwu’s face, he threw her to Xiao Dao and sneered, “Take this bitch back to our martial school and let her make a phone call on the way there. I wanna see who has the ability to save her in this Jingmen Island.”

“Okay!” Xiao Dao thickly smiled. He grabbed Han Qingwu’s hand and dragged her into a car. Several cars then quickly left, as the frightened Han Qingwu made a phone call to Tang Xiu.

Heroes’ Crest Martial School. It was a low-profile martial arts school located in the Western suburb of Jingmen Island. However, this martial arts school was managed by martial arts experts. The School Master didn’t manage it all year round, thus entire operation of the school was completely controlled by its Vice Schoolmaster, Jiang Mentian.

Jiang Mentian was a martial arts grandmaster, and his strength had reached the apex. If several martial arts experts were to gang up on him, they would find it difficult to get close to him. Only relying on his skills, he had laid a foothold for himself in Jingmen Island with his bare hands. Later on, unbeknownst to everyone, he inexplicably became the Vice Schoolmaster of Heroes’ Crest Martial School, and it’d been two decades since.

In recent years he had been staying in the hall nearly every day. Apart from practicing his martial arts, he also cultivated flowers and plants and spent his time in a particularly happy and fulfilling life. Despite so, all the big wigs from all walks of life in Jingmen Island still respected him due to his strength. They often came to visit and have a drink with him, to exchange favors and such. Of course, part of the reason was that he had numerous inextricable links with several families who ran underground businesses in Jingmen Island.

At this time, Jiang Mentian was pruning the flowers and plants in the courtyard garden, whereas two sturdy and burly men stood guard as gatekeepers at the gate.

“Master Jiang!”

A lean youth strode into the courtyard and quickly came to Jiang Mentian’s side.

Jiang Mentian knitted his brows and grunted with an annoyed expression, “Xiao Hu, did you forget the rules I set here? Don’t bother me whenever I’m pruning flowers and plants if there’s no urgent matters!”

The thin youth forced a smile and said, “Master Jiang, I didn’t want to bother you, actually. But, Huang Shiqing just returned from the outside and brought a woman and is now detaining her. And now he has set up a combat formation in the training field, as if waiting for the arrival of someone important.”

“Did you say Huang Shiqing?” Jiang Mentian said lightly with raised brows. “The one… who once threatened to change our Heroes’ Crest Martial School to his Huang Family Dojo or something? Did he stir up trouble outside?”

“It’s because of Huang Shiyang, his younger brother, Master Jiang,” reported the lean youth. “His arm was broken. That’s right, it was caused by the woman who was brought back by them.”

“The Huang Brothers have become more and more outrageous in recent years,” Jiang Mentian shook his head and sighed. “I originally thought he was a good material to pass on my kung fu, and I planned to give him the responsibility to handle some business of our martial school outside. Little did I think he would become so unruly and rampant. It seems I have become lazy in recent years, and haven’t properly disciplined him.”

“What should we do, Master Jiang?” The lean young man quickly asked. “Since Huang Shiqing has brought someone to be detained in our martial school, this means he’s going to fight others using the banner of our martial school. Although this matter clearly has no relationship whatsoever with us, the other party won’t believe it!”

Jiang Mentian was silent for a short while before saying, “Wait for me to finish pruning the potted plants. And then I’ll teach that brat something.”

“Understood!” The lean young man’s eyes flashed, and he immediately stepped back and waited in silence.

The Heroes’ Crest Martial School covered a large area, and the front yard of the martial school was like a regular football field. At this moment, Han Qingwu was tied to a pole with her mouth stuffed with clothes, whereas Huang Shiqing sat on the chair ten meters away in front of her while calmly sipping tea. Behind him, several stocky youths were glancing at Han Qingwu with folded arms, and malice was evident in their eyes.

Dozens of meters away from them, dozens of coaches and trainees of the Heroes’ Crest Martial School were looking at them from the side with curious expressions, yet no one came to even ask what this was about. They looked at Huang Shiqing’s arrogant expression with dread.

Less than ten minutes later, four black SUVs rushed through the front gate of the Heroes’ Crest Martial School. Along with the shout of the old man guarding the gate, the four cars rushed in and stopped in front of a row of two-storied buildings. Two burly men then came down from an SUV and rushed to one trainee. One of them hit him without speaking any words and dragged the trainee to the car’s window where Tang Xiu was.

As the window glass slowly opened, Tang Xiu’s face appeared. His eyes fixed on trainee and then he indifferently asked, “Your Heroes’ Crest Martial School’s people have just caught and detained a woman, have you not?”

That trainee’s expression was flushed red. He raised his head and angrily glared at Tang Xiu, shouting, “Yes! Huang Shiqing from our martial school is the one who has that woman! Who the hell are you people? You dare to rush into our martial school and cause trouble here, do you not fear going back with no life left in your body?”

“Oh my, it seems that I just came to a nest of thieves, eh? Tell me where this Huang Shiqing is, and where is that kidnapped woman?” Tang Xiu sighed and asked with a cold expression.

“They are in the martial arts practicing field, to the left,” shouted the trainee.

The two burly men released him and returned to the car. The four SUVs teh drove straight to the training field and arrived there within just a minute. Tang Xiu could clearly see Han Qingwu tied up on the pole in the training field, whereas Huang Shiqing was currently sitting on a chair and drinking his tea.

At this moment, Huang Shiqing just lifted his teacup. Just as he saw the four black SUVs rushing in, his expression immediately changed. When the four cars stopped ten plus meters away from them and eight black-suited men wearing grim expressions came down from the cars, his eyes finally fell on Tang Xiu who just stepped off the car.

Only this much people came in the four cars? Quite ostentatious!

He put the teacup down and looked at Tang Xiu’s group in disdain. He casually lowered his head and played with his right fingernails.

Looking at the sight in front, Tang Xiu secretly sighed. He didn’t expect that Han Qingwu, who only went out to play, would cause such much trouble; and it seemed like it was not a small trouble, either. However, he himself didn’t have a complaint toward her, since he was perfectly aware that she would never take the initiative to provoke others.

He walked toward Han Qingwu and saw tears gushing out from her eyes as they fell down her face. Tang Xiu gently untied her from the ropes and took the stuffed clothes from her mouth, saying, “Were you hit? Does it hurt?”


The moment Han Qingwu was untied, she immediately threw herself into Tang Xiu’s bosom. Her grieved feelings caused her to cry hard and tightly hug Tang Xiu. It was as if Tang Xiu’s bosom was the safest place for her.

“WOW! The hero saving the belle, huh? Even the belle gave herself in. What a touching scene!” Xiao Dao, who stood behind Huang Shiqing, blew a loud whistle and shouted, grinning.

Tang Xiu didn’t push her away straight away, and let her hug him for a while. After patting her back, he gently pushed her away and led her to a chair. As for Huang Shiqing, he didn’t prevent him.

“Do you mind if I take her away now?” Asked Tang Xiu. His voice was composed and tranquil, yet a chilling intent was suffused within.

Huang Shiqing raised his head. The disdaining expression on his face turned thicker. He tilted his leg, took a cigarette from his pocket and lit it up. After taking a deep puff, he jeered, “Do you think my Huang Martial School is a place you can come and go as you please?

The Huang Martial School?

Tang Xiu’s brows creased and indifferently said, “If I didn’t misread the plaque outside, this should be Heroes’ Crest Martial School, how come it turned into the Huang Martial School?”

“It is called the Heroes’ Crest Martial School now. But the Vice Schoolmaster thinks highly of me. Isn’t this the same that my words will decide everything in this school after he retires in the future?” Huang Shiqing sneered. “Brat, you look quite young, but you must have heard the name and reputation of our martial arts, no? I really didn’t expect you to have the balls to come to the rescue here. For me to admire you isn’t really unjustified!”

“Whether it’s admirable or not, just forget it. I don’t want to waste more time dealing with such a nobody like you,” said Tang Xiu. “I came here to rescue a person, and since I’ve rescued her, then it’s time to go. If you dare to stop me, then I can only destroy that plaque and this martial school as well.”

At this time, Jiang Mentian, who just came out leading several instructors of the school who had been trained by him personally, arrived near the crowd. He originally intended to reprimand Huang Shiqing, but after hearing Tang Xiu’s words, his brows slightly pricked up, and then he coldly spoke, “What a big tone! Did you just say you’ll destroy the plaque of the Heroes’ Crest Martial School?”

“Vice Schoolmaster!”

Although Huang Shiqing was extremely arrogant, he didn’t dare to show it before Jiang Mentian. It must be noted that the person he dreaded the most in the Heroes’ Crest Martial School was none other than Jiang Mentian. He hastily got up from the chair and respectfully gave the seat to Jiang Mentian.

Jiang Mentian shot him a cold look. After sitting on the chair, he looked at Tang Xiu and spoke again, “I actually wasn’t going to bother with the matters between you youngsters. But since you all came to my martial school, I can’t help but come forward and act on my school’s behalf. What’s wrong? How exactly do you want to settle this dispute?”

Huang Shiqing, who stood beside Jiang Mentian, sternly shouted, “Vice Schoolmaster, you can’t spare that bitch! She has broken my younger brother’s arm. I won’t give this matter up!”

“TRASH!” Jiang Mentian roared angrily.

Huang Shiqing’s expression changed, and he immediately shut his mouth out of embarrassment.

Tang Xiu shook his head and indifferently said, “I presume you are the Vice Schoolmaster here, yes? Your strength is indeed remarkable, and you can be regarded as a top tier martial artist. Since your people won’t allow me to go, I no longer want to go as well. I’ll give you a chance to expel him and those standing behind him from your martial school, then I will no longer pursue this matter. Otherwise…”

“What will happen otherwise, huh?” Jiang Mentian sneered.